Monday, February 27, 2006

All Random

I'm suppose to blog this sooner. But there's always things to disrupt you from updating the blog as soon as you can : Internet Connection.

Ok.. enough ramblings about the internet connection. It's something we all have expected from a blardy lousy Universiti such as Uniten. Since now that I'm given the chance to blog, then blog I shall.

As I mentioned before, I went back to Klang on Saturday after the stupid Manufacturing Lab. It was all daily routine from the beginning to the end : A lunch session with neighboursas well as old friends, a basketball session with my gang in the old faithful STAR school. After basketball, it's home sweet home.. and this is where things start to get real awkward...

As I soaked my sweaty clothes into the pail, there's a foul stench that filled up my nostrils. I gasped, and sniffed. Uggh... this can't be happening... It stinks~!! For that moment i thought that my body odour has turned that bad. But, tiki as I am, I washed my hands on the tap to remove the smell... and I sniffed my hands again... Uggh!! this can't be happening again!! Tiki as I mentioned just now, once again I washed my hands, but this time I scooped the water up and sniff at it... Uggh... this can't be happening!!!! The water itself smells like faeces! How can this be happening at this moment?? Fortunately shokubutsu worked fine to remove the water odour.. phew! This water stink issue has lasted till Sunday itself, so I don't know how's the situation now at home.

Ok, so there's nothing really much happened in Klang after all. Even so, I did came back to relax. That's my main aim and it's done. So now i'm back in Uniten pretty good in shape. Until my housemate Tai Soon told me...

"No internet la... it's been like this since Saturday"


Well.. till now it's finaly back.. so i can't complain much can I?

Now to tackle the mee goreng i tapau'ed for midnight supper.. XD

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday is a rest day?

This is the second week that I have not returned to Klang. Guess my friends from Klang and my family especially are wondering when I can come back since the end of my mid-term break. I miss those mamak sessions with those dudes. Aside that, home cook food is always a good choice for me, who always eat outside food and ended up spending myself mostly on food and nothing else but food. Home cook food = supplied by family therefore it's FREE!

And another reason why I need to go back is to pay back the debts that I owed to my cousin bro, who runs a telephone shop. For the past few months I have been helping my friends to reload their credits via my cousin. One should inform me that how much he/she needs to top up, and I'll just inform my cousin about it, and he will do the reloading for the customer through SMS. The only drawback for my cousin is that his cash flow is disrupted because all the money is paid to me first before I can hand it to him, usually on weekends.

Ok, I'm beginning to miss Klang more than ever. Now let's get back to where I began...

Last Sunday I had Linear Algebra Test 2, which I think I've done fairly well. And yesterday I had Technical Communication midterm exam, now that I don't know how I would fare, since the questions are True False statements ( and I got mostly True's) and grammar. The grammar involves the old-school rule of parallelism. Sigh... I shall wait for the results and see how I've done.

On the same day that I have my Technical Communication exam, there's a 3 on 3 basketball Tournament going on! It's open to certain Universities nearby i.e. UPM, UKM and KLIUC. I can't take part of it due to the exam. Stupid timing.

As expected the winner goes to the team UPM, who has a freaking tall state player and yet he plays like a Small Forward. In the end, the representative of UKM got 1st runner-up and as for Uniten, who can only manage a 3rd place. Overall the whole tournament management is awkward. Alot of last-minute works and planning has deterred the tournament's quality. Hopefully there's a better planned tournament in the future.

And now for the upcoming events : DE Test 2. Shit I'm so gonna be dead this time. Time to divert attention from DOTA to studies for once. XD

I'll be back to Klang on Saturday, after a 5 hour manufacturing Lab.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Alcatel OT S853

Finally something that would satisfy all my needs on a mobile phone... introducing the Alcatel's latest launched mobile phone, Alcatel OT S853

sure looks abit like the great K750
Key features known for this cool phone is having Mp3 player WITH 2.1 stereo speakers embedded on each side of the phone and also there's a bass as well. Aside that, the camera's 1.3Megapixel which is fairly good for me. Some people who have bought it also mentioned that there's autofocus for this camera! hrrm... tempting shit... To enjoy all these main features, the Alcatel is kind enough to put 10Mb internal memory for the system files.. and a SD card slot to fit in our junks usually obtained from occasionally camwhoring sessions and great enjoyment in music.

Other basic functions includes bluetooth, infrared, usb cabled, gprs and even EDGE! though i have not even test myself what EDGE can do especially in Malaysia. Maybe i can try out once i get hold onto this little baby. The downside is that this phone has no 3G, which as well I have not much of a clue what it truly can do to spice up my life, but at the moment I can safely deem it as unnecessary features.

At the price of RM 1100, I can get all these features in a matrix-designed phone! Plus a few goodies given such as USB data cable, a CD software, a stereo headset and last but not least, a 128Mb MiniSD Memory Card! Now that's what I call great offer.

Now, all I need is to find that RM 1100 out of nowhere...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Joy

From Left: Sis, Mum, Me, and bro
This is the picture taken in Hai Tian Lou during Chinese New Year.

The service on that night was terrible. The dishes weren't served in time, including other customers as well. Some of them could no longer wait and complained to the manager. One of the customer and his friends walked off the restaurant, simply because they just couldn't wait and would not tolerate any reasons given by the manager.

Nevertheless, our food came eventually. And eat as we did... till our stomachs were filled with the chinese new year goodness full of happiness, prosperity and luck!

On another side of the story, check the picture properly. ON ME! CHECK OUT that smile people!

I'm no longer wearing braces!! *does a jig*

Total duration is 5 and half years. So you guys can understand how grateful I am.

So from now onwards, to those good food, PLEASE ENTER INTO MY MOUTH WITHOUT WORRYING YOUSELVeS GETTING STUCK IN THE PROCESS~~! there's no more resistants in the form of metal!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Beckoning the year of the Dog


May the blessings of the doggie years bring better luck in this very year no matter in what circumstances, situations, and consequences...
Total earnings in this New Year : 14 bucks (gambling), 12 ang pows from visiting friends! total amount? lazy to tell la!
Enjoy this year everyone! Though i should be saying this sooner.. but what the heck!