Sunday, May 22, 2005

A tribute to Bro

20th May 2005

bro officially ended his bachelor years and become the loving husband (in my in-law's case) after being together since the end of form 4...
currently aged 26... nwo he's getting married? abit early / late... i think it's abit too early... me he's still the blardy brother of mine... -.-"

registered in the early morning in Hokkien Association in Eng Ann... dunno wat's the procession inside cos i wasn't there... (enjoying a snooze during calculus class.. that's the time when they take the registration procession... signing of the marriage form... or watever it's called...) >.<

reache home around 2... picked up by the whole family with Kong Kong from Johor inside the car too... only to realise that everything's settled... HUH??!! bro officially become husband ady?!! NANI??!!!!

there's the UNOFFICIAL wedding dinner held in Tai Tong... with 2 tables only.. cos it's unofficial mah... so families plus grandparents and a few relatives from both sides attended the dinner... had a great time enjoying food there.. bonding relationships between both sides... snapping pics of both families... lots of posers... wat to do... there's Chee Fook Yew around buat kecoh... XD

finally i can get rid of my annoyin bro.. eh wait>>? he's still living in here.. drat!! have to sabar with him again... still not moving out... damn damn damn damn damn...

seems that the date 20/05/2005 is a lucky day after all.... i wish them both to live happily ever after... will my tai sou can tahan my bro's attitude? we shall see.. :p

20-05 - 2005
p/s: limited pics will be posted cos it's involving my bro... not me... (drat!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


it's a few words when joined together.. their meaning contradict one another... and thus... a confusion occurred in meaning.. failure to comprehend the actual meaning of these words...

there are so many oxymorons in the english language... that many just don't realise that it's oxymoron after all... i'm not gonna list them down here... many can be found in magazines... articles... bla bla bla.. as long as u guys have the time and effort to look out for them :)

which later comes to ppl who talk bout their capabilities.. but when it comes to real work... they just prove u otherwise... thus by removing the 3 letters in the front from oxymoron.... and we all can get one of our most favourite quote... MORON!

see wat english has done to us... :p

having MUET oral test tomorrow... hope that i don't flunk them tomorrow.. ~prays for a good teammate~

Friday, May 13, 2005


hooray! hooray!
i gonna have a test...
hooray! hooray!
i have to do my best...

this is definitely not comforting me at all! Finals for last semester was like minutes ago.. and now i'm facing a similiar problem... Calculus Test!! drat... when will this come to an end? T.T

enough Naruto's till wee hours (yes my fellow frens.. i'm addicted to it... 5 episode per day is considered minimum XD~) ... enough naps in the afternoon (dunno why... even though there's more free time.. but somehow it's spent on napping... -.-" memalukan!!)... study comes first.. or is it? :p

ok.. .wish me luck for tomorrow's Calculus test in the morning... will be back in Klang after the test... KUA... >.<

Monday, May 09, 2005

Miserable weekEND

*crashes into a wall*

it suddenly occured to me that my streamyx is not working like it's meant to be... friendster can't be loaded... and same goes to most of the websites... and guess what... the only website i proclaimed normal is HOTMAIL! so wat to do? every single hour go check see whether got mail or not... luckily still can chat online.. if not... God knows wat will i do to my cpu / monitor / keyboard / mouse / ROUTER....

there goes the chances of blogging my past experiences... drowns my mood to relate every single thing that happened during the weekends...and of cos not every experience is a sweet one to endure...

so let's start with bitter ones first. i just got back my 2nd sem's result... NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL!!! despite obtaining B+ and a B.. the major setback comes from 3 C's.... and all C's are of major subjects : Chemistry, Calculus and bout becoming an engineer... doubt my machines can perform at all even if i manage to graduate in near future... got a very good lecture from the whole family members... whew... my ears sure burn~!

this one major upset is powerful enough to put me into depression... needless to say that mother's day is just around the corner... how nice... imagine urself as the mum and ur son just got such awkward results... SIM TIA wan leh... i've truly disappointed her... T_T
at least she didn't give me the most feared punishment : Silent Treatment... worse than getting soundings / grounded... i'm truly grateful i didn't get any of those... so a final chance to prove myself worthy in this final sem...

ok.. enough bitterness... there's sure joy around the corner...first of all, a big welcome to my friend Kar Chun for reaching the 19 years old barrier on 6th May.. forgetting the 18's and awaiting for the 20's... celebrated at where?where cafe near jusco... pics taken courtesy of fang chin.. can be viewed from Fang Chin's Blog...

met up with old classmate xi roa.. had lunch with her with fang chin and hong yang tagging along too... went all the way to taman rashna for bah kut teh... XD~~ seriously... damn long didn't eat bah kut teh liao...met her again for mamak session in 99.. this time hong yang's not involved.. have to study.. so in came the replacement : xiroa's fren esther kwa... had seen her b4 in Prasad tuition.. so this is the first time we had conversation... not bad for a old fren's reunion... :p

oh well.. nothing much can be said and done... mid term exam's next week... gonna get round 2 sounding again... -.-"

Sunday, May 01, 2005


took MUET on Saturday... a prerequisite if one has to study in a local U... to prove that u are proficient enough in English... so a Malaysian standard english test is set up to test us students... see, how nice and thoughtful our government is...

there are 4 tests to sit in MUET course... reading, writing, listening and speaking... which the papers test u on...reading comprehension... writing essays... listening to a radio with some recorded speech and answer questions... and giving a speech according to the topic given...

but to me.... the actual test are...
reading - i understand wat i see on the passage thank you....
writing - i can write, doesn't matter wat language... even using left hand... very neat summore
listening - i'm not deaf...
speaking - haven't sit this test yet but still... everyone knows i can talk mah... wat the heck?!

so u see... MUET IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF MY PRECIOUS TIME!!!! especially when it involves weekends!

oh well... i actually breezed through the papers... all except the essay part... 'discuss whether the better educated a person is, the more mature that person is'....
hell yeah... ask a fella who hasn't written an essay since last year... and such marvelous topic to relate to... thank you! i love this paper! !@$%!%$!

enough complaints.. at least it's over now... Bah Kut Teh beckons me.... >.<

Fugitives wanted

2 cars were spotted escaping from the compound at the wee hours... Suspects were Gan, Alwin, Eugene, Janice, Josephine, Tai Leong, Kelly and Andrew, All aged 19 were seen in a Perodua Kelisa and a Proton Wira as they left the University compound. Reports of not having any class for the rest of the day leaves the guards no choice but to allow the drivers and passengers to go to their destination : Sg. Wang Plaza.

Sg Wang Plaza
The 8 wanted suspects were seen in a food outlet. The owner of the shop, who was not identified, says that all of the 8 'suspects' are enjoying her food and complimented on her success. so it's impossible for them to be criminals. They left the shop right after finishing their meals and were lost in a crowd. A reward of $50k has been offered to anyone who's WILLING to stop them from roaming the Plaza.

???? hrs
They were gone!!! No one has seen them around. They are too hard to be seen at the moment. Rumours of Kelly and Andrew have splitted from the group is not yet proven. Experts assumed that teenagers usually will go for a round of arcade games.. but that's just assumption... the searches continues....

1530 hrs
Svenssen's Ice Cream
The waitress claimed to have seen 7 from the group chilling out in the shop. They proved to be a good customer of course... rocked the shop with 2 earthquakes... there are 8 flavours on each earthquake... and there were 17 flavours to pick from... Alwin has prompted to choose every flavour except Lemon Sherbet. Lots of flashes around as they played with cameras... that doesn't affect the business nevertheless... they ARE good business!

Imbi Plaza
A computer shop owner has reported to the authorities that he has seen the 7 member mentioned in Imbi plaza. Apparently they are there to pick up the laptop which is sent there for service but wasn't ready yet. No trouble-making detected. They can't be harmless! the shop owner added

Low Yatt Plaza
the initial 8 member gang has been reduced to 7.. Andrew was caught in a mechanic shop as he was servicing his car. Meanwhile, witnesses in Low Yatt said that the remaining 7 were busying seeking a new 'husband' for Janice, if true she can be sued for dishonouring her current 'husband's oath... as witnesses observe them for 1 hour as the group wandered around Low Yatt, it turned out that the new 'husband' she's looking for was actually a cd pouch. Feeling disappointed, there goes a possible evidence to put the gang members into trouble.

Hawker Center
Kelly left the group and joined her mum back home. So the remaining 6 was seen having dinner at a hawker center. since the authorities too were having dinner at that time.. they have wasted the best opportunity to capture them.

The 6 returned back safe and sound. Absolutely no chance to be caught by the authorities... Ikat Jamin is considered the primary defence should anything goes wrong.

Tired now... thought of this stuff for such a long time... wait.. is that DotA on the comp now?! XD~