Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pigs Are Marching In

This entry is abit late, but no matter, it's for everyone's sake...


welcome the year of the boar (or pig!) my frens!!!

Studies shows that in order to have a successful year, we must eat like a pig, sleep like a pig, work like a pig!! Be as greedy as a pig!! And of course, be as intelligent as a pig! Don't pray-pray, pig is one of those smart creatures living on earth alright?!

Teach it to sit and it'll give u a middle finger.


Ok, maybe a hoof...

So, have a very great chinese new year everyone. Get loads of ang pow, don't be shy to ask for more... be greedy!!!!! and gamble more as well! place bigger bets! no turning back! just be bold with your decisionS!!

Just act like a pig, and you'll be the happiest, prosporous person on earth!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stress = Force / Area

As of today, 8th of Feb at 2.30am...

I have finally release the solid load from my stomach into the jamban!!!!

Didn't sit on the toilet seats since Sunday. So my butt has somewhat missed the plastic feeling of the seats, so it does feel awkward at first when I sat on it. Also, I better watch carefully what I eat for the next few days. More vegetables and fruits are encouraged than meat!!

Been having flu as well since yesterday. Goodness knows where the virus comes from. So it's not an enjoyable day for me...

I must delay my flight back to Klang. There's a test on Friday afternoon, and I'm not eager for it. Disaster spells clearly right on my forehead. I'm doomed for sure.

Oh well, time to buck up before everything goes haywire like last semester!

About 21st January

In a place called 1-Utama...

A man and a woman were walking side by side, window shopping, glancing around things that the man does not even bother in the first place. His subject, is the person beside him now.

So he asked her.....

"When should we put the date for the eventful day?"

Smiling, she said : "Today then, 21st January!"

They both agreed, and there is no turning back, as they look forward to that day annually.

Still, I shouldn't have asked when we were walking in front of the Jusco's grocery shop area, where aunties and senior citizens packed the region. I could have picked somewhere more quiet / romantic / suitable... whatever, as long as it's not in Jusco can ady!

What's done is done... Hope that you don't mind, my dear!

Shin, no matter what, don't you blardy forget that date!!!!