Thursday, August 31, 2006

To your health, Malaysia! Cheers!


*takes a deep breath*


*takes another deep breath*




Huuuarrrrggghhhhh...... *pooit!*


Pretty sums up what I've gone through for the past few days... No dam can hold up such amount of load, that carries such huge momentum that it is best to just open the dam to reduce further damages. Worse thing is that the load can just replenish in such a short moment, ready to attack the dam again...

Oh yeah... selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan ke-49!!

Malaysia's always Malaysia.. keep it that way...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

20 Years I Have Lived

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more I'm still intrigued
The childlike attitude is still inside of me
Free from cares and worries
Free from responsibilities
I'm carefree...

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more I'm still amazed
The inquisitive mind begins working
Learn about how things work
Learn what responsibilities are
I'm learning...

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more I'm still confused
The mind itself is playing a fool
Love and not being loved
Found myself being used as well
I'm depressed...

20 years I have lived
There are so many things I have seen
Yet many more that I have not
The world is ever changing
Present is what we can achieve
Future is the achievement of the present
I'm content...

20 years I have lived
I have become a carefree person
Learning is a neverending process
Despite being once depressed
I'm content with the way life is going
For now......

The beginning of mid-term break which lasts for one week! *jubilates in joy!!*

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wings of a Butterfly

I just got this song from one of the Uniten mate through DC++, and honestly I have no idea how I got hooked up by this song. The lyrics is kinda catchy, makes it worth listening over and over again. And it feels good to play on the guitar too ; )

Another great song by HIM. I think I'm getting more obsessed with this love metal band. You guys can have a go for this band. Anyway, here's the lyrics for this song:

Heaven ablaze in your eyes
We're standing still in time
The blood on our hands is the wine
We offer as sacrifice

Come on and show them your love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul, my love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul

This endless mercy mile
We're crawling side by side
With hell freezing over in our eyes
Gods kneel before our crime

Come on and show them your love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul, my love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul

Oh, if anyone of you can enlighten me the hidden meaning behind the term "wings of a butterfly", I'm glad to hear from you all.

And for once, Shin almost pitam while going through basketball drills under the hot sun. =.=

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Break In

I know how you are feeling now...
You are thinking that you've made a fool out of me...
As you walk down the corridor...
The usual routine... just walking...
Then, you realise, that a window is not properly closed...
You realise too that no one's around...
You climbed into the window...
And there it is, lay perfectly in front of your eyes...
Not the computer, nor the guitar...
In the unzipped pouch, there are cash inside...
A whole load of em, enough to feed yourself a month...
You whisk it away, before I return...
Making me a hell lot poorer than ever before...

If ever I get my hands on you...
Goodness knows what's gonna happen on you...
Had you better show up and beg for forgiveness...
Then I may reduce the punishment due on you...
Your action is something I loathed...
And it's not just worth that amount of money you took...
You pay for your crimes...
Wait for my wrath... whoever you are...
And pray that you are attached to someone else...
So that she knows your true colour...
Unattached is OK too...
So you don't have to pretend like a good guy in front of her...

My hands are so itchy that I can literally tear you apart...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Test is Back

I'm now suffering from post-test syndrome. Literally owned by Thermodynamics. I'm unsure of my answers, whether they are going to give me the grades, or they are gonna make me the most pathetic person in the world. It's a make or break situation. And I don't like it.

Whilst waiting for the next upcoming tests that involve Dynamics and Circuits, allow me to drown my Post-Thermo Syndrome with Domino's Pizza, some guitar strumming and nonetheless more DotA sessions. My spirit hit ground zero, as I have to see that the domino's pizza meal has to be cancelled, because it is closed... It's 10pm liao by the way, so have to make do with the hawker stalls nearby. ~.~

My ankle has yet to recover fully, due to the fact that I received a full momentum of a slide tackle while playing football on the field. It's been 3 weeks already since that memorable event, and there's a niggling pain on the ankle still. It's a major concern for me, especially in later years when I start walking with tongkat. That's not a sight I want to conjure up even now, I don't wanna walk with a tongkat!!!

Might not come back to Klang this week, gotta revise for the upcoming tests...

Provided that I can revise la that is! But give face abit la! ok?? oK??

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Minor updates

A reminder to self :

Never take the train after 7pm, especially from Serdang. Oh, there's no big incident yet where the bold robbers are roaming around hunting down victims with a knife all in the name of $$$$ and glory to themselves. No. It's more personal than those unfortunate incidents that have happened elsewhere in Malaysia.

There's no leng luis in the train!!!!!!

Instead, it's filled up with huan na's and more huan na's.. Beh tahan!!

How to pass time la at this rate?? Dah la balik seorang aje kalau ikut keretapi! Bagilah sikit sumber entertainment! Jgn biar saya hilang konsentrasi dan miss KL Sentral ma!

Tests are coming up in these few weeks. So do not expect much from this blog, go read something else that's capable of killing time won't ya? And is it just me, or the Streamyx is fucking up again?? No matter, should you guys think that I'm not blogging as often as I should, then blame it on Streamyx. Needless to say, pushing the blame aside is what we all do best... Human's best trait.

Time is precious, I must get on with my studies now. Cannot play play dy. Must pray pray more!!

I'm thinking of getting a haircut. Any suggestion fellas?