Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stressed and Strained

Finally, I smell the Internet!!!!

Why do I get a burnt Power Supply Unit and PCI Network Adapter when assignments and projects are running at a high??

After spending a total of RM 71 for a new Power Supply Unit and a USB Network Adapter (all of the PCI slots were kaputed during the thunderstorm, what luck!), I better not encounter another super powerful thunderstorm again!!

About the picture posted recently, if you guys check out the fuse properly, the glass that covered the fuse actually shattered! Normally, when there's lightning, the tungsten inside the fuse would just melt while the glass remains intact. This time though, it's highly suspected that the current is so great that it is able to jump to the other side of the circuit by forming an arceven though the tungsten is melted. It is the arc lightning that caused the glass to shatter.

Scary huh?

Next time do unplug all power plugs and your LAN cable from your computer before you head to bed. You just don't know when the lightning would strike, especially when you are caught sleeping like a log! :D

Gotta hit the books now. 3 tests in a week is not doing justice to me, what with Bro's Wedding dinner on Saturday. It's caught in between two tests on Friday and Sunday.

Great timing -.-"

Shin reporting in from House behind Minlon, Serdang.

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