Friday, December 30, 2005

Beckoning 2006

Only 2 days left before we embark into the future: 2006

What lies ahead is clearly blur... but whatever has happened in the past, in the year 2005, we learn from it. That's gonna be my 2005's philosophy... a new resolution as I step into 2006. Obviously I've kena'ed alot from many sides... regarding myself of cos~

First and foremost, as everyone should know, is about my study attitude... hehehe.. who wouldn't deny that I did badly in exams... I think i still owe Lady Luck some thanks for letting me through the first Semester of 1st year degree itself! It surely is a real pain in the ass! Getting GPA of 2.28 is not encouraging for me... But merely encourages my whole family, especially my brother, to give me his piece of mind. I gave in this time, without rebel much, that it's really my own downfall... So in this matter my resolution is fairly simple to say but hard to manage: get ur blardy ass unto the book and stop playing so many DOTA games!

Speaking of getting lectured by my families, it's time to stop all these naggings! Had enough after all these years especially from my brother! Time to be conscious with the surrounding before i'm labelled as blur by my brother time after time... geram betul... sister oso another wan... maybe i shouldn't be that stubborn as well.. hehehe...

Last but not least, though the most impossible task of all, is to be rid of the attitude that makes us truly.. Malaysian : PROCRASTINATION. As seen on the papers (30/12), hordes of people have started lining up as early as 7am to settle their MyKad, even though the governments have allowed 5 years time for the citizens to change to MyKad without charging them. Ill-consideration to those who's on duty till late night just to settle this MyKad matter? very unfair to them i must say.

well so much so as for my new year's resolution... if world peace is achievable then i would have added in as my resolution, but knowing that it will take decades to achieve such feat... and gaining 5kg in a year is considered remarkable if i can achieve that! Above everything else, 2006 is gonna be quite a year... what with World Cup's coming nearer day by day...

Btw, i shall let my ke "beh-hiao-ba" an let loose for a while... from today onwards, countdown to 20 Jan 2006... u know i know lah! so BE PREPARE!! :p

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Night(s) before Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner... and one should be in the festive mood already before this week even begins. Or is it just me eh?

On monday i've attended the christmas play in Uniten, which was pretty good. Live scenes can be found only in theater stage at the library, where the play is staged.

This year's theme was "i'll be coming home" which was well-protrayed by all the actors and actresses. Since they had started practising way before the 2nd semester even started. Alwin and Mark, as debutants, played their roles well even though they were seemed as 'keh-leh-fairs' in contrast with other actors who played their roles to the expectations. Compared to last year's christmas play, I preferred this year's because of the theme and the story line, although it was badly hampered by the PA system.

Besides the christmas play, I've joined the christmas carol'ing group. There were around 20 of us, so we divided ourselves into 2 groups. Being a non-Christian, I don't see any problem joining in this carol'ing, I want to help spread the joy too even though I have no idea how to sing those carol songs at first! On thursday we went to Serdang Perdana to sing the songs and bring joy to those who would let us sing to them, even though we sang to 6 households in total. But for us our job was accomplished, that is to bring joy and the festive mood to celebrate christmas together.

It's almost 12 now... guess i should now wish everyone a very merry christmas this time around!! And to those couples who is just happen to be under a mistletoe.. well do what you have to do! XD after all, it's christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Mundane Week

Getting lost in Puchong is a major embarassment.
But missing the signboard to Puchong and travelled the whole KESAS highway?? Now that's a huge achievement.

Enough said. I shall not elaborate on this one. It's a painful memory to recall.

Puchong Giant should be easily accessible, but missing a turn did prove costly. Toll-wise and petrol-wise, we spent quite a large sum that's enough to afford a person's portion on steamboat.

Han Kwang has done a great job being the tauke of a steamboat restaurant that's opened recently in Puchong. At 19, being a tauke??! this is a mighty feat achieved amongst us members of STAR kah ki lang.

Met up with 6M Hin Hua classmates after the steamboat feat. Perhaps it's the first time we had mamak session together, so the silence at times is sorta awkward. It's the first time that I've seen my then assistant head prefect Hui Sing finally come out and joined us together after 7 months of MIA. She doesn't change much, so did the others. Everyone look perfectly the same as they were last time. Another gathering is set, which is during Chinese New Year...

Looking forward to that day... :p

Nothing much seems to happen these days... been mad at playing Sudoku on Star's Section 2 these days. If there's no newspaper, there's always to visit. Go try it out, it's fun and mind boggling!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

STAR Prom 2005

So finally i've attended the prom held by my own high school. Many thanks to Ee Von for reserving a ticket for me, and graciously "forced" me to part RM 35 away from my beloved wallet just to gain access to the KEC's multi-purpose hall for the sake of joining with other Starians and marvel at one another's dressing sense, a test in culinary taste and the ability to shake your body when the time is needed.

Well it's quite worth the money.

After 15 minutes of 'pan leng-leng' in front of the mirror, i awaited Fang Chin to be the chaffeur of the night, and of course the chaffeur for the ladies namely Ee Von, Esther and Maggie as well. I'm aware that it took some time for the girls to get themselves ready and all well make-up and dressed stunningly, but what's unexpected is that they (Esther and Ee Von) were late because of their make-up stylist came over late to give them a new makeover... I was ashamed of myself for being short-fused (slightly XD) for waiting quite a while inside the car. Paiseh. Was enthusiastic mah! :p

Then i became a chaffeur myself, seemingly there's more girls (:p) to be fetched, so I have to drive Esther's Kembara to pick up the Ee Von's pals. Crap, it's Auto! And i still SuCK at it... mainly because you have no idea where to place your left foot at, so at first i mistaken the break pads as the clutch, well.. go figure out yourself! Fortunately there were no cars nearby... XD

It was 8.30 by the time we reach KEC. And the event was suppose to start at 7pm. But I don't seem to miss many stuff at that point... what the heck... Our seating location is bad.. very bad; right in front of the Amps! So we wont' miss out wat the MC's gonna say and whatever the DJ's gonna play. They were good alright, though the audience were not active at first, all busying gobble down the food..... and speaking bout the FOOD..... they sucked terribly, literally teruk. I have an empty stomach at that moment, so no choice but to swallow it down forcefully.

Met most of my old pals who's stuck in STAR.. and of course those who's left the great school. They were still alive even after a few extra years of turmoil in STAR. You can't help but pui fuk them for being able to compromise with the likes of Rasul a.k.a. Jerry Yan and his great beloved wife Pn. Maizurrah. Had a few chats, some catching ups here and there, and of course more pics... which all can be found in Fang Chin's, Ee Von's or Esther's... Thus is the sign that i SHOULD get a camera phone...

Hyon Xhi was chosen as the Prom King and a girl by the name Eve (dunno who) as the Prom Queen. Dunno how the system works, but still thinks the Prom Queen title should go to someone else.. :p And then the dance floor is open, beginning with slow dance by those loving couples... and slowly, gradually the song changed into a faster beats, and everyone started to get into the groovy mode. It went on till 12 something before we leave KEC. All in all, an enjoyable night... IT'S JUST THE FOOD that went wrong!!

And maybe I should get contacts as well. I was accused as a Professor dancing on the floor while holding a mini bulb (courtesy of Wei Kiat). I might look better without specs, but wat's the point if you can't see a single shit 10m away from you?! Makes me feel even more retarded!

Look forward for another prom night. Hopefully it gets better than this one...

Friday, December 09, 2005

Uniten Server SuX

It's the 2nd week in Uniten. My my... what a many stories I am here to share.

First comes the assignments! I've decided to do about Malaysian Censorboard for my Moral individual assignment. In my opinion, our local boards are somewhat too strict in terms of slashing off some "gruesome" and "steamy" parts of some movies, from that resulted us to get the UNCENSORED version from various sources. So we are forced to do this piracy thingy right? No?

Give me your thoughts anyway on the comments posts. :p

Yet to start our Manufacturing Processing Lab. I'm very grateful about it. It's a freaking 20 page report!! So I don't think i'm looking forward to solve this one particular report. Fortunately it's a group project. So the workload is greatly decreased! Phew...

Technical Communication is another annoying subject cause it's demanding us to do more proposals, also have to type it out. Another group project, a very detailed project to be precised, to be handed in 2 months time. Us members agree that we should start early, to avoid complications in future.

DE ( Differential Equation) and LA ( Linear Algebra) have been good so far. Not too complicated yet... hopefully it stays this way till the end of this semester.. or maybe till I finish graduate.

Btw, ter'slept' in LA class today. Wasn't feeling enthusiastic with today's lessons. XD finally slept in a class after tahan for one and half weeks dy!

Have to work hard for this sem.. no more flunk'in like the previous semester. Man i'm feeling the stress is building up again~~

If you don't feel like this while in University, then I salute you!!

Sigh. I'm back in Uniten in one piece...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

1st week of the 2nd Sem

I had a nice room, even though it's facing the corridor.

Somehow my room is still the coldest, compared to my housemates'.

It's very weird for me, cos it's always cold in my room.

I have to go to other people's room, just to stay in a warmer zone.

If it's raining at night, i'll be freezing to death.

I have internet connectivity problem.

We did apply for it on Wednesday morning. But the connection was so sucky.

You can connect for a minute, and get disconnect for the next 10 minutes.

I hate this barter system. It's unfair! Blardy $$ suckers!

Uniten food is always the same, they just can't change.

They ain't employing Chinese cooks. Why?

They scare they will get the tag 'Gulung Tikar' once the Chinese food gains popularity.

So no choice, still have to eat to live.

But, I live to eat. So it's contradicting with my philosophy.

Classes were OK so far. Cos there's none for the first few days.

Lecturers so far are still OK. Only one is considered outstanding.

He teaches Differential Equation, if I can fully understand wtf is all that about. XD

Enough ramblings in poem format, I'm just doing this for fun.

And it's quite a good way to fill up my already void blog.

Thousand apologies to those who've waited long enough for my updates.

And million thanks to those who 'blow' me to continue my blog.

Can't even surf the net properly. And dont' even mention about playing LAN games.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Century Break


If your rectum produces waste (as usual) that's consist of 90% liquid, 8% gas and 2% solid, then i suggest you should take a great consideration of your previous intake of food. And did i mention that you have to postpone your date with whatever you've craved for the past few months? No, i haven't mentioned it just now but i just did. Indulge yourself with the food and beverage that's capable of destressing youself? You better think twice! They might just overstress your poor filtering system.

Sigh. So much so to end my holidays. Guess I have to wait till my full recovery before i get to taste the last Bah Kut Teh in Klang before i head back to Uniten, the best place not to have chinese dish around. Cool huh? yippee...

Monday, November 21, 2005

All in One

I'm fine. Don't worry. The loss of my grandpa indeed brings back alot of memories when he was still here, as he welcomes every single family with a smile on his face that lightens up everyone's hearts. Always tells us to get ourselves a cup of Kopi O at the kitchen, a few tid bits to stuff our stomach even though most of the younger generations come over right after dinner time.

Looks like all of us younger ones will never get to hear those words from him again. Sigh.

On another brighter notes, or somewhat conflicted with the grandpa's departure, I had my lower braces removed on the same day itself. Now I'm wearing a retainer of course. (note to ENKI: you better seek your orthodontist to get the retainer done. It's better cos he got all the information about your teeth and necessary adjustments are only known by your own orthodontist. Sila consult diorang sebelum gigi anda terserong :p )

Until 25th of Nov, I'm not allowed to wear any clothing apparels with RED colour on it. A culture practised by Chinese, to mark respect of the deceased.

Man, my hols are almost over. Left one week nia. Time to get prepared for it. Did REALLY BADLY in my exams. Just skinned through the passing mark. Hope not to repeat the same feat again. Dowan pecah my own record.. not worth trying.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

To the Heaven he goes

As of 9th November 2005, Gan Kok Yong a.k.a my grandpa has reached the higher level in life and leave this forsaken land full of pain and sorrow.

At 90, he should be considered quite a strong man to live on this planet, experiencing various life and facing some difficulties... including the escapade from the communist in Malaya Lands during WW2 and playing chinese chess with one of my cousins, also speaking Mandarine to ME ONLY! :p Ironically smoking is not the factor that took his life away. So does smoking really kills? hrrrm~~~

The mourning will last for 4 days. An odd number, since the number 4 is considered nombor tarak bagus according to the Chinese. But the Buddhist tua-tao says on Saturday is an auspicious day. Since we are 4 days away from Saturday (the burial day), therefore this time is different case; number 4 is our GOOD number. Weird...

I will be at Ah Kong's house till the burial day. No plans for me this week. I'm a good grandson! :p

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a few turning points

Wat do you know... I speak of the term 'turning point' quite frequently to a few of my MSN pals when suddenly I am facing the same phase of my life as it meets the turning point. I could only let you guys know that my teenage life has hit a new phase as the slope of the graph becomes 0, where D square y over D x square has come up with a new equation, a negative sign in front.

Not a good sign, Wa Cakap Sama Lu

My grandfather (father's side if you guys are curious enough) has been admitted to hospital after suffering a severe heart attack. And yet I still have the urge to imagine those soap operas where the daughters were quarreling at one another for some usual nonsense shit and the father tries to calm them down but eventually pengsan due to a faint heart. And the daughters would panic and yell 'Papa!! Papa!! Lei yao sei mou?? Oh NO!!! He fainted!! HELP! HELP!" Kepala hotak diorang!!

Ok back to MY grandfather, which misses out the above dramatic scene... The arteri that's connected to his heart was blocked (partly caused by his smoking habits) and lacked the amount of enzyme which i've forgotten wat the hell is it... so an external pacemaker is attached to him so that his heart can continue to pump, mechanically. Sons, grandsons, grandsons-in-law, great grandsons... well most of them went to the hospital to pay him a visit. It's a scary walk in the Coronary Care Unit, just like in the tv shows, where the patients are lying helpless on their beds, their life hanging by a thread, almost ready to snap. Grandfather was sleeping peacefully as I entered the room. Calling him 'Ah Kong' did not wake him up. For some reason though i hope some miracle happen, that he would open his eyes and talk to me in Mandarin (He talks Mandarin to ME ONLY cos i suck at hokkien when I was a kid)

At the age of 90, many of us would think that maybe it's time that Ah Kong would leave this world. But maybe he still has some errands that's yet to be done, Ah Kong's condition improved yesterday! He could even wondered where the hell was he. Here's the conversation that my mum had with him as she worked over there:

Mum : How are you feeling now? Does your body still hurt?

Ah Kong : My body hurts all over... I wish I could sleep soon.

Mum : Dont' worry, just lie down quietly and you will sleep.

Ah Kong : No, I mean 'sleep'. The eternal peaceful sleep.

Goodness, I thought of laughing at this point. I thought Ah Kong had a good sense of humour but my mum just hush me up! Anyway I'm glad that he's in much better condition now.

So much so for having a few turning points, my health deteriorates as my head continues to spin at awkward moments. So I wouldn't drive much even if i'm given the chance.
Wednesday is a big day for me, where after 5 years of pain, suffering and torturing, i can finally say sayonara to the braces... lower part nia... oh well... the joy to lick my teeth from the front! ahh... i can barely wait!

Many more turning points are expecetd and yet to come though! Now my head spins again! Geez!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Skull...

As posted before, I do have a headache for the past few days. So how does one deal with the headache?

1. Pop in a few dozes of panadol and just sleep.

2. Literally sleep alot minus the panadol.

3. Ignore the rest / medication and continue the daily healthy routine - minus the sleep.

Despite having a headache, i still play a few games of basketball, and even faced the computer for most of the day. And of course I slept alot for the past few days. Literally alot! As though to recover back the time's lost during my study time, where assignments robbed away most of my precious sleeping session. Not just a fitful 8 hours sleep, even afternoon naps are prolonged from the usual 1 hour to a 3 hour long event! 1/2 of a day gone into sleeping session.. not bad eh?

In the end I did recover, except i still have a lingering drowsiness inside my head occasionally. It strikes without warning. Did I sleep too much? As sleeping too much would definitely cause a headache, but I've never thought of getting that dizzy feeling. I didn't dream of going through any wild rides. I am still on ground zero!

Maybe I should experiment sleeping in different positions. I've had bad positions these days. My neck hurts when i wake up. My body's aching and stiff, and requires a few stretches before I can actually move around properly...


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fever Symptoms

What happens when you wake up one fine day when the sun is not shining and is covered by heavy dark clouds that's on the verge of bursting.......

And you are down with a fever??

Simple. Just sleep! Ignore the gradual heat that's accumulating on your forehead.

That's what I did when I first got a minor fever. Minor i tell you! A good rest would do good for me, but no.... I even tried eating soupy stuff, thanks to Fang Chin who called me up at 3 something... that meal at Laksa Corner really made me feel better, so i proceeded to play basketball with my friends, to sweat it out. Despite the efforts, in the end I feel worse. No choice... in comes the best solution : Panadol, Honey Water, and Strepsils "Extra Strong" for my sore throat. And for once I slept early!!

And this morning I woke up feeling much better, but my mouth hurts. And it wouldn't take a genius to realize what causes everything that I've gone through yesterday....

I got Wisdom Tooth AGAIN! This time it's on my upper right corner...

K.N.N.C.C.B ~~~

Monday, October 31, 2005

Genting Trip with Uni Friends

The trip to genting is being defined in one word - RELAXING
If relaxing sounds weird, then you guys should join my trip the next time.

The 8 Siao Langs' (Me, Jun, Alwin, Eugene, Tai Soon, Mark, Adelynn and WenZhen) have decided to pay Uncle Lim's sacred place a visit and make him a few hundred bucks richer and at the same time make us poor souls who have not even entered working era a hundred bucks poorer. Such is the balance achieved, especially when the place you are hanging out is Genting itself.

Enough complaining... let's get over with it and go straight to Genting, the city of entertainment.

By means of great planning and some delays and indecisive moments, not to forget the occasional awkward poses when we wanna decide to do something (u know, make a mini circle and stare at one another, a portable meeting room) we finally left KL Sentral exactly at 1pm. An hour's ride is suffice to send our butts to the colder region. An additional 30 minutes to send our already chilled butts all the way up to Genting Highlands via cable car, that's when our butts get frozen, is considered an understatement! It's cold up there! What a way to relax after all! XD

We checked into Ria Apartment, dispose our luggages inside there, and pondered... Wat to do now? wat else? Relax! card games, napping, watch anime etc... Went to the theme park's entrance to check out any new stuff, and also First World Hotel for any latest features. In the end we've decided not to involve ourselves in Outdoor themepark for the sake of real relaxation. We ended up playing arcades, pool, snooker, bowling and mostly arcade games. One of the highlights of course is a Boxing Simulation, which i played after being kindly persuaded by the young potato Tai Soon. It really detects your movements so you really have to dodge properly from the AI's punches, and you can only punch if there's an indicator. I still remembered one of the indicator is to punch the spot 30 times within 25 secs. So called Rush-Hit, I have to complete every single punches, just to knock the AI down. Very interesting game though, but very tiring!

The second highlight for this trip is that all of us tried Wall Climbing. Fuh yoh, really imagine myself as an X-Games competitor. Being too enthusiastic to try, I am the first to go up. Too bad i couldn't climb all the way up, reached the 3rd tile from the top; I chiong too fast in the beginning but hesitated too long as i reached the incline, which is energy consuming. I can't see the next possible path that I can cling on to, despite that my friends are yelling from down there that I should lift my foot just a few inches to gain that support, which is barely audible. Adelynn was the best among us; she climbed till the 2nd tile from top b4 her lack of energy let her down. Eugene also joined in the elite group and tied with Adelynn, while the rest of us got up to the 3rd tile and fell. -.-" I would try that again some other time. But climb once is enough to strain your arms.

Apart from blowing our money to the arcades and other indoor sports, we also watched Zorro 2. Not doing reviews here, jsut concluding that it's a good show! Our fortune goes mostly to the hungry stomach, estimated almost 80 bucks just to satisfy our 'worms' in our stomach. Blardy bloodsuckers! I found a small shop which sells wan tan mee, nasi lemak kari mee in the morning... and BAH KUT TEH at night!!!!! Seeing such interesting and tempting offer, I proceeded to check out the prices..... RM13 per head! wat? you were saying?? RM13 per head!

babi betul, it's 2 times higher than in Klang! BLARDY ASS BLOODSUCKERS! LUCKY DIDN'T ORDER FIRST. MEMANG BOLEH MUNTAH DARAH! Kanine betul!!

Our relaxing therapy ended on Friday. Which i'm suppose to rush back for my dental appointment. In the end i couldn't make it, so the orthodontist postponed it for me, that is in a week's time. Still get to see me in my lower braces after all.

All in all, a memorable trip not to be forgotten. Unfortunately, no one brought their cameras... which is quite a waste.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


yeah u heard em right! it's merdeka for me!! (and to my fellow Uni - mates too!)

I've screwed both Statics and Materials... hopefully i still pass with some dignity. I did answer all questions... with nonsense of course. so hopefully my lecturers would fall for it, and give me some marks that i don't deserve to gain in the first place, and i'll be on my way to 2nd Semester dramatically~ XD

Had a very great time packing all the stuff back home. Luggages, desktops... even more luggages... fuh yoh... it sure is one of the best ways to build up ur body, instead of using dumbells. And thanks to our hostel's elevator, we can move all our belongings 6 floors down without worrying wat would happen if the elevator is really DOWN! ( I think I can compromise the workers' maintenance and the odour that's coming out from the machines they used... -.-")

After dad took my belongings, I headed to Alwin's house to stay overnight since the whole uni gang is going to genting the following day. The night is indeed long so we meet up with the Genting members ( Adelynn, Tai Soon, Wen Zhen, Mark and Eugene. Yi Jun can't make it to the mamak session though) to discuss the upcoming days' plan and of course some endless chats and bombings here and there.

will blog more bout genting next time.. man it sure is some sorta holiday to have...

i'm gonna miss Uniten for 1 whole month ( evil grins~)

Friday, October 21, 2005


Short for Get Rid Of Stupid Statics..... yes siree, my latest mission is the blardy Statics... which will be taken place on Monday. Considered to my worst subject after the even woeful Calculus, I can't really score it since I don't even understand a single crap from my lecturer.

Had 3 exams down already, so I'm somewhat 60% stress reduced at the moment. Though my tendency to screw my Calculus paper is very very high.. But what the heck, it's over now! I have more pressing matters to attend.

finally get to eat decent chinese meal in the famed Kajang residence. The customers are generally university students. There i saw most of them are from Uniten itself, and a few tables are from other nearby universities. Food there is cheap and comes in large portions, which i enjoyed hungrily with my pals here. Think I could go there more often should everyone else agrees. Pork is hard to get especially when one is placed in pork-free university. -.-"

Gotta stop here for now. Study matters to me!! Counting down the days to my semester break...

Friday, October 14, 2005


The recent lack of updates can only mean one thing to me:

I'm having my finals exam next Monday, as of 17/10/2005, and it will last for 2 weeks. Though I only have 5 days of exams within this period of time.

So all the best to me to score well in this Finals. My carry marks for a few subjects are on the OK side. But Calculus, Statics and Engineering Materials are on the verge of pulling my GPA down. So I need to buck up these 3 subjects in these days.

I'll be going to Genting right after my Finals for 3 days with my Uni friends. Then I'll celebrate my 3 times a year 1-month-long holiday (finally) and I'll get to enjoy home cook food. And never forget the greatest dish found in Klang a.k.a BAH KUT TEH.

Time to study now. Enough buggings on the net.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Down with a Sickness

As I type every single nonsense that I'm gonna type in here for the next 20 minutes or so, I'm badly struck down with a bout of flu and sore throat. Indeed this 2 hit combo is powerful enough to keep me awake for the past half hour, rendering me from my usual slumbers; I'm only 2 hours recharged out of my usual 8 hours daily routine. No thanks to the lack of water consumed, especially after you have Nasi Lemak as dinner.

Now that I'm kept awake, should I start doing my Pro-E assignments to kill time? Or should I just try to get some sleep, hopefully that I do get any of it? Or should i just go to the toilet for every 5 minutes to get rid of the phlegm generating in the throat? I'm currently taking the 3rd option... cause I'm not determined enough to kill time, plus I don't feel well enough to kacau my assignments at the moment.

Hrrm, of all times that I fall sick, why now? Is it because that i should have gone back to Klang instead of staying back here in Uniten? It's not reasonable though. I have assignments pending, and yet I'm not putting enough effort to even begin with! But I don't deserve such treatment!!

I require my fellow friends from Klang to tapau bah kut teh for me... I seriously need backup! XD

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Being lazy...

ahh... another good ol story of me being lazy... care to listen? or am I just too plain lazy to relate to you guys?

Apparently not that awful. My laziness must come to an end, which is why now I'm trying my best to come up with a new entry here.

Went to The Mines with Yi Jun, Tai Leong, Mark, Tai Soon, Alwin, Adelynn and Bowl Girl (Wen Zhen.. sorry! XD) to catch a movie. The initial plan is to watch Into The Blue, which Mark and I have watched on the previous week, but the others wanted to watch Into the Blue instead. So we came up with an alternative, or two : All watch Flightplan, or we separate ourselves by watching both Into the Blue and The Myth (which Tai Soon, Tai Leong and Alwin had watched the latter one, what irony!) So we took the 2nd plan, Mark, Yi Jun and I watched The Myth whilst the others settled for Into the Blue. To be frank, The Myth is worth it to watch despite some critics that it's not that fantastic. But i thought otherwise, maybe because I'm a fan of Jackie Chan so I have prejudice opinion : Jackie Chan's movies are always good. And this one doesn't let me down as well. His veterancy in action movies, plus he's one of the few actors who can really show emotions well, sums up his good acting skills. The movie has a very interesting plot as well, so I do recommend this movie over Into the Blue, which i thought the show is about Jessica Alba... whenever the scene goes, when there's Jessica Alba, it's all about Jessica Alba after all! With predictable plot and limited number of characters, it's not that good compared to The Myth. So... the verdict is

The Myth 1 Into the Blue 0
I've been skipping classes for the past 2 days. What to do, lazy ol me is creeping back. ( for once i didn't push this laziness on lecturer's laziness to teach.. which is not their fault in the first place! ) XD Weather's very good these days... it's freezing cold at night and windy in the morning, not sunny at all during the day. Which makes the day another ideal day for a game of basketball. 100% on sports and games, 0% on knowledge intake. drat... my brain's sure gonna get rusty at this rate. :p
Been eating good ol hot stuff these days.. Tom Yam... Nasi USA... yum yum... and the best part is.. i had ulcer while eating these foods. Call me suiciding, but i'm kinda enjoying it! It's so bad that you say 'ouch' whenever it hurts, and indeed it hurts alot!
exams in another week's time... pray i do well this time!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Random Thoughts

i almost hit another milestone when i realised that i've no updated my blog for about 10 days. Since the name dhambit is still stuck in my head, there's not much stuff to think about except the glorious days when my braces is to be taken out in about 3 weeks time. Meanwhile, i'll take good care of my teeth, including the smart ones aka wisdom teeth.

my brain is playing back to back songs as though it does not need any batteries. Stupid old me shouldn't take so much vegetable to give almost immortal energy for my brain to play songs that i am addicted to such as Dream Theater's As I Am, Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark and Hallowed Be Thy Name, and also included my all time favourite HIM's In Joy and Sorrow. Don't ask me how or why my brain is doing this to me. Probably because i'm feeling sorta bored and it sure takes a few seconds to play these songs, which occasionally occupies my thoughts, thus ignoring anything that's happening around my surroundings.

Saw a NEC phone in Jusco recently. It's NEC e238, a clam shell phone packed with good features, which can be compared and lose slightly to the SE k700, at promotion price of RM599. I think it's a good bargain, judging by its features and not to mention its looks and the PRICE!! Now if only i have enough money......

or would anyone care to buy me one? XD

The dreaded Pro-E Test is coming up this Tuesday. Dang i am so gonna score this one well!

And so i've heard that the Bulan Puasa is approaching this coming Wednesday. I wish all the Muslims around the world to have a good spiritual month, and no BREAKING allowed!! (unless some unforeseen circumstances occur)

Guess i'll end here for now!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Of braces and Teeth

I love my teeth, yes I do... for now.

I remembered last time when i was young, I had a very awkward sets of teeth. Just imagine yourself with a fine pair of vampire's canine... and cross with 2 gargantuan rabbit's teeth. So you guys should call me dhambit instead of the typical dhampir. (Dhampir is a hybrid of vampire and human.. thus it just sounds more cool instead of the typical Vampire)

The Dhambit sets of teeth is surely gonna dampen my self confidence. I can't even smile by baring my beautiful sets of teeth, that sure is very 'silau'. My parents notice how serious it looks, so in comes the best solution to straighten up the Dhambit's teeth : Braces.

To put the braces on, the orthodontist Dr Jagjit requires me to do one thing: EXTRACT 4 teeth; 1 canine from each corner!! It's one of the days when the time is moving so slowly, feeling the torment as the doctor keeps pricking here and there with the metal tools. Numbing the gums before injecting it, one by one, the teeth is pulled out, and of course a few drops of blood. The absence of the 4 teeth always makes your tongue unconsciously roll all over your mouth, and as it touches the empty brackets, jeez... they are gone!!

And so the day comes, the braces is gonna be assembled on my teeth!! I can't exactly remember how it feels, especially when your mouth is opened big and wide for 1 and half freaking hours. There's not much pain that i can assure you. But it sure feels uncomfortable with something extra in front of your teeth after the dentist's hardwork. You Can't Even Lick Your Teeth From the Front! I sure had problems restricting myself from rolling the tongue around. I can't feel my front part of the teeth anymore!! That everything happened in Form 2.

For 5 years I've been wearing the braces. Why so long? I have no idea, but i can conclude myself that my teeth is a stubborn lot and not coorperative at all. Which also implies to myself for not wearing the rubber bands as instructed by the dentist. And comes the good news and a bad news:

Good news:
I'm gonna have the lower brackets removed by next month! Which means i only need to wear a retainer after that, and not to mention my tongue gets to touch my front part of the teeth after such a long while!

Bad news:
Realised why i just said lower brackets? What about the upper ones? I forgot to ask Dr Jagjit on my last appointment. I suppose it's best to check yourself in front of the mirror. And so I did. And I saw something that's gonna delay the upper brackets to be removed...

#%$!!%%#.. the wisdom teeth is sure smart enough to grow of all times but now!!! Without this growth i'll bet the whole braces is gonna be removed by next month! I know the wisdom teeth's gonna be removed, but we have to let them grow it all out before we can remove them. I think the dentist is sure having a hard time figuring out where would this teeth is gonna fit in my almost perfect formation??!

So people, do love your teeth. Don't follow my footsteps. It sure is torturous, uncomfortable, and you will miss lots of good food especially right after every appointment. So wear braces or not? You guys decide.

I love my teeth now! (except the wisdom ones)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

why firewall?!

My computer is seriously out of date. the system files are not properly updated, thus it's more prone to virus attacks from the internet. What can i do? Windows update won't work for me. No proper P2P programs are used as well since they can't run with firewall turned on. Thus it leaves my computer more vulnerable to attacks! Despite the fact that a firewall's function is to protect us from intrusions. And now i can't update my computer to be more 'healthy'...WHY??!

The internet in a University is vastly for surfing, chatting and downloading stuff from a website selected. For your information, we can't use the webcam with users outside Uniten's boundaries... so we can only see one another amongst Uniten colleagues, which some of us has seen one another one too many times per day. So it's kinda crappy, and lousy as well. Since we can't use programs such as Skype to communicate with users outside Uniten, especially those who are going overseas. So there's no more reason for those who's staying in hostel to get themselves a webcam and a headphone, since they can't chat with other people except within their University. Unless of course, they choose to stay outside University, which also has its pros and cons.

(all the above are written plainly because i'm fed up with the University's can't-meet-students'-required-connectivity server)

AND blardy hell two days after i typed the above, Uniten suffered a server breakdown. which is why I'm declared MIA for the past few days. No internet=mati, it's bored when u got nothing else to do. Even when u need to contact your frens within the U, u have to use the alternative way : SMS.. quite tedious eh? yeah~ and money consuming... -.-"

i do beg everyone's pardon for not updating this blog as frequent as i could. Recent events has taken a toll on my health.. mainly lack of sleep.. more and MORE assignments... sheessh... i can basically write the word 'assignments' without spelling it wrongly.

Now... to send away one of my friends to U.K. and his name is BUDAK! XD

Thursday, September 08, 2005

1st week after midterm break


talk about assignments that i've regretted not doing during hols...

did manage to finish up the assignments given way before our mid-term break.. only it's last minute work.. and thanks to the people who's providing the resources for me to "carbon-copy" from.

and i am so gonna be dead in few subjects here. I failed statics badly in Test 1... and there's Test 2 coming up.. which hopefully i can do well enough to cover back the loss marks... and I got pawned by Autocad quiz as well.. not enough time to project 2 pictures at once... have to settle for 1.. T_T

and to welcome my so-called "TIME TO STUDY" mode... all of us are involved in a series of 'leveling-up' in Diablo 2 : Lord of Destruction. Yes, yes it's considered as Old-School game ady.. but wat the heck when u got so many people at once who's interested in doing the same thing. ahh... Multiplayer game rules.... because of this new event, my frequency in playing DOTA is greatly reduced!! only to be replaced by Diablo2... >.<

There's some big project going on till the end of this semester. The notorious Pro-E (a engineer modalling software) has come of its age, and wants a group of 4 people to come up with a 3-D graphic of an object with 15 parts when disemble.... ARRGGH!! stress!! stress!! they are everywhere!!!! i'm seeing the word is settling down deeper within my soul~~! it's foul, it makes ones life dull! usually turns one's facial into a scowl!!

I'm gonna have an exam this coming Sunday. The greatest subject of all... BM! wah lao eh... i can't even imagine i gotta do this stuff again in University level... this is a total piece of TAHI!!

bah! time to replenish myself with tonnes of Bah Kut Teh before i head back to UNITEN. And a few piece of BBQ chicken would help too!

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Genting Highland... October 2001...

a band of brothers marched towards the theme park.. seeking entertainment as well as fortune... they traded with local traders... a bottle of beer, and a few vcd's to spent through the night.

howethe next morning, they continued their adventure.. however, a gust of wind has blown the clouds in... blinded by the fog.. they were separated... totally helpless by themselves.. they call out for help.. but to no avail... they were lost... lost in the midst of nowhere... nowhere to be seen.. or heard...

they were still young! there's still much at stake that requires their attention... the future needs them... and they need future as well.... plz dial 911 if you seen them around... a million kazillion thanks to those who would rescue them... in time hopefully.

hurry! before it's too late!! they need help!

Friday, September 02, 2005


"Tanggal 31.. bulan lapan.. lima puluh tujuh~~"

i can still vividly remember the times when we were in secondary school, entering the compulsory choir competition conducted by the ever beloved school... for the sake of showing us students' patriotism towards the place in earth called MALAYSIA!

As already we are tired of singing songs since the ages of 7... till the final days of glory (for some of us that's not gonna wear school uniform till the next life).. from Negaraku, to Negeri Selangor... and not forgetting Jalur Gemilang and also the greatest Keranamu Malaysia... which the 2 latter songs, till now.. i have not able to memorize them. (blame it on my part too for not receiving the lyrics in the first place.. so whose fault is it actually?? eyes roll back to one place where there's no other places u would point at when all things go wrong: The Teachers!)

xian zai de wo men, mei nian ba yue san shi hao, wo jiu hui he yi ban peng you dao "Xing Xing Dao" qu qing zhu guo qing ri. qi shi wo men bu zhi shi yao kan yan hua, er qie yao kan de shi "zhen hua". er jin nian ne, Fang Jun, Ah Mao, Qing Qing he Wo, gei yi da ban peng you fang fei ji zhi hou, wo men si ren dao "Xing Xing Dao" qu kan re nao. Dang shi jian xian shi 12 o'clock midnight, dang chang de ren dou yi qi han "MERDEKA! MERDEKA!" tong shi, yan hua zai hen an zhong chu xian le...dou hen piao liang, "zhen hua" yiu duo yiu piao liang! zhen shi Ah Mao shuo wei de 'yi ju liang de'

*ok enough mandarin.. i'm having headache now.. but if u guys can't understand... my apologies... go get someone who understands! :p*

If patriotism is a real deal issue, we shouldn't have the need to go all the way to Bintang Walk, be with a big crowd of people just to celebrate this grand day. Yelling "Merdeka" without knowing the actual meaning is lame... and energy-sapping. To really understand how we obtained independence.. we should look carefully and closely to the book called "Sejarah". Sounds familiar? yes u moron.. it's the stuff we learnt since FORM 1. Or u can totally ignore those facts and be a true Malaysian. (sikap tak kisah masih rules~).

To really care that u love your country, then do the things that for heaven's sakes... NOT on the BAD SIDE OF MALAYSIANS... u can think of the good things that a malaysian can do... but when mentioned bout the bad culture malaysians have... i might need to re'blog all my entries and tell everyone bout the bad side of Malaysians. Now if we get rid of those bad ones... (or at least minimize the amount) everyone will worship us~ ain't that good? :p

Be a citizen of a country ruled by democracy... the government must be reminded by various mottos... such as "By the fans, for the fans" <--- easy to understand right? go figure. or taken from the lyrics "Take no prisoners" by Megadeth... one of the lines goes like this

'Don't ask what you can do for your country, but ask what your country can do for you'

meanwhile, have a pleasant 48th anniversary independence day~ Malaysian wise.. *heh*

~don't cry for me Malaysia~

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mao : In Person

after much pestering from the 'Real Coconut' and a few encouragements from the subject himself... it's finally my turn to do the things my fellow bloggers had done...

Mao : The Truth Untold

allow me to speak up my mind... fact or fiction.. u guys decide... cos this is who he is... the few reasons why gals... and i mean gals.. u should take note of this fella and consider him as the One u have been looking for...

#1. i know everyone's mentioned this.. but i can't help it too.. it's his tummy size

feel like ordering that sorta cheezy stuff u always wanted to but u are just doubting ur waistline whether it will grow tenfolds after consuming the whole thing? jgn bimbang! with Mao around, u can safely order the dishes u've always desired to taste it... consume it till u are on the worrying spot, and Mao will do the cleaning job for ya! after all, he needs all the stuff to bulk himself up.. so one maintains figure while the others gain more... 1 stone kill 2 birds.. yes? no?

#2. sleeping capability

if you gals can't pamper yourself with lots of sleep for fear of being teased as one of the biggest pigs in the world? or simply because u just don't wanna make yourself feel bad for being overslept? then Mao is the right solution for ya! With his ability to sleep from anytime... to anytime.. at anytime... till the time u desire him to wake up... yesiree... by setting his Body Clock to wake up later than yours... wat more can u ask when u can rightfully sound him for oversleeping. Thus, u rule the sleeping beauty session... u get to sleep more without feeling guilty... bagus kan? plus... if u abuse him for oversleeping.. he will feel the pain cos he's lack of bulk around his body... so he'll have to build himself up to take in all the abuses u can inflict on him.. which is where we refer back to #1.

#3. multi-talented all-rounded man

prob in studies? ask him! prob in RO / DotA / gunbound? tell him! prob in IT stuff? let him know! got bullied by some junk and u are longing to payback? get MAO! he's one of the best nuclear bomb u can ever own... set your payback to level 2... u can expect him to send out bombs after bombs after bombs, leaving the jerk u hated so much totally unnerved, speechless.. and no means of retaliation... yes... he can be this deadly... which is why we aren't sure bout double-crossing him in the first place. Also, he's one of the athletes... well balanced player... set your time for jogging... he will be right beside ya... instil motivation throughout the whole course.. and u can safely overcome the obstacles set within the hills of Taman Rakyat a.k.a. the blardy Steps to the Top.

However, if one of your prob concerns transport / $$ / insomnia......

*nombor yg anda dial tidak ada dalam perkhidamatan kami, terima kasih*

Now... pick up your phone... and start dialing to hotline at 016-6001010 to book a place for Mao the Only One... all thanks to the well paid secretaries who are willingly to provide all the necessary information to the curious ones. (Mao u owe me one meal for spamming my space... drat~)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

a brief update...

sorry ppl... the 'real' update is gonna be postponed yet again... *curses the newly-bought-but-now-disfunctioned D-Link router...* , which unabled me to go online at home without fighting for connection with other family members mainly my SIS!

so now b4 she comes back from her trip to toilet... time to update some stuff for my viewers, though this entry would be very short... cos she's out of the toilet now!

first of all, i just finished my mid term exam... which i think i did sorta badly... but enough to survive the scares... and maybe enough to scrap through the final exams with enough GPA's...
and a few hours of sleep just to get rid of the stress cumulated throughout the week and filled in with DOTA and Ragnarok Online... yeah! Tai Soon has made his comp a dedicated server for both games... all hail the mighty one! the next game would be Diablo 2 i guess? :p

ok.. i have to stop here now... my sis is back from her 'business'... meanwhile i shall enjoy my 1 week break loaded with assignments... *sigh*

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


stressed... tired... lost of appetite.... lack of sleep... endless assignments... upcoming quizzes... incoming exams... homeworks pending... it all sum up to one thing which we all face most of the time...

why depress??! we are not a working adult yet... that's the thing some ppl would hear from their parents if they relate their problems to their parents... then the parents will start rambling bout how hard they have to work to feed the family... managing taxes, bills, and stuff which all involves $$$... that to them is the ultimate stress for them!

and wat bout us? studying will cause stress? extra homework will increase stress? of course they do!! it's just that different people have different definition for the term stress... because as we all know... we all face different levels of stress...

so welcome to my life ppl... my depression mode will be activated once this term is satisfied;
"anything tat disrupts my normal routine lifestyle can be defined right away as stress"

Had calculus exam, which i did kinda badly... and a few assignments pending and requires more than just concentration... the blardy assignments even robbed away my precious sleeping hours... leaving me with extra eye bags and a blank brain to carry around on tuesday, which is... unfortunately my busiest day in the week...

oh blame it on my procrastination.. i should have done that earlier... drat.. this has become my daily nonsense... it will not be embedded inside my head...


damn i wish i were still in secondary school... i regretted being optimist as i walk out of that STAR school gate.... and now... time wont' turn back... as neither of us will ever return to glorify ourselves with the time spent in high school...

Han Zi has to declare himself KO'ed now~

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Letter of Appeal & Reply

Hello Malaysia!
I am a representative from Indonesia to send our deepest apologies for the forest fire which occured in Sumatera over the months. I hereby understand that the lack of fresh air in the western peninsula is deteriorating drastically. News i've received is that Port Klang and Kuala Selangor had hit the Emergency State according to the Air Pollution Index... Schools have to be closed down to avoid any health cases to occur in massive numbers after reports of a few students were suffering from breathing difficulties, asthma and lung problems due to the haze.

Well, none of those is beyond our control... many methods have we tried to undermine such problems to happen in coming future.. but to no avail. Lack of rain during the peak of summer is certainly a cause of trouble. My most sincere apologies.

You think that by cursing the Indonesians for causing such hassle in Malaysia is somewhat the right thing to do? Well look at our people who has worked in your country for such a long time! and you governments halau them back to our country after they have provided adequent services for you! Dont' you feel ashame? Dont' you feel grateful? Do they deserve to be treated this way??! I demand an explanation for these workers!

I do wish that anything above will clarify everything that has happened between the two neighbouring countries. We will settle these issues in the next meeting to avoid further conflicts. Our neighbouring relationships shall not be terminated over petty matters.

Thank you for your time and attention. We will keep on supporting one another.

Yours sincerely,
Secretary of Indon Organization.
Date: 20/7/2005


2 f***kin weeks later...
Subject: Re: EAT THIS U MORON!

In respond to the snail mail we received on 12/8/2005... this is all we have to say to you guys:

1. Your concerns over our critically haze-affected places are appreciated somewhat coldly. We all know the reason so let's move on.
2 We shall focus this part later and go to the 3rd paragraph. Well obviously they didn't apply for a work permit so how the heck are we to give them when we caught them working illegally here in Malaysia? It's called tainting the country man, and they caused a part of our citizens to be unemployed... EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!!
3. Ok back to the 2nd paragraph... we do have a suggestion as in ways to keep your forests as healthy as it is and to avoid being caught fire once again. I have heard of a technology called Vibrator... it's powerful enough to cause an epicenter like wat happened during December 2004. So all we need is to place that around Sumatera and trigger it during summer every year. The only drawback.... well that's your blardy problem!

btw, i don't have time to settle such problems with you guys! We are moving on! And we will make sure our money currency will be so strong that can make Rupiah jatuh standard macam tiada bandingannya!


btw, can use a higher technology means of communication? something like emaiL?


p/s : to readers who are from Indonesia / Malaysia.. plz do ignore this post and dont' take it seriously! It's 100% fiction!! and there's no one to relate to even in reality. My most humble apology should this blog entry would harm anyone in watsoever way physically / mentally / emotionally / psychologically blablabla (any adverbs u wanna put in)

phew... now i feel better after such stressful weeks... though exams are coming up soon.. at least now some weights are lifted away from me...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

PC Fair and a new member

the long awaited pc fair is here! this time it's held at KL Convention Center instead of the usual PWTC... frankly speaking PWTC has passed it's prime time... the building itself has begun to show some signs of aging... whilst the brand new KL Convention Center is needless to say... so much better!!

when mentioned bout pc fair... dont' ask me why on earth am i so gian to go there... yes apart from checking out comp stuff and more comp stuff and even more comp stuff... (just conclude that i'm bored for the whole weekends k?) don't wonder yourselves so much, why i have to go there for 3 days also... hey! i'm doing a great job being my friends' tour guide and getting my PC stuffs all by myself!! and of course the money that goes flying is also mine... poor me.

come to pc fair for 3 days ain't a good thing for me... which means i get to be packed in sardin cans for 3 sessions... skinny fellas like me should be exposed to more breathing space to avoid myself becoming thin as paper. The jam-packed traffic flow of humans are greeted with somewhat pasar malam-like salespersons that goes on shouting around like PRINTER!! PRINTER!! or MP3 player!! last unit 512Mb only RM300!! or EmPTY CD's RM 100 for 500 pieces!! wow talk bout heavy pirating machine... 500 cds at one go? this is madness... see how we malaysians are capable of promoting piracy? anyway to stop it? sau pei lah government!

comp parts are one thing to behold, but the better ones still goes to the number of chicks around! i must assume that the Pikom manager has considered holding the pc-fair in Convention Center cause.........

*it's just beside KLCC shopping center... where LENG LUI's ROAM~!!!!
*basically there's better chances to see leng lui's compared to PWTC
*helping public transports to earn more money (KTM - LRT)
*helping KLCC to earn more via car parks (hourly charges <---- babi betul)
*ok it's the leng lui's after all

so with the above reasons i don't see why anyone would object him for this pcfair sessioN?

through this 3 gruelling days i've bought some stuff and learnt some few lessons :
1. got myself a speaker + subwoofer worth RM180 and it's performing nicely thanks to my
housemate aka salesperson for edifier...
2. a D-link 4 port modem worth RM130 for my house after the blardy Aztech router modem
3. Touch'n Go card can be exploited badly if need be.

well... have a good read guys... having exams this sunday... should be studying now.. wait.. test my new buddy first!

*headbangs in sync with the newly bought speakers with 5 inch subwoofers*
"dum dum dum!!"

listening to : Dragonforce - Soldiers of the wasteland

Thursday, August 04, 2005

burden of the night

wat on earth i'm doing here at this time? in case u guys dind't notice that i'm actually blogging at 5 ++ am... yeah... it's true... this is one of those days i have to stay up whole night to settle some darn assignments which of course is due tomorrow! check out the procrastination attitude man! i'll bet no one can procrastinate as bad as i do! so bow before me! *evil laughter*

just finished doing my Multi-view drawing... yeah the ones we learnt during form 5... where drawing plans takes place... though i scored full marks for that sorta questions, this time around however, is a complete different scenario... i'm forced to draw like a robot instead of an artist who sees different things from the norms...

draw draw draw... took me 3 freaking hours to finish it... if there's another assignment like this next time... i think conversion to a dhampir will take place... and sooner into a full grown vampire... hrrrm...

and i shall see not the sun... it burns!! arrgghhhh~~~!!!!

time for some sleep

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

numero uno

i'm one week outdated!! and so do you for those who keep visiting my blog for the glipse of latest updates.. my apologies... uni life has never been this hectic... even though i've said this alot times in my previous blog.. but this is one hell of a week!!

so being the one who always ponders things in mind without really discussing it openly with others... here's something which i've pondered for a long time... and hence the title blog...

number one... uno.... satu... yi... une... yitchi (pardon my spelling... i speak basic japs.. but not spell it)... the first day of everything... 1st of january... the beginning of everything... who woulnd't look forward to see the new day? where everything is reset to the very first number..?

it's oso the first number we all learn when we are in standard 1.. like duh... almost eveyrthing's associated with the number itself... the first fella on the name list to appear in front of teacher's very eyes... the first fella to be called upon whenever attendance is taken... sometimes the first to be called out to solve problems on the board....

or being the 1st in class after obtaining such good grades amongst fellow students? where rating counts in classes? and getting promoted to the best class next year...? we all do know.. the best = No. 1... almost everything refers to this number... value...


so wat's this number 1 actually mean?

the same question that's been bothering me for quite some time. Looking back during my primary years... i'm constantly dreaming of getting the no. 1 spot in my class... there's nothing better than proving my parents that i can be the best among others... but nature has its own ways... I'm not the kind to be the no.1 type of fella... no ownage in class allowed... -.-"

as time passes by, the feeling of topping other students became less meaningful to me...of course i'm happy if i get no 1... but somehow i just no longer feel the urge to be on top... it no longer become a part of my human nature's instinct... where kiasuism rules within the human race (mostly)

I just want to be a moderate fella... with certain achievements that most people are capable of obtaining too... getting fair grades which is enough for me to pursuit my career and avoid myself being branded as JOBLESS...

perhaps i'm being too stressed these days... and i know this is the final year my age indicator will show the front digit 1... and a year and 9 years after that it's all 2 in front... talk bout aging! i'm getting old!!!!! T_T

one day i will get to hear this :

*hello there shin! i would like you to meet my new friend... meet number 2!*

nice... a new buddy to accompany me...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

in the class... (monochrome)

ok... call me the greatest student of all...
i'm having computer class now...
i'm having a blardy C++ programming now..
teacher is teaching in front of me now... whilst i'm here blogging away as though nothing's happening up front in class.... heh

this blog might be weird... but it's sorta amusing...
lecturer's name is pn rozita... she's taking our attendance now...

(calling names one by one...)

she's warning those who are absent 3 times must hand in a letter of explanation to the Head of Department...
oops.. my name's called...
*raises hand*

(continues on with the names... still warns those who are absent... bah... MC's... letters'... excuses given by students... bla bla bla...)

finally the class is about to begin!!

some question is confronted... we are required to write a pseudocode and draw a flowchart... the basics of programming... as long one has a logical thinking then this course is not a problem... but still it requires lots of thinking and brain scrambling sessions b4 u get the correct order...

*take note that the teacher is capable of exiting our windows and force us to concentrate in our work... -.-"*

huurray teacher is writing down the answers for the questions we are currently working on...
and i seemed to be lost after comparing her answers with mine... -.-"

oh well... resuming class now... more questions coming up.. now we are to write a program so that we can calculate our Grade Point Average... headache!!!

i'll be back!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

siao liao....

i'm getting sloppier...
i lack of basketball...
i lack of swimming...
i lack of exercise...
but still i can't gain weight

i want to gain weight
i eat alot...
i eat quite alot...
i eat quite alot...
until i got stomachache as a result...
*curses the cook for applying dunno wat sorta stuff inside the lauk*

i got sick
i already have stomachache...
then i have a blardy flu...
all because of some weird epidemic in Uniten...
where alot people walk around with packets of tissue in their pockets...
ready to cover their mouth...
but mostly not in time...
as the supernova of viruses are spreaded quickly without being nullified...
nor even purified...
germs... eeek

i'm proud to finish my assignments
cos they are done in last minute
assignments which is due the next week...
then i shall do it on that day!!!
pure procrastination...
need to learn more?
find me for more advanced classes..

College in Engineering
Social Science and Academic Skills
class : Lecturer's Hall 2, ground floor, COE block M
lecturer : Mr Gan

i think i need a girlfriend to take care of me after all.. >.<

Friday, July 15, 2005

a blog a week keeps brain at peak

ahhh... finally~ i'm able to blog peacefully after such hectic week... but the hectic feeling doesn't stop here till the end of this semester! since it's so hectic, i don't even have the mood to recall back how the blardy hectic i felt for this one blardy week...

first of all, I have been bugged with the sudden loads of assignments, all of them are due next week... from the biggest and toughest Engineering Drawing which one must hand in one day after the assignment is given, to the semi-lame ones such as Materials Engineering to explain why noble gases have different boiling point etc... and to the lamest Bahasa Melayu! *gasp* write out the reasons why Malaysians have problems utilising Malay language... oh well.. am i looking forward towards such powerful semester filled with expectations and good grades??

allow me to defend myself for not being able to blog... apart from the works assigned to me.. the apartment is facing some problems : POWER TRIPPING! and there we were, trying to get online and waited eagerly till 5pm (we are only allowed to go online 5pm onwards everyday) as the clock-hand reaches the number 11....


"tim kai ngo geh monitor mou display geh? "
"suddenly feel so hot wan..."
"i charging phone wan leh!! how lah now?!"

well.. how pissed can u be when u are about to go surfing the net... and suddenly u are having a power failure, and it's TRIPPING! which is caused by some moronic SOB's who thought that they can learn better in E&E through noob experiments... i curse them to see their comp's power supply KO'ed if that's the worst thing i can think of!!

Attended Uniten's Care Group Freshie's night.. simply put it.. an event for me to know more friends!! first time attended this session.. pretty fun... knew alot ppl there (got more Klang kaki's this time) ... not to mention some lui's.. XD~ not bad.. Uniten is improving in terms of quality! >.<

oh well... suppose tis wan's gonna be a long blog.. but kinda slack lar... at least this post will prevent u guys from counting the number of days i'm lack of updates...

time for some sleep...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Timetable woes

Sorry for not updating this as soon as i can, these days were as hectic as bees frantically harvesting honey sufficient enough for the whole swarm to survive the winter... whilst Malaysia will never have winter seasons, we humans do suffer and work like bees at times... for the wrong cause most of the time.

So here i am surfing the net with Alwin, picking the best timetable we can conjure from all the lecture schedules. Many clashes among lecturer's schedules resulted us to abandon one of the best lecturers for that particular subject... if we were to remain loyal to that lecturer... we would have end up walking back to our hostel after class after 10pm... sounds torturous huh? Apart from abandoning lecturers, we still need to prioritize our need, to get the best out from us in terms of studying, relaxing, gaming, sports... ok ok... the last 3 terms are concluded as ENTERTAINMENT.. so i shall add another activity which involves brain work ok?


*can't believe leh??*

well this is one of the parcels in life... to organize our own time so that we can spend our days better... without focusing too much on studies or too much on ENTERTAINMENT. Ingenious plan isn't it? Being here in university requires well managed time... so to my fellow readers, heed my advice, as u enter university... don't panic... don't fret if the lecturer u get is sucky / brilliant / boring... it all comes to you and your friends... yes... u can't advance all by yourselves... you will need help no matter how independent are you... let go of your 'ego' self and start today by helping one another out... give and receive.. fair? no? after all, everyone's staying together in the hostel... unless u choose to travel to and fro from home... which after some calculation for petrol... maintenance.. time... u decide :p

ok... resuming my role as Quality Control Surveyor... got new plans for my timetable liao... pray it fits this time

will be back in Klang on Thursday... big renovation for my house... upstair flooring... haih... jaga rumah lagi... *sob*

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hostel Dilemma

ever wonder why my beloved Uniten wants students to change their apartments when a semester ends? i simply have no idea man... maybe it's fun to see us packing all our stuff that we brought into our respective apartment back into our luggages, which in later we have to bring all of them back into our new apartment that is situated a few rooms away from our first room, unpack the stuff and settle down again!!! a true usage for my favourite quote :


so this afternoon i'm there to settle my accomodation fees... as well as bring in a few of my luggages.. I'm staying in Cendekiawan from now on... an older hostel if compared to my previous hostel Amanah during foundation years. After taking my apartment keys... Alwin (my roomate) msg'ed me that he was already in the room... along in the msg contains some info which i'm not likely keen to see...

"This place is CRAP!"

how crappy can it be? i asked myself... but i need no confirmation as i entered my room on the 6th floor... there's Alwin sitting on the floor in the living room... FLOOR??!! where are the chairs?!! ok... there are no chairs in the living room... only 2 large tables in the living room, each table can have 2 person working at the same time... kitchen is ok... but... but... our bedroom... one word: PATHETIC!!!! small in size... there's only a wardrobe, a bed and a bedside table. That's all!!! no study table in our room... which makes me wonder that this setting is meant for us to do our activities in the living room and bedroom is merely for sleeping! -.-" some wardrobes even lost one of their doors... the one without mirrors! -.-" toilet's smaller than the ones in Amanah... and there's no sense of security cause some of the doors cannot lock properly... cham loh how safe can it be especially MY COMP which i wanna bring there for this semester!! -.-"

realising alot flaws in this apartment... I WANT MY AMANAH BACk!!! T_T oh well.. can't change ady... so have to stay in after all... and lots of missing furnitures... chairs for instance... and a small table for my room... arghh!! tension!! missing furnitures tend to make u feel bad... and u still got a few luggages to bring the very next day! haih...

a very happy back-to-U session... hopefully this semester will turn out right for me...

Friday, July 01, 2005

postponed posts Part 3

Still in Genting...

Morning begins with us 4 eating cheap and affordable breakfast (my ASS!)... pricing could be more towards millionaires who made big bucks either by investing on Genting's shares or simply just invest themselves in Uncle Lim's grandest casino.. either by luck or watever they have in their pockets.. money for money... that's how it's done...

the main purpose of our trip to Genting is of course nonetheless to enjoy ourselves in the theme park... our broadsmiles and enthusiasms were brought to a complete standstill as we observed the notice board at the theme park entrance....

Corkscrew, Cyclone, Red Dragon, and many more... were under heavy maintenance... the ones left operating is Solero Spaceshot, go-kart and the best ride u can find is of course the Matahari aka ferris wheel... feeling so cheated (kena conned memang tak syok) we have no choice but to find some other means to entertain ourselves... and ended up.....

Watching Initial D at Genting??!!!

yeah... we are kinda desperate.. there's nothing left can be done... we aren't tempted by the indoor theme park... so what else we can do? i feel sorry for Fang Chin and Crystal cause both of them have watched the show whereas me and Wei Kiat haven't.. and it cost them a few extra bucks to watch the 2nd time.. the show's ok to me overall... big names don't fancy me especially with the likes of Jay Chou starring as the lead character Takumi... need i say that he's bad in acting??! ok he doesn't attend acting schools watsoever, but why of all ppl must they choose him??! for the sake of promoting the show more likely... if he's nominated as one of the best prospect actors... i'm gonna sink Taiwan!! Anthony Wong the veteran is as ever played his part well... and pitied other big name actors who appeared only for a few scenes... not really worth a shot for big stardom huh?

it's almost 2.30 when we came out from the hotel.. since my parents requested me to do everything we want b4 3.30... so we had a blardy lunch at Burger King's... *reminder : Eat Burger King anywhere except Genting Branch... it's sucky!* also.. we had a little fun at the wax shop... and paid a *conned again* 40 bucks for a replica of my own hands... pictures will be posted and prepare for some surprise! :p

left Genting around 3.50... everyone dozed off in the car all the way till Klang.. sleepy pigs. >.<

All in all, this trip is partly a success... failures due to the blardy theme park having some crappy maintenance... we even noticed the Dragon roller coaster is operating as we were having lunch! talk bout bad luck... haih! next time we will be back... with more members!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

postponed posts Part 2

The stage is set... the plan is made... some cancellation... some add-ins... failed plans... but eventually we made the whole thing happen... the trip to Genting is a success! followed my parents and accompanied by Fang Chin, Wei Kiat and Crystal aka Cheng Cheng to stay in Genting's most colourful hotel : 1st World Hotel... >.<

had bah kut teh with Fang Chin and Wei Kiat, Crystal's suppose to join but my mum's car no batt... so can't fetch her over.. -.-" and a few miscalculations in logistics resulted a few complaints sent in by Crystal.. from the initial plan to leave at 11 ++am ended up 1 hour later than planned! -.-" after 2 hours of travelling in the car... we've finally reached Genting!!

first activity : TOILET!! 2 hours of torture in the car.. macam tak boleh tahan...
found : some joker in 2nd cubicle is throwing out / choking the guts out / clearing the innards... must had had a very very hard journey on the way up...

checked in around 3... dumped our stuff and started playing chor tai ti... the reason why is because there's heavy mist out there... thus the outdoor theme park is closed down -.-" there goes the eagerly-awaiting-for-rides Crystal merajuk'ing... tough luck.. went to have a game of bowling... pool and a few rounds of daytona.. all these were done b4 dinner...

Crystal was trying hard to get us to the infamous mini park which we can see KL from there... so we spent almost the whole night walking here and there... spent the body's newly intake energies by means of pizza... getting blown by fairly-cold wind... fuh... tak baik... eventually we did find the park... but it's heavily fogged that we can't really see far... so no KL view to see... -.-" oh well.. at least i know where to go if i ever bring my gf along next time! >.< took a few foggy pics over there.. will be posting it up shortly i hope.. hehe

spent the night playing chor tai ti and watch 'the grudge' halfway b4 KO'ed at 4... awaiting for the day's greater action....

so stay tuned.. for the next episode!!

postponed posts PART 1

alright.. i'm back (finally!) to give u guys a few ideas on me and my life for the past few days... more pics have been taken... and all of them will be posted.. and i'll inform u guys when it's done.. thx for being patient with me...

so without further delays, let's begin....


yeap... it's kuantan again! yeap it's the same hotel Duta Village again... same ol sea, same ol view.. same ol atmosphere... and same ol way to RELAX!! XD~ spent most of the time at the beach... and inside the room too.. either eating the Malay food over there like nobody's business... or sleeping away inside the room like a pig.. till the heat is partially removed from the sand... that's when the cooling system seawater comes in... got my fingers as wrinkled as ever... heh.. got to see red moon one night... which is hanging on the horizon... hrrm.. nvr seen a moon so low before... initially mistaken it as some ppl who's playing a kite... (proven my short-sighten eyes have worsen -.-")

overall this trip for me is too relaxed... that no extraordinary thing happened in this trip at all... -.-" for 3 days 2 nights... i'll bet no one wants to follow me to Kuantan if i ever invite them for a trip.. hehe

speaking of planning a trip... i've been spending some $$$ on my phone planning a trip to Genting. My parents have booked 2 rooms for this trip... so that i can invite a few friends over... so till the next post : GENTING TRIP!!

tune in again next time! same time same place~~ XD

Friday, June 24, 2005

out for awhile

I;l be going to Kuantan (again!) from Friday till Sunday... i know many of you out there are still wondering... "you have relative over there?" or "again ah? go there do wat?" or even someone suggested "got girlfriend over there issit? keep on going there wan?"

well.. actually... neither of these were true... i don't even have a relative in Kuantan come to think of it.. yeah... again i'm going there... for vacation... NOT finding my girlfriend... since i don't even have one at the moment... :p

nothign much happened these days... hence the absence of blogging... cos there's nothing interesting to be put in here! and my brain is hibernating still... so any philosophical thoughts... world politics that i'm sometimes keen to discuss with everyone... are temporarily disabled... thousand apologies.. -.-"

unless everyone agrees that playing DOTA is a very interesting way to spend your time... to be honest... it's a big no-no... i'm tired of DOTA... (ot till the verge of giving up.. no way... ) it's the only thing u can do whilst u are at home... especially when you don't have a car to travel around... or when everyone is not in a mood to spend a day out... or when your pockets has no means to carry that extra cash around... ok... too much metaphore around....

straight to the point: i wanna go out, but i have no car, and same goes to most of the ppl around.. and the worst i'm running out of cash... wat a way to spend your hols... -.-"

so this kuantan trip would be refreshing... cos it's spent by family... spend time with family... heh... so i'll be leaving klang for a while... blardy hot weather.. no hope seeing rain at all... haih... cannot tahan!!

so i'll be leaving you guys for a while... same applies to every websites i visit... every msn contacts i keep in touch with... hahaha... guess i'll be off now!!