Saturday, April 29, 2006

2nd week ends...

...And the third week shall arise...

With tests and projects continue to dominate Special Sem, I still find the time to have some fun albeit a little bit too much, as usual!

Basketball is always my daily dose of stress management activity in Uniten apart from occasional afternoon naps as well as the hourly (if possible) DotA sessions. But now, another sport has been added into my list for a better stress management : Futsal!

An invitation by the senior students, we abandon our Tuesday Basketball sessions and focus on this new activity. We go all the way to Sri Petaling's Endah Parade just to play this intensive sport. 2 hours of non-stop action leaves a great satisfaction feeling inside of me. 3 hours after the game leaves my leg feeling tensed and wobbly. The next morning I shall have all the reason I need to skip class! :p Thanks to these senior friends of mine, my life in Uniten has become more eventful!

Back in Klang, there's a handball league going on and I'm chosen to play for the team peraliph along with my fellow handball teammates during secondary school. Peraliph is a team name formed by the team captain, a businessman who's experienced in handball. So don't ask me what kind of name that is. The league is open to Selangor, so it's quite a high level competition in my opinion. And this is the very first time I play handball indoors. So I was quite lost in space when I played for few minutes, and maybe that's the reason why I don't get to play at all in second half! We lost the game in the end despite leading the scoresheet at half time. But I feel that the team could have done better in second half.

So with these sports occupy my free time, I'm a busy man! But the test is coming nearer. What the heck! Enjoy first lah!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

New sem = New beginning

I'm back in Uniten once again! At least I'm still in one piece. Heh.

My results for the previous semester has come out. I'm very satisfied with the result, although I know that I could have done better, which is a positive note to myself, fancy that I know that I can do better! Hrrm.. this world must be coming to an end surely!

Scored B+ for my Technical Communication and Manufacturing Processes Lab, a B- for my Moral (wow?!), a C+ for Linear Algebra (darn it I'm so screwed!) and a C for Differential Equation (trust me on this, I thought I'm gonna fail this one!).

Hopefully there are no more C's in the future. Time to buck up and start pulling up my CGPA to a more presentable state. Currently it's around 2.50. Blame it on my playful traits and the inability to be serious in studies when the time comes. Sigh...

Back into the hostel, where everything seems so fine as it is 3 weeks ago (got back the same apartment)...

Only to find my room key gets stuck at the knob after unlocking the door!

Only to realise that I've forgotten to bring my notepads!

Only to realise that I've forgotten to bring my shokubutsu!

Only to find out the next morning that there's no water coming out from the faucet!

The last line happened after we've cleaned up the apartment upon arrival. There's still water supply. Somehow JBA finds it amusing to consider shutting off the water supply to UNITEN.. leaving blokes and chicks to be erm... filthy on that morning!! Luckily the water supply is back in the afternoon. Phew!

With my PC finally back in action and ready to rumble... for more Dota and endless chats on MSN... eh wait..

the above line is considered a bullshit... plz continue reading...

With my PC finally back in action and ready to take on more assignments and data searching with the companion of the internet, I shall make myself a force to be feared by the examiners themselves! Watch out! I shall aim for B+'s this time!!

A new beginning for a new sem! Though a shorter one this time!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kuantan.. Round 3?

To all ya readers out there... this is the trip to Kuantan, Pahang for the 3rd year in a row. If this can explain why do I look so dark in the first place. Yes it does! You can refer this session as:

The maintenance of my skin kaler to look as though I am out of Africa!

In this year's trip, laziness took over me cos the main aim for this trip is to S.L.E.E.P! Lesser outings are involved this time around. Most of the time is spent within the resort's premises, which is redirected to a place called hotel room. XD

On the 2nd day of the trip, we went over to a place called Panching, where a cave with a stone shaped like a sleeping buddha lies inside, known as Gua Caras. It's a shorter climb compared to Batu Caves' (I still never been to Batu Caves), but it's a good outing consider that it's been a while since i last spelunking. And that was in Gua Tempurung in Perak a few years back!

The only highlight of me lazing around is now being enhanced with a good napping session at the beach under a tree with a mat laid before me. Armed with a good story book to read with (alas without my faithful shades) and towel as my pillow, I enjoy a good reading session while feeling the seabreeze blowing gently towards me. No longer I can last till the next 50 pages when I finally kong'ed and enter a fitful sleep......

Until some blardy twigs came falling from the tree and poke on me body! Damn annoying!

Another great escape towards paradise I should say. Now I am back in Klang once again to take on the hell that awaits me!! Bring it on man! I'm refreshed!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Siblings' Love

Till now, I have never mention anything about my siblings. They are ok, they have done their job well as my siblings. They have played a major roles in my life and I'm happy that I have them as my siblings.

But sometimes, siblings do tend to get on your nerves. As much as I would like to say 'siao eh you bodoh wan ah?' like they always say that to me, it hurts a little inside of me because, like all humans, I don't like to lose in an argument. Even though I have a few facts right down my sleeves, but sometimes it is just the elderly ones who know how to counter those facts with some cynical words and followed by a bigger bomb, which of course will leave me speechless most of the time. And then they will mercilessly continue with the onslaught. I'm nothing but an annoying fly waiting to be swatted by then. -.-"

It is ok that i lost out in an argument, well said and true mah. You can't beat the elders because they just know too much compared to you at this sorta age. Especially me, the youngest of the lot, who is always the great victim under the hands of my siblings.

There are times though that the siblings use you as a medium to release stress. That's when you go 'what the hell did I do this time?' when you are confronted by them. Hearing them saying things that go against certainly doesn't please you, you will feel annoyed, you want to defend yourself, and that's when things go from bad to worse. They raise their voice!! And thus the war begins. Neither side have nothing to lose, it's just noise polution. It's always the noise. Until the end, none of the party win, both lose out to their own. Simply because, they can't control their temper... and I can't either.

Till today, I have had countless incidents with my siblings especially my sister. Sudah berapa ribu kali aku bertengkar dengan dia kerana hal yang remeh. We do forgive each other after a few days of silent treatment, as well as some cold war. But everything turns out well after that.
Now I've learnt how to compromise whenever she's not in the mood. It really works well for me, and for her as well. Just.. tahan.. for a minute or two. Then I'm ok... she's ok.. everything's ok!
We are OK...

I have to thank them for being the part of my life. Blardy entertainers they are as well! XD

Sunday, April 02, 2006

What If?

So the world is indeed round. Man are considered the more dominant force if compared to woman. The sky is blue and other objects that have the colours sorted out in the way we are seeing it right now. Everything has its own reason and how each of the object is meant to what we perceive it right now. Questions asked and answered by many experts, which all begin with the same phrase 'According to....' or 'It is because...'

So here comes the biggest question, What if?

I'm sure many of you out there are not fully satisfied with the things they are at the moment. Just admit it, the fuel price that hiked 30 cents in one shot. If you call that reasonable I would say to hell with it! Isn't RM 1.62 per litre is wallet-burning enough? By golly, what if the car really runs on water, I wouldn't mind how much the price is of the fuel. I drink water, you drink water, we drink water, the world needs water, and the car runs on water, so to hell with petrol. Happy? No?

With this possible alternative energy, assuming that we do manage to make the car run on using water as the alternative source of energy. As we are happily cruising around with the water-powered cars, then we realise that the number of cars consuming the water is taking alot of earth's resources. Until it has not enough time to replenish the reserves through rain. The earth's weather is getting hotter and hotter due to the lack of natural cooling agent. Genius as man are, they will try to limit the usage of water as energy, and seek out more alternative energy resources. And thus, I've come up with a new suggestion: What if solar energy is used widely as the new energy resource?

Solar is logical, it is implemented on smaller electronics as well as cars. It is practical because it can be charged into the solar cells and to be used at night. It is a good source of energy. Very good indeed. But, we are humans with different lifestyle. We can't expect the whole world to use this solar-powered car worldwide. There are rural countries who can't even afford one! What if they protest?? Stating that the new product is ruining their economics? What if they declare war? What if this modernization is causing more havoc instead of convenience? What if World War 3 strikes due to political misunderstandings?

Speaking of political misunderstandings, what if I am the ruler of USA?
*evil thoughts*

Oh to hell with it, what if I just keep quiet and just be happy with the way things are at the moment...

What if I'm just a passer-by in this earth to witness great things that is about to happen in future? Or what if I might be a history of Mother Earth?

What if i just shut up now and get some sleep? That sounds good >.<