Tuesday, March 29, 2005

3 down.. 2 to go...

i love this week~~!
with 3 tests down... wat's left is the annoying English... and the almighty one...


english is never a big problem to me... unless when it comes to the speech outline and presentation... which i will elaborate next time...
and not to mention the almight one once more


bloody hell i nvr look forward into physics test... this friday is both heaven and hell to me... of course... i must walk through hell b4 i enter the heavenly heaven~! XD

so wish me luck... and no earthquakes for u guys to feel... but a quake on friday caused by me will be good enough eh? XD~

back to study!!! i need more cooking oil this time!!!!

Tests over : Calculus, Chemistry, Computing Skills....

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Age 'actor'

i was browsing through my friends' blog when i came across this age testers... they will ask you some kinda questions which somehow or rather they relate to how u think or something like that! -.-" anyway... thanks to alwin's blog i get to take part of this 'thing'


and to all other ppl... i'm sure you guys will nvr believe it either... but here it is... the result :

i... Gan Chee Shin.. currently aged 19... certified that i'm currently acting as ....

You Are 30 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

maybe i should just get married and get a family started... and perhaps work full time as online surveyor
in short... AM I THAT OLD??!!!!!
should i continue to study my chemistry which the test is held later on Monday? no need liao guarh...... >.<


*drip* *drop*
a droplet is formed at the mouth of the tap... accumulated through billions of molecules of H2O... seconds passed... it is big enough... heavy enough to let itself go...
as the first droplet hits the ground... another droplet is formed once more... at the mouth of the tap... then... it awaits its turn... to be released...
now life can be so much fun huh.. if only we divert our attention instead... from the falling droplet... to the water tap.. where the droplet is about to be formed... as the process repeats by itself...
so u see from here that usually when one observes the water droplets... he/she will follow the movements of the droplet, that will drip... from the tap, and all the way until it hits the ground. Little did he/she knows that they just miss the part where the droplet that are formed once again on the 'pili air' (i need help for this word!!)

compare the above example with ur life... do we see ourselves living in such mundane lives? are we doing the same thing over and over again? until it's known as ROUTINE? or are we looking on the wrong side of our lives? have we (i did) heard enough of these funky yet familiar statement:

"study hard... get good grades... then in future.. u wil get good job... and live happily"

study hard : study hard can only be applied for the primary and secondary sessions... NOT in University

good grades : it can only be obtained by certain people which is really really smart...whether he studies hard or smart... not everyone is capable of doing it

good job : u can only get the better job if u got wat it takes... namely NoT how much YOU know... but HOW YOU UsE yOUR KnoWleDge... and of course the more important aspect is... CHARISMA! who wants to hire someone who's intelligent but who can't express his/her thoughts... and the right attitude to work...

live happily : without good job, good grades, without studying hard... some still live happily though... some prefers themselves to live a simple life.. but as long as they are happy... who can blame them?!

conclusion : happiness rivals studies... as we grow old we prefer to be a happier person... main reason? NOT TO GROW THAT OLD!!

im' typing these out cos i'm having Finals exam on Monday... and i've been studying through like nobody's business... i only know that my Chemistry is in critical situation.. but my calculus... *prays hard* wont' fail me this time!! i'm happy with my current situation... getting B's and B-'s is good enough for me... of course if i'm able to obtain A that of course will bring greater satisfaction to myself... ESPECIALLY to my parents.. who's never content with my current grades. i felt especially happy when i play sports.. even though when i lose... i feel great... that's maybe just my way to be rid of stress...

and to those ppl who's reading my blog and who's doing great in their studies.. plz don'tt be influenced by this article... it's just my opinion... which i feel that everyone can agree or disagree.. that's your choice... this is after all... the blog... my blog, which everyone is the spectators... and i'm your host! :p

*man I"M getting old after managed to type this sorta thing out!!* -.-"

Tuesday, March 22, 2005



hehe..that's the last thing you would ever imagine from a person like me... Eggs? better think twice about the smell though! XD

it all happened on the beautiful Monday morning (2am) when a few kakis headed over to my room for a round of CounterStrike... kinda engrossed to this game especially when u have human teammates around.. and two rooms to divide the teams respectively! so basically we were having a lot of fun killing one another... giving away opponent's whereabouts... and most of all... laughing and banging on the table when a player gets stabbed by a knife!

it was in the middle of the fun when i scented some kinda funny smell... smells like those lemon dishwashers of some sort... initial assumption was that that was some open burning and releasing chemical fumes. But wat the heck... continue bunuh orang dulu lah~~~!

Not long until one of my teammates went to the living room to get a drink.. suddenly he shouted out loud... alerting us bout some nonsensical stuff... total of 6 person emerged and finally we saw everything... on our doorstep... was the source of the odour... looks as though it's a strange concoction of car perfume / dishwasher / detergent... (anything which releases lemony smell)... and with it comes the deadliest reactant u can possibly ever imagine...

what the hell?!! we were bombarded!! somebody just gave us a reward for being noisy i suppose... seems whoever they are could no longer control their tempers... and start inflicting some 'blight' into our door!! noticed that there's some goo on the door... eeek.. and the rest seems to sipped in through the door crack.. temporarily flooded part of the living room... harming our 'yin-yang' balance... DRAT!!!
took us almost half hour to clear up the mess... and yes.. it's eggs alright... that's for sure... no matter how much u mopped there's some sorta egg's membrane on the floor... a noticeable layer which leaves ur footprints around... leaving ur soles kinda sticky as well... apart from the membrane... there's the familiar foul stench left by the eggs... if they think that the 'detergent' is gonna cover up the egg's smell.... well i think they have failed this time... back to the chemical reactions... they should reduce the eggs instead in my opinion... or just go for the mass 'detergent'... at least we get to save ours in order to wash the whole apartment! XD~
despite the whole epic thing... we continued our even more pressing matters... killing and owning again! this time without so much shouting though... so kinda lack the spice... -.-" eventually slept around 5am.... wat a way to spend ur time... and class starts at 8am... this is the hostel life in Uniten... fun? hell yeah!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Rushed... and being rushed...

the time ticks somewhat slower especially on saturday night... had somewhat decline to join han kwang's b'day party with the rest of the clan in bangsar... i found myself discussing bout the trip right after i came back from my bro's future father-in-law's b'day....
"eh shin... aren't those your frens? where u guys heading this time?" my mum says...
"they going bangsar, ma... celebrate han kwang's b'day"
"and you are not going with theM?" my sis persisted...
be careful... i am having some moments of indecisiveness... who would refuse going out with your own clique and have fun together as well..? so...
"i'm going with them... may be very late... but i'll try to come back by latest 3"
i should have just said i'm staying at my frens house overnight...

11pm : the star's ever loving clan (14 this time) has left for han kwang's 19th b'day... celebrating at the highly-known Bangsar... little did we know that bangsar is actually a place more suitable for... Indians... as soon we reached our destination... we are seeing more indians than u can ever imagine!! they raided almost everywehre... pubs... clubs... restauratns.... streets.. and even McD's~ -.-" this is just to say that bangsar is populated more by Indians... so of course we are instantly branded as 'alien'... celebrating b'day at this kinda atmosphere is somewhat awkward i must admit...

12am ++ : after much discussions... arguments... agreements and even more disagreements... the alternative pit stop would be RUsh... definitely a place i wouldn't expect myself... considering that i'm NOT wearing long pants... which i thought was the essential part of the dress code!!! panic almost overtook me as the scenario becomes vividly clear... what if's questions come stringing out from my brain like endless chains... and the head of the question would be...

it's already 1.30am when we reach Estin Hotel, where Rush is 'hidden'.. there's a big crowd at the entrance.. which according to Hai Liang... is a normal sight on weekends... finding parkings is definitely not an enjoyable moment as we travelled levels and levels in the car park building... which finally we found the perfect spot : loading bay... wonder if anyone has thought of loading the cars for sale? hrrm.... still worrying bout my shorts... we waited and waited till the person in charge came and took our orders... and not long after that i found myself squeezing past hordes and hordes of adults in the 'dancefloor' seeking our spot. so i guess i'm just lucky... or does long pants really matter? i dunno which wan.. prefers the first one though :p

and now the typical moment... drinking the liquor... to welcome han kwang's 'turning' to 19.. even though it's abit late... but time doesn't matter does it? drinking a few packs... feeling myself synchronizing to the DJ's beat... so... TO THE DANCE FLOOR~~!

it's very very crowded... surprised to find myself some space to dance along... there were few good dancers as well doing the Melbourne Shuffling... which is unique no matter how many ppl do it... cos everyone's style is different.. apart from pro dancers... there were too.. erm... wing flappers as well i must say... judging by our eagerness to just follow the beat... we tried our own variation of 'shuffling'.. though not the real marvel sight to see.. at least we did enjoy ourselves... and of course leng lui's are not to be missed in this sorta place... so that's how they know ppl in clubs huh?? :)

there was a time though... half way dancing through... when han kwang appeared in front of us wearing an extra shirt.. hrrrm... that shirt's familiar.. just can't place it in my mind at that time... later... quek came to us... TOPLESS! laughter filled that confided space.. to make things even unbearable is the semi-drunken han kwang kept on informing any passers-by that quek is topless... some extra moments found in RUSH huh?? :p

fun time seems to pass by quicker than the ones u dreaded... it's already 4am when i'm encountered by this guy...

guy : *pats on my shoulder*
Me : turns around.. "HI! can i help you?
guy : *shows a card*
it's kinda dark..and i simply have no idea wat it is...
guy : get a lighter
Me : turns to hon fei for lighter... as the merry fire is born... so does my consciousness... it dawned on me that the card he's holding... a word is shown clearer than any crystal in that sorta scene...


THIS GUY IS AN ENFORCER! fortunately.. he's here to send the customers away from the 'pit'... business hour has its limits too it seems...

so we are forced to leave Rush... wei yee's stomach has turned into a washing machine and required an outlet... solution ? Mouth! out goes the gross stuff... but that kinda makes u feel better.. rather than have them rumbling in ur stomach... Mei Qi has trouble inside her stomach...but she can't get them out too...Hong Yang too threw out on our way home... drank alot this time... Han kwang no doubt is not in good condition, he's been forced to drink the liquor and the initial plan according to hai liang and quek is to make him spill out his inner thoughts and secrets... :p even though he's been denying that he's drunk... wait.. that's how the drunkard behaves isn't it?

quite a memorable night for all of us... a new found experience... though this sorta experience should only be done once in a while... it's expensive to club.. a reminder to ppl... it's almost 'investing' if u frequent too much...

reached home at 5 safe and sound... but lectures are expected!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

crashed and BuRNRNRRRN

11 am... a time which one considers late for it has almost reach the middle of a day...
but NOT for me... :p
11 am... a time for me to crawl away from my 'boing heaven'..... it sure took me minutes just to avoid myself from boing on the initial spot... of course when that happens u can't get out of it... keep bouncing on it... till it finally stops itself... wow... 30 minutes gone lioa! MUST GET OUT FROM IT ... at all cost...

anyway.. did managed to get out from bed at 11.15.. house deserted as usual... GOOOD! XD
comp has been my great companion for the rest of the day.. and of course... frozen throne! (thanks mao!)
but still without the highly anticipated DOTA around.... -.-"

nothing much happened throughout the day... am having fun with frozen throne... which led me to the best part of the night... BASKETBALL! XD~~ when one figures that it's gonna be a typical game of basketball.. well that fella's opinion is wrong this time! more blocks...(had 3 in my record today :p) more steals...(this one i forgot to count!! -.-") and more on-the-face shots... (i kena from other ppl -.-" )yes... it's bout MORE today... anythign u can think of in basketbal situations... and of course... MORE.. INJURiES!! heroic shin was caught off guard... as he stands innocently under the rim... waiting for the ball which is dancing along the rim and..... woops... roll off the rim... and he prepares to jump..... and.... wait... kien hong has jumped first!! alamak! cannot rebound liao... so... tukar plan... bagi lah~~~ later only decide how to win it back... eeee.. he chosed to whack the ball away.... eh... his fingers are heading to my... *wham!!!!* ... eye...
*lights out*
"aduh sakitnya!!!!!!!!!"
"sorry sorry... u ok or not???"
*tries blinking*
"still ok lah... but must change ppl... cannot see properly at the moment"

10 minutes later.... shin sitting at the side of the court with chilled water bottle on the swollen eye... -.-"

i must admit... apart from spraining my left ankle... which happens frequently this past few months... i've never had any other physical injuries... so today's my first record... to be caught offguard... and resulted with a two faced panda-man... -.-"

pray that i recover soon... and to continue to scoure the whole city... beware gals! i'll be back! :p

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


man... women... and children... everyone... yes... including you... has a saying that goes like this... anything's possible... sounds familiar? oh yeah... too familiar to me... especially when it comes to studies... anything's possible!! u can get straight A's wan... IF ONLY.... u put extra effort into it!

now that technology is so advanced... let's try whether this is possible or not...
sleep... as i enter my first class at 8... my eyes are closed the moment i sit down... words poured in through my brain like senseless buzz... yet i can understand them... even when i'm asleep... then comes another class... which i finally open my eyes to walk round just to reach that class... then... my eyes can't control themselves as they insistently close themselves... blocking out lights... covering me in darkness once more... still receiving all the alienated language.. as words like ZZzzZ and occasional snores are the more understandable language...
as soon as my classes end... i will ride the bus back home... for once eyes open for a moment... until i reach my apartment... i walk up 4 flights of stairs... enter my room.. and just *boing* on the bed... and continue ur slumber... XD~
till the time comes when ur roomate starts prodding u on ur sides to wake u up.. then u realised... u just skipped ur whole day's classes!!!!!!! but sumhow u felt that u've attended them.. which u did!

thus lies in the secret technology... the ability to command ur spirit to attend classes... while leaving ur physical state at its initial position.. SLEEP!
bout closing eyes while attending classes? that's ur physical form which refers to the body on the bed... as spirits cannot control muscles... they will stay awake... and walk around with the body's physical appearance...

see how convenient... if we can attend classes without leaving our rooms... and get enough rest for the rest of the dya.. we might study even better... :p and since anything's possible... so ... let's pray that technology will make this new 'trend' possible!!!

btw, i didn't skip class! that's just an idea...or a hopeful wish for lazy bums like me :p

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Funeral of Hearts

In conjunction with a day of mishaps... unusual discussions... mostly infernal affairs... it's time to take severe action... to those ppl whom i don't need to mention but knows who they are... remember that there's always an end to somethign that one begins... it's just a matter of time... so in the meantime.. while waiting for the time to reach its end... let's not slaughter one another as we can see in the movie Infernal Affairs... well honestly i think soap operas such as this that have this sorta plot as the shows' climax is definitely influencing the younger minds generation... so all u YOUNGSTERS out there... it's time to ponder bout ur life seriously instead of this unnecessary arguments... unless u wanna look as old as i do... then plz seek me out.. i will give u the form... just to certify that u are qualified to be as old as i do... looks.. thoughts... level of sentimental.... sarcasms... whichever... if u found urself suitable and meet the criteria mentioned?? hubungi lah nombor talian panas : 03-9999999 which eventually will take u to the operator's... and... in 10 minutes time... they will send u the form... and of cos along with the Tanjung Rambutan Special Care Centre for Spastic Person application form too... :p

enough craps bout it... here's the song which i'm fond of... enjoy the lyrics... and leave comments via chatboard... or anythign that's beyond my communication reach...

Funeral of Hearts
Love's the funeral of hearts
And an ode for cruelty
When angels cry blood
On flowers of evil in bloom
The funeral of hearts
And a plea for mercy
When love is a gun
Separating me from you
She was the sun
Shining upon
The tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail
He was the moon
Painting you
With it's glow so vulnerable and pale
She was the wind, carrying in
All the troubles and fears you've for years tried to forget
He was the fire, restless and wild
And you were like a moth to that flame
The heretic seal beyond divine
A prayer to a god who's deaf and blind
The last rites for souls on fire
Three little words and a question why

Thursday, March 10, 2005


i can't sleep ~~~~

i'm facing trouble of not being able to sleep properly when it's meant for me to sleep!!! troubles i've faced must have played a big role in this unusual symptom... yeah... i do have stress.. don't pray pray!

it's kinda hectic week to me... had a chemistry quiz on wednesday... and calculus on the same day as well... it's not going well to me... my calculus is meeting its downfall once again... wrongly integrated parts of course will give me more champion mark deduction magnitude! -.-" chemistry is of no good too... despite i've truly studied the night b4... at least it's objective so the ones i dunno the answer? still TEMBAK'able

i just had my 2nd Physics Test... and i don't think i fared well either... as long as i get 10/15.. then i am happy for once... hope and luck plays the bigger role than ever from now onwards... my physics was never on the peak form... it's always somewhere above the middle.. but nvr the top... but this time... i doubt myself to be on the 'above average' side... -.-" too much battle of middle earth i suppose...

well i'm back here already in Klang... for the first time on a thursday afternoon... hopefully i get to see my friends here soon enough... a mamak session is good enough... to keep me company and stuff...

my speech on benefits of taekwondo is on next monday... so wish me luck on this... -.-"

FORZA MILAN!!! 1-0 vs Man Utd... XD~~~

Monday, March 07, 2005


i've been yawning since morning...
regretted watching Full Metal Panic...
to know that Chem's quiz is this morning...
which really sparked my brain to become PANIC!!

walked like zombie into physics class,
the pale sunken eyes were covered by own specs,
eyes flickered as though light reflected from glass,
ignored the lecturer... and made studying as part of the act...

the dreaded chem is up next...
i was scared as he held up some papers...
which turned out harmlessly as some text...
written on it were notes... and a note... on my paper... all of our papers...


POSTPONED??!!! NANI?!!!!! @#^@$^!

celaka betul punya lectureR!!! he should have told us earlier mah!!! made me panic nia... cannot sleep properly all.. last minute studying and stuff... not that i can score well too.. but this last minute postpone... is both my saviour and my cause to be moody at times... -.-" oh well....hopefully i would feel better for the rest of the day...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Back for a Living

surprised? yeah... even i myself can't believe it! i came back on saturday night itself! after an exhausting day helping out at the sports carnival held 2 years once in Uniten.. where the whole branch (bangi and Pahang) meet up with their respective colleges to compete one another in various sports... so of cos... i for one who's addicted to basketball.. will help my seniors to organize this once in a blue moon event

6 matches are to be played between 4 teams... (KMS, IT, EE/EP and ME/CE) Being the weakest the KMS is not surprisingly the losers to the other 3 teams... and IT is not as good as EE/EP and ME/CE colleges... so all eyes are on the match between EE/EP and ME/CE. what happened is this... im' briefing it through..

i'm the so-called match organizer... and i get to sit at the umpire's desk... and i take down points... mark down ppl who's committed the foul... and to check the match's time.. with some help from my friends of course.. if not i wont' be able to handle all these stuff at once... 1st quarter sees EE/EP race to a perfect start... a 20-12 lead against ME/CE... with 16 points coming from the uniten's best player Ah Fai... it's gonna be a tough match for the ME/CE team... 2nd quarter sees the ME/CE division put up a gutsy display and eventually ends the time by trailing just 2 points... 3rd quarter... 1 point left... and in the end... at the 4th quarter... the EE/EP steps up an extra gear... and goes ZZZzzooommmMM ... they've broken away with more 3 pointers... lay-ups and even foul-ins... thus left the ME/CE team stranded... so in the end.. EE/EP team takes the champ by tipping off ME/CE 53-41...

despite the fact i am not chosen to play for ME/CE... at least i've learnt how to organize the basketball match... this knowledge will of cos prove invaluable to me... the next time we are the ones who will do all these stuff... once the seniors are out that is... and earned 30 bucks too in the process :p things couldn't get better... if only ME/CE had won the match.. that of cos would be priceless! XD~

nothign much to be written here for now.. reports of missing music... crashed doodleboard... which is now replaced by a brand new tagboard... keep up the supports... just leave a few words.. and u of cos will be heard of soon! :p

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

damn pHonE

ok... i'm getting freaked out with my phone... my precious Nokia 6510 is about to meet its end it seems. For no reason or another it just goes offby itself without my command.. .guess it misses the feeling to be turned off ... (btw who turn their cellphones off when u already have the chance to charge it back to its full battery power?!) oh well... it just doesnt make sense... it's definitely not battery problem... so it's down right into the phone's circuit... which i hope it's easily dealt with if send to phone repair shop...

my memories have been greatly improved becos of the phone... as it goes off i have to retype my pin code again and again... so now my brains are full of no.s.... which i hope in turn these numbers will become the ones written on the board during calculus class... :p

i might not return this week.. for there's a sports carnival over here... something out of the blue has happened in uniten... might not miss this opportunity to shine in basketball court... *ahem* but... one's thinking might take a drastic turn if he decides not to play and instead return home for some refreshments... aka bah kut teh... XD dota... or even just a good day's rest... and also some maintenance to be done... my phone especially (it's on and off in front of me... with the blue LED screen keeps lighting up and out again...) solution : repair the phone / GET A NEW ONE! i would prefer the latter so anyone out there is kind enough to donate one? i will be happy bout it! thx! :p