Sunday, July 22, 2007

The First 2 Weeks

My 3rd year began 2 weeks ago. I have set sights upon 3 lecturers, which I have a very nerve-wrecking session whenever I enter their classes.

Hailed from Pakistan / Bangladesh / India, whichever the country they are from, they share the same similiar passion within them : To teach us students how to die in their subjects respectively~!!!!

Take Dr. Bashir, the machine design lecturer. He is knowledgable, that is very good. He provides us his own notes. Very good. The only problem is that he lacks the ability to convey his knowledge into erm... sentences. He stutters alot, which is quite irritating in my opinion. A great lecturer hampered by his disability to express his thoughts. Self reading is the only solution to get away from this subject unscathed.


Then the next candidate would be Dr. Shahida Begum. She who taught Materials 2 years ago, are reunited once again in Engineering Measurements. Her command in English is good, but her accent makes it hard for us to catch whatever she's saying. So another subject going down the drain.


The final candidate (and obviously the greatest among all) is none other than Dr. Farrukh Nagi aka Fagi. Modeling & Dynamics System lecturer. Good command in speaking. Brimming with confidence, he begins lecturing us about analysing the springs, dampers loaded onto the mass and how the physics law works on it.

He's teaching the basics. Most students aren't paying attention.
He's beginning to feel dulan.
What the?!!
Yeah when I caught you guys not paying attention, this is when I shall strike!!
It's only the first week!!!

Things got worse after that...

He's drawing a particular diagram, explaining about the importance of the direction the forces are acting on.
He got the direction the other way round.
He didn't realise it. So did we ( we still dunno what he is teaching about )
One student did realise it. He raised his arm.
Sir I think it's the other way round.
Noo Noo you aren't knowledgable enough to understand what I'm doing now!

A few days later...

He redrew the same diagram, this time with the force direction applied to the correct direction!!
Sir, what happened the other day?
Now don't you remember the previous lesson, you should follow and change in accordance!

How to survive in this subject with such sohai lecturer??!

Other subjects are ok. But I smell death coming too soon for this semester. Too soon...


On a side note, housewarming party is as successful as it could be! With all the things well prepared at the last moment, things could not have gotten worse, could it?

Well it did!!

First of all, the amount of people attended exceeded expectation.
With that, more trouble loomed.
Makanan tak cukup.
Minuman - logistic timing tak ngam.
Some people even go for 2-3 rounds (one even dared 7 rounds)
Basically, the food is not enough!!

But still, not many people are complaining, so what the heck! It's fun to have a housewarming. But enough stress conjured within those days...

Tiba masa untuk tidur.

Reporting from home, Klang!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


OMG! I didn't realise that I've abandon this blog for almost a month (2 weeks short nia~~) and I've yet to blog about my trip in Ireland!

Before the Ireland stuff, it's time to let readers (if there's still any left after my lacksture of updating) know what have I been doing for the past 2 weeks after the updates on Dragonforce...

It's better if I just list them out right here instead of elaborating further:

- I'm staying outside of Uniten Campus, along with my housemates Alwin, Tai Soon, Eugene and Tai Leong, we are currently building our hideout in Taman Desa Serdang.

- Streamyx and phone line is still in the process of pasang'ing so do not expect to see us coming online on weekdays... Unless we go to Uniten's Comp Lab to log in!

- I'm currently driving my sis's car to Uniten. Since my sis is currently working in Ireland, why not I use?? But I have to bear the petrol cost and maintenance fees of course.

- Seeing the probability of becoming broke in less than a month, I've decided to help my cousin in his handphone shop on weekends to earn abit of pocket money thus helping to cover some of my expenses as life progresses in Uniten.

- Most important of all, my hols has ended. Time to get serious in studies once more.

Lots of words, no pics.. bosan betul... yadayadayada...

I'm blogging from my bro's comp at home, so I do not have the pics required to post it up.

There will be a House Warming Party this coming Tuesday. With BBQ involved... So excited! Can't wait for that day!! xD

Seriously, I better blog more often... -.-