Friday, December 30, 2005

Beckoning 2006

Only 2 days left before we embark into the future: 2006

What lies ahead is clearly blur... but whatever has happened in the past, in the year 2005, we learn from it. That's gonna be my 2005's philosophy... a new resolution as I step into 2006. Obviously I've kena'ed alot from many sides... regarding myself of cos~

First and foremost, as everyone should know, is about my study attitude... hehehe.. who wouldn't deny that I did badly in exams... I think i still owe Lady Luck some thanks for letting me through the first Semester of 1st year degree itself! It surely is a real pain in the ass! Getting GPA of 2.28 is not encouraging for me... But merely encourages my whole family, especially my brother, to give me his piece of mind. I gave in this time, without rebel much, that it's really my own downfall... So in this matter my resolution is fairly simple to say but hard to manage: get ur blardy ass unto the book and stop playing so many DOTA games!

Speaking of getting lectured by my families, it's time to stop all these naggings! Had enough after all these years especially from my brother! Time to be conscious with the surrounding before i'm labelled as blur by my brother time after time... geram betul... sister oso another wan... maybe i shouldn't be that stubborn as well.. hehehe...

Last but not least, though the most impossible task of all, is to be rid of the attitude that makes us truly.. Malaysian : PROCRASTINATION. As seen on the papers (30/12), hordes of people have started lining up as early as 7am to settle their MyKad, even though the governments have allowed 5 years time for the citizens to change to MyKad without charging them. Ill-consideration to those who's on duty till late night just to settle this MyKad matter? very unfair to them i must say.

well so much so as for my new year's resolution... if world peace is achievable then i would have added in as my resolution, but knowing that it will take decades to achieve such feat... and gaining 5kg in a year is considered remarkable if i can achieve that! Above everything else, 2006 is gonna be quite a year... what with World Cup's coming nearer day by day...

Btw, i shall let my ke "beh-hiao-ba" an let loose for a while... from today onwards, countdown to 20 Jan 2006... u know i know lah! so BE PREPARE!! :p

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Night(s) before Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner... and one should be in the festive mood already before this week even begins. Or is it just me eh?

On monday i've attended the christmas play in Uniten, which was pretty good. Live scenes can be found only in theater stage at the library, where the play is staged.

This year's theme was "i'll be coming home" which was well-protrayed by all the actors and actresses. Since they had started practising way before the 2nd semester even started. Alwin and Mark, as debutants, played their roles well even though they were seemed as 'keh-leh-fairs' in contrast with other actors who played their roles to the expectations. Compared to last year's christmas play, I preferred this year's because of the theme and the story line, although it was badly hampered by the PA system.

Besides the christmas play, I've joined the christmas carol'ing group. There were around 20 of us, so we divided ourselves into 2 groups. Being a non-Christian, I don't see any problem joining in this carol'ing, I want to help spread the joy too even though I have no idea how to sing those carol songs at first! On thursday we went to Serdang Perdana to sing the songs and bring joy to those who would let us sing to them, even though we sang to 6 households in total. But for us our job was accomplished, that is to bring joy and the festive mood to celebrate christmas together.

It's almost 12 now... guess i should now wish everyone a very merry christmas this time around!! And to those couples who is just happen to be under a mistletoe.. well do what you have to do! XD after all, it's christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Mundane Week

Getting lost in Puchong is a major embarassment.
But missing the signboard to Puchong and travelled the whole KESAS highway?? Now that's a huge achievement.

Enough said. I shall not elaborate on this one. It's a painful memory to recall.

Puchong Giant should be easily accessible, but missing a turn did prove costly. Toll-wise and petrol-wise, we spent quite a large sum that's enough to afford a person's portion on steamboat.

Han Kwang has done a great job being the tauke of a steamboat restaurant that's opened recently in Puchong. At 19, being a tauke??! this is a mighty feat achieved amongst us members of STAR kah ki lang.

Met up with 6M Hin Hua classmates after the steamboat feat. Perhaps it's the first time we had mamak session together, so the silence at times is sorta awkward. It's the first time that I've seen my then assistant head prefect Hui Sing finally come out and joined us together after 7 months of MIA. She doesn't change much, so did the others. Everyone look perfectly the same as they were last time. Another gathering is set, which is during Chinese New Year...

Looking forward to that day... :p

Nothing much seems to happen these days... been mad at playing Sudoku on Star's Section 2 these days. If there's no newspaper, there's always to visit. Go try it out, it's fun and mind boggling!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

STAR Prom 2005

So finally i've attended the prom held by my own high school. Many thanks to Ee Von for reserving a ticket for me, and graciously "forced" me to part RM 35 away from my beloved wallet just to gain access to the KEC's multi-purpose hall for the sake of joining with other Starians and marvel at one another's dressing sense, a test in culinary taste and the ability to shake your body when the time is needed.

Well it's quite worth the money.

After 15 minutes of 'pan leng-leng' in front of the mirror, i awaited Fang Chin to be the chaffeur of the night, and of course the chaffeur for the ladies namely Ee Von, Esther and Maggie as well. I'm aware that it took some time for the girls to get themselves ready and all well make-up and dressed stunningly, but what's unexpected is that they (Esther and Ee Von) were late because of their make-up stylist came over late to give them a new makeover... I was ashamed of myself for being short-fused (slightly XD) for waiting quite a while inside the car. Paiseh. Was enthusiastic mah! :p

Then i became a chaffeur myself, seemingly there's more girls (:p) to be fetched, so I have to drive Esther's Kembara to pick up the Ee Von's pals. Crap, it's Auto! And i still SuCK at it... mainly because you have no idea where to place your left foot at, so at first i mistaken the break pads as the clutch, well.. go figure out yourself! Fortunately there were no cars nearby... XD

It was 8.30 by the time we reach KEC. And the event was suppose to start at 7pm. But I don't seem to miss many stuff at that point... what the heck... Our seating location is bad.. very bad; right in front of the Amps! So we wont' miss out wat the MC's gonna say and whatever the DJ's gonna play. They were good alright, though the audience were not active at first, all busying gobble down the food..... and speaking bout the FOOD..... they sucked terribly, literally teruk. I have an empty stomach at that moment, so no choice but to swallow it down forcefully.

Met most of my old pals who's stuck in STAR.. and of course those who's left the great school. They were still alive even after a few extra years of turmoil in STAR. You can't help but pui fuk them for being able to compromise with the likes of Rasul a.k.a. Jerry Yan and his great beloved wife Pn. Maizurrah. Had a few chats, some catching ups here and there, and of course more pics... which all can be found in Fang Chin's, Ee Von's or Esther's... Thus is the sign that i SHOULD get a camera phone...

Hyon Xhi was chosen as the Prom King and a girl by the name Eve (dunno who) as the Prom Queen. Dunno how the system works, but still thinks the Prom Queen title should go to someone else.. :p And then the dance floor is open, beginning with slow dance by those loving couples... and slowly, gradually the song changed into a faster beats, and everyone started to get into the groovy mode. It went on till 12 something before we leave KEC. All in all, an enjoyable night... IT'S JUST THE FOOD that went wrong!!

And maybe I should get contacts as well. I was accused as a Professor dancing on the floor while holding a mini bulb (courtesy of Wei Kiat). I might look better without specs, but wat's the point if you can't see a single shit 10m away from you?! Makes me feel even more retarded!

Look forward for another prom night. Hopefully it gets better than this one...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Uniten Server SuX

It's the 2nd week in Uniten. My my... what a many stories I am here to share.

First comes the assignments! I've decided to do about Malaysian Censorboard for my Moral individual assignment. In my opinion, our local boards are somewhat too strict in terms of slashing off some "gruesome" and "steamy" parts of some movies, from that resulted us to get the UNCENSORED version from various sources. So we are forced to do this piracy thingy right? No?

Give me your thoughts anyway on the comments posts. :p

Yet to start our Manufacturing Processing Lab. I'm very grateful about it. It's a freaking 20 page report!! So I don't think i'm looking forward to solve this one particular report. Fortunately it's a group project. So the workload is greatly decreased! Phew...

Technical Communication is another annoying subject cause it's demanding us to do more proposals, also have to type it out. Another group project, a very detailed project to be precised, to be handed in 2 months time. Us members agree that we should start early, to avoid complications in future.

DE ( Differential Equation) and LA ( Linear Algebra) have been good so far. Not too complicated yet... hopefully it stays this way till the end of this semester.. or maybe till I finish graduate.

Btw, ter'slept' in LA class today. Wasn't feeling enthusiastic with today's lessons. XD finally slept in a class after tahan for one and half weeks dy!

Have to work hard for this sem.. no more flunk'in like the previous semester. Man i'm feeling the stress is building up again~~

If you don't feel like this while in University, then I salute you!!

Sigh. I'm back in Uniten in one piece...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

1st week of the 2nd Sem

I had a nice room, even though it's facing the corridor.

Somehow my room is still the coldest, compared to my housemates'.

It's very weird for me, cos it's always cold in my room.

I have to go to other people's room, just to stay in a warmer zone.

If it's raining at night, i'll be freezing to death.

I have internet connectivity problem.

We did apply for it on Wednesday morning. But the connection was so sucky.

You can connect for a minute, and get disconnect for the next 10 minutes.

I hate this barter system. It's unfair! Blardy $$ suckers!

Uniten food is always the same, they just can't change.

They ain't employing Chinese cooks. Why?

They scare they will get the tag 'Gulung Tikar' once the Chinese food gains popularity.

So no choice, still have to eat to live.

But, I live to eat. So it's contradicting with my philosophy.

Classes were OK so far. Cos there's none for the first few days.

Lecturers so far are still OK. Only one is considered outstanding.

He teaches Differential Equation, if I can fully understand wtf is all that about. XD

Enough ramblings in poem format, I'm just doing this for fun.

And it's quite a good way to fill up my already void blog.

Thousand apologies to those who've waited long enough for my updates.

And million thanks to those who 'blow' me to continue my blog.

Can't even surf the net properly. And dont' even mention about playing LAN games.