Sunday, October 31, 2004

a Day of Blogs

phew... this is pretty a 'hectic' day for me overall.... had dinner with my errm.. future family in-laws... the Chee's Seems pretty good so far... and to think they are talking bout registrations already! ahaha.. my brother~! at 25 years of age, plans to settle down so fast... ehheh..

Went over granny's place... nothing much to do over there (as usual) Cousins have grown up sher lyn, sher ren, and jaslyne aka sze ling all of them have grown up much bigger in size and matured... so can't talk to them much this time... used to play games together.. but now seems impossible.. -.-"

back here... having problems with the blogz~ arrghh.. still finding time to get used to the ways of working... so kinda screwed up at first.. but now manage to make it look 'presentable' Another decision to be made is whether or not i should put a music for my blog or not... and also whether i know how to put it up on my blog first... -.-" needs to refer to my friends....

Milan 1 - 0 sampdoria ; 87 minute

pray that for once... no last minute equalizer... and pray that the next Juve match is down in the dumps ; a fumble by Buffon for example.. :p well.. almost impossible.. the zebras are too good this season at the moment... oh well.. wont' hurt to pray for their failures... >.<

Milan 1 - 0 sampdoria (final) <---- phew... can sleep peacefully finally -.-"

back in the world of MSN! recommending all current ICQ users to switch to MSN... it's the last thing u wont' regret~! chatted with an old friend of mine lee huei yih.. she's now studying in New Zealand... same primary school but didn't manage to keep in touch after entering secondary school.. only saw her in Mr. Prasad's tuition... hehe... now manage to keep in touch.. which is a good thing...

well.. gotta stop here for now... having world war in MSN now... later studying chemistry... wake up hopefully got bah kut teh... whichever the agenda comes first... heh~

Saturday, October 30, 2004


HaRlo EveRyb0dy~! from now onwards i shall entertain u guys with my blog here... *courtesy of our beloved fren FANG CHIN -.-" who's always buat bising.. pestering through MSN to get me a blog.. hmph.. so now i got one lioa.. so wat?! come lah! anyways... it's SATURDAY~! which usually means to me.. a good sleep till errm... 12pm? suppose to go eat bah kut teh with pals.. but our beloved friend Hong Yang is quite 'dead'.. dead as in he's sick.. so he can't bring us out... which leaves all of us with no transport... oh well.. some other time dude.. but eventually we did go out at around 5 to grab ourselves some lunch/tea.. chicken rice... hehe.. well.. DA DAY'S still earLY so nothing much left to be said for the time being, what's left to be put on for the rest of the day... we shall wait till TONIGHT~! ENJOY the rest of the day for THOse who's reading this too early for their liking...~!