Wednesday, April 27, 2005

back in Uniten

i'm back in Uniten on Sunday 24th april..... with alot of things unexpected things...'

first.. i don't have keys to enter my apartment.. which i have to rely on my housemates to open the door for me... lucky for me... so thanks to Eugene and Alwin..... then the next thing is that my roomate Jay has changed course.. so... MY ROOM IS LOCKED!! cos i dun have the keys... i need a place to camp for the night... damn~~
fortunately the apartment next door belongs to 'kah ki lang' too... and there's an extra bunk bed for me to sleep on.. yay~~ so much for worrying bout mosquitoes at night :p

Alwin showed me a few of his video clips that were d/l'ed during hols... the best ones is undeniably a video of an American joker lip-singing a Romanian Techno song while doing some 'amusing' dances in front of the webcam... the video became famous eventually and there are imitates as well all over the world including students from MMU... a Mexican + Asian... well the best is still the ori version... will get the videos from Alwin...

it was windy at night... as i lepak around in Alwin's room little did i realise that there were cables.. lots of them... are connected to Eugene's Hub... a quick look out of the window has confirmed my doubts... : MORE KAH KI LANG's who brought their comp over has linked to the Hub (a total of 12 comps total)... NOW.. wat can we do with 12 comps connected together? wat else? LAN GAMING!!

oh crap... this is not good for us... XD~

played DOTA till wee mornings... (some ppl didn't play Dota.. we played 4 v 4 and pawned them! :p) dunno ended up wat time b4 heading to bed... First class on 10am... and no tutorials for 1st weeks... so 2 hour-class to settle through b4 i go back to the apartment to continue the slumber... XD~

Sunday, April 24, 2005

gone.. noo... gone....

yes.. i'm referring to my 3 weeks worth of hols... it's gone... *snaps finger*
eeeee... going back to Uniten soon... -.-"
thinks of packing luggages once more, books, stationaries... and most important of all :F&B (food and beverage)

1st week
spent mostly on mssd issue... had handball matches with STAR school team... became coach for U-15 & U-18 gals in basketball... kalah semua... (still yet to win under my coaching... still haven't get sacked by STAR school board? :p)

2nd week
nothing much done during this week... constant trips to Taman Rakyat for jogging... kept me strong and healthy for at least 1 week... -.-" went Kuantan for 3 days from Friday to Sunday... relaxation No. 1.. sleep is the best method..

3rd week
felt it's badly wasted... mostly spent at home doing nothing... few outings with frens... hook up on guitar once more... just that i still can't most of the songs that i like.... skills remained the same... NOOB! swimming is good alternative after jogging/basketball... puffs up ur body... but punctured the next day.. -.-"

Today : My 2nd trip to Central... damn bloody noisy.. beh tahan... doubt myself to go there again... shitty atmosphere... plus i got 'jackpot' for some imbecile waiter to carelessly dropped stuff on the fountain drain... *splashes on my T-shirt + sexy leg!* =.=" bloody hell... left Central... ends up at MYOB with Mao, Fang Chin and Budak. The rest of the crew in Central ends up in 99 (another mamak stall found in Eng Ann)

record : no books were touched for the whole 3 weeks... felt so guilty...hahaha...
haih... still alot of packing to be done... might as well start right away...
i love UNITEN!!! don't miss me Klang ppl.....
Uniten's CREW!!!!! TADAIMA!!!!! XD

Thursday, April 21, 2005

stupid connection

STREAMYX SUX these days~!!

which oso leads to one another.....

MSN is badly affected by the performance of streamyx!
and of course the none-other-than more important issue... NO MORE DOTA AT HOME!!!!!
yet some sites still can be accessed....
but no friendster!!!! T_T

see... all because of streamyx... it's a chain rule... as long as one part of the whole system fails... the whole system will eventually fall...

should telekom improvise once agaiN? it's pointless to see a new logo... it will prove a point however if they lower down the streamyx rates... or AT LEAST... provide a better connection to us 'demanding' users...
oh wait.. demanding sounds too harsh for us customers... let me rephrase that part...


which is why more local ISP's have come out to challenge telekom... and i do hope they beat the hell out of telekom...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Mission Accomplished

location : Duta Village, Cherating Beach, Kuantan

duration : 3 days...

purpose : relaxing, food, and of course scouting

reached kuantan safely after 4 hours of butt-aching journey... even though it's only 4 hours to travel from west to east.. but my boney ass tells me that i should do something bout it to avoid such turmoils in coming years... a big thank you to the government for successful completion of the Karak - Temerloh highway... for that's the worst part of the journey if one takes the old road... confirm ur precious kah cheng will be flat... if u seek such errm... reduction formula.. u can request ur family to take that route instead if u wanna visit the easthen shores of peninsula malaysia >.<

we stayed in a chalet... quite spacious despite its looks from outside... there are 2 rooms... plus the living room with sofa bed!! so dudes who are interested to go Kuantan next time... we can make a trip there.. .:p
opened the window to be greeted by a bird's nest!! there's 2 eggs inside.. hrrm.. some spring mating season huh? we are in luck!! :p the bird was there even though we humans are curious to see it incubating the eggs... nice.. discovery channel in the making.... amateur version... :p

it's a carefree life... days are spent in the chalet itself playing winning eleven... (bro brought his ps2 over), SLEEP... and of course none other than playing with the waves... got tanned too... become darker u guys might say... oh well... I AM!! XD

getting food in kuantan is quite convenient...speaking bout food... that's one of the main purpose of this trip's agenda! to taste the local cuisines!!! Nasi dagang, nasi minyak... nasi lemak... OMG! they come in packets! and endless numbers!! Sata (some malay pastry with fish meat wrapped up like a cone in banana leaf and grilled to perfection... hoh jiak)... lekok...otak0-otak... akok bahulu(ji dan gao).... weird names.. but same ol familiar stuff... if u know wat on earth at first sight.. then u are safe! to eat i mean....
u guys should look out for grilled stingray... a must have from the menu... the kuah is different compared to the ones over here... and of course the fish is fresh.. since it's near beach.. :p
*NO KFC sighted during this trip... a sad case especially for my bro!*

travelled up to Kemaman, Terengganu to have a look around... (always a routine to go there if we go to Kuantan for vacation) the infamous Stuffed Crab has lost part of its reputation for being nice and succulent and filling... now it's kinda 'flat.. oily... and EXpensive!"... haih... no more visiting to that restaurant again... (Dong Yuan for those who are interested... it's located by the river) Kemaman is also a good place to buy Malay Cuisines.. thus MORE sata and Otak-Otak are bought... and shoved into the car... making the car full of aromatic smell... popped a few into the mouth of course on the way back to the chalet... >.<

overall.. nothing much happened in this trip... it's total relaxation.. feeling younger once more!!

note : a bad scouting trip for me... not much lui's to be kap'ed... don't mention bout lui's... even chinese ppl are hard to be seen!! saw 3 chinese gals which are rated ok in hypermarket... they worked there part time... well.. that's the only sole comfort... haih~ -.-"


b4 i blog bout my kuantan trip (15-17 april).. there's an outdated episode of me and few other frens went all the way to Sunway Pyramid to catch the show The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel.

it was on Thursday night 14/4/05... was informing a few fellas via msn that there's a movie to catch... unforeseen delays has forced me to finish my dinner in less than 10 minutes... precisely at 8.30 the driver Wei Siong aka Budak was already outside waiting to pick me up... eish... i was the last once again...

Fang Chin, Wei Siong, Wei Yee, Mao, Sern Kiat and I + Eliza and her bf were watching the Pacifier... a show which one just have to sit down, relax and just watch! no plots to think.. no hidden stuff... no additional marks if one can figure out the isi tersirat...just laugh as u watch it...loved the part when the elder sister drove awkwardly and finally parked in front of the school... her younger sister Lulu opened the door instantly and jumped onto the grass and cried "LAND!!!!!!!!" while gripping firmly on the grass as though going to kiss it :p overall the show was rated OK... if only the ticket price is reduced to somewhere near the pirated vcd retailed price... ok lah... increase 1 buck for the more-or-less comfortable seatings and air-conditioned Hall... so recommended ticket price? RM 3.. if only this could happen >.<

there's a live show of latte at 8 at Starbucks... i for one who nvr watch that talk show... was sorta excited to see a show being taken live on air... not much audience though... but it's a first hand experience to be 'part' of the audience.. albeit standing near the entrance... getting a glimpse on the hosts Adam and Marion... :p

went to Asiacafe later.. since it's my first time here... had no idea wat to eat... plus a greater disadvantage on my 'just tightened' braces... i can't even bite fried stuff... ~sigh~ when can my braces be taken off??! food here's somewhat pricey... quality's still retained... so, worth it... :p

a good outing at night... if not i'll rot at home as always.... Kuantan trip's NEXT~!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

feeling motivated~

woke up at 6am again... that's 3 days in a row... more ppl seemed to join in our expedition to Andalas Reservoir... added members Fang Chin and Wei Siong aka Budak... Quek's promised to join us but somehow we heard a distant rumble of boeing 747 taking off from an airfield nearby.... he FFK'ed us!!

our usual routine after jogging would be playng basketball... venue's decided... STAR school! it's been a long while since i last entered the school along with my pals... and heard of changes in STAR school.. plus a few old pals are still 'trapped' in there... good time to pay them a visit after all...

it's around 8am when we arrived at the gates... the security guards greeted us... instantly recognised us as 'bekas pelajar STAR' and waved us to enter... wow! normally i thought any guards would interrogate a few questions b4 actually letting us in.. but this??!! unexpected shit from the guardS!!! :p

Met a few old schoolmates... Alvinder, Kenny, Choi... :p all of them are well dressed up as prefects!! : p met Sakinah!! our well respected teacher when we were form 4-5... had a really nice chat with her... mostly rubbish stuff... it was here then i noticed that we were tracked!! a quick glance to my back registered on my mind instantly the bloody moronic adult who in later would halau us from the school... Pn Norsiah aka Penguin... she's the one that stopped us from advancing to the basketball court... right after Cik Sakinah has kindly waved us along and said " oklah! Pergi main!!"

the conversation below is between Han Kwang and Penguin... it's slightly modified... though the meaning is still there... to avoid complications... :p

"cikgu... kita datang untuk main bola..."
tak boleh tak boleh...
"kenapa cikgu?"
no means no... go go .. out u go....
"tapi cikgu, tak baik mah macam ni... kami datang untuk tanya khabar semua cikgu sebelum kita pergi main... tak baik kan kalau cikgu halau kita macam ni...."
saya baik, sihat, masih muda... ok... lebih baik kamu keluar dari kawasan sekolah sekarang... tak boleh main kat sini...
"kenapa cikgu??"
ada fire drill hari ni... lain hari baru datang.. cepat keluar...

that's so Penguin doesn't she... if there's a fire drill she could have explained to us properly.. instead she goes for 'get-out-of-here-u-irritating-buggers' mode... bloody hell lah~! next time i should stage an 'accident'.. perhaps a robbery... then we go back to STAR, make complaints bout Penguin for getting rid of us from playing in the court (safer, consider all the social issues happening around us these days)... and now accident strucks... which can be prevented... >.< it's all imagination so don't think too far guys...

in the end we played basketball at southern park... Quek did showed up... but that's around 8.30... haih... watever it is... bah kut teh's on him the next FFK attempt... will inform u guys when that happens... just try to show up at the place where we eat when the time comes... he'll treat u all... >.<

nothing much happened in latter day... just the school incident that's bugging me... which of cos is still considered common among students... especially with that sorta teacher around... pray that next time we dun have to bump into her when we visit STAR in latter times...

*Zakaria somehow seems to be happy to see us... no complaints or watsoever bout us... not even the hairstyle that we kept especially Hong Yang's... the centerstage is taken by Penguin..*

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Self motivation... again

jogging in Andalas Reservoir "ON"... initial plan's in the morning... which i took the initiative to wake up exactly at 6!! since there's no call from Hong Yang yet.. i've decided... sleepy i was... to take a bath... to freshen up myself... as i just came out from the bathroom... the familiar sound of the roof getting hit.. hrrm... strange... not a good time after all... the sound grew louder and more frequent as i entered my room... and saw a magnificent sight....


haih... feeling kinda down... decided to call Hong Yang...
'eee... Hong Yang..."
"raining wor" as both of us said together
"aiyah... simpan kulit lah! continue!!"
"ok bye bye"

The bath was refreshing... i mean WAS... less than 1 minute i'm knocked out on my bed..

Afternoon loomed... Hong Yang and I joined Fang Chin and co. who were already in Warnet for a few rounds of Dota... surprised to say i can own Fang Chin and vice versa... i'm just surprised that's all... not bad... at least can play with them from now onwards... (improved ady!!! >.<)

Found ourselves jogging to make amends to the incident in the morning... the usual 3 musketeers (Han Kwang, Hong Yang and I)... has added another member... KK (my Uni fren who oso stays in Klang) usual routine... usual complaints... and usual spot to be attacked by mosquitoes... haih... their numbers will not come to 'endangered' status huh?

Milan's draw against Brescia is comforting yet disappointed.. for i expected them to win... but the good part is.. Juventus have to fight back to draw against Fiorentina!! so Milan still lead the table on goal differences.... FORZA MILAN!!!!!

Champions league against Inter... prays for the best... and same to Chelsea...... all set for Chelsea - AC Milan finale eh Fang Chin? :p

Monday, April 11, 2005

Self Motivation

it was as planned, i received a call from Hong Yang at 6 in the morning...
"shin wake up!!! time for jogging"
slammed the phone... and continued my slumber...
moments later.. another call......
"still sleeping ah?"
"u want go or not waN?!!"
"where u now?"
"in front of your house liao leh... han kwang fetching"
"Wah!!!! ok ok gimme 5 minutes..."

that happened when our Siao'ness kinda kicks in... to jog at the infamous Andalas Reservoir... where jungle trekking is only possible in this part of Klang... sad.. u can't get anywhere else if u wanna find paths in thickery bushes and trees.......

It's been a while since i last came here... fond memories of trekking all the way up to the peak when i was a kid... which literally took my breath away... (tiredness... not of the magnificient view.. i'm used to seeing rooves of houses stretching from my 180 degrees line of sight)

Han Kwang, Hong Yang and I reached the reservoir at around 7am. We started our 'warm up' session by jogging up along the road... and back down... and then we entered the jungle trek path... surprised to find myself still able to maintain my 'qi'... and reached the top in 10 minutes time... was literally tired... 'stupid stairs' proved to be the greatest obstacle, especially when it's kinda long stretch... (around 50 steps) and it's situated right before the peak of the reservoir... -.-" not a bad way to exercise ourselves and spend our free time.. since me and a few A level pals are having holidays...

Fang Chin came over in the afternoon to play a few rounds of Dota.. no one seems to be able to cope with his slyness... every opponent gets owned by him.. until the whole team gave up,left the game and handed fc and comrades the victory in less than half an hour... haih... sien kah~!

Night time's at Central... situated behind Klang Warnet, this shop serves Hong Kong style food... somethign like Kim Gary...and a live band. there we meet up with our large pals plus 2 China chicks (Bee Chee's frens) Didn't get to talk to them... for one... i'm sitting at the far end of the table and they are on the other side... and another reason is Hai Liang seems to have robbed away all the tah poh's chances to talk to them... every single topic has been spoken by Hai Liang... so Hai Liang played host... while us guys have to be content with the Band singing on that day...

not much happening overall... oh wait... jogging's tomorrow morning!!! >.<

*my first and last in Central i guess... food wise of course... disappointed i have to say*

Saturday, April 09, 2005


4 days in a row is spent mostly on watching ppl play basketball in MSSD (5th-8th april). Held in
the default place called Raja Zarina (gals) and STAR + Dato Hamzah (STAR : u-15boys & dato hamzah
: u-18 boys) Being the ever free person especially when the timing is right... i'm appointed once
again as the coach for under-15 gals team for STAR... -.-"

the fact that appointed as coach.. no one can really take that point literally... for a coach's
job is to train the players.. .observe the players.. and bring the whole team together to the
.. and compete with other teams... my definition however... refers only to the latter part :
BRINGING THE TEAM TO THE VENUE.. and of cos giving instructions as well... the fact that i didn't
get to see the whole under-15 squad really gives me a headache on who should be on the starting
... and even more headache looms... when i realise finally as i watch my team played
against the others... they have never played a full court game together b4 until this date...

Day 1
1st match vs Kwang Hua
one of the power house which eventually took 3rd place... being errm... 1st timers... the STAR
team is totally overawed with their opponents... and fell 11-2 in first period.. even though with
Pei Ying (our trumph card) playing as playmaker.. she herself had hardtimes when she is 'giap'ed
by 3 players at once... (she has made a reputation last year.. which is why every school has set
an eye on her... to guard her at all cost) eventually the whole team cannot cope with Kwang Hua's
pressure and lost tamely to them... 7-26

2nd match vs Chong Hua (private)
another power house that took 2nd place...and special thanks to Yong Hol for setting the starting
lineup... main reason : he knows every single player in under-15 squad whereas i don't... and to
KK for giving secret training after the first match against Kwang Hwa, the gals played and fought
better than the first match.. the Pizza Hut and Skipping Exams seemed to have motivated them...
took the lead quite a numerical times... should have won the match had not the 4th quarter where
exhaustion robbed our players' mood... and scored nothing during that period... in the end we
lost 14-22...

overall i'm quite happy with the players' performance, especially in the 2nd match... consider the
fact that some of the players haven't played 5 0n 5 b4 until now... there's hope after all for
STAR's U-15 gals >.<

there's a match for U-18 gals though... vs KISAS.. which for the first time in my entire life a
Malay school has sent a squad of malay gals to compete in basketball!!! unfortunately this match
they didn't turn up.. so a free win for our U-18 gals...

Day 2
it's U-18 gals turn to show their styles... unfortunately... like U-15... they faced similiar
problems.. even though they have a better training compared to U-15 gals... they had some
difficulties overcoming the might of MGS and Hin Hua... though they fought and gave in their
best... they couldn't have their own 'glorious' moment... and lost the qualifying rounds...

met Bernard... an old fren from ACS who played as a keeper in handball when we were form 3...
lots of changes on him... too fair skin for a guy... and involvements with Big Bro.. not a wise
thing to mix with him too often....

Day 3
Bernard proves to be a nuisance... shows interest in one of the STAR's U-15 gal... keeps making
lame remarks and jokes around... as though he's someone so keng cao... giving wrong impression to
everyone else... other U-15 gals don't really bother much bout him.. instead all 'bomb' him...
giving bad remarks bout him too... which he took it heartly.. -.-" he never realised that they
were serious with watever they just said to him... oh well.. at least they don't have to get
bored with me though >.<

STAR boys team are all goners... U-15 lost to kwang hua at the very last moment even though
they've led all the way... until 4th quarter everything started to go wrong.. Kwang Hua...
initially trailed by 12 points... seemed to pick up the speed... and eventually won the game..
40-35... a sad case to the U-15 boys... as for U-18 boys... even tragic incident happens.. all
teams in the group lost 1 match and won 2 matches... since it is so.. the teams who have better
scoring points will advance... which STAR... unfortunately enough to score the least among
all.... is knocked out in the first stage...

Day 4 (today)
went to Dato Hamzah to watch the finals.. and of cos to pick up 2 gals (Mei Kuan and Wan Xuan
who's there earlier) the final match for U-18 boys is between Hin Hua and Chong Hua... Chong Hua
played alot better than Hin Hua... despite the fact that Hin Hua has a good reputation to produce
quality players with 'robot' stamina.. be it boys or gals... Chong Hua players have outwitted Hin
the whole match... and deservingly become the champion in MSSD...

not a bad way to spend my weekends.. apart from spending my time looking at current MSSD bkb
standard... which overall is better than my time... and the real reason is to wash eyes!! XD~ 2 weeks left for my hols... i guess i should spend my time better... oh well.. since everyone's
having hols now... i think that shouldn't be a prob!!! >.<

Saturday, April 02, 2005

3 weeks holZ~~

it's all over for ME!! (not Mechanical Engineering) i know i can pass the subject but how i pass it is another problem... oh well... i will know that in 3 weeks time... now the time has come for me... to say goodbye to Uniten........ for 3 weeks... >.<

Home... has nvr been THIS 'heavenly' after such a long time... even though i come back on weekends... the fact that staying at home itself... being lazy... accessing the comp the whole day... and get to do anything you like with all the means of transport etc etc.... but the most important of all other than enjoying oneself at home is to....


of course this is all the initial plan i have for the next 3 weeks... TO BE a PIG... unfortunately.. i'm stuck with a few assignments as well, that of course will keep me from my beautiful sleep for some time...

first of all... is the promise to coach STAR's under 15 basketball team... seems that everythign goes well... (not accordign to my plan of course!) competition starts on coming tuesday from this date onwards... anyone interested can go straightaway to RZ... hehehe

the next thing that comes... is one of my favourite sports.. handball.. even though i can't score in this game... but the satisfaction it gives when u give long passes which eventually lead to a goal... or to intercept an opponent's attack... and turns into a counter attack... it's nice to be able to play such sport... :p
(for readers who dunno wat's handball...u can refer it on the internet... where resources are available and reliable >.<) had a friendly match with the STAR's under-18 team this morning... since only me, han kwang, roger and teck ree appeared for the ex-starian team... we have to mix with the under-15 team though.. (teck ree left earlier for some reasons -.-") played ok if compared to the time i played in school in my 'early' teens.. however, i'm easily 'pancit' this time... no longer as fit as b4... didn't manage to score but still get to play my usual role... playmaker! XD

despite putting up a gutsy show... we have to bow down for once to the under-18 players... in a most unlikely fashion... and the score ended at....

bah~! lucky it's not my competition days...
or else i will chi sat!!

with not much time left on the clock.. i have to end my blog session for today... and turn my attention to the next thing i crave.... FOOD!!!! to those who's having exams next week... wish u guys good luck!! and i'll try to kacau u guys one of these days... (need Sazli's approval and protection... to avoid Rasul! XD any after school plans from u guys... my phone's 24/7 available... but hopefully not in awkward hours of course! ------> MAKAN DULU~!!! XD~~