Sunday, December 26, 2004

ShiN"s GuidE to thrOw OuT

SteP 1
get urself late for a show which is supposedly starts at 6.55pm and yet u arrived there at 7.10pm... process : enjoy a hell ride from a driver who took as much credit as Kimi Rikkonen as he first won the race in Sepang circuit... swt... fortunately the show started at aroudn 7.20... enjoy a rapid heartbeat rate at 160 beats per minute...

Step 2
laugh urself crazy as u watch stephen chow's 'kungfu hustle'.. make sure ur stomach has the muscles twitched and ached like there's no longer tomorrow... preferably that ur stomach is empty... *heh*

Step 3
slow drive back to chi liung for a meal... make sure u order 'he ko peng' with some garlic and chillies to go along with... thus feeling an intense heat inside ur stomach.. and the stomach has no more hollow parts...

step 4
felt betrayed cos the 4 fellas who's promised to join eventually cabut'ed away and end up playing snooker... 8 fellas soh, kien hong, mao, hai liang, han kwang, fang chin, kar chun and I drove all the way to Sri Hartamas to celebrate our own version of Christmas!

Step 5
order a bottle of Tequila... economical compare to other sorts of liquor... yumyum... should u feel unsure bout the ways of drinking liquor... plz do consult the waiters for their experties... it is service charge after all.. so don't feel guilty to spoil yourself to ask them to pour for u as well...

Step 6
warm up abit by mixing 1 part of Tequila and 8 parts of Tonic Water (interviewed mum... she says it's not sprite.. cos we don't taste anything sweet... abit bitter) then... lick a tip of salt, sip the liquor... and finish the process with a suck on the lime... *slllurrrrrp* then busy urself by drinking the Tequila NEAT ----> a term used when u are drinking a pure liquor... NO mix at all! Ask te waiter for that sorta glass.. (they will know, especially when u wanna drink it Neat) bottoms up... preferably drink 3 of it... (ahhh... tis is good...) and finally a glass of POP ---> 1 part of Tequila and 3 parts of ToniC water... cover the glass with coaster... raise the cup and smack it hard... then bottoms up!! yumm... seng....! *burP*

Step 7
enjoy urself walking down the stairs in a straight line... avoid swaying side to side to knock the other patrons.... hehe... by now ur head will be warm... u can feel ur heartbeat... pulsing at alarming beat... and u literally knock yourself out during the journey back to your home... as u sway urself all the way from the car to the gate to opening the doorlock... to locking it as well... close the door and waltz up the stairs to your room... u change into your 'sleeping clothes'.. -topless in my case- u will feel a jolt in ur stomach... and that's the time... you gotta move quickly to the toilet... and prepare.... for the escape of ur stomach's excessive stuff..... and all comes out ... tequila tequila tonic water... salt... lime juice... and even ironically... the extracts of 'he kor peng'.... yes... your head is still spinning after that...

step 8
wat bout step 8?? brush ur teeth and sway into your room and sleep lah~!!!!

Not a bad way to celebrate christmas eh?? New year's eve is next week btw.... >.<

Saturday, December 25, 2004

MerRY X'MaS!!

really... it's christmas already!!! though i don't really celebrate it... but it's just great to brighten up everybody's spirits... as mentioned.. it's about giving and sharing the joy and love... hahaha... Janice gave me a present.... when opened up... -.-" a banner which goes like this :



thanks Janice! i'll find the true meaning of this banner... hahaha...
thanks to those who sent SMS wishes for Merry X'mas... do hope the same goes to you guys...
thanks to all my pals who's been with me throughout my life even till now... past present future ;)
thanks to my Uni friends who's been with me even though it's only 2nd sem and we have gone along like buddies~
thanks to everyone~! literally everyone~! glad to have you guys by my side...

*sob sob* (today's blog is abit too emotional eh?) >.<

ChrISTmas CaroL & MerrY Christmas~!

Tis the season to be Jolly ~~~ whoa... christmas... a day of giving and receiving... not just in terms of presents... more likely towards sharing the love and joy... well.. in the end in terms of presents... hahaha... as for me... christmas is also a mark of ending another year... to think that 2004 is coming to an end... so soon... drat... so many things have happened in this bizarre year... which will be elaborated next week... :p

the mood for christmas can be seen... with decoratives in every shopping complexes... not much in my U though.. -.-" the only place which is fully decorated is none other than the library theatre. There was a christmas carol going on in there... it was on Monday

alwin, kelly, eugene and I were there to see it through.. not to miss this once a year show... primary goal is to see our beloved Janice strut her style in the play titled scrooge which is adopted from charles dickens. a story of a stingy rich guy who won't even donate 1% of his wealth to help the poor... resulted his old 'friend' to teach him a lesson about giving... thus sends 3 spirits of past, present and future to show him the meaning of life. 1st spirit is a Man In Black cameo... who took him to see his past love life.. which he gave up because his business opportunity is more important than her lover... (which is why he's still single)

the 2nd spirit, present... was played by a cun girl... and acts freaking selamba... a tough feat i would say... cos she really impressed the crowd with her sarcasms... eg: the guy asked the spirit as he's holding the chewing gum... "what is this?" "DUH~~~ ChewING GUM~!" hahahaha.. that reallly turned the crowd on~! everyone was cheering with that champion bomb~! even i can't help myself laughing at that point... "err... why is it left only half? "because i'm eating the other half!" another roar of laugther~! "well how does it taste like?" chewing... errm... it's sweet... (in surprise) and... gummy... "DUH~~! it's written here... GUM!" hahahha.. that really rounded up the applause good and proper... this spirit showed him the butler he hired to clean his house... and his family... his son with some disease... and yet they are happy as a family.. celebrated christmas together... something that this stingy fella wouldn't know... ~heh~

3rd spirit.. the future... is a elvis presley cameo (70's is considered future??! -.-") showed him that the son of the butler died of the disease... which can be prevented if only our friend here is willing to pay the medical bill... NOT before doing the Bee Gee's Staying Alive dance... with the whole cast as the backup dancers... so finally Mr. Scrooge has regretted of his behavior... and changed finally... to be a better man... thus we all learn that MONEY ISN"T EVERYTHING!

they all deserved a standing ovation... it's really good... and thus... it's Monday ONLY~! muahahaha

Monday, December 20, 2004

I'm ScreWed!!

it's already Monday... and i'm yet to complete my research on my title Taekwondo as self defense tool..

great genius idea which i thought of last minute to compliment with my english story telling skills thus brings out a story boring enough to make the whole class full of bread face... -.-" and a clap of 'appreciation' when the story finally came to an end... XD~

ok so that's not what exactly happened in the class... it's true that they did wanna know more bout self defense.. consider all teh recent happenigns around us... might as well arm ourselves some skills to save ourselves....

so back to my topic... now i need the materials from all over the internet to support my title... why taekwondo? how taekwondo helps? by what various ways to defend yourself with the skills learnt from taekwondo... this is what i gotta elaborate in class in future... at the moment i need all the materials to be handed in on WEDNESDAY (gasp!)

apart from giving speeches bout the benefits of taekwondo... i need visual aids as well eg: projector (powerpoint) transparencies... (which is tough) or the easiest is being the model myself... :p (yes ke'bhb'an detected once again.. but i don't seem to have much choice eh?) the problem now is that the materials on the internet are too broadly described... general... drat... not detailed enough... afraid that my lecturer will detect my clumsiness of making up points... hrrm... have to make this fail-proof for once...

btw, throughout my entire life... even though i have trained taekwondo since 9 years old and stopped at 17... i still haven't really put those skills into use.... consider myself lucky i guess... i don't to see myself facing a robber as well... will nvr know what's in their mind... stay out of trouble~ JAO LOU!

which brings back to reality i need to continue my research... will update once i'm free~!

Song of the Month : nothing else matters by Metallica

Sunday, December 19, 2004


whoa... after being errm.. absent from blogging... let's see.. it's exactly 1 month since the last time i blogged. There's so much to type.. and yet... i find myself semangat-less to jot down watever has transpired for the last month.. yes... even the beijing trip... i am bad... >.<

i must admit... that i consider myself as an ignorant fella... watever's happening... i dont' really care much... which is why most of my blogs in the past are all about me~! ME~! -.-" after all... my thoughts are my own... i rarely share with my friends... that would make me some freaking fella with some serious thoughts... no... i had enough of this~~! i wanna be childish.. rather than an old fella.... too many ppl have commented bout my loooks... that i dont' look like 18... "hey are you a 3rd year student may i ask? why dont' i see you in the campus before?" the truth is dude... I'VE JUST ENTERED THIS UNIVERCITY FOR JUST A FEW MONTHS... drat the seniors... lousy judgement... -.-"

recently... i'm introduced to a few malay girls by a malay friend... well.. get to know more friends is normal... one of the malay girls.... assumed that i'm a Malay as well... freaky... i'm dark... ok accepted... but even malays oso think that i'm a malay...oh man this is getting seroius... -.-" after explaining to her that i'm a chinese.. a pure one... not mixed... then she suddenly chatter away to me in MANDARIN!!! fuh... finally a malay fella who knows how to speak chinese after so long... hahaha... since the great Hazlina from Hin Hua... anyway... had a good introduction and everything.... in the end she concluded that... direct conversation taken :

"wo jue de ni hen lao leh!"

well.. enough for the warm up... having writer's blocks at the moment... my site won't be as creative like the ones seen in fang chin's.. melt's... eve's... koon miin's.... i'll just try to do my best to keep u guys ermr... the cure for boredom lah.... btw ppl... try to bombard my doodleboard can ady... just can't bear to see a few msgs there only... hahahaha.... and thanks for everybody's support... to keep this blogsite alive... MUAHAHAHAH

Friday, November 19, 2004


today's blog will be short... basically nothing's been done for the whole day... don't mention bout food.. it makes me hungry even when i'm blog.. -.-" so the whole day's basically bout packing up stuff for tomorrow's trip to China... yes... i'm going to Beijing this time... last year was Shanghai.. so wat awaits me in Beijing?? Great wall of China? Forbidden city?? :p we shall see..ngek ngek ngek...

generally... my luggage is kinda humongous... heavy to carry around... but i have no choice... it's winter over there.. and we are advised to bring as many thick clothings... or else we shall face the wrath of nature's deadliest weapon... cold... -.-" recent weather report shows that beijing has reached subzero... so if i manage to sweat over there... i'll make sure i'll take a pic of myself at that instant~ :p

luggage's nothing more than sweater... jeans.. sweater.. jeans... long sleeve T's... NO SHORTS!! i'm gonna freeze to death~~ bro's kind enough to lend me his 'Matrix' jacket... hehe...that one's referred as 'for heavy duty' situation.. which means... when you are in an extremely cold moment.... who knows... might as well bring something extra... rather than having something less... and you need it more than anything else when the time comes... -.-"

oh well.. i have to stop here now... gotta get some sleep... have to wake up at 5am... plane's at 8.30 i think... not a good timing.. so i won't be blogging for one whole week... i'll try to jot down about my trip in Beijing... till then... don't miss me~ i'll see anything that fits everyone... souvenirs.. yes.. you guess it.. just hope there's something which i can bring back along.. *chinese prostitute? hrrm.. not a bad idea.... :p

until then... take care everyone~

song of the day : Warmness on the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold

Thursday, November 18, 2004


it's been a long time since i last played futsal... which dates back to erm... 4 months ago?? right before i start my college life... -.-" even then i am still a novice to this game... hehehe... kena sounding by bro from time to time is errm... 'essential' and normal to me.. that's how i learn... from the experienced player... -.-" anyway... my brother has asked me to join him for tonight's game... since i have nothing much to do... and i kinda miss the game as well... i agreed~!

as usual it's fully crowded when we arrived there... joined in with my bro's colleagues... we played futsal~! 5 aside... drat... and i have to stick with my bro.. these guys are just crazy nuts... some dribble past players with relative ease even though the court size is minimized to nothing more than a 3/4 of a basketball court length-wise.. but it is tiring for the game is fast paced... my stamina was instantly reduced to 0 after running back and forth a few times... *pant* missed a couple of chances... <--- kena sounding again... which i deserved.. even i myself got frustrated~! eeek... i'm open once i'm on the run <--- kononnya run into space... ehehhe. but it just happens to me -.-" .. squandered my shots.. miskick once... and a complete miss on another occasion... -.-" oh well..

my bro was patient enough... though he expected me to do better... which i should as well... "Kayu" is the nick he called me... cos i'm still stiff whenever i play futsal.. he's wondering why i don't play the same way like i play in basketball.. come to think of it... am i flexible when i'm playing basketball? have to observe that the next time i play... no good arguing with bro... 1. no relevant stuff to defend myself... 2.even though got all the ideas and reasons.. i'll still lose to him... to be frank i'm never good in arguing with others... -.-"

played for 2 whole hours... pretty exhausted... flopped on the bed after my shower... *phew* but it sure was fun... wish i can play with my pals as well... hopefully everyone takes up football for a change... different variety instead of sticking to basketball alone... :p


this is just a trial testing... just got myself a photo sponsor website... it's Hello.. from Picasa... ehehhe
so basically from now onwards.. my blog site will not be THAT bored liao KUA~~~ hehehe...
anyway.. this is just a trial session... testing power... just wanna see the effects nia.. ngek ngek ...

just to intro abit.. this pic is taken in Cameron Highland... the 3rd day before i head back home... hehee..

This is none other than my bro... hehe.. superhero pose? not bad huh?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

To Fang Chin

This blog is entirely written just for Fang Chin... whom i literally ffk'ed him...

i am sorry for initially ignoring your request to tah pao...

i am sorry for not fulfilling your request to tah pao...

i am sorry for not doing my task which is to tah pao...

i am sorry for telling the lie....

and worst of all... i'm sorry for breaking my promise...

we have been friends for so long... and yet i promised u to do those things that i can't do...

Fang Chin... i'm truly sorry for what happened... i do feel awkward about it... i know how important it is to eat.. just like me... eating is a pleasure.. and i've ruined it for you... and u have to stay online with an empty stomach... i am in guilt now~~~!

FeeDing Time~~

food... it is life... my life.. i live for food... i crave for food... whenever it comes to food... hehe... to begin my day with a series of food intake... went to KEC with my family for Dim Sum Buffet... well.. i like Dim Sum... but this time KEC has let me down... -.-" not really that nice... 'water level' dropped ady... so don't really enjoy it... though stomach's still full.....

1 hour after the dim sum... hong yang asked me to join for lunch... oh man.. i'm still full.. and i'm cleaning my room at the moment.. so i refused... but under his persistence... aiyah.. ok la... go have a drink with them... aiyoh.. the smell of loh mee is so tempting... but luckily i didn't order one myself... if not i'll find myself unable to finish it... hehehe... so there goes my lunch...

night time comes.... hehehe... mum cooked spaghetti... XD~~~ oh man... spaghetti.. it's been years since i last ate that~! that should be way before i go to Uniten for my 1st semester... spaghettti bolognese.... covered up with a slice of cheese... into the microwave for 1 minute to melt down the cheese... results?? CHEEEZY SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE~~ XD~~

played basketball after my dinner... though feeling full but still manage to run around.. fortunate not to pull my abdomen while playing... -.-"

it's 12am... and it's raining... mao and I have decided to go out and eat... but need more people... so in comes han kwang... after much discusssion/argument.. Han Kwang finally agreed that he would fetch us to go makan... so off we go... eating nasi lemak and chicken as well... :p came back quite late (almost 4 when reached home) feeling tired.... so... PIG time~ tata

Saturday, November 13, 2004

BaHH~~ KuT tEh!! & a BAD serVicE

when it comes to this... ahhh... XD~ weight gain sessions... did managed to have this meal with 6 other pals of mine namely Hong Yang, Fang Chin, Kim Phong, Hon Fei, Wei Yee, Kuan Yuen. Supposedly the meal is about to be cancelled when i was in Hong Yang's house when Hon Fei called and asked which restaurant should we go in Taman Rashna... so we picked the usual lot.. Teluk Pulai! Enjoyed the meal with them.. Thanks~!

Afternoon is a total waste of time.. nothing much has been done in this session.. mainly computer games.. online... didn't sleep though.. -.-" and all the sudden.. night came... whoa... basketball time... we have planned to come out earlier this time... say.. 7.30pm... it's proven that whenever we want to play.. it will surely rain. so we set our time earlier... and it DID rain~! damn it~! rain goes on and off.. like some stupid little kiddo playing with a switch *flick* - rain.. *flick again* - rain stops... this goes on for quite some time till 9pm.. when it finally came to a halt... yay~! called all the basketball freaks... and they did came.. eventually.. drat... 30 minutes after i called them.. only they did arrive.. damn it~! test of patiencE~ -.-"... enjoyed our game even though it's wet at first... but praise to our good skills and good pairs of shoes... >.<>

MAMAK session's On... though not at our usual lot : MYOB... so we switched to Sri Melur... water service is GOOD... VERY FAST~! and the next order for food... FUH YOH... FASTER THAN ANY OTHER SHOPS~! VERY GOOD SERVICE.. SO FAST UNTIL I CAN'T IMAGINE HOW IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN AT ALL~! DAMN THE BLOODY A**-H** WAITERS WHO CAN'T EVEN TAKE OUR ORDER FOR ONCE... IT'S NOT JUST ONE BUT ALMOST EVERY WAITER THEY WALK PAST US AND YET NONE OF THEM TAKE OUR ORDER... sat down there for freaking half hour and this happens... damn it... u want to make business.. wat's the use of having so many workers and yet none of them wants to serve us food??! might as well just sack most of them and leave a few.. they get to save their cost.. and the efficiency should still remain the same... or even better.. they better close down that shop before i carry a molotov cocktail and incinerate them kau kau~! geram betul.. Finally one of the WAITERS did take our order... and less satisfying meal as well... had minor gastric that time.. so can't really enjoy my food... paid the food and left... cannot stand that shop lioa... ~DISAHKAN CONDEMN~

After all.. we are not 'waiters'... we are not meant to wait.. THEY ARE THE LITERAL MEANING OF WAITERS.. I SHOULD POST THIS TO should i?

* is only a fake.. don't click this link... try it if u want :p*

Friday, November 12, 2004

H@nGeR~! -.-"

Woke up to the sound of my bro's gf... who asked me to join them for bah kut teh... at first i refused... cos later i gotta get ready for a SHOPPING with esther and ee von... -.-" since it's 9.30am... and the bah kut teh is surely tempting... so i agreed eventually...

full speed ahead~~ rapid intakes of rice, soup and meat all in one... minus the chilli... it's 10.20.. oh no~~! a quick call to esther to inform her that i need some time to get ready.. coincidentally she's not ready as well.. so we agreed at 10.45.. phew~!

The Shopping Trip
our destination is to 1 U... esther's driving so she's kinda unsure how to go... and same goes to me... (i've forgotten how... -.-') missed a junction where we should have turn left.. but instead we went straight ahead... panic got onto us... cos we don't expect to see another toll after reaching Damansara... so we asked the person on duty the directions... phew... managed to get back on track later that... spent 1 hour + on the road to find 1U.. humiliating.. but safe and sound... phew~! (reached there at around 12)

*i'm not talking bout eating in 1U cos it really gives a bad impression.. note to everyone : don't go to Arena Foodcourt... plz do yourself a favour to spend on something else more worthwhile.. for instance McD? :p*

Gals shopping is a typical thing.. and expected... u will see esther and ee von terrorizing almost every boutiques... finding all the necessary stuff for the prom night... ee von's main priority is to get herself a pair of shoes which will match her dress... while i'm to get an adaptor for the trip to china and a pair of jeans... esther's here to see the fun.. :p though 1U is practically huge... ee von just can't seem to find the right pair for her~! so off we go... yes~ off we go to PYRAMID~! to continue her search~! since it's still early (3.30pm) so why not?

Priority accomplished : ee Von did manage to get her shoes... and me with my adapter and a pair of jeans to survive the harsh weather in Beijing... (it's freaking cold.. recent weather reports saying Beijing has gone to subzero and maximum of 15 celcius.. not a good time to act cool... -.-") gone back pretty satisfied with my stuffs bought... not a bad day to go through.. hehehe.. Thanks to Esther and Ee Von... they have made my day~*!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


CamEroN HigHlaND Trip...
Alright everyone... sorry for the badly delayed blogs... nothing much has been done towards it... can't seem to find time to feel up the space here... As i said before... i've gone to Cameron Highlands... 3 days 2 nights with my family... to sum it all.. nothing much is done over there... the weather's awkward... so we all are forced into our own hotel rooms... doing one and only thing to pass the time... SLEEP~! though bought lots of vegetables, fruits and mushrooms and such... it's only a relaxing moments on one of the mountains on Titiwangsa Range. Various pictures have taken... pose... sceneries... mudslides.. landslides... heheeh.. till i update it.. i'll post it later dudes...

BoRIng Day~
As for Wednesday... Nothing much has happened... surprisingly a VERY HOT DAY~! HOT enough to roast a person.. well done... or maybe overcooked in my case... -.-' did practically nothing at all the whole day... till i called Hong Yang & Fang Chin for a quick meal... reason? 1. to get the hell out of the house~! 2. i'm hungry.. we ended up in Tesco for KFC... yum yum... that instantly recovered my energy level... >.< Night time activity is reduced to nothing but a game of basketball... ironically the weather instantly changed to turn against us... T_T IT BEGAN TO RAIN AS WE ARE BOUT TO START OUR GAME~~~~!!!! well.. it's just drizzling at first... lost 2 games and won 1.. but worst of all.. we are humiliated by Kim Phong, Chun Teng, Kuan Yuen & Kien Ping... 21-4!!! T_T that is so unfair... *sob sob* mamak session is on as usual... stomach's filled up b4 head back for chat session... it's getting quiet these days.. not that it's weekdays.. somehow even though it's already holiday for most of the people.. they just arent allowed to stay up late for a change.. heheh.. oh well.. my turn to turn off the lights... >.<

Sunday, November 07, 2004

DelaYed BloGzzz

i gotta finish this blog before i actually leave for Cameron~~~!!!!
to sum up wat happened in the first place...

Awaken at 11am... courtesy to the handphone's blessing... ALARM~! Darn... kacau betul... but no choice... there's suppose to be a Bah Kut Teh... logged onto MSN to confirm with Mao. Apparently the weather wasn't that good... so to speak... from the physical form's point of view (ok it's freaking dark out there... the clouds are freaking dark... and as if port klang has somewhere being bombed and black clouds are rising... -.-")
Breakfast turns out to be a chicken rice meal in the end with Mao and Wei Kiat <--- though this fella just came and accompany us to eat and 'tah pao' eventually.

Afternoon was sure boring... tried out Splinter Cell <--- Thanks Kar Chun... :) a very interesting game which involves more covert ops than direct approach... fumbled most of the times in this game but eventually got the hang of it... discussed bout the party which would happen at night... and the fun part has just begun...

Mao brought us to Han Kwang's house... and all 7 of us fitted comfortably into his Kia... had a concert in there... -.-" JACKIE CHEUNG~~~!!! in karaoke... :p without realization... our beloved 'trickster wizard' Hai Liang came up with a plan... <--- wat else but pranking Quek eh? ngek ngek ngek...

A quick call to Quek just to inform him that we were caught in a jam... at snail's pace... and asked him to go to the party first... but we were actually right in front of his house further down the road... lights off... it sure was a funny sight to see.. consider that one KIA was parked in a more isolated part of the road... and there were friends of ours apart from Quek himself... they weren't aware of this at all... so they hitch into their cars and left Quek's... and so we followed them~~~~~~

Managed to follow one of the cars into Geok Choo's residential area... but another plan loomed... our car was parked somewhere along the road... a call to Quek just to tell him that we dunno the way in to Geok Choo's.. and needed his assistance to guide us from Econmart... ngek ngek ngek... supposedly to halt their way from our parking spot.. but we missed the first attempt initially... a 2nd call was made... and realised that he's back at Geok Choo's... without us of course!! and demanded him to guide us once again... the reason? we were wandering around the housing area.. and located somewhere near the field... so off he GOES... for the 2nd time... but this time.... WE GOT HIM~~ ngek ngek ngek... stopped their car in the middle of the road.. and Hai Liang came out from our car to assault them with a stering Lock... ahah... laughter filled inside the car... volume pitch increased by 20 decibels at instant... stomach's empty... so everyone's attention was diverted to F>O>O>D

A very nice house... a very nice food... and very nice place to live in... deep inside housing area... it should be peaceful and quiet... and the b'day gal is sure very rich... 2 plasma tvs... well designed house... whole house is fully air conditioned... so it's cold no matter where u are... too bad we weren't that close during our high school sessions... left her house around 12... for the usual craproom sessions with hong yang, fang chin, koon miin aka sushi and zee ying... zee ying was feeling upset and everyone's trying hard to make her happy... well.. eventually~ hehehe.. left them at 2 something.. gotta pack up for the trip to Cameron Highland...


to mao... your tea leaves will arrive shortly... tuesday... better grow up big and strong after that... and be thankful.. ngek ngek

to all AC Milan fans... there is a bigger hope than ever~!! JUVE LOST TO LOWLY REGGINA~~~!!!!!!! so much for happier days~! ngek ngek ngek... off i go~

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I"M B@CK~!!!!

it's friday, 5 november... i'm awaken by the sounds of my sis playing the piano... a glance at my handphone tells me that i should be awake 4 hours earlier... cos it's 1.30 lioa~~~!!!! <--- oh man~! nvr thought that i'm that piggie after all... :p

the bed's still comfy.. but i gotta stay awake this time... did the usual stuff... urinating.... brushing teeth... -.-" realised that i need to do some washing.. so checked the washing machine... ALAMAK APA DAH JADI... semalam punya washing belum hang lagi~!!! *smacks head*

basically it's almost 4 when i had my meals and everything done... and mum proposed to go midvalley to get shoes for the trip to beijing... (for you guys' info.. i'm leaving from 19 nov till erm.. 27th? not sure bout the date.. so don't miss me by then... :p)

ahh.. the trip to midvalley sure is a blessing.. first of all... i got to get out of the house... it's beginning to be boring if one's at home too long as well.. -.-" and the next thing u know... i get to buy myself a pair of shoes as well... and finally the most important of all... WASH EYES~~~ muahaha.. u'll nvr know how hard it is... to miss the likes of CHICKS~~~~ try this.. if you were in my shoes... and u are studying in a school full of malays..and the gals there has only a minor portion of chinese... and only a few of them are considered... 'look'able... T_T

went there and had a meal at KIMGARY's... *note: the food there... recommended... french toast, pork chop on baked rice with cheese.. XD~~~ stuffs like that are quite hard to fine here... well maybe to me.. eheheh.. but it's nice... and it'll be damn freaking better if that bloody !#$%@# waiter did not forget my order~! celaka.. an hour for a meal~! wat DA~ already turned into corpse loh... digested by own stomach... wait till like that.. I'M NOT PUASA'ING... and i EAT PORK~! I AM NOT MALAY~~~!!!!! and it's already 6pm~~!!!!!! %#!%#!%!

got myself a pair of reebok shoes... at RM 143.. price's reasonable... to outlast me for the rest of my life? hehehe.. i doubt so... done shopping, reached home around 10... and it's still raining... basketball plan cancelled T_T..... but manage to meet up with pals for mamak sessions at 11.... ngek ngek... craps as usual.. ahha.. with the likes of fang chin, mao, wei kiat, kar chun, hai liang, han kwang, kim phong... LIFE IS FUN AFTER ALL with these ppl around~!

well.. basically to say.. that i'm back~!! here in klang.. to buat kacau once again.. for the next 1 month.. if there's anything... hehehe... u know wat to do... call me, sms me, email me, friendster msg me, blogging msg me... hehe.. if you are to borrow money from me..... *tut* nombor yang anda dial tiada dalam perkhidmatan kami. Terima Kasih!

*song of the day : skid row - i remember you

i'LL b3 B@ck~~~!

ok ppl... from now onwards i'm going to chnage my blogging style... which means.. i won't be posting as frequent as possible.. and it will be short... sorry to say this... but it seems i need something to type inside here as well... until i find a way to entertain u guys with interesting stuff... well here's something for you guys to indulge in... as in... for those who feels like listening to the songs i've recommended... ngek ngek ngek....

i won't see you tonight part 1

ok.. to sum up wat happened to me for the past few days....

November 2
had a very lame test... subject? Academic Study Skills... wat have i learnt from tehre? many would ask me... personally speaking... NOTHing~ it's the most mem'bengang'kan subject u could ever imagine... especially at Uinvercity level... when u are to learn... wat's READING? reading has what sorts of CATEGORY? eg: speed reading.. leisure reading... and for WAT sort of OCCASION when u use CERTAIN Types of READING?? eg: storybook? magazine? OOHH man~~~! i got headache instantly.. when it comes to this sorta subject... IT BORES YOU TO DEATH~~~~~!!! i rather have some other people to teach me how to study.. rather than listening to the lecturer rambling bout wat's ThiNking... ReadING... NOTe-TaKiNg skills... -.-"

fortunately the test is MCQ (Multiple-Choice Questions)... and it has 60 questions... 2 hours... so most of it i just shoot through... for the hell i care~! i don't give a damn... so eventually went off the exam's hall after 45 minutes of torture.. (yes... u can't leave the hall in the first 45 minutes) so i managed that... who cares~ I DON"T GIVE A SHIT~~~~~!!!! lalalalala

slept for the rest of the afternoon... (did not sleep at all b4 the exams... studying! <--- ok.. this is a good lie.. i must admit.. but i did try my best to study k? but ended up playing Diablo2 yet again with my pals over there~! ngek ngek ngek) played basketball at pekan batu 11, cheras... there's a roof cover on top of the court.. and the rim is similiar to NBA's... and it"S FIBRE GLASS~~ muahahhhahah~~ so now it's our new place to play my favourite sport.. no worries bout raining now.... ngek ngek ngek~! enjoyed my game over there... studied after that... and errm... to be continued.. it's almost 12......

NOveMbeR 3

to continue the tale... studied chemistry... till 12.01.. ngek ngek ngek... since Chemistry's on Thursday... so all of us were not in the mood to study that much.... so here comes Diablo2 the savior... hahhaah... played till 4 something b4 everyone headed back to their 'comfy' bed to get the rest b4 facing the broad daylight once again...

2pm - woke up to realise that most of my roomates are gone by now... and oso realised that some of my belongings... kettle, plates, knifes... etc... and even my shoes~! damn the fucked up indians~ i swore to god that i'll kill them if they don't hand me back my belongings the next semester.. damn it~! DAMN THE BLOODY INDIANS~!!! <--- referring to my roomates only.. so no offense to other indian fellas :)

packed up most of my stuff.. b4 my frens called me to get ready for another round of basketball at pekan batu 11 again.... hehehe... went there to be thrashed by some powerful jokers... hrmm.. not a good day to ease my tensions huh... had dinner after that and started studying... from 11pm 11.59pm.... (1 sec to 12, so it's next day....~~) to be continued.... -.-"

NoveMb3R 4th

studied till 3am.. <-- fuh personal record... for chemistry~~~~~~ felt exhausted.. so KO'ed till 6 am.. being awaken twice by frens... since i asked them to wake me up at 5am.. but i just ignore them after that and propsed for 6am... -.-' can't study after that.. so played chess with Kok Keong & Yi Jun... seems odd at that time.. but that's wat we do best.. in order to stay calm.. <--- -.-'' chemistry test wor... hehehe

didn't realise that test is so EASY and it's 3 hours long... so considered lucky to be able to answer most of them...but dind't manage to finish answering 2 long questions... -.-" but overall the questions are mostly do'able... ngek ngek... went straight back to my apartment to pack up the remaining stuff (stinky shirts oso got... tilams... pillows... story books... text books... heavy load !#$!%!%!) Dad sure is a great dad... came and fetch me at 12.30 pm... ahh... the feeling of going back home... well.. u know... after such days at Univercity... and now to be able to DECLARE HOLIDAY~~~~!!!!! since it's only 1 month long.. so i'm going to enjoy it every single day... to be a PIG~~~~ ngek ngek ngek.. to replace all the time's lost for so called studying~ hahha...

nothing much left to be done for the remains of the day.. just that i'm glad to be back at home after a 'long but enjoyable' 1st semester in Uniten... met new frens... (not much leng luis.. pao tao's got... -.-" ) overall... no regrets... ngek ngek ngek... and makes me realise the friends here in KLANG>>> MISS YOU GUYS ALOT Leh~~~~ hahahaa... so keep up studying dudes~ and IT"S MY TURN to get some REST~! so i bid thee adieu... enough for now~! time to SLEEP~!

AC MILAN 1 - 2 barcelona


Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy bel@teD HaLLOween

happy halloween <--- belated well it's kinda late to see this one come out but anyway... it's always better to wish rather than leave this celebration aside...

woke up fairly early today.. 11am is early consider the fact that i slept at around 4am... had bah kut teh after all with my pals namely hong yang aka mao, fang chin, wei kiat, kuan yuen, hai liang and han kwang... no agendas after that so all went back to their respective residential site. -.-"

got home only to realise that there were 2 crystals on my study table already... oh man... my mum's really into feng shui this time... saying that these crystals will prosper me in education aspects... -.-" nothing comes worse than that... i'm struck dead with the presence of those 2 crystals.. and trust me these stuff is a thing to be seen... not some powerful stuff in my opinion... hardwork still pays off... so managed to study Chemistry for an hour before being tugged back into my comfortable bed~! woke up at 5pm.. joined mao and chun teng for errm... tea time... gobbled down 'heh kor peng' since i didn't eat anything since the bah kut teh meal... had dinner shortly after that... nothing beats my life when it comes to eat... ah... heaven~~

watched the simpsons halloween edition.. haha.. laughed my ass off... really.. this is what we call a good comedy flicks... continued to study *test on Tuesday and Thursday* till 11pm when i go down to catch some football matches....
Juventus 3 - 0 Chievo <--- not a hopeful scoreline... aiks.. 5 points clear from AC Milan. drat~!

Don't have the mood to study right after 12am... my body clock tells me i should chat~! met a few familiar owls once again... -.-" since Monday is a holiday to us... so everyone manage to stay awake for once on Sundays...

nothing much happened overall today... another day's past... just that i'm hooked on to this one particular song... people who are interested... it's 'I won't see you tonight part1' by Avenged Sevenfold.

*twang~!* drat.. some unusally sound just came out of nowhere... investigated the source... found out that it's just my guitar.. but the A string is broken... aikz... no more hack-away sessions for me yet again... -.-" creepy enough for me... in the middle of the night when this occurs... don't feel like involving myself with the likes of 'blair witch project'... phew~!

well.. enough for now... bed's more tempting than before~!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

a Day of Blogs

phew... this is pretty a 'hectic' day for me overall.... had dinner with my errm.. future family in-laws... the Chee's Seems pretty good so far... and to think they are talking bout registrations already! ahaha.. my brother~! at 25 years of age, plans to settle down so fast... ehheh..

Went over granny's place... nothing much to do over there (as usual) Cousins have grown up sher lyn, sher ren, and jaslyne aka sze ling all of them have grown up much bigger in size and matured... so can't talk to them much this time... used to play games together.. but now seems impossible.. -.-"

back here... having problems with the blogz~ arrghh.. still finding time to get used to the ways of working... so kinda screwed up at first.. but now manage to make it look 'presentable' Another decision to be made is whether or not i should put a music for my blog or not... and also whether i know how to put it up on my blog first... -.-" needs to refer to my friends....

Milan 1 - 0 sampdoria ; 87 minute

pray that for once... no last minute equalizer... and pray that the next Juve match is down in the dumps ; a fumble by Buffon for example.. :p well.. almost impossible.. the zebras are too good this season at the moment... oh well.. wont' hurt to pray for their failures... >.<

Milan 1 - 0 sampdoria (final) <---- phew... can sleep peacefully finally -.-"

back in the world of MSN! recommending all current ICQ users to switch to MSN... it's the last thing u wont' regret~! chatted with an old friend of mine lee huei yih.. she's now studying in New Zealand... same primary school but didn't manage to keep in touch after entering secondary school.. only saw her in Mr. Prasad's tuition... hehe... now manage to keep in touch.. which is a good thing...

well.. gotta stop here for now... having world war in MSN now... later studying chemistry... wake up hopefully got bah kut teh... whichever the agenda comes first... heh~

Saturday, October 30, 2004


HaRlo EveRyb0dy~! from now onwards i shall entertain u guys with my blog here... *courtesy of our beloved fren FANG CHIN -.-" who's always buat bising.. pestering through MSN to get me a blog.. hmph.. so now i got one lioa.. so wat?! come lah! anyways... it's SATURDAY~! which usually means to me.. a good sleep till errm... 12pm? suppose to go eat bah kut teh with pals.. but our beloved friend Hong Yang is quite 'dead'.. dead as in he's sick.. so he can't bring us out... which leaves all of us with no transport... oh well.. some other time dude.. but eventually we did go out at around 5 to grab ourselves some lunch/tea.. chicken rice... hehe.. well.. DA DAY'S still earLY so nothing much left to be said for the time being, what's left to be put on for the rest of the day... we shall wait till TONIGHT~! ENJOY the rest of the day for THOse who's reading this too early for their liking...~!