Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Road to Ireland

Yours Truly is embarking on a journey to the Republic of Ireland to assist his sister to settle down in the land where Guiness rules the beverages instead of sky juice, and English Breakfast to replace the usual Malaysian breakfast...

For 3 weeks I won't be around in Malaysia. Instead I might be able to make friends with the locals, understanding their culture and hoping to get a few pints and get jolly with them. Hopefully I can withstand the alcohol effects without polluting the streets with my undigested dinner. Yuck.

Hopefully, the trip to Singapore and Redang would still be etched in his memory, and please bug him to share a tale or two once he returns from the land far far away in Europe!

Ok.. time to go!! Beg me for those who desires souvenirs! muaahahahahah!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Paint balls

Now I understand how susah our Malayan soldiers have defended for the country, people and Rubber Trees from the Japanese invasion during World War 2.

Scale down the number of soldiers involved on both sides, the amount of ammunition and the size of the battlefield...

Maintain the adrenaline rush in each faction, guerilla warfare action....

Plus a few neutrals known as Marshalls who just seem to know who's been hit and who's not even though they are standing nowhere near the victim at all!

Welcome to the world of Paintball!!

Joining Fang Chin, Mao, Quek and their Nottingham colleagues in this testosterone-driven sport, it sure has proven to be one of the most entertaining moments in my life!

Hearing the CO2 compressed guns release pellets after pellets, while hitting the trees or nothing most of the time seems comforting, having the pellets hitting the barricade right where you are hiding is indeed, nerve wrecking. Mind you, these mini pellets are deadly fast and aren't pleasing on the eyes, as it causes blindness according to the Marshall on duty. I believed him of course!

The familiar commands a la Counterstrike can be heard from both factions. "Cover me!" no doubt is the most used phrase and "Chiong ah!!!" being the most misleading commands in both sides. Resulting unwanted 'deaths' and reducing the number of players on the battlefield in no time. No thanks to Quek (useless teammate ><), who revealed my position with a champion yell "Ah Shin good ah!!" as I made my way towards the flag in "Capture the Flag" scenario, thus drawing fire from the whole opposite faction. With no one prepared to cover my back as I run for cover and I'm visible to the oppositions' pleasing eyes with a striking yellow shirt, I don't stand a chance. Dead meat.

Not surprising, most of the soldiers 'lived on' with a scar so he/she has a grand story to tell to his descendants... (Pic can be found on Fang Chin's blog, malas buat link... sendiri cari!)

It sure is one great sport worth enjoying again, though paying RM 51 for it sure is a pain for the wallet...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Janice Dickinson entertaining the crowd!!

Coach Potatoes!! Here's something for you to look forward from your favourite idiot box, enhanced with a satellite called Astro with Entertainment Package subscribed! Tune into Channel [V] on Saturday, 6:30pm or Sunday, 27th May at 1:30pm! to view special marathon screening of the complete 1st season of “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”
*marathon ---> sit there for like almost 7 hours to watch the whole season in one shot!*

To make you coach potatoes less guilty for sitting through for long periods, Channel [V] is giving you the chance to win fabulous prizes by sending photos of you and your family or friends looking gorgeous and look every bit like a hot model! Take the pictures and email them to http://aa.f582.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=vparty@my.channelv.com. The best party picture wins!

Hurry up!! For the closing date is on 8th June 2007. Better start dressing up, making up, and pose!! And uh, don't forget the cameraman!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mum's Day

Mother is the name for God, on the lips and hearts of all children.

Script found in the movie The Crow, quoted by the late actor Brandon Lee.

Happy Mother's Day to the mums on Earth!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Results are out!!!!

My heart is thumping at irregular pace as I log on to my university's portal, and click on the results tab...


Mechanics of Materials B-
Mechanics of Fluids 1 B-
Fluids Lab B+
Mechanics of Materials B-
Mechanics of Materials lab B
Theory of Machine C+

GPA : 2.67
CGPA : 2.46

*phew* I did pretty well overall except for Theory of Machine, which I feel I could have done better if only I didn't skip so much classes, plus I didn't do much self studying. So I deserve that grade.

I have to buck up for my own future's sake. Time to push my CGPA further up and hopefully it lands me in 2nd Lower class at least. 2nd Upper class is abit too far for me now. Huhu... so much for playign DotA and other comp. games as well.. ><

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Layers Tag

I was tagged by the ever bubbly Caryn (dun kembang so much if you come across this phrase!) XD even though not being tagged by others, this world is just too small to avoid being tagged.

Anyway, an opportunist as I am, this shall fill up the blog whenever I'm facing blogger's block!

The Layers as they put it :

Name : Chee Shin
Birth Date : 20th Jan 1986.
Current Status : in love and being loved
Eye Colour : dark brown
Righty of lefty : right...

My Heritage : i believe i'm a mixed malay, indian, chinese and the list goes on... pure chinese!
My Fears : neglected
My Weaknesses : very high central gravity? my build's too tall and too skinny? xD
My Perfect Pizza : pepperoni pizza, extra cheese and more cheese... and of cos.. more pepperoni.. pass me the tabasco sauce as well! shit hungry ady

My thoughts first waking up : is it late enough to wake up..?
My bedtime : at the moment it's always around 3am...
My most missed memory : primary time.. where the worries are not so worrying as compared to now

Pepsi or Coke : ain't giving a shit
McDonald's or Burger King : can't decide.. both are pretty good
Single or grouped dates : single date...
Adidas or Nike : ain't giving a shit
Tea or Nestea : ain't giving a shit
Chocolate or Vanilla : chocolate!!
Cappuccino or Coffee : ain't giving a shit

Smoke : NOOO~~
Curse : do i look like i do?! no right?? right??
Take a shower : wat nonsense is this...
Have a crush : a crush has turned into a lover... :)
Think you've been in love : i dun think i haven't ?
Go to school : i think i DID
Want to get married : i think i would love that!
Believe in yourself : that's been missing for a very long time...

Drank alcohol : yeah...
Gone to the mall : yeah...
Been on stage : yeah...
Eaten sushi : yeah...
Dyed your hair : nooooo

Played a stripping game : no...
Changed who you were to fit in : i'll let my frens judge on this

To be married : once i'm blardy rich

Best eye colour : dark brown...
Best hair colour : i presume anything except bright striking colours... think of lala... *gasp*
Short hair or long hair : long hair... so i can always play with it XD

A minute ago : singing elmo song! XD
1 Hour ago : watching some stupid show called 'event horizon' with mum.. complete waste of my time cos the show sucks... but it's been a while since i last watched a movie together with mum.
1 month ago : april 9th? celebrating the final exam paper!!!
1 Year ago : probably doing the same thing right now : blogging!

I love : my zhar bo
I feel : weird cos im' doing this tag
I hate : being neglected
I hide : my money somewhere that no one knows..?
I miss : my zhar bo
I need : to kao tim tis tag so i can do something else eg: sleep?

Do if you guys feel like doing again.. cos most ppl on my list have done it!

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Return to Kuantan

Referring back to the previous posts for the past 4 years, without fail in between April - June, there would be a blog entry about the trip to Kuantan.

To live up to my fellow readers expectation, i present to you, yet another post...
MY TRIP TO KUANTAN (version 2007)
Cheh! Why la always Kuantan??
Beh sien meh??
Every year also go nia... go la somewhere else!
Still not dark enough ah? Keep going there...
I would have expect all kinds of rebukes from my friends, but guess they are just ignorant this time around. Everyone just know that, I would end up in Kuantan every year without fail.

Same hotel, same beach, same atmosphere... It's sunny, windy, and still... to my utmost disappointment, no lui's

Ok enough of those nonsense....

The main reason, for me, to go Kuantan is no doubt the Malay food offered over there. It's not just cheap but freaking delicious! If you think that you have tasted a very good Nasi dagang in Selangor, think again! Kuantan is the Nasi Dagang's origin (just like Klang's Bak Kut Teh!) So if you like to give your taste buds a try, Kuantan mari mari mari!! Aside Nasi Dagang, there's Nasi Minyak, Nasi Kerabu (blue colour rice wan!) and of course Murtabak! But my all time favourite would still and always be Nasi Dagang!

Of course, relaxing on the beach is one of the must-do on my list for relaxation. Lay yourself on the beach under a shady coconut tree with a book... Ahhh.. that carefree feeling... What more would you ask for? After a good nap, you will be urged to run along the sands and lunge yourself into the not-so-clean-but-better-than-pantai-morib's-sea!!!!
In the end, you would be tanned, darker than before!! :)

And of course, some night time strolling on the beach with the family...
The night scene (using my camera, flash elek)

I always like the crab's patterns...artistic!

Crab's trails!

The lightning effects are actually the torchlights! :)

The other highlight in this trip is the ongoing fishing competition on the day we checked out our hotel rooms.
Check out the size of the fishing rods!!!
One of them managed to catch a mini shark!! As the action took place too fast, it's impossible to get a picture from it. Plus, the shark is literally mini! So there's no reason for the fisherman to be proud of! ><
And of course, camwhore sessions before we leave the hotel. But I would only post one of it! ^^

Me, Mum, Bro & Dai Sou!
With that, we leave Kuantan half-heartedly, 2kg heavier from the food, and few extra kg's extra load for the car to bear with from fish products and another Malay food called Sata. (How can I miss this??! It's fish paste wrapped in pandan leaves and smoked to perfection! The taste? Lovely!!)
I smell another Kuantan trip in 2008!
Crap! I've internship in that period!!! Nooo~~~~~