Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Free!

The plan worked! I've managed to escape from the Warden's clutches this time! He wouldn't have known what hit him! Hah! He should not look down upon my intelligence this time! And now to celebrate my new found freedom...

Time for me to get some fresh air. The prison cell is too dark for my liking as well. I need to feel the breeze of the open wind and the sun basking on me once i set foot on the opening. It will be good see the nature's blessing once again! The sun.. the sea... the trees.. the rivers...

Wait a minute, is that bah kut teh??!

Ok enough ramblings for now! Time to get me self some replenishment! Do Not Disturb!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Lack of imagination in this post. So I will just go straight to the point...

Say goodbye to Linear Algebra...
Say goodbye to Differential Equation...
And now...
Gawd... am I gonna repeat the failed subjects in next semester?

Coming up next will be Technical Communication.. let's hope I dont' die in this subject k??

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Cursed Cage

I'm given a few hours of breathing space by the Warden, who has mercilessly kept me in prison with only bread and water to content with, and seemingly endless tasks to keep me distracted from my stomach and of course, the lack of rest.

As we speak, the mounting pressure on me is getting much more intensed than ever before. The tasks, given by the Warden himself, are getting more complicated and time-consuming with each passing day. Proper planning and great will of determination are essential in order to man-handle the tasks efficiently. Without these attributes, I would once again succumbed to darkness with less hair and more wrinkles as well as bigger eye-bags.

Deprived from good food and stucked in a daily routine, my determination wanes over time. It would come to no surprise that I fall; it is inevitable. Soon, I could no longer take it. I need to escape! Escape from this Warden, who has caged me since the mid-18's. But, tried as I had, I did managed to escape, but only temporarily. He knows where to seek me out. He just knows. I have no idea how. It became a weekly routine, mainly because that's one of his ways to keep himself amused, like watching a rodent running on a cartwheel.

These days, the Warden has embedded me with nothing but tasks, tasks, tasks, and more tasks! Never a moment of peace and tranquility that I need. And bread and water for my daily meals! What outrage!! I expect something better than that! Even worse, the weekly ritual of Hide & Seek is being replaced by Write or Die, an activity known only by few, but it's referred as Reports by common tongue. He knows that one day, I would run out of ideas, and that's when he executes me! I won't give in to him! I will survive... I shall persevere!!!

Ahh shit, the Warden's back! I must hatch a plan to outlast him this time! Bless me with your prayers won't you anyone out there? I fear I may not see this again...unless I still live by then to chronicle what's transpiring here.. in this cursed cage.