Friday, December 22, 2006

Procrastination & Plagiarism

I just realise one thing about myself that is not making myself more appealing to others.

OK, the term appealing just doesn't sound right here... I'm not that of a desperado.

Instead of having my own proper stands and beliefs, I tend to follow other person's opinion which I agree to, take sides, and criticise the other party who does not share the same opinion as I do!

Take note that once I take up someone's opinions or ideas etc., it should stay embedded in my head forever... Unless someone comes up with another opinion that I may feel it's much better than my current one, I'll start updating my own database, make some edittings, and with the command "Ctrl-S", voila.. I have my new-improved opinion to be used to defend MY own rights as well as making more cynical comments on other people!

To show you guys how good I am in this field, allow me to give an example on my not-so-good character of mine. ^^

My bro listens to pop music before the metal genre takes over, so I followed as well. New Kids on the Block, does it ring any bell anyone?
My bro likes metal, so he influenced me to like it when I was still young. Now, I like metal.
So when bands like BSB, 911, N'sync show up, My bro doesn't bother, so I don't really bother much about them, though there are some good songs, like I said, I don't really bother.
When bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park appear, bro says they are crap. And so do I.
When bands like Simple Plan appear...... Bro and I agreed, that we should just change the radio station straightaway.

Now, I do have my own opinion why I am not into the bands I've mentioned above. But I'm not here to criticise them OK, for I know that there are alot people that like them.

It's all about my bad habits I'm talking about now right? So I shall take this opportunity to fully utilize it before I decide to change it for the better me!

There are few issues that I have not blogged about for the past few days:

a) Female Mag's 50 Gorgeous People (2/12/06)
Held in Zouk, KL, the main purpose is what else, to see the 50 gorgeous people over there (and hopefully some gorgeous people among the audiences).

What a disappointment. Out of 50, there are only few good looking ones that's worth competing in the first place! And they took less than 5 minutes to decide the top 10 after leaving us audiences waiting far too long for the show to begin in the first place.

The final 10 models then went through some Q&A sessions, catwalk and some model-audience game session. Trying to see which model has the better confidence and PR skills I suppose?

It sure takes alot of time and patience for those who's not taking part in any of the event (like me) to find out the REAL gorgeous model (Man and Woman) And I never stand for 1 whole night!!

b) TGV Beach Blast at Sunway Lagoon (10/12/06)
Dumb ol me didn't expect that we are going to go for a dip inside there along with hordes of people who are there earlier than us with hopes of getting themselves the early bird door gift!

Fortunately, Hong Yang decided to come abit later than Fang Chin and I, so both of us asked him to bring along our clothes from our home before he comes. With the clothes problem settled, all of us just crash into the pool without any further delay!

Organisers kept reminding us that a lucky draw is gonna be held in the evening. With lucrative prizes such as PS3, a trip to Disneyland at stake, we have decided to hang around till that event comes.

Sightseeing becomes a hobby, pranking with Fang Chin and Co., soaking in the water till the skin wrinkled, yes... it's getting boring as time goes by every slowly. Everything went smoothly until thunderstorm comes. Torrent rain hit the massive pool as though the bladder system has gone awkwardly wrong. Stranded for hours, we've decided to give up the prizes and head home instead.

With the consolation that there are cun Bikini-cladded girls! XD

For pictures, please tekan link di bawah:
Fang Chin

There, I've done procrastining and plagiarising!!

I might have second thoughts trying to remove this habit of mine, it sure comes in handy in future! XD

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moving Out and In

NEW SEM BEGINS!!!!!! Which means that......

I've got 4 months of pure Educational + Hostel + Fun + Ponteng + Stress + Depression + Tension = University Life

Yippeee!! No more waking up at wee hours. My meal time shall be back to normal with 3 main course meals with one tea time on either daytime or night time. Thus providing me a healthier lifestyle.

However, this lifestyle would increase the probability of NOT HAVING BAH KUT TEH FOR 4 MONTHS by threefolds!

Not really a worthy sacrifice... T_T

So I've moved back into my hostel. After behaving like a sloth for almost a month, it's hard to get back into my old self in a matter of days. Moving luggages and the computer in and out of the car has been a big pain in the ass for me now!

Through all the tugging, groaning and swearing, I managed to settle down in my new apartment...

And being blown away with a whiff of strong B.O that has been contained in the room for almost a month!!!!!!

Knn... of all time not to bring along my Glades Air Freshener...

Will post pics of my hostel. Since I've never done that at all even though I've been here in Uniten for the past 3 years.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tagged... again!

I think I've been tagged by quite a many times on this sei (number 4) version. No thanks to the siao zhar bo bloggers! hrmph!

I hope you all are happy that finally I've decided to respond to this one, though I myself must seek apologise for posting this one up so late!

4 Things many don't know.
- I'm not doing well in my studies at the moment, like yeah I passed, but I almost failed...
- Because of the above, I'm lacking self confidence...
- I'm music illiterate, even so I'm learning the guitar... and it's tough.. to be patient as well ><
- I dunno whether you guys would have noticed by now, but I don't look like either of my siblings. xD

4 Movies I could watch over and over again
- The Last Samurai
- Pirates of the Carribean
- The Crow

4 Places I've lived
-Chi Liung
-Perlis (Still a toddler that time so I can't remember exactly how does it look like over there)
-Cousin's place (used to stay there overnight during cny for games)
-Uniten hostel! -.-"

4 TV Shows I love
- 3rd Rock from the Sun (sadly it's over for a long time ago! T_T)
- Anthony Bordaine (is it spelt like tis?) the amusing yet sarcastic traveller!

Can I stop here since I hardly watch the TV??!

4 Places I've been on vacation
- Kuantan (like countless times already..)
- Cameron Highlands (like countless times already again....)
- Hatyai ,Thailand
- Pangkor Island

4 Of my favourite food
-Scrambled eggs.. ><
-Omellet du Fromage! that's cheese omelette in French!!
-Bah Kut Teh la wat else...
-Oh yeah, almost forgotten... Restaurant Boston Baru's zhi hun gen (fried starch mee)

4 Places I would rather be.
-by the beach on a hammock...
-Jasper, Canada.
-yum char sessions.. though I would get broke sooner than I thought
-away from home.. good enough.. though being kidnapped is not an ideal way to be away from home..

4 Favourite songs
-In Joy and Sorrow - HIM
-Warmness on the Soul - Avenged Sevenfold
-I Remember You - Skid Row
-Like Light to the Flies - Trivium

4 Others I wanna tag
- dowan lah... see I so kind again!