Sunday, October 29, 2006

Catch'em Robots!

All right!!!!!! The casts has done their job! The dubbing's done!!! Now let's watch the final product!!!!

Robots is aired tonight on Astro's StarMovies at 10pm!! Please do yourself a favour by holding up whatever plans for tonight. Instead, just sit down, relax, and switch the Astro channel to 42, and enjoy yourselves watching the show!

Just in case you've forgotten, do remember to switch the language to Bahasa Melayu while watching this show!!

Also, some junk food and soft drinks would compliment best for this show! Do enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


kepada mereka yang beragama Hindu..

Selamat Hari Deepavali!!!!

Kepada mereka yang beragama Islam...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!!
Maaf Zahir Batin!!!!

to the homeward bound, may their journey be safe and sound,
to the awaiting ones, may their anxieties removed,
to the gathering ones, may their joys and sorrows be blessed and shared,

to the unfortunate ones who gave their life trying to be like the others,
may their souls rest in peace and find solace in the realm beyond...

It's painful, but it happens all the time.

Festive seasons is one of those times you just don't wanna read the newspapers only to find out more ill-fated accidents occured again. Bizarre incidents that leave one speechless and filled with sympathy on the victim's family members. Who would have known that this festive seasons, which is supposed to bring everyone together, now has to leave one behind forever... the sorrow they feel as such unfortunate events took place is surely unimaginable. But who do we blame but ourselves when such events occured...

Careless and reckless driving have played a vital role in the increment of road accidents. Though road safety campaigns have been going on for weeks, but still, somehow, there are certain people who just can't get those advice into their thick-head skulls. Rural areas with 'deadly' ponds are one of the places to avoid, especially for the children, whose ability to swim may take years to swim like a frog, but definitely don't breathe like a frog!!

Certainly that pond would have some child's voices when raya approaches in years to come *brrrrr*

It seems ill-fated to the unfortunate ones. But such is life to many others.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Time Factor

Life in hostel is torturous, yet it passes quickly,
my time is no longer counted in days, but weeks,
day by day, the familiar routine that everyone does,
multiply it by 5 days and there you have it..
one week!

one week comes and one week goes,
in a blink of an eye, it has been a month,
with an average of 30 days per month,
720 hours per month, minus 192 hours for all weekends,
a whopping 508 hours per month at your disposal.

4 months later... and there goes one semester.
Pretty quick. And I'm left with 6 more semesters.
Imagine how fast the clock is ticking... towards the end.

it's so easy to figure it out how much time we got,
but it's never easy to realise where the time has gone,

it's so easy to figure it out what we have done,
but it's never easy to find out where the time is wasted as well.

it's so easy to figure it out when to stop,
it's so easy to figure it out what is distration,
it's so easy to figure it out the cause of temptation,
but it's never easy to resist them.

it's so easy to figure it out the reason to fail,
it's so easy to figure it out the ways to succeed,
it's so easy to figure it out what went wrong,
it's so easy to figure it out the ways to put things right,
but it's never easy to just go ahead and make amends.

it's so easy to figure it out who to blame the fault on,
but it's never easy to blame it on yourself.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Robots Remade!!

Hear yee Hear yee! Great news for us local viewers!!

In conjuction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri, STAR Movies has arranged to air Robots, a fun family animated show by Pixar...


Yeah you are seeing this right! Dont' have to rub your eyes in disbelief... It's real! And it's here!! Only in Malaysia! One of the kind!!!

To make this happen, several local talents have joined in to lend their voices in this dubbed over movie to give Robots a whole new life especially for the local viewers. Lovable entertainer Aznil Hj. Nawawi will be the voice of Rodney Copperbottom, who was played by Ewan McGregor in the Hollywood version, while singer-turned-actor AC Mizal will play Fender, originally voiced by Academy Award winner Robin Williams. Other local talents involved are Zahid, Felix, Elliza, Faizal and Lotter from the local favourite show Akademi Fantasia. Beat TV Host Sazzy Falak, theatre veteran Azean Irdawaty, local funnyman Shamsul Ghau Ghau as well as ERA FM DJs Rostam and Nana.

...and many more still not mentioned yet!!!

According to Nini Yusof, Associate Vice President of STAR, she feels that the fully dubbed movie Robots into Bahasa Malaysia is a great idea to further attract the mass market viewers in Malaysia. Not only it does give a local flavour to its viewers, it also provides satisfaction to the audiences who see the rising local talents as their idols. It also gives local artists a chance to show their capabilities in the entertainment industry.

With so many local talents so eager to be involved in this project, I for one feel enthusiastic to watch the show. Though I didn’t get to watch Robots when it is released, this is something not to be missed altogether!! Right now, I shall wait for Robots on STAR Movies!!! By the way, it’s on 29th October! Tune in everybody! Give our local artists some support!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival

Also known as the mooncake festival, simpy where everyone eats the mooncake as they celebrate it with their families / friends. Though I did get to celebrate it with my family, this day has been tainted with some distractions from Uniten itself.

On that festive day itself, I have a test!!! Blardy hell?? This is a chinese traditional festival man! And the management has the guts to put the test on that day itself!! Blardy insulted!! They sure don't respect that festival huh?

Even though Mooncake festival is not a public holiday, at least think la fren, think of how we'd feel if we are supposed to spend time together with our family, instead, we have to sit for a test?? The test can be rescheduled to other more convenient dates right?? right?? Is it so hard to find other more appropriate time to give us test? Is it fun to see us suffer?? Especially the chinese????

All the while I am not the racist type of a person. But this scenario has got out of its way. I wouldn't say that we, chinese are being systematically marginalized. But, should the scenario doesn't improve to the way of perpaduan, then, I shall not sit here and do nothing. It's time to make a stand, to fight for our own right!

Chinese, Malay or Indian?! We are all the same! We are Malaysian citizens. So we must be treated firm and fair regardless of the race.

Isn't that a simple task? Or does one need so much 'reasonable excuses' to treat each and everyone of us differently?

Happy Mooncake Festival everybody! Mooncakes are halal!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Would-be Adults

Fucked up lecturers? Fucking lots of assignments?? Fucking comments by some acquintance which you have no thoughts of bothering them in the first place?? Heated arguments with parents for some petty issues??

Yeah, the life of would-be adults, who are stuck in college/institutes/universities, seeking their goals, their true purpose here in this world, to be one of the specialist of Earth, to serve the motherland with their wits and brawn, in return of some handsome reward to further enrich their life, to make a living, and of course, to survive. So much of a thought, for one person alone. Depression, no doubt, shall hit upon those unfortunate souls, like me, who think too much.

Think too much... pure nonsense, no substance, heh, yeah that's me alright. So I'm not constantly in depression, though the familiar scenarios everyone face in their lives, I can't avoid that. That's the most invaluable lesson to be handed down by those people involved. Although it displeases me all the time, especially to be on the defeated side, I'm glad as well, that I've learnt a valuable lesson from the more experienced.

Enough ramblings, this means I'm on the wrong track of my life! Moving back...

If one suffers a series of depression and is looking for some songs that might be able to soothe you, then I would suggest Megadeth's A Tout Le Monde. The lyrics, though not completed, are given below. Don't worry, although Megadeth is a hardcore thrash metal band, this particular song should be labelled as 'the softest song' produced by them.

Here's the lyrics :

Don't remember where I was,
I realise life was a game.
The more serious when I took things,
the harder the rules became.
I have no idea what it caused,
my life passed before my eyes,
I found that how little I accomplished,
all my dreams denied.

So as you read this know my friends,
I'd love to stay with you all,
Please smile when you think about me,
My body's gone, that's all.

A tout le monde,
A tout mes amis,
Je vous aime,
Je dous partir,

These are the last words I'll ever speak
And they will set me free.

Always remind yourself to handle the stress properly, and never take the song's lyrics too seriously. The songs written by bands usually portrays their life, not ours. So we are to follow their paths, especially if it leads to the wrong side of our supposedly complicated lifestyle.

If listening to songs does not help reduce stress, just aim your head on the wall...
It's just one of the ways, albeit more effective. =)