Sunday, April 29, 2007

American Idol 6 Fans Alert!

Head over Cineleisure Damansara (Beside the Curve if still unsure...) on 5th May, 2pm onwards to join the crowd and see the contestants showing off their talents in order to stand a chance to watch American Idol Finale LIVE!!!! In Los Angeles man!!!!

Hosted by the ever entertaining’s JJ & Rudy, the selected contestants must be able to meet the criterias set by the organisers and woo the judges comprised of Brian Vinesh from, hot DJ Marion C of Channel [V], and Agnes Rozario from Astro. So be sure to play your trump cards properly to impress them!

What the contestants have to do??
- Dress and impersonate like one of the top 12 American Idol finalists!
- Prepare 2 performances (their own choice eg: song, dance, talk, or anything interesting that's related to American Idol 6)
- To those who make it to the top 3, they are required to prepare another performance which incorporates “why they should win”. It can be singing, rapping, or anything
- Finally, they will be tested on their knowledge of American Idol 6.

Some afternoon this is going to be! So start practising everybody! Let that kiasu-ism boil inside you!!!!

Sanjaya impersonation would be interesting on that day should one of them idolizes him even though he's voted off.

So head over Cineleisure and have some fun!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The 2 Weeks of 2 Months

Brief updates to many souls wondering what on earth am I doing in these 2 weeks...

First, there's this half-marathon in The Curve organised by BHP.

9km, around the Curve, damansara residential areas, a glimpse of the NKVE highway, 1-Utama, back to the Curve! Total distance covered is 9km...

9km only what...

9km that has hill tracks, one whole year without jogging since the PJ half-marathon, lack of sleep... Enough said, Im' totally unprepared for this time around. Managed to jog until the halfway line before the machineries in my body malfunction. The whole right leg is strained to the point that I can't even jog. I can't believe it myself, but yeah it's serious. So I walked the remaining of the distance, and judging from the injuries I suffered, I'm surprised that I am able to complete the route in 1 and half hour's time.

The reward for those who manage to finish the track is the same, and fulfilling... A BHP backpack and a certificate of Acknowledgement. Good enough considered that the amount paid to enter this event is neglectible, in exchange of the goodies received of course!!

No pics taken during the whole event, phone's left inside Kar Chun's car for safe-keeping. Which means that I don't get to snap any leng lui photos if i meet one...

But there's alot of them in this event!!!!! -.-"

Suan Le Bah!

Next post would be the Kuantan Trip...

yeah.. again and again eh? wont' be bored with that place? Pics are promised to bombard your connection so be prepared! *I hope*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The 2

It's been 2 weeks...

2 weeks since I last blogged here...

2 weeks since I last had a proper sleep...

2 weeks of writing non-stop on the answer scripts, but never able to finish all the questions in time...

2 weeks of rushing the Theory of Machine project, including the final report, presentation slides and building up the prototype...

Agonized, stressed, exhausted, frustrated, tired, consumed, emfeebled, zombie'ed, tensed...

These are just but a few of the suitable adjectives that best describe what my coursemate and I have gone through...

For the past two weeks...

Apologies to everyone / anyone who's hopeful enough to drop by and see me ramble whenever I blog...

Rejoice now!! For that dreadful 2 weeks have come and gone!!! I'm now a Free man!!!!


*pops champagne and tosses confetti around*

~Shit... I think I've copied my fellow blogger's style!!

2 months of holiday and I shall enjoy it this time! Might find work or maybe I'm just gonna laze around in the house during the hols. So bug me if you guys want! I'm always available! =p

Monday, April 02, 2007


Beautiful night ain't it?

I won't be looking out that often from now onwards.

I won't be spending much time here...

Nor you......

Forsake entertainment! Forsake the bed! Forsake the view that makes you ponder about the time spent in Uniten!

Arise! It's time to seek new allies! Those who would help you instead of forsake you!!

Welcome my stationaries, notes, and of course, the ever faithful Apollo Layer Cake!

Hell has arrived sooner than we thought!

It is the time again when we dig deep into our reserves, cracke our brains as we try to extract whatever we have learnt for the past 3 months and jot them down into a piece of paper.

3 months worth of crap, summarized into one piece of paper. Read that piece of paper and you obtain the whole semester's knowledge.

The Tablet of Destiny... yes... this piece of paper is the deciding piece on whether you would Long Piak in this semester or not.

2 weeks is a long, cruel journey to live through.

Fortunately, we do have some unexpected allies in the form of midnight snack!

Even though it's already 3am, there's still people dining in. Stomach is angry to many people at that time!

Studies aside, there's a Stroller Design Project my coursemates and I are working on!

We did come up with our finalised design (which is not shown here). The interesting one is those we brainstormed together, tinkering with the shapes and sizes...

One of the suggested design is as follows:

Bigfoot Stroller!!!!!!!!
Inferiorate other young parents with this big-ass stroller. Capable of supporting babies up to 20kg plus other items that you would feel like tossing into it!
Ok enough nonsense.
For the past few days I have stayed up with my fellow housemate to do revisions and project. We even went to our friend's place outside Uniten to complete the task together. Staying up till dawn has become a norm.
I hate becoming a Panda. T_T
2 weeks only... 2 weeks only...
A rare sight as we return to our hostel around 5am...

Mau beli kereta??
Good luck to everyone who's taking exams!!!