Thursday, September 28, 2006

MPP Election

The annually held Undian MPP Baru (Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar) is back!! A great opportunity especially for those students who have the will to make Uniten a better place (which I doubt so), a dream Government-Private University to cater students of various race and religion, and even of different country to seek further knowledge and to fulfill their live's greatest quest :

The Degree!

Unfortunately for the nominees for the new MPP board, that they have to deal with a few non-voters, like me. A few missing votes may affect the outcome of the new MPP board, which might risk several deservingly nominees from being elected, and instead is being run by the "darker" side. Why didn't I vote some may question. I do have my own reasons, which might not be reasonable to some of you readers. But I do apologise should my personal point of view contradicts with yours.

For starters, the calon-calon MPP, they are idealistic. It's good you see, but there are some of their agendas are too... idealistic. So it's hard to trust their ideas, despite the fact that they make alot of elaboration on their agendas on the stage specially set up in the cafeteria for this annual event.

Speaking of voicing out their agendas, I loathe it. True, these nominees are the ones we will pick as our new MPP board based on the trust we put on them. But so far, the ones I've voted for thus far had not impress me!! This might be the reason why I have such prejudice on these nominees. The past ones, they talked alot, they impressed alot, they gained alot of people's trust... But, they didn't perform their job as promised! Sad case...

Malaysia is a democratic country. The people choose their leaders through voting. It's the same here. Would there be great leaders, then I shall cast my vote in support of him/her, so long as they bring in positive changes to Uniten. I rest my case.

But, it's not happening that way till now. The leaders elected in the past, as I said, they talked and promised alot, for the students, for everyone....

For example:

- No exams on weekends. Pooit! How can he/she dictate that! That's for the lecturers to decide! This is a monarchy issue!!
- 24 hours internet service. Yeah!! If the staff management can maintain a Non-Disconnection internet for one day, it would be a miracle! Can't even kaotim a 5pm-7am connection, if 24 hours?? mah cham!!
There are many others proposed by different nominees. Some are just too idealistic, and some are easy on the ears, but difficult to handle.

It's utter nonsense, absolutely no substance...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Birth of a Butterfly

It's been a while, but I guess some changes are inevitable.

Fellow bloggers should know that I've changed the title from the previous "No more nights, no more pain", which no longer bears any significant meaning to me now, to a much thought provoking phrase :

The Butterfly Effects.

To sort things out, a butterfly is considered as a very small creature that flies around the gardens, bearing beautiful, colourful wings, being a part of the decoration of nature's blessings. So what's all this thing about the butterfly hmm?

It is said that even a small change in life, can bring forth great drastic changes to the others, or so it seems. In the butterfly's case, if it flaps its wings, it will create a tornado, for the flapping of the wings helps to disrupt the original flow of the air. Had it not flap its wings, then there will not be a tornado resulted. Though this statement is way over the head, but it bears its true meaning as well. Bear in mind that, such small creature can make such drastic changes, what of the bigger and greater beasts?? Oh surely they could create much alterations in short moments!

The best example to describe this wonderful effect would be the Lord of the Rings. Who would have thought that the sacred task is being upheld by a halfling, whose race is considered by many as being the most ignorant people on middle earth! As Frodo watches the bickerings between humans, elves and dwarves during the council of Elrond, it is no wonder that he would decide shoulder the task. That particular decision changes other races' perspective on the halflings, and of course changes everything else that would go on, and follows the storyline here on!

Suffice to say that everything on this earth is somewhat bound to one another. As changes lead to more changes, for the better or worse, that would depend on how we humans derive the changes. Whatever the changes will bring to us, we must make full use of it (as usual), and hopefully no more whinings about unsatisfaction on puny incidents.

Huah Hee Tio HoH! Remember this!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The sight is unclear,
visions smeared,
sense through ears,
as I approach in fear,

fear of what's beyond,
hear of something at the yonder,
can't see, can't see,
why is it so blur?

Why is it so foggy??
Then, a man appeared, with facial mask on while carrying a vacuum-cleaner-like hose...

Ada nyamuk denggi la, kena fogging sikit. Sudah ada pelajar kena demam dah...


Got denggi case now only start fogging la, why la why la don't fog earlier? Then you can prevent us from getting the denggi fever. It's a miracle that I don't get any denggi fever while in Uniten even though I got bitten several times on the calf after playing basketball. Pretty nuisance creatures I tell you, those mosquitoes are!

Why la we as humans, will only start taking drastic actions when something happens? Why la we can't think of a preventive measures to prevent the worst from happening? Why la we are gifted with the ability to think, would not figure out things like this would happen? Why la why?? Can't we improve for a change?? Can't we get rid of the bad habits and pass on the good traits instead?? Why do we, as humans with inquisitive mind, tend to learn the bad things easier than the good things??

Put it simple : Why can't they fog more frequently? Then you dont' have to suffer from denggi fever. Case closed.

Dynamics on Tuesday. Sigh.

No bah kut teh again for this week.. damn sad dey...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Held Back

Woke up early in the morning to join my friends for a game of basketball inside Uniten. The waking up early part is a thing of the past, but sometimes it's worth waking up early, apart from getting morning exercise, you tend to save time as well instead of letting it wasted on the bed.

Wished that the time would be turned back to early secondary school years, where everyone is willing to play basketball in the early mornings until the sun rises way above the tree and everyone is willing to be baked for the sake of the game. Later in school, everyone would be feeling so tired that they wish if only they could skip school, but couldn't.

But now I can!!!

Sigh... stayed back to study for next week's test. The weather's cooling here, can't be too sure it will be a great catalyst for my study method.....

Or just another powerful sleeping pill....

Mostly likely it's the latter!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Returned to the Real World

One week of holiday has come and gone. In a blink of an eye, I'm back in Uniten once more...

... to find out that ...

One of my neighbours' apartment got broken in to, one CPU was stolen. The windows were forced open and the door lock was broken with force. Funny thing is that the other rooms were not touched, only that one particular room. So it's a targetted robbery. Not even the money was taken away, just that CPU.

Funny thing is that the particular room is not facing the corridor. Typically, the room that is facing the corridor would be an easier target, since most of the stuff can be seen from the outside. Especially once broken into. Even though there's curtains that hide the stuff from those peeping toms, it would be useless once Tom is inside the room...

The victim has lodged a report of this robbery, and there's some professionals who came over and did some thumbprint detecting stuff, but... to no avail. Seems like the robber(s) is an experienced type... So to us, there would be no means to stop them from stealing as long as they've set their minds on, plus they are quite well equiped to do the dirty work... so whatever the defences we can think of would be pointless unless we all stay inside the room the whole day, which of course, is impossible...

I would think myself being stupid for not doing my homework during the holidays... as the class begins, there is more work to be done!! And yet I've not started a single shit yet! So for the past few days it has been very very hectic.. and lack of sleep as well... so tiring, jsut to finish up the work given by the lecturers.. and now I gotta find some info for my moral assignments... which is to due next week!!! Grrr... why must we take Moral even at this stage?! this is ridiculous!! NOt only we are wasting our precious time on such subject, it's even pain to see the money fly into the institutes.. I could have spend on somethign more useful with that amount of money.. something like girls..??? :p

Did I mention bout going to Hatyai ? Oops.. looks like I didn't. Will update it next time, with some pics of course. Complained enough for now... time to do work!