Wednesday, June 29, 2005

postponed posts Part 2

The stage is set... the plan is made... some cancellation... some add-ins... failed plans... but eventually we made the whole thing happen... the trip to Genting is a success! followed my parents and accompanied by Fang Chin, Wei Kiat and Crystal aka Cheng Cheng to stay in Genting's most colourful hotel : 1st World Hotel... >.<

had bah kut teh with Fang Chin and Wei Kiat, Crystal's suppose to join but my mum's car no batt... so can't fetch her over.. -.-" and a few miscalculations in logistics resulted a few complaints sent in by Crystal.. from the initial plan to leave at 11 ++am ended up 1 hour later than planned! -.-" after 2 hours of travelling in the car... we've finally reached Genting!!

first activity : TOILET!! 2 hours of torture in the car.. macam tak boleh tahan...
found : some joker in 2nd cubicle is throwing out / choking the guts out / clearing the innards... must had had a very very hard journey on the way up...

checked in around 3... dumped our stuff and started playing chor tai ti... the reason why is because there's heavy mist out there... thus the outdoor theme park is closed down -.-" there goes the eagerly-awaiting-for-rides Crystal merajuk'ing... tough luck.. went to have a game of bowling... pool and a few rounds of daytona.. all these were done b4 dinner...

Crystal was trying hard to get us to the infamous mini park which we can see KL from there... so we spent almost the whole night walking here and there... spent the body's newly intake energies by means of pizza... getting blown by fairly-cold wind... fuh... tak baik... eventually we did find the park... but it's heavily fogged that we can't really see far... so no KL view to see... -.-" oh well.. at least i know where to go if i ever bring my gf along next time! >.< took a few foggy pics over there.. will be posting it up shortly i hope.. hehe

spent the night playing chor tai ti and watch 'the grudge' halfway b4 KO'ed at 4... awaiting for the day's greater action....

so stay tuned.. for the next episode!!

postponed posts PART 1

alright.. i'm back (finally!) to give u guys a few ideas on me and my life for the past few days... more pics have been taken... and all of them will be posted.. and i'll inform u guys when it's done.. thx for being patient with me...

so without further delays, let's begin....


yeap... it's kuantan again! yeap it's the same hotel Duta Village again... same ol sea, same ol view.. same ol atmosphere... and same ol way to RELAX!! XD~ spent most of the time at the beach... and inside the room too.. either eating the Malay food over there like nobody's business... or sleeping away inside the room like a pig.. till the heat is partially removed from the sand... that's when the cooling system seawater comes in... got my fingers as wrinkled as ever... heh.. got to see red moon one night... which is hanging on the horizon... hrrm.. nvr seen a moon so low before... initially mistaken it as some ppl who's playing a kite... (proven my short-sighten eyes have worsen -.-")

overall this trip for me is too relaxed... that no extraordinary thing happened in this trip at all... -.-" for 3 days 2 nights... i'll bet no one wants to follow me to Kuantan if i ever invite them for a trip.. hehe

speaking of planning a trip... i've been spending some $$$ on my phone planning a trip to Genting. My parents have booked 2 rooms for this trip... so that i can invite a few friends over... so till the next post : GENTING TRIP!!

tune in again next time! same time same place~~ XD

Friday, June 24, 2005

out for awhile

I;l be going to Kuantan (again!) from Friday till Sunday... i know many of you out there are still wondering... "you have relative over there?" or "again ah? go there do wat?" or even someone suggested "got girlfriend over there issit? keep on going there wan?"

well.. actually... neither of these were true... i don't even have a relative in Kuantan come to think of it.. yeah... again i'm going there... for vacation... NOT finding my girlfriend... since i don't even have one at the moment... :p

nothign much happened these days... hence the absence of blogging... cos there's nothing interesting to be put in here! and my brain is hibernating still... so any philosophical thoughts... world politics that i'm sometimes keen to discuss with everyone... are temporarily disabled... thousand apologies.. -.-"

unless everyone agrees that playing DOTA is a very interesting way to spend your time... to be honest... it's a big no-no... i'm tired of DOTA... (ot till the verge of giving up.. no way... ) it's the only thing u can do whilst u are at home... especially when you don't have a car to travel around... or when everyone is not in a mood to spend a day out... or when your pockets has no means to carry that extra cash around... ok... too much metaphore around....

straight to the point: i wanna go out, but i have no car, and same goes to most of the ppl around.. and the worst i'm running out of cash... wat a way to spend your hols... -.-"

so this kuantan trip would be refreshing... cos it's spent by family... spend time with family... heh... so i'll be leaving klang for a while... blardy hot weather.. no hope seeing rain at all... haih... cannot tahan!!

so i'll be leaving you guys for a while... same applies to every websites i visit... every msn contacts i keep in touch with... hahaha... guess i'll be off now!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

afternoon outing

woi budak! wanna go watch mr and mrs smith? 1.35pm punya show
Crystal Lee

wow! the first thing in the morning i get to read this sms liao... plus all the miss calls... haih... really making ppl to wake up ler... =.="

had "breakfast" with Hai Liang and Quek (it's 12.30pm)... Quek came over cos Hai Liang has some "good news" for him... (this is p&c issue so ppl who understand wat's all this behind... heh!)
ngam ngam 1.10 pm siao char bo crystal is already in front of my house urging me to be quick... =.=" siao char bo.. ahahha

ok... my so-called review for Mr& Mrs. Smith
from scales of 1 to 10.. 1 for the worst of course and 10 for the best....
and 0 if u have never thought of it b4 that anything in this movie would happen...

*only those who watched the movie would understand wat the crap all this means.. :p*

Plot : 5 or 6
Action : 8
Romance : 8
Horror : 0 (wtf did i put this here for...? )
Humour : 9
Sexuality : 10!!!
*ok... Fang Chin's right... who can resist Angelina Jolie? XD~*

all these review are sorta jumbled up... go figure urself and see which wan is real / fake... though Jolie's sex appeal is really tantalizing.. *ehem*

went home after the movies... can't do much in JJ... and thanks to Crystal for bringing me out... hope that happens more often... XD~

i'm so gonna need more sleep to replenish wat's lost during Uni periods...

Sunday, June 19, 2005


i'm officially FREE!!!!!! free from exams!!! free from studying... free from hectic time tables... free from lectures... free from stresS!!! it's fun time!!! all the time!! no more remorse... no regrets... no more headaches and overnight studies....... i'm FREE~~~~~

for two weeks...

drat... 2 weeks is not enough for ppl like me! i need more time to destress...forget everything i've learnt for the past semester... reformatting my brain to accept new knowledges... haih... wat to do... studying life is always like this...

not till i get over this 2 weeks first!

will be looking forward to make some minor changes to my blog... looks bit dull to me now... but 2 weeks don't seem to be ambient time for one to make dramatic changes to the blogsite... so everyone plz be patient...

since most of my frens are having hols.. time to catch up with them... one of the outings were us watching Batman Begins... since i'm not a movie review pro like Fang Chin.. all i have to say is that this show is worth watching it... a great movie which explains the Batman's legacy.... so wat ya waiting for... go get ur tickets!!

the rest of the days so far are spent idling at home with the comp in front me... nothing much to be done... mamak sessions are now a daily routine... wat to do.. everyone's around mah!! XD

enough for now though... will try to update my blog as frequent as possible...

Monday, June 13, 2005

still a caged bird

Physics is gone~~!!! literally gone!!!
no.. not the marks this time... but for this bloody foundation programme~! XD

managed to pull through some lame remarks in the papers... hopefully all of them sound logical enough for my lecturer to pass them... overall.. the paper isn't that bad... might screwed a few questions though... -.-"

another big load is coming up... the dreaded calculus... now i'm with low carry marks... it takes more than just miracles and hardwork to go through... haih... still a caged bird... one has to suffer till all things end... and new tidings shall brew up.... eee.... seems that another 2 days time i'll be free from Foundation programme~~ as long as i get through calculus first...

b4 i get carry away... time for me to start pia'ing for calculus... me go long piak first... XD

*more pork supplies needed this time*

Sunday, June 05, 2005

eve of damnation, and dawn over the new world

the title says it all..

i'll be heading back to uniten once again for another 2 weeks... (drat i'm gonna miss klang again T_T)... if everythign goes accordign to plan.. i'll be taking my finals exam starting on 13th June - 15th June... take note that i'm taking my test for 2 days only, which is on 13th and 15th.. ngek ngek.. how glad i am to have so many test in a Special Semester... special indeed... -.-"

glad to welcome a break after such hectic semester... even though it's only 2 weeks... it's better than none after all... though i'll be envious to those who will be having 3 months break... but i will be starting my degree year after my 2 weeks break... so looking for it... heh...

to those who are interested in meeting me up in Uniten after my exams... plz kindly contact me... first time jom pergi satay trip... last time cakap until now... haih.. sat pai betul.. hahaha... now this is the chance... so to those who are interested... organise ur transport and stuff.. and hopefully u guys won't get lost while searchign for Uniten... just give me a ring once everything's settle :p

guess i'll be off soon... won't be blogging for this whole 2 weeks till i come back here again... so take care everyone... and wish me luck in this finals exam.. i seriously need all the luck...

current song : Dragonforce - dawn over the new world

rewinding the past

Ok... so i'm blardy damn long outdated in the first place... thousand apologies to readers out there who waited impatiently for my revival to update this almost-forsaken website... thanks to those who waited patiently however... keep on 'zhar'ing me... gave me all the motivation needed to type down my recent 'siao'ness in life....

to sum up the lost updates... here we go...

21st May (Saturday)

It's my bro's b'day... and we didn't celebrate traditionally.. instead he celebrated it with his own way... By meeting up a celebrity! I doubt many of you readers would know this guy. He's Marty Friedman... (it's not read as Fried-man... it's Freed-man -.-") ex-Megadeth Lead Guitarist... Who would have thought that he would come down to Malaysia for a clinic tour, to
many local guitarists' delight... Many would have worshipped him for his skills on the electric guitar... yes his solos is indeed marvelous.. by looking at him performing on stage Live... wow... you just can't stop admiring him... that goes for me who can't really play guitar... *heh*

got his autograph b4 the show... and a pic with him and my brother... MY FIRST PIC with a REAL CELEBRITY!! (if u can consider Mickey Mouse as a celebrity)... but this is real person... wow!!!!!

Alot of happenings during his live performance.. there was a time when the background music was louder than his guitar he got pissed at the technician in charge... "Turn my guitar volume up!! I can't hear it myself" as he spoke through the mike... soon the prob rectified... which all the fans were glad... as Marty performed song after song flawlessly...

and there was this Q&A session... which turned up quite entertaining... one of the fans asked him " why don't u play the guitar by Tapping?" *Tapping is a way to play the guitar by hitting the frets with ur finger instead of using the guitar pick" Marty answered: 2 reasons... 1. i don't look cool playing that way.. and 2nd... cos i SUCK at it! hahahaha... i can't stop myself laughing... that's wat we call honesty... :p then another fella asked him " why dont' u do the sweeping?"
*sweeping is a way to play solo by strumming the guitar strings, and ur fingers are pressing the notes as each string is strummed, this is a very fast guitar solo" and Marty's answer? cos i suck at it... Never reveal ur weakness.. remember this! he added..

apart from the solos he played.. old songs from Megadeth are played too such as Hangar 18, Symphony of Destruction, Tornado of Souls and Rust in Peace... which were compiled together... can't stop groggling at his guitar... XD~

had a great day overall... capped up a great b'day gift for my bro himself... who paid the tickets himself for me, tai sou and himself... :p

29th May (Sunday)

what can one do when it's on Sunday? Sleep? Breakfast together with family/friends? go hang kai kai? pat toh? or anything u can come up in ur mind... EXCEPT EXAMS!!! lecturers must have devised an evil plot for us unfortunate students : they sacrifice their own resting day just to see our tormented soul... suffering from lack of sleep and overstress in order to stuff in everything into our brains for the sake of answering 4 Physics questions within an hour and a half....

slow torture... works like poison... time is poison at first... but when the time's up.. it became an antidote... for the paper's over... it's over! i'm safe... for the moment... cos i dunno wat sorta marks i would get in the end... -.-" lepak dulu lah... nanti baru tengok keadaan XD

1st June (Wednesday)

HappY B'Day Alwin!!! finally this joker has become 19... heeh... "the eve of teenager approches, and the dawn of adulthood beckons"... that's my saying for those who have reached the age of 19... :p celebrated with the usual Uni Gang in South City Plaza's Shakey's Pizza... shared the presents and he got a book titled Bourne Trilogy... power betul... damn thick i should say... heehe.. and a blue tie as well... hahaha... his first tie apart from school prefect's tie... -.-"

hopefully this entry is long enough to make you readers' eyes pop out... don't strain urself though... :p will update more often if i have the chance to go online in that internet-forsaken Uniten