Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Official End

To whom it may concern,

This blog shall be permanently moved to http://cheeshin.iblogger.org from now onwards. The author of this blog has found a better domain to continue his blogging activity, and would like to inform all readers regarding it.

The author would like to express his thanks to fellow bloggers, notably Fang Chin, who persuaded to hop on the blogging wagon, and since then he has enjoyed himself sharing his thoughts, rants and experiences through this medium. Not to forget other fellow bloggers as well, who have inspired and motivated the author to update the blog frequently (maybe not frequent enough?). The most important of all would be the readers themselves, without the readers, this blog would be dead no doubt about it.

In conjunction with the blog's 3rd anniversarry (yeah this blog is almost 3 years of age), the author would like to announce how thankful he is to have such great readers and fellow bloggers by his side. At the same time he would like to officiate the new blogsite http://cheeshin.iblogger.org

The reasons for this change are the desire of the author to have his own domain, as well as the flexibility of wordpress to create/modify themes and a much suitable style of blogging that suits my needs. I'm also to gain new knowledge regarding HTML and customization on web structures through wordpress. Fellow readers shall have high expectations on this latest web page, and I hope it won't disappoint everyone.

Please do update the link on my name to this latest website aye?

Once again, thank you all for being a part of my blog circle. I shall see you folks at http://cheeshin.iblogger.org

"A new beginning : In the middle of everything"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Life Taken

I just returned home from my primary school's classmate, Boon Yew's house, whose mum passed away on Thursday. She was a teacher in Hin Hua and taught us Kemahiran Hidup in Standard 4. She was reported to have brain tumour, and was in a coma for a few days in hospital before she passed away. She's not even 50 years old!!

Such shocking event... Especially for my friend Boon Yew, who along with his elder brother, came all the way back from USA. Not to mention he is to face the exam in the next 2 weeks.

May her soul found solace in places unlike the cruel Earth, where violence and hatred are creeping into the society as we speak.

That shows how short our lives can be. So we shouldn't take things for granted, learn to enjoy whilst working hard at the same time. Our lives can only be meaningful if we set our goals and achieve them.

It's good catching up with a few of my friends in Kayu. (Poh Suan, Xi Roa and Hai Liang whilst most of the other fellows either ffk'ed with style or replied with a concrete reason). Had a few laughters and reminiscence of the good old days in primary school. And talked mainly about pretty girls.. and guys, from the girls' point of view of course! XD

So what are we waiting for?? More mamak sessions, computer games, clubbing, as for the girls, shopping!! Get rich, get married, get kids and do all the things that you guys have set in your mind!! Do it before everything's too late!!

Find the meaning of your life!

For me? I'm to study for upcoming finals.. before everything's too late as well!!

Shin reporting in from Klang.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya Horror

To all Muslims around the world, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!

Maaf zahir batin!!

To all non-muslims, please enjoy your holidays safely and wisely! Do visit your Muslim friends and exchange pleasantries!

On the side note during raya night, my family were having dinner in Restoran Angsa Emas, Petaling Garden. As I was busy SMS-ing, I heard an aunty screamed, then I looked up, and saw 2 indians on a motorbike roared away from the restaurant!

They were trying to robbed the aunty's handbag!!!!

Fortunately, they failed!! The valiant aunty had a tug-of-war with the robber over her precious handbag just long enough (probably 1 sec) when she screamed for help. The robbers started to panic and let go of the handbag and made a getaway with his companion on the motorbike! The aunty was unhurt in the end!

Shocked and angered as I watched the incident, yet helpless to see everything happened in just a matter of seconds! Like all boys, I love to imagine myself being the hero of the day by bashing up the robbers from their motorbike as they make their escape! But, it's all just fantasy dreams...

A word of advice to everyone who's reading this: Do not sit nearest to the entrance of the restaurant. That's where the aunty and her family sat, so they are the most exposed to the outside, thus an easy target for those hit-and-run robbers.

If the robbers are overpowering you, please just let your belongings go. Nothing is as precious as your own life, right? But adrenaline would probably prevent you from thinking rationally, please be careful while confronting the robbers.

By any chance the robber is being brought down onto the ground, by all means, get your own weapon, and start beating the crap out of him!!!!!! It's time to teach these buggers some lesson of life!!

That aunty has inspired me to retrain my Taekwondon skills... I wanna give a perfect KO roundhouse for once in a lifetime to these good-for-nothing ass****s.

I'm sure you guys wanna do the same thing too to those ass****s.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My dog... sophie!

Is 11 years old! Which is equivalent to 77 years old human age.

Blardy fat and pampered! Always seeking attention and run away as winner with more food tucked inside her barrel-shaped stomach!

Now she's staring at me with her wide-eyed pose, it's time to feed her dinner.

Babi punya anjing tua!

Bro's Wedding

Finally, everything's done!

After 12 blardy years of pak toh, my brother Chee Tian (KuTian would be used instead throughout this blog) has finally proposed to his blardy long gf (Shok Chen) to be his wife!! With the registration done a year ago, the only thing that's still missing from a wedding procession is the wedding dinner itself!

Which is held one year after the registration (some kinda timing -.-"), precistly, last saturday, 6th october.

The wedding proceedings is kinda blur to me. One thing I wasn't allowed to follow my bro to 'pick' dai sou from her house, which is greeted by the ji mui's (kena main'ed kao kao by them, turut serta jadi victim would be my bro's heng dai). Whatever's done there, I wasn't clear myself. I do know that my bro has to eat loads of peanuts and form "I love you" from the shells.

As he arrived at the house, I was told to take my own sweet time to open dai sou's side car door. Since it's blistering hot, and I'm in my formal wear, it's would be unwise for me to waste everyone's time just to bug her. Lots of friends and relatives from both sides have come and visited, as well witness the 'zam char' (tea offering) session, and of course, I was involved in it!

"Blarder!! LIM TEH!!! 以后自己泡!"

Which reads : Brother! Please drink this tea! The next time you have to make tea yourself!

It was a tiring morning, what with taking care of the house the previous night for KuTian's bachelor night, and now the wedding proceedings early in the morning. It's no surprise I didn't enough pigging sessions!!

And there's still the wedding dinner at night in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam! My sister and I will be the EmCee!!!

What a last minute decision!! Both sis and I weren't impressed with the decision of course! But, since it's their day, no point sabotaging right?

Last minute scripts were prepared prior to the wedding night! And there goes my afternoon nap! T_T

Despite the last minute planning, slight delays and a bit of miscommunication in seat allocation for the guests, the wedding dinner proceeded smoothly. I myself was surprised to remain calm as I speak in front of the ballroom, with 48 tables filled with people! My sister is to speak English whilst I translate it into Mandarin (which I have some difficulty of course and always refer to my 4th Uncle, who knows the terms for certain proceedings such as champaign pouring and cake cutting, as well as bombastic 4 character words aka 成语).

And it's the first time I get to initiate the wine toasting ceremony on stage... :D


The wedding dinner turned out quite well overall. I'm happy for everything that has transpired inside the hall. KuTian and Dai Sou were happy and grateful for having me and sis to become the emcee, which I'm glad. Surprisingly, even relatives and friends from both sides thought that we did a good job as the emcee of the night. Hrrm...last minute work still retains a certain high percentage of efficiency?

I followed the bride and groom around 48 tables for wine toasting. I wasn't allowed to drink much cause I'm driving. So after 48 tables, one of my relatives asked me:

"So how much have you drink? Why your face still not red wan?"
"Actually, this is still my first cup!"
"Hah??? You are kidding me right??"
"haha, nope! I only had 5 sips nia total! The rest all acting nia!"

See, I so nice follow around to 'tahan arak', which in the end I didnt' do myself justice! XD

*Now I can only wish that my bro and dai sou would live happily ever after, and dont' come out with lots of kids, I don't wanna babysit them myself!!!!*

*typo error detected. Credits to ENKI* :D

Many pictures were taken of course during the dinner. But not by my own hands. There are a few hired professional photographers around. So hopefully I can get my hands on it and show everyone here some of the pics alright?

In the end, I did managed to drive back to Serdang safely...

Just to attend a test on Sunday. Stupid right??

And I died in that exam! T_T

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stressed and Strained

Finally, I smell the Internet!!!!

Why do I get a burnt Power Supply Unit and PCI Network Adapter when assignments and projects are running at a high??

After spending a total of RM 71 for a new Power Supply Unit and a USB Network Adapter (all of the PCI slots were kaputed during the thunderstorm, what luck!), I better not encounter another super powerful thunderstorm again!!

About the picture posted recently, if you guys check out the fuse properly, the glass that covered the fuse actually shattered! Normally, when there's lightning, the tungsten inside the fuse would just melt while the glass remains intact. This time though, it's highly suspected that the current is so great that it is able to jump to the other side of the circuit by forming an arceven though the tungsten is melted. It is the arc lightning that caused the glass to shatter.

Scary huh?

Next time do unplug all power plugs and your LAN cable from your computer before you head to bed. You just don't know when the lightning would strike, especially when you are caught sleeping like a log! :D

Gotta hit the books now. 3 tests in a week is not doing justice to me, what with Bro's Wedding dinner on Saturday. It's caught in between two tests on Friday and Sunday.

Great timing -.-"

Shin reporting in from House behind Minlon, Serdang.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Observe the power supply unit's fuse fellow readers.

It's broken!

Heavy rain > thunder storm > flashes of light > big explosion > tripped fusebox

The aftermath is the burnt smell of...

Power supply units and the beloved router modem!!

I sense isolation, and separation of cash from my wallet!