Thursday, November 24, 2005

Century Break


If your rectum produces waste (as usual) that's consist of 90% liquid, 8% gas and 2% solid, then i suggest you should take a great consideration of your previous intake of food. And did i mention that you have to postpone your date with whatever you've craved for the past few months? No, i haven't mentioned it just now but i just did. Indulge yourself with the food and beverage that's capable of destressing youself? You better think twice! They might just overstress your poor filtering system.

Sigh. So much so to end my holidays. Guess I have to wait till my full recovery before i get to taste the last Bah Kut Teh in Klang before i head back to Uniten, the best place not to have chinese dish around. Cool huh? yippee...

Monday, November 21, 2005

All in One

I'm fine. Don't worry. The loss of my grandpa indeed brings back alot of memories when he was still here, as he welcomes every single family with a smile on his face that lightens up everyone's hearts. Always tells us to get ourselves a cup of Kopi O at the kitchen, a few tid bits to stuff our stomach even though most of the younger generations come over right after dinner time.

Looks like all of us younger ones will never get to hear those words from him again. Sigh.

On another brighter notes, or somewhat conflicted with the grandpa's departure, I had my lower braces removed on the same day itself. Now I'm wearing a retainer of course. (note to ENKI: you better seek your orthodontist to get the retainer done. It's better cos he got all the information about your teeth and necessary adjustments are only known by your own orthodontist. Sila consult diorang sebelum gigi anda terserong :p )

Until 25th of Nov, I'm not allowed to wear any clothing apparels with RED colour on it. A culture practised by Chinese, to mark respect of the deceased.

Man, my hols are almost over. Left one week nia. Time to get prepared for it. Did REALLY BADLY in my exams. Just skinned through the passing mark. Hope not to repeat the same feat again. Dowan pecah my own record.. not worth trying.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

To the Heaven he goes

As of 9th November 2005, Gan Kok Yong a.k.a my grandpa has reached the higher level in life and leave this forsaken land full of pain and sorrow.

At 90, he should be considered quite a strong man to live on this planet, experiencing various life and facing some difficulties... including the escapade from the communist in Malaya Lands during WW2 and playing chinese chess with one of my cousins, also speaking Mandarine to ME ONLY! :p Ironically smoking is not the factor that took his life away. So does smoking really kills? hrrrm~~~

The mourning will last for 4 days. An odd number, since the number 4 is considered nombor tarak bagus according to the Chinese. But the Buddhist tua-tao says on Saturday is an auspicious day. Since we are 4 days away from Saturday (the burial day), therefore this time is different case; number 4 is our GOOD number. Weird...

I will be at Ah Kong's house till the burial day. No plans for me this week. I'm a good grandson! :p

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a few turning points

Wat do you know... I speak of the term 'turning point' quite frequently to a few of my MSN pals when suddenly I am facing the same phase of my life as it meets the turning point. I could only let you guys know that my teenage life has hit a new phase as the slope of the graph becomes 0, where D square y over D x square has come up with a new equation, a negative sign in front.

Not a good sign, Wa Cakap Sama Lu

My grandfather (father's side if you guys are curious enough) has been admitted to hospital after suffering a severe heart attack. And yet I still have the urge to imagine those soap operas where the daughters were quarreling at one another for some usual nonsense shit and the father tries to calm them down but eventually pengsan due to a faint heart. And the daughters would panic and yell 'Papa!! Papa!! Lei yao sei mou?? Oh NO!!! He fainted!! HELP! HELP!" Kepala hotak diorang!!

Ok back to MY grandfather, which misses out the above dramatic scene... The arteri that's connected to his heart was blocked (partly caused by his smoking habits) and lacked the amount of enzyme which i've forgotten wat the hell is it... so an external pacemaker is attached to him so that his heart can continue to pump, mechanically. Sons, grandsons, grandsons-in-law, great grandsons... well most of them went to the hospital to pay him a visit. It's a scary walk in the Coronary Care Unit, just like in the tv shows, where the patients are lying helpless on their beds, their life hanging by a thread, almost ready to snap. Grandfather was sleeping peacefully as I entered the room. Calling him 'Ah Kong' did not wake him up. For some reason though i hope some miracle happen, that he would open his eyes and talk to me in Mandarin (He talks Mandarin to ME ONLY cos i suck at hokkien when I was a kid)

At the age of 90, many of us would think that maybe it's time that Ah Kong would leave this world. But maybe he still has some errands that's yet to be done, Ah Kong's condition improved yesterday! He could even wondered where the hell was he. Here's the conversation that my mum had with him as she worked over there:

Mum : How are you feeling now? Does your body still hurt?

Ah Kong : My body hurts all over... I wish I could sleep soon.

Mum : Dont' worry, just lie down quietly and you will sleep.

Ah Kong : No, I mean 'sleep'. The eternal peaceful sleep.

Goodness, I thought of laughing at this point. I thought Ah Kong had a good sense of humour but my mum just hush me up! Anyway I'm glad that he's in much better condition now.

So much so for having a few turning points, my health deteriorates as my head continues to spin at awkward moments. So I wouldn't drive much even if i'm given the chance.
Wednesday is a big day for me, where after 5 years of pain, suffering and torturing, i can finally say sayonara to the braces... lower part nia... oh well... the joy to lick my teeth from the front! ahh... i can barely wait!

Many more turning points are expecetd and yet to come though! Now my head spins again! Geez!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Skull...

As posted before, I do have a headache for the past few days. So how does one deal with the headache?

1. Pop in a few dozes of panadol and just sleep.

2. Literally sleep alot minus the panadol.

3. Ignore the rest / medication and continue the daily healthy routine - minus the sleep.

Despite having a headache, i still play a few games of basketball, and even faced the computer for most of the day. And of course I slept alot for the past few days. Literally alot! As though to recover back the time's lost during my study time, where assignments robbed away most of my precious sleeping session. Not just a fitful 8 hours sleep, even afternoon naps are prolonged from the usual 1 hour to a 3 hour long event! 1/2 of a day gone into sleeping session.. not bad eh?

In the end I did recover, except i still have a lingering drowsiness inside my head occasionally. It strikes without warning. Did I sleep too much? As sleeping too much would definitely cause a headache, but I've never thought of getting that dizzy feeling. I didn't dream of going through any wild rides. I am still on ground zero!

Maybe I should experiment sleeping in different positions. I've had bad positions these days. My neck hurts when i wake up. My body's aching and stiff, and requires a few stretches before I can actually move around properly...


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fever Symptoms

What happens when you wake up one fine day when the sun is not shining and is covered by heavy dark clouds that's on the verge of bursting.......

And you are down with a fever??

Simple. Just sleep! Ignore the gradual heat that's accumulating on your forehead.

That's what I did when I first got a minor fever. Minor i tell you! A good rest would do good for me, but no.... I even tried eating soupy stuff, thanks to Fang Chin who called me up at 3 something... that meal at Laksa Corner really made me feel better, so i proceeded to play basketball with my friends, to sweat it out. Despite the efforts, in the end I feel worse. No choice... in comes the best solution : Panadol, Honey Water, and Strepsils "Extra Strong" for my sore throat. And for once I slept early!!

And this morning I woke up feeling much better, but my mouth hurts. And it wouldn't take a genius to realize what causes everything that I've gone through yesterday....

I got Wisdom Tooth AGAIN! This time it's on my upper right corner...

K.N.N.C.C.B ~~~