Friday, September 23, 2005

Of braces and Teeth

I love my teeth, yes I do... for now.

I remembered last time when i was young, I had a very awkward sets of teeth. Just imagine yourself with a fine pair of vampire's canine... and cross with 2 gargantuan rabbit's teeth. So you guys should call me dhambit instead of the typical dhampir. (Dhampir is a hybrid of vampire and human.. thus it just sounds more cool instead of the typical Vampire)

The Dhambit sets of teeth is surely gonna dampen my self confidence. I can't even smile by baring my beautiful sets of teeth, that sure is very 'silau'. My parents notice how serious it looks, so in comes the best solution to straighten up the Dhambit's teeth : Braces.

To put the braces on, the orthodontist Dr Jagjit requires me to do one thing: EXTRACT 4 teeth; 1 canine from each corner!! It's one of the days when the time is moving so slowly, feeling the torment as the doctor keeps pricking here and there with the metal tools. Numbing the gums before injecting it, one by one, the teeth is pulled out, and of course a few drops of blood. The absence of the 4 teeth always makes your tongue unconsciously roll all over your mouth, and as it touches the empty brackets, jeez... they are gone!!

And so the day comes, the braces is gonna be assembled on my teeth!! I can't exactly remember how it feels, especially when your mouth is opened big and wide for 1 and half freaking hours. There's not much pain that i can assure you. But it sure feels uncomfortable with something extra in front of your teeth after the dentist's hardwork. You Can't Even Lick Your Teeth From the Front! I sure had problems restricting myself from rolling the tongue around. I can't feel my front part of the teeth anymore!! That everything happened in Form 2.

For 5 years I've been wearing the braces. Why so long? I have no idea, but i can conclude myself that my teeth is a stubborn lot and not coorperative at all. Which also implies to myself for not wearing the rubber bands as instructed by the dentist. And comes the good news and a bad news:

Good news:
I'm gonna have the lower brackets removed by next month! Which means i only need to wear a retainer after that, and not to mention my tongue gets to touch my front part of the teeth after such a long while!

Bad news:
Realised why i just said lower brackets? What about the upper ones? I forgot to ask Dr Jagjit on my last appointment. I suppose it's best to check yourself in front of the mirror. And so I did. And I saw something that's gonna delay the upper brackets to be removed...

#%$!!%%#.. the wisdom teeth is sure smart enough to grow of all times but now!!! Without this growth i'll bet the whole braces is gonna be removed by next month! I know the wisdom teeth's gonna be removed, but we have to let them grow it all out before we can remove them. I think the dentist is sure having a hard time figuring out where would this teeth is gonna fit in my almost perfect formation??!

So people, do love your teeth. Don't follow my footsteps. It sure is torturous, uncomfortable, and you will miss lots of good food especially right after every appointment. So wear braces or not? You guys decide.

I love my teeth now! (except the wisdom ones)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

why firewall?!

My computer is seriously out of date. the system files are not properly updated, thus it's more prone to virus attacks from the internet. What can i do? Windows update won't work for me. No proper P2P programs are used as well since they can't run with firewall turned on. Thus it leaves my computer more vulnerable to attacks! Despite the fact that a firewall's function is to protect us from intrusions. And now i can't update my computer to be more 'healthy'...WHY??!

The internet in a University is vastly for surfing, chatting and downloading stuff from a website selected. For your information, we can't use the webcam with users outside Uniten's boundaries... so we can only see one another amongst Uniten colleagues, which some of us has seen one another one too many times per day. So it's kinda crappy, and lousy as well. Since we can't use programs such as Skype to communicate with users outside Uniten, especially those who are going overseas. So there's no more reason for those who's staying in hostel to get themselves a webcam and a headphone, since they can't chat with other people except within their University. Unless of course, they choose to stay outside University, which also has its pros and cons.

(all the above are written plainly because i'm fed up with the University's can't-meet-students'-required-connectivity server)

AND blardy hell two days after i typed the above, Uniten suffered a server breakdown. which is why I'm declared MIA for the past few days. No internet=mati, it's bored when u got nothing else to do. Even when u need to contact your frens within the U, u have to use the alternative way : SMS.. quite tedious eh? yeah~ and money consuming... -.-"

i do beg everyone's pardon for not updating this blog as frequent as i could. Recent events has taken a toll on my health.. mainly lack of sleep.. more and MORE assignments... sheessh... i can basically write the word 'assignments' without spelling it wrongly.

Now... to send away one of my friends to U.K. and his name is BUDAK! XD

Thursday, September 08, 2005

1st week after midterm break


talk about assignments that i've regretted not doing during hols...

did manage to finish up the assignments given way before our mid-term break.. only it's last minute work.. and thanks to the people who's providing the resources for me to "carbon-copy" from.

and i am so gonna be dead in few subjects here. I failed statics badly in Test 1... and there's Test 2 coming up.. which hopefully i can do well enough to cover back the loss marks... and I got pawned by Autocad quiz as well.. not enough time to project 2 pictures at once... have to settle for 1.. T_T

and to welcome my so-called "TIME TO STUDY" mode... all of us are involved in a series of 'leveling-up' in Diablo 2 : Lord of Destruction. Yes, yes it's considered as Old-School game ady.. but wat the heck when u got so many people at once who's interested in doing the same thing. ahh... Multiplayer game rules.... because of this new event, my frequency in playing DOTA is greatly reduced!! only to be replaced by Diablo2... >.<

There's some big project going on till the end of this semester. The notorious Pro-E (a engineer modalling software) has come of its age, and wants a group of 4 people to come up with a 3-D graphic of an object with 15 parts when disemble.... ARRGGH!! stress!! stress!! they are everywhere!!!! i'm seeing the word is settling down deeper within my soul~~! it's foul, it makes ones life dull! usually turns one's facial into a scowl!!

I'm gonna have an exam this coming Sunday. The greatest subject of all... BM! wah lao eh... i can't even imagine i gotta do this stuff again in University level... this is a total piece of TAHI!!

bah! time to replenish myself with tonnes of Bah Kut Teh before i head back to UNITEN. And a few piece of BBQ chicken would help too!

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Genting Highland... October 2001...

a band of brothers marched towards the theme park.. seeking entertainment as well as fortune... they traded with local traders... a bottle of beer, and a few vcd's to spent through the night.

howethe next morning, they continued their adventure.. however, a gust of wind has blown the clouds in... blinded by the fog.. they were separated... totally helpless by themselves.. they call out for help.. but to no avail... they were lost... lost in the midst of nowhere... nowhere to be seen.. or heard...

they were still young! there's still much at stake that requires their attention... the future needs them... and they need future as well.... plz dial 911 if you seen them around... a million kazillion thanks to those who would rescue them... in time hopefully.

hurry! before it's too late!! they need help!

Friday, September 02, 2005


"Tanggal 31.. bulan lapan.. lima puluh tujuh~~"

i can still vividly remember the times when we were in secondary school, entering the compulsory choir competition conducted by the ever beloved school... for the sake of showing us students' patriotism towards the place in earth called MALAYSIA!

As already we are tired of singing songs since the ages of 7... till the final days of glory (for some of us that's not gonna wear school uniform till the next life).. from Negaraku, to Negeri Selangor... and not forgetting Jalur Gemilang and also the greatest Keranamu Malaysia... which the 2 latter songs, till now.. i have not able to memorize them. (blame it on my part too for not receiving the lyrics in the first place.. so whose fault is it actually?? eyes roll back to one place where there's no other places u would point at when all things go wrong: The Teachers!)

xian zai de wo men, mei nian ba yue san shi hao, wo jiu hui he yi ban peng you dao "Xing Xing Dao" qu qing zhu guo qing ri. qi shi wo men bu zhi shi yao kan yan hua, er qie yao kan de shi "zhen hua". er jin nian ne, Fang Jun, Ah Mao, Qing Qing he Wo, gei yi da ban peng you fang fei ji zhi hou, wo men si ren dao "Xing Xing Dao" qu kan re nao. Dang shi jian xian shi 12 o'clock midnight, dang chang de ren dou yi qi han "MERDEKA! MERDEKA!" tong shi, yan hua zai hen an zhong chu xian le...dou hen piao liang, "zhen hua" yiu duo yiu piao liang! zhen shi Ah Mao shuo wei de 'yi ju liang de'

*ok enough mandarin.. i'm having headache now.. but if u guys can't understand... my apologies... go get someone who understands! :p*

If patriotism is a real deal issue, we shouldn't have the need to go all the way to Bintang Walk, be with a big crowd of people just to celebrate this grand day. Yelling "Merdeka" without knowing the actual meaning is lame... and energy-sapping. To really understand how we obtained independence.. we should look carefully and closely to the book called "Sejarah". Sounds familiar? yes u moron.. it's the stuff we learnt since FORM 1. Or u can totally ignore those facts and be a true Malaysian. (sikap tak kisah masih rules~).

To really care that u love your country, then do the things that for heaven's sakes... NOT on the BAD SIDE OF MALAYSIANS... u can think of the good things that a malaysian can do... but when mentioned bout the bad culture malaysians have... i might need to re'blog all my entries and tell everyone bout the bad side of Malaysians. Now if we get rid of those bad ones... (or at least minimize the amount) everyone will worship us~ ain't that good? :p

Be a citizen of a country ruled by democracy... the government must be reminded by various mottos... such as "By the fans, for the fans" <--- easy to understand right? go figure. or taken from the lyrics "Take no prisoners" by Megadeth... one of the lines goes like this

'Don't ask what you can do for your country, but ask what your country can do for you'

meanwhile, have a pleasant 48th anniversary independence day~ Malaysian wise.. *heh*

~don't cry for me Malaysia~