Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New collection

As i step home from a 1 hour journey on car from serdang, i saw this beauty posing in my brother's room.

Introducing Blackout!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Fellow readers!! A few add-ons have been included into http://huargh-pooit.blogspot.com to provide more information about the author himself! :D

Yours Truly is now ready to take one step further into the world of blogging. Yes he's still sticks to himself and will never involve in controversial discussions especially the politics!

For he understands naught the workings behind the curtains!


I've just finished my exams, and to be honest, I was literally pawned by the exam questions.

3 tests in a row for 3 days, now that ain't good for my beauty sleep. I already have pimples popping out on my forehead!! :(

I can imagine the horrors I would face once my mid term break is over. As I trod reluctantly into the classes, there I would face judgement.

Whether I will fail miserably, or just barely survive the First Test predicament, It's up to the Lecturers themselves to decide. I am sincerely hoping for the latter. My parents are already disappointed when I told them I'm owned by the papers.

Just imagine the 3 lecturers gathering in a mamak stall, congratulating one another for a job well done for taking down students who dont' pay attention in their classes through their test.

My future is in your hands Associate Professors!! I beg thee, I shall pay attention in class! I swear to myself that I won't do anything severe behind your back! ><

Though the voice imitation can never be stopped. It's just too amusing.

I still can't believe that the mid term break starts tomorrow! How time flies!! It won't be long though before the finals loom. :(

Anyone wanna hear Pakistani imitation? Just find me on MSN :p

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Awaited Irish Post (Part 1)

I know this post should have come up at least 2 months ago, which is the exact date when I just came back from Dublin, Ireland. I would say that everyone who has been eager to hear from me what Dublin is all about, have given up on me. I have only myself to blame for that.

In this entry, I'm gonna review what I think about Dublin City, Ireland. Any specific trips would be highlighted here briefly and be posted separately in future. So there will be more posts regarding the trip to Ireland. :)

Welcome to the land of leprechauns - Ireland!

I must once again highlight as I did 2 and half months ago that this trip is not a touring around trip for me. The main purpose of this trip to Dublin is to, along with my mum, help my sister, who got a job in Dublin, settle down and get used to the new environment in a foreign country.

To simplify the matter, my expenses are covered by FAMA loan, and we don't have to spend a single cent on our accomodation (Sis's company PWC provided that for our first month stay). Talk about being lucky! Basically, all of our expenses goes to grocery shopping, souvenir shopping, and touring around. :)

Upon arrival, it was raining at casual pace. Drat! For those who doesn't know why am I making such a fuss, it's a freaking Summer!! According to my sis, she said that in Ireland, it rains 300 days in a year. So we are left with 65 days of pure sunlight.

We were greeted by PWC's man who's in charge of bringing us to the apartment arranged by the company for my sister to stay in. He is rather friendly and helpful, and filled us up with local cultures and places to look for during our stay. It is from there that our dialect is no doubt Asian! One can't speak like them unless you talk to them for like around a month or so, then only you can pick up their slang! Fortunately, he understood our slang so it's not a big deal.

He also mentioned about the weather, stating that...

"The weather here is unpredicatable, just like women!"

He advised us to bring along an umbrella whenever we go out, just in case.

The outside view of the apartment we stayed in.

Well, touring around is not the major spending in this trip though. Most of the time is spent inside the city!

Despite that, there are quite a numerical tourist attraction can be found inside the city! I could highlight a few of these places. (just because I have the pictures!)

River Liffey

The River Liffey is like erm, Sungai Klang, but definitely 1000 times cleaner and more beautiful! It separates the Dublin City into two regions, which are Northern Dublin and Southern Dublin. Northern Dublin is considered the downtown whilst the Southern Dublin is the uptown, where rich people and ambassadors of various countries rule the area! Oddly enough, our apartment is situated in Southern Dublin. Hrmm...

River Liffey is the heart of Dublin City. It connects the two regions with pedestrian bridges for both pedestrians and automobiles. It is common to see people in office suits walking across the bridge every morning, no matter rain or shine.

The Spire

What on earth is that? is my first impression towards the tall metal tube that goes skyward. According to the locals, the main purpose is a giant antenna for telco's. It's not actually a tourist centre, but plunging one metal pole in the middle of the city, and you won't get lost with it as your landmark!

St Stephen's Green Entrance (yeah that's my sis lol)

There are quite a lot of parks in the city. With the buildings insight wherever you look at, it's good to have a look on the greens. St. Stephen's Green is one of the largest park in the city. People would enjoy strolling along the path, some having their meals, and even have picnic on the lawn. Even some would have their afternoon nap on the lawn under the sun even with the amount of people around. I suppose it's a norm for them, especially if the weather's glorious. To them, the sun is a blessing, whereas for us in Malaysia, the less sun we get the better!

During summer, temperature's at average of 16°C, and goes down to 10°C at night without considering any rain. Not the type of summer one would expect aye?

There are other places that one mustn't miss. One of them would be the Guinness Storehouse. Yeap, Guinness is Irish! Which I would blog about it in the next post. There's the Dublin Zoo as well which we didn't visit at all.

With mum around, our breakfast and dinner is served at home. Buying groceries and cooking by ownself is always cheaper than dining out, considering the price one has to pay per meal, not forgetting the conversion rate of RM4.67 for 1 euro dollar as well. Even for the locals, dining out is considered a luxury. It's proven, cos if one dines out, you would tend to eat the most delicious meal available on the menu. That would cost around 8 euros at least. The good news is that it comes in set with side orders and drinks, and the most important aspect, you would be darn full after consuming it.

Ireland has Tesco!!!!!!

Shopping is made easy as we walk around the city for one whole day. Walking is the simplest means of transportation, and that's where you made the most observations. Jervis Street and Grafton Street is the shopping haven for the locals and the tourists as well. It's like Orchard Road in Singapore, where rows of shops are filled with branded shops as well as shopping malls that one wouldn't know it existed at the corner end!

Graffton Street in a rainy afternoon

The food one should look out for while in Ireland is the traditional Irish Stew. Mutton lovers would love this especially as chunks of mutton meat is served in stew garnished with aromatic herbs, served with 2 scoops of mashed potatoes and generous portion of carrots and brocollis (glances at FC ^^) Apart from that, shepherd's pie is a must try in this country! Compared to Secret Recipe's, this one is above of its own class~!

Now I wished I didn't mention them. I'm missing these food~~! T_T

I guess that my post for now is very long. I would cover more about Ireland in the next entry.

See what rain can do to the River Liffey.

Depressing weather eh? That's what we all face in this short 3 weeks' time!

Same applies to One who's facing 3 tests in a row beginning this Wednesday till Friday.

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heroes in Singapore

*Using telepathic mind powers to send instant messages*

Greetings, fellow human beings. I'm now sending an important message by using telephatic powers into your mind so that none of the contents go missing. No, I'm NOT Professor Xavier from X-Men. Nor was your brain hearing things. I'm talking inside your head now, as I speak.

Bangun-lah!! You think you what? Heroes ah??!

Hah! How I wish I could have one of their extraordinary abilities...

Just so you know, Heroes casts is on a World Tour and 4 of them (Ali Larter, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka and Sendhil Ramamurthy) are coming down to Singapore on the 31st August for a meet and greet session with the fans. It would be held at Singapore's newest and largest mall, VivoCity, Centre Court.

In conjunction with this event, Nokia and STAR WORLD are running a regional competition offering a few lucky fans the chance to win Nokia's versatile N95 phone and a flight to Singapore to have ONE-on-ONE session and front seats when the stars appear!

Just imagine Masi Oka comes on stage and greets everyone with his Hiro Nakamura line:


That should be a blast!!

To enter the contest, simply log on to www.startv.com/heroescontest and follow on-screen instructions and answer a few simple questions. This contest runs from 1-19 Aug. Winners will be notified on 24 Aug. So remember the date!

By the way, Channel [V] VJs Joey G, Sarah Tan, Marion Caunter and the latest addition Guest Presenter Nicholas Saputra will be there hosting the event. Games and free gifts are expected wherever they go! For the fans, it's like killing two birds with one stone!!

It would be nice for the Heroes cast to drop by Malaysia as well to celebrate Malaysia's 50th independence together with the locals!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Fillers

For the past 2 weeks, whenever I logged in, I would stare at this empty space, I would think to myself...

What am I gonna blog about this time?

Staring it for more than 5 minute, still nothing comes out. Eventually minutes turn to hours, and hours to days, and days to weeks. Fortunately, not weeks to months.

Cos this is where I came in (finally!! by annoyed readers)

But... It's not gonna be about Dublin, for I am not fully prepared yet! Paiseh!!

It's just gonna be another filler episode, so if you are not interested already...? Just find the X button.

It's about the new system Uniten is implementing now. From now onwards our students ID card is now embedded with a SMARTchip. So now whenever we want to use the computer lab, we have to swipe our ID on the card reader to gain access into the building.

Sounds neat eh? There's every hint of yeng'ness in it!!

Don't you think that most private institutes have already implemented that techonology for quite some time ago? And now only Uniten started to use this technology. Marvelous! And we are quite reputable for producing Engineering students see?

Tak masuk akal langsung!

With the SMARTID, Uniten is now finding every single part of the faculty that has all the reason to put up the card reader, so that the students would carry their ID cards at all times wherever they go. This is a plus point. Usually students don't bother with the ID cards because it doesn't do anything significant except to show that they are Uniten students, and to borrow library books!

Now, Uniten thinks that security inside is sorta poor, so they have to know who's coming into the Uniten territory is their students or not. Thus...

They put the card reader at the main entrance of Uniten.

Brilliant piece of work...

In their minds, the situation would go like this, students drive car in, stop at the main entrance, takes out his/her ID card, swipes at the card reader *tit tit*, the tiang palang would go up, and the students would rev in with 2 bumps greeting simultaneously!

Sounds like a plan? yes?


This plan has one major drawback : it would create a major traffic havoc while every student and lecturer wants to drive into Uniten. Who knows, the queue might lead up to the Silk Highway, which is definitely not good for other motorists. Plus we've all heard how bad the jam is on the Silk Highway every morning, so it would make matters worse!

Till now, the palang tiang is wide open, and security guards are still roaming around like they are used to to check the motorists that's entering Uniten. Seems that they've realised the plan has backfired after all! XD~

After 1 month in Uniten, I've sustained a right wrist injury from basketball, ter'missed' one quiz because it's raining blardy heavily and I can't get out to my car, spotted a few lui's in Uniten (which I didn't approach XD) and the most important of all.. QUITTED DOTA!

See what staying outside campus has done to me! XD~

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang