Friday, December 22, 2006

Procrastination & Plagiarism

I just realise one thing about myself that is not making myself more appealing to others.

OK, the term appealing just doesn't sound right here... I'm not that of a desperado.

Instead of having my own proper stands and beliefs, I tend to follow other person's opinion which I agree to, take sides, and criticise the other party who does not share the same opinion as I do!

Take note that once I take up someone's opinions or ideas etc., it should stay embedded in my head forever... Unless someone comes up with another opinion that I may feel it's much better than my current one, I'll start updating my own database, make some edittings, and with the command "Ctrl-S", voila.. I have my new-improved opinion to be used to defend MY own rights as well as making more cynical comments on other people!

To show you guys how good I am in this field, allow me to give an example on my not-so-good character of mine. ^^

My bro listens to pop music before the metal genre takes over, so I followed as well. New Kids on the Block, does it ring any bell anyone?
My bro likes metal, so he influenced me to like it when I was still young. Now, I like metal.
So when bands like BSB, 911, N'sync show up, My bro doesn't bother, so I don't really bother much about them, though there are some good songs, like I said, I don't really bother.
When bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park appear, bro says they are crap. And so do I.
When bands like Simple Plan appear...... Bro and I agreed, that we should just change the radio station straightaway.

Now, I do have my own opinion why I am not into the bands I've mentioned above. But I'm not here to criticise them OK, for I know that there are alot people that like them.

It's all about my bad habits I'm talking about now right? So I shall take this opportunity to fully utilize it before I decide to change it for the better me!

There are few issues that I have not blogged about for the past few days:

a) Female Mag's 50 Gorgeous People (2/12/06)
Held in Zouk, KL, the main purpose is what else, to see the 50 gorgeous people over there (and hopefully some gorgeous people among the audiences).

What a disappointment. Out of 50, there are only few good looking ones that's worth competing in the first place! And they took less than 5 minutes to decide the top 10 after leaving us audiences waiting far too long for the show to begin in the first place.

The final 10 models then went through some Q&A sessions, catwalk and some model-audience game session. Trying to see which model has the better confidence and PR skills I suppose?

It sure takes alot of time and patience for those who's not taking part in any of the event (like me) to find out the REAL gorgeous model (Man and Woman) And I never stand for 1 whole night!!

b) TGV Beach Blast at Sunway Lagoon (10/12/06)
Dumb ol me didn't expect that we are going to go for a dip inside there along with hordes of people who are there earlier than us with hopes of getting themselves the early bird door gift!

Fortunately, Hong Yang decided to come abit later than Fang Chin and I, so both of us asked him to bring along our clothes from our home before he comes. With the clothes problem settled, all of us just crash into the pool without any further delay!

Organisers kept reminding us that a lucky draw is gonna be held in the evening. With lucrative prizes such as PS3, a trip to Disneyland at stake, we have decided to hang around till that event comes.

Sightseeing becomes a hobby, pranking with Fang Chin and Co., soaking in the water till the skin wrinkled, yes... it's getting boring as time goes by every slowly. Everything went smoothly until thunderstorm comes. Torrent rain hit the massive pool as though the bladder system has gone awkwardly wrong. Stranded for hours, we've decided to give up the prizes and head home instead.

With the consolation that there are cun Bikini-cladded girls! XD

For pictures, please tekan link di bawah:
Fang Chin

There, I've done procrastining and plagiarising!!

I might have second thoughts trying to remove this habit of mine, it sure comes in handy in future! XD

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moving Out and In

NEW SEM BEGINS!!!!!! Which means that......

I've got 4 months of pure Educational + Hostel + Fun + Ponteng + Stress + Depression + Tension = University Life

Yippeee!! No more waking up at wee hours. My meal time shall be back to normal with 3 main course meals with one tea time on either daytime or night time. Thus providing me a healthier lifestyle.

However, this lifestyle would increase the probability of NOT HAVING BAH KUT TEH FOR 4 MONTHS by threefolds!

Not really a worthy sacrifice... T_T

So I've moved back into my hostel. After behaving like a sloth for almost a month, it's hard to get back into my old self in a matter of days. Moving luggages and the computer in and out of the car has been a big pain in the ass for me now!

Through all the tugging, groaning and swearing, I managed to settle down in my new apartment...

And being blown away with a whiff of strong B.O that has been contained in the room for almost a month!!!!!!

Knn... of all time not to bring along my Glades Air Freshener...

Will post pics of my hostel. Since I've never done that at all even though I've been here in Uniten for the past 3 years.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tagged... again!

I think I've been tagged by quite a many times on this sei (number 4) version. No thanks to the siao zhar bo bloggers! hrmph!

I hope you all are happy that finally I've decided to respond to this one, though I myself must seek apologise for posting this one up so late!

4 Things many don't know.
- I'm not doing well in my studies at the moment, like yeah I passed, but I almost failed...
- Because of the above, I'm lacking self confidence...
- I'm music illiterate, even so I'm learning the guitar... and it's tough.. to be patient as well ><
- I dunno whether you guys would have noticed by now, but I don't look like either of my siblings. xD

4 Movies I could watch over and over again
- The Last Samurai
- Pirates of the Carribean
- The Crow

4 Places I've lived
-Chi Liung
-Perlis (Still a toddler that time so I can't remember exactly how does it look like over there)
-Cousin's place (used to stay there overnight during cny for games)
-Uniten hostel! -.-"

4 TV Shows I love
- 3rd Rock from the Sun (sadly it's over for a long time ago! T_T)
- Anthony Bordaine (is it spelt like tis?) the amusing yet sarcastic traveller!

Can I stop here since I hardly watch the TV??!

4 Places I've been on vacation
- Kuantan (like countless times already..)
- Cameron Highlands (like countless times already again....)
- Hatyai ,Thailand
- Pangkor Island

4 Of my favourite food
-Scrambled eggs.. ><
-Omellet du Fromage! that's cheese omelette in French!!
-Bah Kut Teh la wat else...
-Oh yeah, almost forgotten... Restaurant Boston Baru's zhi hun gen (fried starch mee)

4 Places I would rather be.
-by the beach on a hammock...
-Jasper, Canada.
-yum char sessions.. though I would get broke sooner than I thought
-away from home.. good enough.. though being kidnapped is not an ideal way to be away from home..

4 Favourite songs
-In Joy and Sorrow - HIM
-Warmness on the Soul - Avenged Sevenfold
-I Remember You - Skid Row
-Like Light to the Flies - Trivium

4 Others I wanna tag
- dowan lah... see I so kind again!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cameron Highland.. again?!

Yes it is... AGAIN! -.-"

Apart from playing mahjong for like most of the time inside the apartment, we hardly moved around in Cameron due to bad weather conditions... can't even visit the Boh Tea Plantation this time. We are only able to go for a walk right at the Pasar Malam Brinchang before / after the rain. So most of the time is spent inside the apartment, which is obviously too dull and boring.

This time around I'll try and let the pictures do the talking...

What??!! Shin posting pictures???! o.0""
Yes! (especially to Ee Von) I am posting pictures this time in my blog!!

So, what are we waiting for?? Let us begin with......

The scenes:

Apa tu??!

I was shocked myself when I first saw that!! I swore at that moment Fatal Frame is trying to haunt me for real this time... rupa-rupanya it's the reflection of the car's side mirror... -.-"

Wish I could own one of the houses here... so peaceful...

Here in Cameron Highland, everything is slow... nothing to rush about... just taking my own sweet time doing whatever I wanna do... enjoying the scenes and breathing in the fresh air... I like this sorta lifestyle...

But certain people just have to keep things moving a.k.a. my sister!!

Eh cepat ambik gambar, mau hujan lo! kalo aku basah nanti belasah ngko!

Oh well.. sudah biasa dengan diorang!

Siblings are fun to be with despite the ups and downs I've had throughout my whole 20 years...

When the camera falls into the wrong hands... in my case, Sister... the results are either...

Gaya, mutu, keunggulan...



Compared with what both my brother and I did 2 years ago...

It's not that bad lar the previous one right..? right??

This relaxation therapy last for 3 days, which is good enough for me. Despite the mountain sceneries and good environment, as mentioned it is a place for vacation, it still gets the nod ahead of Genting Highlands in my opinion.

Kns, 1 hour to kao tim this post.. =.=

Friday, November 24, 2006

Away for the weekends!

For some reason or another, despite what the weather has done to some of the most vulnerable terrains in Malaysia, my family seems to have a liking to travel around in such harsh conditions.

Plus, given that WE've been there on June THIS year...

We are going Cameron Highlands again!!!!!! -.-"

They just won't feel bored huh... :(

Dah lah sekarang kat sini agak sejuk, masih mau pergi ke tanah yang lebih tinggi untuk keh beng ke?!

So I won't be around till Sunday! Beep me if you guys ter'miss' me! XD

*keh beng = Tahan sejuk!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Casino Royale

"Watashiwa Bond... Jamessie Bond"

Nanti.. Salah bahasa la!

Semalam (Selasa) merupakan hari yang agak istimewa! Sumbangan daripada kawan saya Nadia, aku mendapat complimentary ticket untuk menangkap ejen Dua-biji-Telur-Tujuh punya movie terbaru The Casino Royale!!

Oleh sebab aku mendapat 2 keping ticket, aku pun membawa kawan lama saya dari Hin Hua, Nikki, untuk turut menyertai saya untuk tengok wayang ini! KLCC lah tempat di mana kami menengok wayang tersebut yang penuh dengan aksi! gaya! kereta mewah!! Dan juga tidak ketinggalan ialah pompuan!

Pompuan cantik la of cos!

*beep* ~switches back to English~

I think Daniel Craig has certainly fulfill the high expectations of being the next Bond guy. He certainly has carried his role pretty well. The plot for this movie is somewhat twistier than the previous Bond movies, or maybe abit too much for me though. All in all, it certainly is one of those movies to be watched no matter what, especially if you are a Bond fan.

Upon further inspection on the ticket, there's a contest going on in tonight's Channel [V]'s The Ticket at 8pm. Lucky winners can get a trip for 2 to Sydney to catch this Bond movie, alongside the Bond guy himself Daniel Craig and the rest of the stars!!

So what are you guys contemplating??? Tune in to Channel [V] at 8pm yo! Don't forget!!


Monday, November 20, 2006

1/4 hols gone

My first week of hols ended with a blast! Lots of things happened in this one whole week, which sadly i dun have the initiative to update once the incident took place.

So to all readers, my apologies, I just have to shorten it out this time.

Monday ~

After checking out from my apartment on Saturday, I just realised that I've forgotten to bring back something that is very very important. After calling the Uniten's residential officer, I drove all the way to Uniten just to get that stuff, and come back home, with a huge sigh of relief. Thank goodness I have sis's car to drive. Or else, I'm in one big shit case!

(Hint: I was elected as Treasurer for Uniten's Basketball Club. That's the stuff I left behind, in a safe place of course)

Tuesday - Friday ~

Met up with the whole Uni friends for the Pangkor trip. Began from meeting up in KL sentral, to hanging our asses in 1 Utama, to refilling our stomachs at mamak stall. By the time we depart from PJ, it's 3am.

By the time we arrive in Sitiawan, it's 7.30am! Breakfast was the first thing we sought after! Food is cheap compared to the price here in Klang, and the portion's much bigger as well! We finally left for Pangkor at 3.30pm...

The first night in Pangkor is spently mostly on playing Bridge, and pool! And when it comes to sleeping time... man... UNFORGETABLE NIGHT!!

There's a spot reserved for me, but no blanket... so I guess I can sleep without it. But with the aircond blasting at max power and a standing fan that's blowing directly, I don't stand a chance. So I got out the room and went next door, hoping that they have extra blanket for me, which is, unfortunately not the case!!

Leaving with no choice, I decided to sleep at the lobby's couch.
It was 4am... As the surrounding is quiet, it's dark, it's creepy. All kinds of thoughts can get into your mind instantly... I imagined a banshee, floating aimlessly in the nearby woods. And then, she turned, and saw me!! I closed my eyes tightly, as though an ostrich, hoping that I wasn't being seen. Silly me! How could she not?! And I thought I might be possessed anytime soon.......

Until the resort owner's dogs come to the rescue!!

A friendly Labrador, and another dog of unknown breed, came to where I was, sat there and stayed on guard for me. Astonished and grateful at the same time, I was finally able to get rid off silly thoughts and fell asleep...

Woke up next morning still feeling dead tired. But the snorkeling and kayakking sorta woke me up temporariy... and playing with sea cucumber certainly has alerted me from my subconscious mind!! The gooey body which feels like penis, ejaculates some white sticky liquid if one holds it for quite some time. Ewww... gross...

Left Pangkor Island after being roasted well and proper, and after hanging around in Sitiawan till late at night, we left for another night time journey back to PJ.
Would personally recommend east coast islands for snorkelling... the sea is much clearer
compared to Pangkor Island. And more fishies~~!

And some Malay girls over there even assumed me as one of the Dorm's actor... =.="

On the side note, my comp went Kaboom on Wednesday while I was away in Pangkor. Heavy torrent rains, rumbling thunders, a brilliant flash of light! And there goes my Power Supply Unit. Luckily it's just Power supply Unit.. if not.. habis... have to get new comp ady...

Hrrm.. new comp oso not bad.. mine quite obsolete dy!

Now to spend my hols in a much meaningful way... SLEEP!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Grrr... sei Ke Xin... tag me dunno for wat. Not that I've much time to blog bout this when u tagged me few weeks ago...

But, now that I'm free... so i guess it wont' hurt me to cover back the lost post yo? And something for me to do blog bout as well!!

3 Hobbies
- Basketball
- Futsal
- Sleep

3 Things on my to-do list
- Pack up for Pangkor trip
- Get enough rest for the Pangkor trip
- Just get alot of sleep for this holiday

3 Unique traits
- Leng chai (ngek ngek ngek... shoot me down if u like :p)
- Patient (but I seem to lose it easily than last time ><)
- Straight! XD

3 Favourite drinks
- Milo kosong ais!
- Goodday fresh milk
- choc milkshake

3 Passions
- Idling
- Oogling
- Doodling (actually i have none in particular)

3 Awesome movies
- Last Samurai
- Scary Movie 4 (hehehe)

3 Good Bands

3 Things I am anal about
- My feather pillow
- My comp
- My guitar

3 Random women
- sampat daughter
- sampat kexin
- sampat caryn

3 Bad habits
- lazy
- too playful
- just plain lazy

3 Painful experiences
- lost 'her'
- feels hollow inside, alone
- Wait, I'm too happy-go-lucky for this sorta thing! ><

3 Treasured memories
- Olde trip to Genting with high school friends during the 'kebudak-budakan' time (Form 3)
- When I was with 'her'.
- My life.

3 Goals before 30
- Graduate?
- A good wife with two kids
- Decent income, not into the world of riches.

3 Favourite desserts
- ice cream!
- tesco choc chip cookies washed down with MILK
- peanut butter sandwich washed down with MILK

3 People I tag
- lazy tag ppl la... (see I'm so kind)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Dynamics, my salvation or damnation?

The time is ticking... so ever loudly.
Amidst the silence, nothing goes unnoticed...
A sniffle, a cough that is held back with great effort,
the pen that keeps on rattling on the table,
can be heard throughout the exam hall.

The sign of uneasiness,
it's so obvious and clear.
As I crack my head, struggle for a solution,
Praying this paper would be my last hope, my salvation.

Then the silence is broken,
"Students, your time is up, please stop writing"
A huge sigh of relief follows,
As the papers are collected one by one.
Quick as a flash, the exam hall is emptied,
Where distant laughter can be heard afar.

Alas, how long this feeling of relief shall last??
I may never be cheerful again...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Channel [V] presents...

For those who have been following the reality show Rock Star : Supernova, and have a faint heart for Ryan Star, I have some good news here.

Ryan Star is coming over to Malaysia!!!

That's right! The charming Ryan Star is invited by Channel [V] into Malaysia in conjuction with Astro's 10th year anniversary. A rock musician, he has a rich voice and a good sense of himself within the crazy world of rock and roll. So expect some great performance from a musician who started playing guitar of songs from Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and Nirvana by ear!

The good news is, Channel [V] is organising a big party in Zouk, KL on 16th November! So if you are enthusiastic and ecstatic to join in the fun, tune into to Astro's Channel [V], and you might stand a chance to win yourself an exclusive pass to watch your idol perform LIVE!!!

Here are the details for the party :~

Channel [V] Presents Ryan Star in Malaysia
Date: Thursday, 16th November 2006
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Zouk KL

This event is brought to you by Channel [V] and supported by :~

Zouk KL (Official Venue Sponsor)
Hot (Official Magazine)
Kosmo! (Official Malay Newspaper)
Mix FM (Official English Radio Station)
Era FM (Official Malay Radio Station)

This is a one in a million chance!! Avid fans, what are you waiting for?? Change to Channel [V] now and hope you be among the lucky ones and join in the fun!!!

He WILL rock you!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Exam Post

Short notice.

I (was / am /will be ) having my 2nd year 1st semester Final Exams!

Yes the great period of time where staying up all night has become a daily ritual, while cramming whatever text that's worth slotting into my already limited memory space. Illustrations at this point is a great plus for those people who enjoys "look-through & remember" study style.

Like me.

But minus the remember part, as usual...

So, at this point. I've screwed up Thermodynamics nice and proper, have crapped up alot of non-factual facts out of nowhere for Moral 2 (YEAH I AM STILL TAKING MORAL FOR GOODNESS KNOWS WHY PLZ SOMEONE TELL ME!!) *glares at Ministry of Education*, and recently, just screwed up Circuits Analysis nice and proper once more!!!

So, what's left for the finals? The cursed Dynamics.

Which I've no idea why I've managed to screw this paper. Honestly, it's my core subject. A basic to my future higher level education right?! So if I'm caught screwed up nice and proper in this subject again, then my Mechanical Engineering prospect is going down to zero...

A book has a title 'Dare to Fail'.

But I don't dare, cause we all know the consequences of failing...

And till date, the consequences never fails to encourage me to change for the better. But it just doesn't last long enough for me to keep up the pace. And soon, laziness kicks in again. And the whole process is recycled once more.

Gosh, I wish I could be not as lazy as I am now...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Catch'em Robots!

All right!!!!!! The casts has done their job! The dubbing's done!!! Now let's watch the final product!!!!

Robots is aired tonight on Astro's StarMovies at 10pm!! Please do yourself a favour by holding up whatever plans for tonight. Instead, just sit down, relax, and switch the Astro channel to 42, and enjoy yourselves watching the show!

Just in case you've forgotten, do remember to switch the language to Bahasa Melayu while watching this show!!

Also, some junk food and soft drinks would compliment best for this show! Do enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


kepada mereka yang beragama Hindu..

Selamat Hari Deepavali!!!!

Kepada mereka yang beragama Islam...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!!
Maaf Zahir Batin!!!!

to the homeward bound, may their journey be safe and sound,
to the awaiting ones, may their anxieties removed,
to the gathering ones, may their joys and sorrows be blessed and shared,

to the unfortunate ones who gave their life trying to be like the others,
may their souls rest in peace and find solace in the realm beyond...

It's painful, but it happens all the time.

Festive seasons is one of those times you just don't wanna read the newspapers only to find out more ill-fated accidents occured again. Bizarre incidents that leave one speechless and filled with sympathy on the victim's family members. Who would have known that this festive seasons, which is supposed to bring everyone together, now has to leave one behind forever... the sorrow they feel as such unfortunate events took place is surely unimaginable. But who do we blame but ourselves when such events occured...

Careless and reckless driving have played a vital role in the increment of road accidents. Though road safety campaigns have been going on for weeks, but still, somehow, there are certain people who just can't get those advice into their thick-head skulls. Rural areas with 'deadly' ponds are one of the places to avoid, especially for the children, whose ability to swim may take years to swim like a frog, but definitely don't breathe like a frog!!

Certainly that pond would have some child's voices when raya approaches in years to come *brrrrr*

It seems ill-fated to the unfortunate ones. But such is life to many others.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Time Factor

Life in hostel is torturous, yet it passes quickly,
my time is no longer counted in days, but weeks,
day by day, the familiar routine that everyone does,
multiply it by 5 days and there you have it..
one week!

one week comes and one week goes,
in a blink of an eye, it has been a month,
with an average of 30 days per month,
720 hours per month, minus 192 hours for all weekends,
a whopping 508 hours per month at your disposal.

4 months later... and there goes one semester.
Pretty quick. And I'm left with 6 more semesters.
Imagine how fast the clock is ticking... towards the end.

it's so easy to figure it out how much time we got,
but it's never easy to realise where the time has gone,

it's so easy to figure it out what we have done,
but it's never easy to find out where the time is wasted as well.

it's so easy to figure it out when to stop,
it's so easy to figure it out what is distration,
it's so easy to figure it out the cause of temptation,
but it's never easy to resist them.

it's so easy to figure it out the reason to fail,
it's so easy to figure it out the ways to succeed,
it's so easy to figure it out what went wrong,
it's so easy to figure it out the ways to put things right,
but it's never easy to just go ahead and make amends.

it's so easy to figure it out who to blame the fault on,
but it's never easy to blame it on yourself.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Robots Remade!!

Hear yee Hear yee! Great news for us local viewers!!

In conjuction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri, STAR Movies has arranged to air Robots, a fun family animated show by Pixar...


Yeah you are seeing this right! Dont' have to rub your eyes in disbelief... It's real! And it's here!! Only in Malaysia! One of the kind!!!

To make this happen, several local talents have joined in to lend their voices in this dubbed over movie to give Robots a whole new life especially for the local viewers. Lovable entertainer Aznil Hj. Nawawi will be the voice of Rodney Copperbottom, who was played by Ewan McGregor in the Hollywood version, while singer-turned-actor AC Mizal will play Fender, originally voiced by Academy Award winner Robin Williams. Other local talents involved are Zahid, Felix, Elliza, Faizal and Lotter from the local favourite show Akademi Fantasia. Beat TV Host Sazzy Falak, theatre veteran Azean Irdawaty, local funnyman Shamsul Ghau Ghau as well as ERA FM DJs Rostam and Nana.

...and many more still not mentioned yet!!!

According to Nini Yusof, Associate Vice President of STAR, she feels that the fully dubbed movie Robots into Bahasa Malaysia is a great idea to further attract the mass market viewers in Malaysia. Not only it does give a local flavour to its viewers, it also provides satisfaction to the audiences who see the rising local talents as their idols. It also gives local artists a chance to show their capabilities in the entertainment industry.

With so many local talents so eager to be involved in this project, I for one feel enthusiastic to watch the show. Though I didn’t get to watch Robots when it is released, this is something not to be missed altogether!! Right now, I shall wait for Robots on STAR Movies!!! By the way, it’s on 29th October! Tune in everybody! Give our local artists some support!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival

Also known as the mooncake festival, simpy where everyone eats the mooncake as they celebrate it with their families / friends. Though I did get to celebrate it with my family, this day has been tainted with some distractions from Uniten itself.

On that festive day itself, I have a test!!! Blardy hell?? This is a chinese traditional festival man! And the management has the guts to put the test on that day itself!! Blardy insulted!! They sure don't respect that festival huh?

Even though Mooncake festival is not a public holiday, at least think la fren, think of how we'd feel if we are supposed to spend time together with our family, instead, we have to sit for a test?? The test can be rescheduled to other more convenient dates right?? right?? Is it so hard to find other more appropriate time to give us test? Is it fun to see us suffer?? Especially the chinese????

All the while I am not the racist type of a person. But this scenario has got out of its way. I wouldn't say that we, chinese are being systematically marginalized. But, should the scenario doesn't improve to the way of perpaduan, then, I shall not sit here and do nothing. It's time to make a stand, to fight for our own right!

Chinese, Malay or Indian?! We are all the same! We are Malaysian citizens. So we must be treated firm and fair regardless of the race.

Isn't that a simple task? Or does one need so much 'reasonable excuses' to treat each and everyone of us differently?

Happy Mooncake Festival everybody! Mooncakes are halal!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Would-be Adults

Fucked up lecturers? Fucking lots of assignments?? Fucking comments by some acquintance which you have no thoughts of bothering them in the first place?? Heated arguments with parents for some petty issues??

Yeah, the life of would-be adults, who are stuck in college/institutes/universities, seeking their goals, their true purpose here in this world, to be one of the specialist of Earth, to serve the motherland with their wits and brawn, in return of some handsome reward to further enrich their life, to make a living, and of course, to survive. So much of a thought, for one person alone. Depression, no doubt, shall hit upon those unfortunate souls, like me, who think too much.

Think too much... pure nonsense, no substance, heh, yeah that's me alright. So I'm not constantly in depression, though the familiar scenarios everyone face in their lives, I can't avoid that. That's the most invaluable lesson to be handed down by those people involved. Although it displeases me all the time, especially to be on the defeated side, I'm glad as well, that I've learnt a valuable lesson from the more experienced.

Enough ramblings, this means I'm on the wrong track of my life! Moving back...

If one suffers a series of depression and is looking for some songs that might be able to soothe you, then I would suggest Megadeth's A Tout Le Monde. The lyrics, though not completed, are given below. Don't worry, although Megadeth is a hardcore thrash metal band, this particular song should be labelled as 'the softest song' produced by them.

Here's the lyrics :

Don't remember where I was,
I realise life was a game.
The more serious when I took things,
the harder the rules became.
I have no idea what it caused,
my life passed before my eyes,
I found that how little I accomplished,
all my dreams denied.

So as you read this know my friends,
I'd love to stay with you all,
Please smile when you think about me,
My body's gone, that's all.

A tout le monde,
A tout mes amis,
Je vous aime,
Je dous partir,

These are the last words I'll ever speak
And they will set me free.

Always remind yourself to handle the stress properly, and never take the song's lyrics too seriously. The songs written by bands usually portrays their life, not ours. So we are to follow their paths, especially if it leads to the wrong side of our supposedly complicated lifestyle.

If listening to songs does not help reduce stress, just aim your head on the wall...
It's just one of the ways, albeit more effective. =)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

MPP Election

The annually held Undian MPP Baru (Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar) is back!! A great opportunity especially for those students who have the will to make Uniten a better place (which I doubt so), a dream Government-Private University to cater students of various race and religion, and even of different country to seek further knowledge and to fulfill their live's greatest quest :

The Degree!

Unfortunately for the nominees for the new MPP board, that they have to deal with a few non-voters, like me. A few missing votes may affect the outcome of the new MPP board, which might risk several deservingly nominees from being elected, and instead is being run by the "darker" side. Why didn't I vote some may question. I do have my own reasons, which might not be reasonable to some of you readers. But I do apologise should my personal point of view contradicts with yours.

For starters, the calon-calon MPP, they are idealistic. It's good you see, but there are some of their agendas are too... idealistic. So it's hard to trust their ideas, despite the fact that they make alot of elaboration on their agendas on the stage specially set up in the cafeteria for this annual event.

Speaking of voicing out their agendas, I loathe it. True, these nominees are the ones we will pick as our new MPP board based on the trust we put on them. But so far, the ones I've voted for thus far had not impress me!! This might be the reason why I have such prejudice on these nominees. The past ones, they talked alot, they impressed alot, they gained alot of people's trust... But, they didn't perform their job as promised! Sad case...

Malaysia is a democratic country. The people choose their leaders through voting. It's the same here. Would there be great leaders, then I shall cast my vote in support of him/her, so long as they bring in positive changes to Uniten. I rest my case.

But, it's not happening that way till now. The leaders elected in the past, as I said, they talked and promised alot, for the students, for everyone....

For example:

- No exams on weekends. Pooit! How can he/she dictate that! That's for the lecturers to decide! This is a monarchy issue!!
- 24 hours internet service. Yeah!! If the staff management can maintain a Non-Disconnection internet for one day, it would be a miracle! Can't even kaotim a 5pm-7am connection, if 24 hours?? mah cham!!
There are many others proposed by different nominees. Some are just too idealistic, and some are easy on the ears, but difficult to handle.

It's utter nonsense, absolutely no substance...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Birth of a Butterfly

It's been a while, but I guess some changes are inevitable.

Fellow bloggers should know that I've changed the title from the previous "No more nights, no more pain", which no longer bears any significant meaning to me now, to a much thought provoking phrase :

The Butterfly Effects.

To sort things out, a butterfly is considered as a very small creature that flies around the gardens, bearing beautiful, colourful wings, being a part of the decoration of nature's blessings. So what's all this thing about the butterfly hmm?

It is said that even a small change in life, can bring forth great drastic changes to the others, or so it seems. In the butterfly's case, if it flaps its wings, it will create a tornado, for the flapping of the wings helps to disrupt the original flow of the air. Had it not flap its wings, then there will not be a tornado resulted. Though this statement is way over the head, but it bears its true meaning as well. Bear in mind that, such small creature can make such drastic changes, what of the bigger and greater beasts?? Oh surely they could create much alterations in short moments!

The best example to describe this wonderful effect would be the Lord of the Rings. Who would have thought that the sacred task is being upheld by a halfling, whose race is considered by many as being the most ignorant people on middle earth! As Frodo watches the bickerings between humans, elves and dwarves during the council of Elrond, it is no wonder that he would decide shoulder the task. That particular decision changes other races' perspective on the halflings, and of course changes everything else that would go on, and follows the storyline here on!

Suffice to say that everything on this earth is somewhat bound to one another. As changes lead to more changes, for the better or worse, that would depend on how we humans derive the changes. Whatever the changes will bring to us, we must make full use of it (as usual), and hopefully no more whinings about unsatisfaction on puny incidents.

Huah Hee Tio HoH! Remember this!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The sight is unclear,
visions smeared,
sense through ears,
as I approach in fear,

fear of what's beyond,
hear of something at the yonder,
can't see, can't see,
why is it so blur?

Why is it so foggy??
Then, a man appeared, with facial mask on while carrying a vacuum-cleaner-like hose...

Ada nyamuk denggi la, kena fogging sikit. Sudah ada pelajar kena demam dah...


Got denggi case now only start fogging la, why la why la don't fog earlier? Then you can prevent us from getting the denggi fever. It's a miracle that I don't get any denggi fever while in Uniten even though I got bitten several times on the calf after playing basketball. Pretty nuisance creatures I tell you, those mosquitoes are!

Why la we as humans, will only start taking drastic actions when something happens? Why la we can't think of a preventive measures to prevent the worst from happening? Why la we are gifted with the ability to think, would not figure out things like this would happen? Why la why?? Can't we improve for a change?? Can't we get rid of the bad habits and pass on the good traits instead?? Why do we, as humans with inquisitive mind, tend to learn the bad things easier than the good things??

Put it simple : Why can't they fog more frequently? Then you dont' have to suffer from denggi fever. Case closed.

Dynamics on Tuesday. Sigh.

No bah kut teh again for this week.. damn sad dey...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Held Back

Woke up early in the morning to join my friends for a game of basketball inside Uniten. The waking up early part is a thing of the past, but sometimes it's worth waking up early, apart from getting morning exercise, you tend to save time as well instead of letting it wasted on the bed.

Wished that the time would be turned back to early secondary school years, where everyone is willing to play basketball in the early mornings until the sun rises way above the tree and everyone is willing to be baked for the sake of the game. Later in school, everyone would be feeling so tired that they wish if only they could skip school, but couldn't.

But now I can!!!

Sigh... stayed back to study for next week's test. The weather's cooling here, can't be too sure it will be a great catalyst for my study method.....

Or just another powerful sleeping pill....

Mostly likely it's the latter!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Returned to the Real World

One week of holiday has come and gone. In a blink of an eye, I'm back in Uniten once more...

... to find out that ...

One of my neighbours' apartment got broken in to, one CPU was stolen. The windows were forced open and the door lock was broken with force. Funny thing is that the other rooms were not touched, only that one particular room. So it's a targetted robbery. Not even the money was taken away, just that CPU.

Funny thing is that the particular room is not facing the corridor. Typically, the room that is facing the corridor would be an easier target, since most of the stuff can be seen from the outside. Especially once broken into. Even though there's curtains that hide the stuff from those peeping toms, it would be useless once Tom is inside the room...

The victim has lodged a report of this robbery, and there's some professionals who came over and did some thumbprint detecting stuff, but... to no avail. Seems like the robber(s) is an experienced type... So to us, there would be no means to stop them from stealing as long as they've set their minds on, plus they are quite well equiped to do the dirty work... so whatever the defences we can think of would be pointless unless we all stay inside the room the whole day, which of course, is impossible...

I would think myself being stupid for not doing my homework during the holidays... as the class begins, there is more work to be done!! And yet I've not started a single shit yet! So for the past few days it has been very very hectic.. and lack of sleep as well... so tiring, jsut to finish up the work given by the lecturers.. and now I gotta find some info for my moral assignments... which is to due next week!!! Grrr... why must we take Moral even at this stage?! this is ridiculous!! NOt only we are wasting our precious time on such subject, it's even pain to see the money fly into the institutes.. I could have spend on somethign more useful with that amount of money.. something like girls..??? :p

Did I mention bout going to Hatyai ? Oops.. looks like I didn't. Will update it next time, with some pics of course. Complained enough for now... time to do work!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

To your health, Malaysia! Cheers!


*takes a deep breath*


*takes another deep breath*




Huuuarrrrggghhhhh...... *pooit!*


Pretty sums up what I've gone through for the past few days... No dam can hold up such amount of load, that carries such huge momentum that it is best to just open the dam to reduce further damages. Worse thing is that the load can just replenish in such a short moment, ready to attack the dam again...

Oh yeah... selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan ke-49!!

Malaysia's always Malaysia.. keep it that way...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

20 Years I Have Lived

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more I'm still intrigued
The childlike attitude is still inside of me
Free from cares and worries
Free from responsibilities
I'm carefree...

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more I'm still amazed
The inquisitive mind begins working
Learn about how things work
Learn what responsibilities are
I'm learning...

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more I'm still confused
The mind itself is playing a fool
Love and not being loved
Found myself being used as well
I'm depressed...

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more that I have not
The world is ever changing
Present is what we can achieve
Future is the achievement of the present
I'm content...

20 years I have lived
I have become a carefree person
Learning is a neverending process
Despite being once depressed
I'm content with the way life is going
For now......

The beginning of mid-term break which lasts for one week! *jubilates in joy!!*

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wings of a Butterfly

I just got this song from one of the Uniten mate through DC++, and honestly I have no idea how I got hooked up by this song. The lyrics is kinda catchy, makes it worth listening over and over again. And it feels good to play on the guitar too ; )

Another great song by HIM. I think I'm getting more obsessed with this love metal band. You guys can have a go for this band. Anyway, here's the lyrics for this song:

Heaven ablaze in your eyes
We're standing still in time
The blood on our hands is the wine
We offer as sacrifice

Come on and show them your love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul, my love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul

This endless mercy mile
We're crawling side by side
With hell freezing over in our eyes
Gods kneel before our crime

Come on and show them your love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul, my love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul

Oh, if anyone of you can enlighten me the hidden meaning behind the term "wings of a butterfly", I'm glad to hear from you all.

And for once, Shin almost pitam while going through basketball drills under the hot sun. =.=

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Break In

I know how you are feeling now...
You are thinking that you've made a fool out of me...
As you walk down the corridor...
The usual routine... just walking...
Then, you realise, that a window is not properly closed...
You realise too that no one's around...
You climbed into the window...
And there it is, lay perfectly in front of your eyes...
Not the computer, nor the guitar...
In the unzipped pouch, there are cash inside...
A whole load of em, enough to feed yourself a month...
You whisk it away, before I return...
Making me a hell lot poorer than ever before...

If ever I get my hands on you...
Goodness knows what's gonna happen on you...
Had you better show up and beg for forgiveness...
Then I may reduce the punishment due on you...
Your action is something I loathed...
And it's not just worth that amount of money you took...
You pay for your crimes...
Wait for my wrath... whoever you are...
And pray that you are attached to someone else...
So that she knows your true colour...
Unattached is OK too...
So you don't have to pretend like a good guy in front of her...

My hands are so itchy that I can literally tear you apart...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Test is Back

I'm now suffering from post-test syndrome. Literally owned by Thermodynamics. I'm unsure of my answers, whether they are going to give me the grades, or they are gonna make me the most pathetic person in the world. It's a make or break situation. And I don't like it.

Whilst waiting for the next upcoming tests that involve Dynamics and Circuits, allow me to drown my Post-Thermo Syndrome with Domino's Pizza, some guitar strumming and nonetheless more DotA sessions. My spirit hit ground zero, as I have to see that the domino's pizza meal has to be cancelled, because it is closed... It's 10pm liao by the way, so have to make do with the hawker stalls nearby. ~.~

My ankle has yet to recover fully, due to the fact that I received a full momentum of a slide tackle while playing football on the field. It's been 3 weeks already since that memorable event, and there's a niggling pain on the ankle still. It's a major concern for me, especially in later years when I start walking with tongkat. That's not a sight I want to conjure up even now, I don't wanna walk with a tongkat!!!

Might not come back to Klang this week, gotta revise for the upcoming tests...

Provided that I can revise la that is! But give face abit la! ok?? oK??

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Minor updates

A reminder to self :

Never take the train after 7pm, especially from Serdang. Oh, there's no big incident yet where the bold robbers are roaming around hunting down victims with a knife all in the name of $$$$ and glory to themselves. No. It's more personal than those unfortunate incidents that have happened elsewhere in Malaysia.

There's no leng luis in the train!!!!!!

Instead, it's filled up with huan na's and more huan na's.. Beh tahan!!

How to pass time la at this rate?? Dah la balik seorang aje kalau ikut keretapi! Bagilah sikit sumber entertainment! Jgn biar saya hilang konsentrasi dan miss KL Sentral ma!

Tests are coming up in these few weeks. So do not expect much from this blog, go read something else that's capable of killing time won't ya? And is it just me, or the Streamyx is fucking up again?? No matter, should you guys think that I'm not blogging as often as I should, then blame it on Streamyx. Needless to say, pushing the blame aside is what we all do best... Human's best trait.

Time is precious, I must get on with my studies now. Cannot play play dy. Must pray pray more!!

I'm thinking of getting a haircut. Any suggestion fellas?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Debugging Buggers

We have to close down your port because the system says that your port is hosting worm.

*In chorus*


What kinda explanation is that to give to 2 representatives of the 5, who were suffering from internet-deprived-syndrome for 2 days, as well as disconnection from the outside world, away from news, updates, informations, and the most important thing of all : FRIENDS!

My total loss of revenue can no longer be recovered until the problem is properly rectified by the administrator. So at the moment, bear with the very very slow updates and a missing member in your MSN contact list.

Life in Uniten took a huge turn : The long awaited DotA tournament has arrived! Although it was made in such a small scale, it is to get feedbacks from the local students who are too bored enough to stay inside the room with nothing else better to do except facing the monitor with their left hand fingers positioning at various shorcut keys, and with right hand clicking furiously on both mouse buttons, yelling some instructions across the room in hopes of letting their own teammate to hear them!

Full of emotion, full of commmitment, requires lots of teamwork and strategy...

Yes, this is DotA tournament, and it shall begin...

eh wait.. already began on Monday la~~~

Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wicked Game

Wicked Game - HIM (cover song for Chris Isaak)

The world was on fire, no-one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you
And I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you

No I don't wanna fall in love
this world is always gonna break your heart
No I don't wanna fall in love
this world is always gonna break your heart..
with you

What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say
You never felt this way
What a wicked thing you do
To make me dream of you


The world was on fire, no-one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
No and I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you
I'll never dream that I lose somebody like you, no

Now I wanna fall in love
This world is always gonna break your heart
Now I wanna fall in lust
This world is always gonna break your heart..with you

And nobody loves no-one

Listening to this song makes me ponder of my life, my love life.

Sadly, there's no one in particular, yet.

My past relationship still haunts me. The fear of rejection is something I can never forget.

Something that's not suppose to go wrong, went wrong.

Where things are beyond expectations, had exceed your imagination.

My trust is betrayed, loyalties severed.

For 3 years it has gone by, still the memory remains.

She's my first love, who could forget theirs as well? But it hurts.

To my fellow friends who have found their own halves, I'm glad that you guys have made it.

As for me, I will keep on searching for the missing key, that would unlock and set me free.

Maybe I have yet to find my true love, or maybe I'm just too picky.

Or is there true love left on this forsaken world??

And yet, true love never dies...... It just need to be revived again...

Saturday, July 15, 2006


A small spot dedicated to one of my best pals throughout my life..... FANG CHIN!

Happy belated 20th b'day to you man!! 12th July... Paiseh ada sedikit lewat liao!. Ya I know I'm still older than you but I can't help but make you feel older. Though that doesn't seem to work most of the time but what the heck, the bugging is worth the trouble! >.<

So much so for advertising on my blogspace here... kacau!

Back to my current state, with my oh-so-beautiful-campus life taking the centre stage. (as usual).

I've been assigned to do homeworks of 3 different subjects. Mind you. Homeworks!!! It's been almost 3 years since I last heard of this term, especially in University level! With Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Circuits on this semester's timetable, you can't help but think, would there be any work to do in the first place?? Having this in mind, you are in deep shit! Cos I did. And I AM IN DEEP SHIT NOW!! Rarely I have touch the textbook itself unless it's for reference purposes, and the same goes to the exercises provided inside the book itself. Yes I'm THAT lazy! My usual routine involves DotA, Diablo2 and Gunbound. (Yes, this time a gunbound server has been set up.. hooray to my already packed playing schedule) So, it's highly unusual for me to do the exercises as required by the lecturers and to hand them in during tutorial classes. Handing in the homework... It seems that I'm brought back to secondary school times once again!!

For once after so many years, I have no choice but to spend my time doing exercises from the textbook. Thus, I have no choice but to spend some $$$ on the textbooks, and they aren't cheap either!! 2nd-hand books are hard to find, and they differ in book editions. There's a small booth that sells 2nd-hand textbooks. Checked out for Circuits Textbook and it's 70 bucks with fair condition. Later I went to the bookstore only to find out that the new Circuits Textbook is actually 72 bucks only. $$$$ suckers those 2nd-hand book sellers. And they are getting alot of customers, which is the weird thing!! Blardy hell! They should be sent to the abyss for their dark deeds!!!

On a side note to everyone, never try taking KTM from 5pm to 7pm. If you dont' believe, you can always give it a shot. You'll get what I mean. :)

Homework's due next Tuesday, gotta start reducing the burden throughout the weekends...

Homework I hate thee!!!! @#$#%!@#$

Saturday, July 08, 2006

2nd Year, 1st Sem 06/07

Finally!! I'm a sophomore! I have gone through thick and thin to get out of first year! Now I shall continue my perilous journey and obtain what I'm here for! A 60 grand worth of degree certificate!

Just to let you guys know, the above is my current semester's timetable. Pretty neat eh?

And what's with that X mark on Tuesday??

Just to let you guys know. The secret of abusing the Uniten's system in order to obtain the classes you want to enter.

Situation's like this: I want to enter the class same with my friend, but his section 5B is full. So I have to enter 5A, which still has vacancy, but it clashes with other subject. Section 5A and 5B is under the same lecturer, the only difference is that both have tutorial classes at different time. So, my plan is to join into 5A, have my tutorial class clash with other subject, and then appeal to the lecturer to allow me enter 5B's tutorial class.

So far so good everyone?

Through the geniuses Alwin and Tai Soon, we use the URL which registers a subject into the timetable, and change the subject code to the one I want. *When one clicks the URL, the subject will be added right away* So, the system would not notice that the subject I registered would clash with other subjects I have registered earlier. It's some kind of a bug, but a very friendly bug!

Friday don't have class again! Haha! I feel so free!!

Haven't seen much foudation students yet. New intake students are here to test themselves in survival of the fittest. Best man / woman will get the best tasty Malay food or Indian food. Heard from others that there are more chinese girls for this intake, so everyone's expecting some eye candies finally roam the Uniten foodcourt during breaks. :)

A whole new semester, a new beginning once again! Hope I don't screw this one up like last year's!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cameron Highlands

It has been 2 years since the last time I set foot on Cameron Highlands. There were plans where Fang Chin and Co. were heading further north towards Penang on the very same day. But the Cameron Highlands trip was booked way earlier. Though the food in Penang is always appealing to my stomach, but family comes first. Paiseh.

And of course, Malaysia had some notorious weather for the past few weeks.

Just to give u a picture how Malaysia's weather is now! Pic taken a year ago while on the way to Kuantan

Malaysia now is as though being the conventional microwave oven! One doesn't have to think about going all the way to a beach side clad in bikini or hawaiian pants and get yourself tanned there. Alternatively, you can just lie down at the frontyard topless and enjoy the sunlight breeze. Minus the sightseeing. For girls though, don't do anything indecent to find yourself uploaded in the website. Heh.

As though God had a will to fumble with Malaysia's thermostat, upon reaching Cameron Highlands, the whole family were expecting cool, refreshing breeze, cloudy skies and a slight covering from the clouds floating around.

Did I asked too much from Him??

I certainly didn't think so! It was raining as we ascend the newly built highway. Oh raining is normal in Cameron Highlands but certainly not if it's raining for like 6 hours non-stop??! Already deprived of entertainment, the weather sure has enjoyed keeping us confided in our apartments! And it rained for two days!

The apartment where the chill still penetrates in. Wait a minute, is that a TV??

Yes! A TV!! Came all the way from Klang just to watch TV! Brilliant idea. Masterfully done! TV without Astro = no TV. Fortunately, this one HAS Astro. Once you get Astro = Live broadcast of the World Cup 2006. At least I'm not THAT bored for now!

Night time is a blessing for us. As the rain finally stopped and we got our arses out of the apartment and went for a stroll at the Brinchang pasar malam. Bought lots of vegetables and mushrooms for the night time's steamboat. YES! LOTS OF VEGETABLES! And of course, strawberries!

For the sake of camaraderie, and this one looks frightfully sour.

If eating at Cameron Highlands doesn't involve vegetables, I would honestly say that one is going into a big fasting mood. After all, vegetables are good for you aren't they??

Hint: There are certain people whom I know that doesn't appreciate vegetables as much as I do. :)

On the third day, the weather has switched once again. From the blistering cold to the usual Cameron Highlands sunshiny morning as we stroll around Kea Farm to get MORE VEGETABLES AND STRAWBERRIES to enjoy them back in Klang.

Blardy hell! Where did all these people come from?!

Traffic congestions are a norm especially here in Kea Farm. Further enquiries revealed that Singapore had holidays so there were many of them out there seeking bargains and had better skills than the Malaysians. Heh I wonder why. Nevertheless, we were there to relax so I rest my case here.

Yes, It is HOT there! Thus the ice-cream. And I'm obsessed with Orange!

After all the groceries and relaxing at the apartment, we checked out and head towards home! To face Klang's grueling heat this soon, I would rather stay on in Cameron Highlands. Financially and timing however, did not permit to do so. Some other time, perhaps eh? With friends the next time? Not a problem for me!

Family Pic.
From left : Sis, Mum, Dad, Me, Bro. Flanked by tong sampah.

Gosh. It's 6 in the morning already. Guess I should just get a shut-eye and join my bro for bakuteh at 9.

Finally with pics, shin reporting in from home.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bah Kut Teh bash

It was on Monday afternoon last week. All was peaceful as ever (except the blardy freaking hot weather!) As I got up and did my usual chores, and then.. a phone rang in.

YO! Is your house number 69??

Then, I looked out the window.. and saw 2 cars...

They have arrived...
... to taste Klang's bah kut teh!!

The 4 VIPs(Eyrique, Alwin, Yi Jun and Tai Soon <- Melaka Boy) had planned to come down to Klang in this blistering sunny day to taste the ever famed Klang Bah Kut Teh. So the Klang representitives comprised of Chin Yao, Kok Siang, Beng Siong and I would do the honour of introducing them to the Klang's famed Bah Kut Teh to reward the curious ones.

Trouble is... I don't even know which shop sells the best bah kut teh in Klang!! :(

Indeed, Klang is considered quite a big town in my humble opinion, especially when it comes to bringing them around to a suitable shop that sells good bah kut teh! There are many around in Klang of course. It would be easier if it's in the morning since bah kut teh is eaten in the morning as a norm. But to bring them around for bah kut teh at night...... Well.. you be the judge.

After pondering a few hours on where to eat Klang's bah kut teh, though the time was instead well spent on a nearby cybercafe, and practically got owned by the non-klang players! :( We've decided to bring them to Pandamaran area. Indeed finding bah kut teh stall at night is much tougher, since I don't particularly eat bah kut teh at night, thus have little idea on which stall sells good bah kut teh in the night hours. After much searching, we finally ended up at a bah kut teh stall in front of Pandamaran B school. And yeah... this shop got the nods of approval by all of us, indeed it serves good bah kut teh. Big serving portion and good soup, though the meat is all scrap punya, no proper parts such as chia ba , sueh ki kut, goh hui or kah wan.

Just an additional information for you readers. The main differences between Klang Bah Kut Teh and Outside Klang Bah Kut Teh are... in Klang, one gets a plate of rice and eats with fork and spoon but others such as in KL, you eat with chopstick and served with a bowl of rice. Then, in Klang, you get a claypot with huge chunks of meat which needs to be cut and separated, especially the fat! :p While others, mostly the meat is san zham ba or the 3 layered meat.

The VIPs felt very satisfied with the meal... and at the same time... we celebrated Beng Siong's birthday in that shop itself. The lao ban was kind and generous enough to even give Beng Siong an Angpow. Hrrm.. should be the first time he witnessed an happy event held in his territory kua! :)

A great visit by my Uniten Pals who came all the way from KL! At least I'm well entertained on that day itself! Staying inside the house the whole day is not a good routine!! I should be spending more time going out.. But I need transportation!!

Let's hope I can get a car out of this! *heh*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PJ half marathon

*Popeye Ringtone*

"Hello? "
"HALOO! Sudah bangun belum..??"
"Hrrmm..? Oh shit.. 4.50 liao.. ok ok I get ready now!!"


Waking up at a freaking 4.50am just to get ready and go for a jog?? This is so not me!
But paying 10 bucks to join a Half Marathon and accompanied by the likes of Hong Yang, Fang Chin and Kar Chun.. Then it's a totally different case.

Awaken by Hong Yang only to realise that I'm already 20 minutes late from the time planned to leave the house. The event begins at 6.40am but we don't wanna risk getting ourselves lost and have any delays on the way there. Plus, we have Hong Yang's friend to fetch in Taylor's college and registering ourselves at the counter prior to the event.

The PJ Half Marathon was held in Kelana Jaya Stadium, to mark PJ as a new city in the face of Malaysia! This is the first time I have participated in a marathon race. So I'm beaming with excitement, despite the fact that I only slept for 2 hours, tengok bola la.. wat to do...

For some reason, there's a slight nagging voice inside my head... if i remembered correctly it goes like this :

"For someone who walks 1 km and would start complaining about hot weather and being tired... and now you are going for a 10km jog??! lu siao ah?!"

Indeed, jogging in the morning is way different than what one experiences in the evening. The air is fresher, though it gets more polluted as the morning traffic gets under way. One has to wake up early to jog, so we don't seem to waste the whole morning like I usually do every morning. Since it's some sort of a competition, I get to see people of various age groups who compete in this race. There are seniors at their 50's and yet they ran as though they were in their younger days. And of course the main group comprises of teenagers like us and certainly a few eye-candies *ahem!* who can definitely run. As well as youngsters around 12 years of age who were competing in the shorter distance race.

We managed to finish the freaking 10km route in an hour's time. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't finish in time to receive the certificate of distinction. It was certainly an impossible feat for us, consider that we are not those pro-marathon runners and we hardly even jog as our daily exercise, plus the certs will only be given to the first 50 for the category we've participated. Even so, I do feel proud to be able to finish the course with minimal rest. It seems to me that Livita does help in boosting energy although the taste is abit too medicine-like, as though you are drinking some cough syrup.

After a whole morning of hardwork and energy spending, we rewarded ourselves with a good meal of Bah Kut Teh! There we met Jenni, Quek's loupo. God knows why Quek doesn't want to join us for breakfast... hrrm... And of course... an afternoon course of good sleep~!

A great day well spent.... and for once, it begins in the morning instead of the usual noon! But guess that just happens once in a blue moon!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hols Week 1

The first week of hols is always the outcome of one's lifestyle in upcoming holidays. I sincerely hope mine won't happen that way. At least enrich my life with more unexpected activities that turn me on and get me going. The further I stay away from my bed the better. Unfortunately at the moment it's just not working.

Well, most of the time was spent waking up when the sun rises right above on my head where the shadow is the shortest of all time... Getting married to the comp is not a bad idea cos I'm upholding the responsibility to be a commited husband. Urrghh.. Facing the comp one whole day, taking breaks in between. INILAH COMMITMENT my friends! 100% honesty. Learn from here lovebirds! >.<

Then there's World Cup fever. Everyone's going out to mamak stalls to catch the action on the big screen by means of projector. It's good business to the shops, which obviously brings in more profit than ever before. It's easy for those who suffer lack of customers to rectify the problem : Get a freaking projector. Then you will have customers dropping by, sit down and be part of the football community. Simple yet effective, small investment that brings big returns, now this is great marketing strategy.

Prior to the World Cup, most of my friends (no I wasn't involved) are betting through bookies. With hopes of small investment that brings in big returns, the plan seems to work very well especially for Hong Yang and Co. It all started very well, and things go according to plan.. Until the dreaded match between Ghana and Czech Republic. Being the favourites, everyone sided Czech, since they have convincingly demolished USA in the previous matches, and Ghana seems to be the weaker side as they have lost to Italy. But, fortune favors the bold, indeed Ghana fought bravely, and won deservingly. That promptly put a stop on our betting sessions. It's a good experience though for everyone around, as cries of joy erupt when the supported team emerged triumph after going through thick and thin. Their emotions are well expressed. Priceless.

Await for another episode of mine: PJ half marathon. I'm too tired to tell the tale now. KO first.

Monday, June 12, 2006

In holiday mood

Ahhh... holiday is all I'm thinking now. Best enjoyed if one has just gone through hell during exam. The first thing I thought of as I handed in my very last paper to the invigilator...


Went to Port Dickson immediately after the exam with Uni pals. 15 of us went there for 2 days filled with many enjoyable moments and laughter. From tossing one after another into the "famed crystal clear" seawater to riding on water scooter and even the banana boat. Honestly speaking this is the first time I ride on a banana boat. It was thoroughly enjoying as one speeds away on a banana boat while enjoying the breeze blowing on to your skin which is stressed up by the exam itself, and being tumbled down by the speed boat that is pulling the banana boat as it gave a sudden turn, creating enough inertia to send us away from the boat and into the sea. Unfortunately, things ain't turned out that good in my case. The speedboat was too big and the motor wasn't powerful enough to accelerate the whole boat and of course, with the banana boat itself. As the speedboat swerved, so did the banana boat, but only slightly, which is why the occupants including me still manage to hang on to the banana boat itself. After several tries, the effort was still in vain, until we ourselves decided to jump off at the next swerve. Quite entertaining, but 10 bucks each for one fall is certainly not worth it, as others who got into other banana boat, had 6 falls and yet paid the same price. Blardy bloodsuckers.

As the World Cup has begun, all of us crammed into one room and watch the opening match. Germany vs Costa Rica. I had a bet with Alwin that Germany and Costa Rica would draw, but he insisted on Germany to win the match. So we bet on a Limau Ais. Arrrgghhh.. Germany go score that wonder goal for what!! Now I owe him one limau ais dy~~ >.<

Aside that, we got a huge scare when Alwin's hamster managed to escape out of its own cage right before the check-out time! Fortunately it was found hiding under the bed. No one knew how it managed to climb out of its own cage. A real mystery. Hrrm.

I'll be having a 3 weeks holiday right after the Port Dickson trip. I guess that I'll spend most of my time sitting in front of TV watching most of the matches Live. Hopefully I won't lose another Limau Ais this time! My guess is that Brazil would retain the title again, but I will be on the look out for Italy and Holland. I'm never in favour of the England, despite how they described them as one of the best squads in their history. Bah, look how boring they played against Paraguay. Such disgrace!

I'll give them another Quarter-final booting at the hands of... Argentina! >.<

Friday, June 02, 2006

Religion and me

Yeah... I was suppose to blog this earlier. But laziness has eaten my soul up. Even tempted me to quit blogging... until today!

So let's talk about Da Vinci Code. Shall we?

Please do take note that whatever I put up here next maybe controversial in some perspective, but I do hope that the readers won't take it too seriously while commenting on my personal point of views. Well, the answer is simple, because it's just a person's point of view. I have no intention in putting some radical thoughts, creating some havoc in other people's life. I am just passing through alright?

Ok... let us begin!

The movie Da Vinci Code is a good show in my opinion, and for someone who has not read the book itself! I know I know, I should read first before watching it. But that would leave me a greater expectation from the show you see? For example: Those who've read LOTR books, and when you watch the movie, you would think: Why these parts come out and the book is not written so? Why elves appear in Helm's Deep for aid?? And why Helm's Deep is such a big feat while in the book, it's not a big deal after all. Fortunately, the movie is still great overall. But you will still feel that it can be better with additional details from the book. But that would mean sitting in front of the screen for at least another hour, whilst we've been complaining for sitting out too long even though it's just the first series : The Fellowship of the Ring.

Anyway, back to Da Vinci Code. The movie is good. The mystery is solved by means of using Da Vinci's work of arts and of course a few clues which involves Christianity. It is very interesting to see them working around with the clues found, and in the end solved the mystery as well. And of course, a happy ending for the good guys, and to hell to those who have done the evil deeds.

Speaking of evil deeds, the Silas in this movie is portrayed at doing things at his God's bidding despite breaking some rules already made by men themselves. Self punishment to share the sufferings by Jesus Christ while being nailed on the cross shows a great deal of devotion to God, though somewhat ghastly to me. And yet you go killing other mortals to protect the religion is something hard to accept. Devotion to God is one thing, but killing for the sake of religion, is totally another thing. Of course he is more likely being used by the higher authority, but a man himself should be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Unfortunately he didn't.

I admit that what the Vaticans and the Pope are discouraging the Christians from watching the show for fear that some information in this movie may affect the viewers' faith on Christianity. I myself do not know which fact that is misleading or misused for the movie's purposes, but I suppose that since the movie is being claimed as a fiction altogether, so there's no harm done if one wants to watch the show for enjoyment! Furthermore, to those who already have faith in Christians in the first place, I doubt that their faith will wither no matter how one tries to mislead them. Now, that's the real power of faith!

Until now, I've never let religion to affect my lifestyle. I'm not saying that religion is a bad thing. They teach us to be a better human on earth, resist temptation and have faith on yourself. It is a good discipline to me and I dont' mind learning them if given the chane. But there are certain issues that raises eyebrows when concerned with religion. The best example would be the 9/11 attack. For years Islam and Christians have not got along since the middle ages. Great battles have come and gone, and one of them was The Crusades in Jerusalem. Go read over it for more details. Gruesome killing if you ask me.

Overall, religion is a good thing. They teach you to be a better person on earth. Though there are those who are too radical in their own respective religion until they make public enemies to other people. When we cast aside our differences, what's the most common thing you can find?

We are humans.

So, Do You Kill on God's Command?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No More Nights, No More Pain - Episode 126

This is just another one of those filler do not expect much from this episode.

I've just awaken from my beautiful slumber which began at 4pm. A blissful 3 and half hours without much interruption is very refreshing. Not even the ever favourite sport basketball can drag me away from my bed this time, nor the urges from my housemates to join the game! Goodness me! I could have taken the 'Best Pig Award' title for this new effort. Don't worry, I shall work hard for it.

I am entering the last 2 weeks of this special semester. Usually when it comes to the end of semester, greater things shall arise in the form of deadline submission, quizzes and of course, the mighty Finals Exams! During this time, I won't be in Klang until the finals is over. Which also means I'm gonna miss my family, friends (bleh.. I sound so dramatic here) back there. Of course, no bah kut teh for 3 weeks is quite a pain to my stomach. Need to seek out other alternative dishes to compensate for that. Hopefully, more chinese food can be found within Uniten area at a better price rate. Or even better, someone bah kut teh cook will come over to Uniten and open a bah kut teh stall! Now that's what I call heaven~~

I've been hooked up to some oldies songs which I've rummaged through my hard disk for quite some time. I can't even imagine that I have John Denver, the Beattles, and the ever famed ABBA!! Yet oldie songs still provide soothing effects compared to what I've been listening to all these while.

Goodness.. it's almost 9... I better take my bath now and then study. Quiz tomorrow... Bah.. stress is starting to creep into my life once again. How many stresses does it take to make one feel old?

Shin reporting Live from Uniten once again.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My humblest apologies, I don't find the show Fragile that good nor impressive enough to scare the hell out of you till you pee in the pants in fright. It's just another plain old POTONG STIM type of horror show that you would be glad to save that money on something else much worthwhile such as MI3. Disappointed... Totally disappointed.

On that Wednesday itself when we watched the movie, Mark, Alwin, Ang, Adelynn and I had our dinner at Dominoe's Pizza. Since Alwin had a Gold card that gives a another large pizza for free with any order of a large pizza. We had a brief discussion, 2 pizzas are too little, 3 is ideal but will get a 1 free pizza, so it shall be 4, which is quite alot... Apart from that, we have only half an hour's time to finish the pizzas before the show begins... Can finish or not??

So we took the gamble, and ordered 4 pizzas altogether!! And whacked them all into our stomachs we did, though it took quite some valiant effort to push the pizzas into our stomach within that period of time. Adelynn managed to bantai 4 slices of pizza, and the rest of the guys have to take in 7 slices each! Quite a major feat for me actually since I've never tried taking in so much in one go in such short time! My mouth ached after the dinner, never chew for so long in my entire life! Had difficulty walking up into the cinema after that. Having such large burden in my stomach... -.-"

While in Uniten, there's an on going basketball 5 on 5 tournament which began on Monday. I've joined the competition along with my usual teammates. So far we've won one and lost one. Tomorrow's game is the deciding one to determine whether we would advance into semi-final or getting eliminated. So best of luck to my team. Heh.

On the bad side of things, the Uniten server administrator thinks it's enough for us students to have full day internet access. So they have pulled the cable and put us back to square one : Online only from 5pm onwards till 7am the next day. Drat, this would make us become obsolete once again!!! And it takes off the reason for me to ponteng class and enjoy surfing the net!!

Alright, enough for now, one whole day's energy is spent needlessly on the basketball court. I seem to be getting darker with each passing day. Fortunately, many thanks to my Lou Po who gave me the aloe vera cream, I no longer suffered from dry skin that peeled off last week!

To the world of tanning once again~ Shin reporting live from UNITEN!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Begin every sentence with the word...

- I got 2 assignments pending till the end of this short semester.

- I got an open book test now for Malaysian Studies and it's due on Tuesday.

- I got a test on Tuesday for Manufacturing Processes.

- I am wickedly broke.

Haih... I guess I shouldn't spend too much in a week's time. 100 bucks per week is considered a pain in the ass right? I should start tracking my own expenses to find out which part of my life has been spending too much, which I hope is not on food supplies!! I am so not gonna spend my money on some cheaper and economical food that doesn't fulfill its purpose : FILL UP MY EMPTY STOMACH!

I should avoid any sunlight for now. The sunburn effects is totally hard to bear for me this time. Maybe I should have just continue to play under the sun instead of hiding in the shades after my high school years. Look what good has it done to me? I can no longer stand the sun as long as before, I've become fairer if compared to last time and yet still darker than most of the people I know. And yet, a day under the sun playing handball till 11am has turned me back to square one : OH LANG KI GOR!

Bah, I rest my case. I shall play under the sun from now onwards! Sun provides Vitamin D after all right? So it's healthy! XD

Saturday, April 29, 2006

2nd week ends...

...And the third week shall arise...

With tests and projects continue to dominate Special Sem, I still find the time to have some fun albeit a little bit too much, as usual!

Basketball is always my daily dose of stress management activity in Uniten apart from occasional afternoon naps as well as the hourly (if possible) DotA sessions. But now, another sport has been added into my list for a better stress management : Futsal!

An invitation by the senior students, we abandon our Tuesday Basketball sessions and focus on this new activity. We go all the way to Sri Petaling's Endah Parade just to play this intensive sport. 2 hours of non-stop action leaves a great satisfaction feeling inside of me. 3 hours after the game leaves my leg feeling tensed and wobbly. The next morning I shall have all the reason I need to skip class! :p Thanks to these senior friends of mine, my life in Uniten has become more eventful!

Back in Klang, there's a handball league going on and I'm chosen to play for the team peraliph along with my fellow handball teammates during secondary school. Peraliph is a team name formed by the team captain, a businessman who's experienced in handball. So don't ask me what kind of name that is. The league is open to Selangor, so it's quite a high level competition in my opinion. And this is the very first time I play handball indoors. So I was quite lost in space when I played for few minutes, and maybe that's the reason why I don't get to play at all in second half! We lost the game in the end despite leading the scoresheet at half time. But I feel that the team could have done better in second half.

So with these sports occupy my free time, I'm a busy man! But the test is coming nearer. What the heck! Enjoy first lah!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

New sem = New beginning

I'm back in Uniten once again! At least I'm still in one piece. Heh.

My results for the previous semester has come out. I'm very satisfied with the result, although I know that I could have done better, which is a positive note to myself, fancy that I know that I can do better! Hrrm.. this world must be coming to an end surely!

Scored B+ for my Technical Communication and Manufacturing Processes Lab, a B- for my Moral (wow?!), a C+ for Linear Algebra (darn it I'm so screwed!) and a C for Differential Equation (trust me on this, I thought I'm gonna fail this one!).

Hopefully there are no more C's in the future. Time to buck up and start pulling up my CGPA to a more presentable state. Currently it's around 2.50. Blame it on my playful traits and the inability to be serious in studies when the time comes. Sigh...

Back into the hostel, where everything seems so fine as it is 3 weeks ago (got back the same apartment)...

Only to find my room key gets stuck at the knob after unlocking the door!

Only to realise that I've forgotten to bring my notepads!

Only to realise that I've forgotten to bring my shokubutsu!

Only to find out the next morning that there's no water coming out from the faucet!

The last line happened after we've cleaned up the apartment upon arrival. There's still water supply. Somehow JBA finds it amusing to consider shutting off the water supply to UNITEN.. leaving blokes and chicks to be erm... filthy on that morning!! Luckily the water supply is back in the afternoon. Phew!

With my PC finally back in action and ready to rumble... for more Dota and endless chats on MSN... eh wait..

the above line is considered a bullshit... plz continue reading...

With my PC finally back in action and ready to take on more assignments and data searching with the companion of the internet, I shall make myself a force to be feared by the examiners themselves! Watch out! I shall aim for B+'s this time!!

A new beginning for a new sem! Though a shorter one this time!