Tuesday, January 24, 2006


yes.. i'm old now...

20 years old dy... and for those who dunno when it was, it's on 20th Jan.

Summore pretend dunno? faster send me presents la! :p

20 years old for just a few days.. but already showing signs of aging.... can't even last till 2am this time... in need of afternoon naps badly... can die liao lah.. if got any assignments that needs a heavy midnight oil to burn with.. i'm surely out of oil in just a few minutes wan loh... die die die....

too old liao.. time to sleep early this tim,e

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Monday Blues with Lab Session

I personally hate Monday. It's the beginning of the new week, where usually new weeks brings in new expectations, new targets and of course the weekly routine of wearing formal clothes. Blardy rules...

But not this time, I've a way to fend off these weekly routines. With a little trick and some creativity added into your daily lives, you can accomplish something which is extraordinary into your routines.

After the long ramblings above, all I did was simple : skip class la... takyah pakai baju formal~ takyah sibuk banyak banyak dgn hair-styling... bazir wax aje.

But, in the afternoon there's a Manufacturing Lab session. After messing up the DE and moral classes together, this class however, must not be missed. It carries a very heavy load in Lab Sessions and none in Finals exams because there's no finals exam for this subject in the first place. And the lab session for today is...

Learn to pump oil??
Well, think again! It's gas welding for today! 3 main things for this cool baby to do is to pre-heat a surface for shaping, joining 2 metal surfaces and even cut the metal. Yeah, dont' look down on this baby, a misaim from the user will certainly cause alot of barbers to go bankrupt since it's easy to make others bald with that torch.

Ahh... a spark!!
The gas welding has two main gas, acetylene and oxygen. Acetylene is used because it's easy to combust as similiar to ammonia, though it cannot rival with ammonia in terms of stinkyness. Oxygen is the assisting combustion agent. According to the lab instructor, the item above (as seen in picture) is used to create a spark. Just point the tip of the nozzle there with acetylene turned open and u will get a small flame. Too much acetylene instead will create a big flame, which is dangerous. Then the oxygen tap is turned open so the flame changes colour from yellow to blue (as similiar to Bunsen Burner). Take note that with different amount of oxygen that's mixed with acetylene, a different form of flame is produced, and each of these forms has different temperature. With the coolest is 3100C and the hottest is at 3300C.

This is no child's play.

Today, our task is simple. Just draw 2 lines across the metal slabs given by the instructor. Though we were somewhat unhappy cause we can do alot of stuff with this tool apart from 'drawing 2 lines'. Nevertheless, we agreed not to spend the whole 5 hours in the lab. So we get down to business as quickly as we can.
A lapse in concentration can lead to disastrous ending...
this is what I see through the cyclope's goggles (safety goggles)
After 'drawing' the lines and dip it into a bucket of water to cool it, this is the final product of the metal...

On the left is the metal before going through hell. On the right is the one that got burnt, scarred, dunked and dried. Pretty neat huh?

Overall, this lab experiment has given me a great experience as to handle the welding tools. Despite all the fun, there's one more thing left to do...


So much for the fun. Sigh...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not Stress-ed yet

If I can remember clearly, I have a Differential Equation (DE) test on this Sunday, a moral class project which my group has chosen the task to clean up the pathway along the lake in Uniten on next Thursday, and a mock meeting for Technical Communication (Tech Com) one week after the blardy Moral Project.

Sigh... so much for having a happy moments in Uniten. I have not returned to my hometown for almost 2 weeks now. The smell of Bah Kut Teh, no matter how mild it is, I can detect it afar. I can no longer resist the temptation should I set my eyes on the succulent pork ribs stewed to perfection in the claypot filled with essence of wholesome goodness. Great... I just made myself hungry again after stuffing myself during dinner.

Counting down to Chinese New Year, there's still 2 weeks more to go. Best that I put in more effort for these few assignments. After all, time indeed flies when you least expected it. We just think how torturous we've been especially during exams, seemingly how 'snail' the time crawls...

Well, shall not linger over here too long. Time to hit the books. By the way, in case you think that this entry is somewhat much more formal if compared to my usual style of ramblings, I'm appointed as "Designated Editor" in my group for Technical Communication. Don't bother yourself thinking what on earth is a Designated Editor, it's just a complicated term for Secretary.

Friday, January 06, 2006

first in 2006

It's 2006 I
idea what to
about. So I try

 to be slightly
more creative
than ever
before that
is to write

 a blog that
is close
to a
design of the
year 2006 to

    make my
more interesting.
And I think
I've done
very well.

Ok, forgive me for being bored here... syok sendiri namanya...

The new year brings new hopes and promises, especially if one has his/her own resolutions set right before the new year approaches. Hopes that bring changes to he/she, or even families, and the people around for the better future. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply in my case.. Where hopes and promises don't count at the most appropriate time.

You see, I have exam on this coming Sunday. So one of the resolutions that did not pop up in my list, and yet it happened to me... (drums roll...)


Damn I'm not suppose to have this habit especially at times like this. Usually my naps are short, 1 hour the most. But now, I can no longer resist the comfortable spot in my hostel as I come back after classes. The softness of the pillow, the warmth of my comforter... ahhh... irresistible. The only drawback is the mattress provided, and yet again, you can't expect Slumberland from a hostel can you? So most of the afternoon, which is supposed to be spent on studying, is being reduced to nothing but SLEEP!!! and basketball as well.

Speaking of my room, it's still chilly. For those who doesn't know what's going on, then I shall now introduce to you guys the room I am staying in now. (without pics.. paiseh)

My room, for some reason or another... is the coldest if compared to my housemates'. It has been going on like this since I entered Uniten itself. Even though my housemate Alwin's room and mine face the same direction towards the corridor, my room is way colder than his. Maybe he produces more body heat than I do, and his computer is producing alot of heat to keep the room warm. If it's raining out there, I'm quite fortunate myself to survive the cold itself!! I have conducted experiments to place my fan speed and Alwin's as constant (Max speed 5), and my room tapau'ed his room for the Coldest Room Award. It is until then I have no choice but to sleep with my shirt on, instead of the typical topless knocked out pose on the bed (without drooling of course)

My other housemate Tai Soon suggested that I was being followed around since I entered Uniten. That's the reason why my room has the grave chill effect. I dont' really like the idea of this and pray that this is not true at all...

Should I move to another room after the end of semester and the condition persists, then I might need to conduct exorcism...