Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya Horror

To all Muslims around the world, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!

Maaf zahir batin!!

To all non-muslims, please enjoy your holidays safely and wisely! Do visit your Muslim friends and exchange pleasantries!

On the side note during raya night, my family were having dinner in Restoran Angsa Emas, Petaling Garden. As I was busy SMS-ing, I heard an aunty screamed, then I looked up, and saw 2 indians on a motorbike roared away from the restaurant!

They were trying to robbed the aunty's handbag!!!!

Fortunately, they failed!! The valiant aunty had a tug-of-war with the robber over her precious handbag just long enough (probably 1 sec) when she screamed for help. The robbers started to panic and let go of the handbag and made a getaway with his companion on the motorbike! The aunty was unhurt in the end!

Shocked and angered as I watched the incident, yet helpless to see everything happened in just a matter of seconds! Like all boys, I love to imagine myself being the hero of the day by bashing up the robbers from their motorbike as they make their escape! But, it's all just fantasy dreams...

A word of advice to everyone who's reading this: Do not sit nearest to the entrance of the restaurant. That's where the aunty and her family sat, so they are the most exposed to the outside, thus an easy target for those hit-and-run robbers.

If the robbers are overpowering you, please just let your belongings go. Nothing is as precious as your own life, right? But adrenaline would probably prevent you from thinking rationally, please be careful while confronting the robbers.

By any chance the robber is being brought down onto the ground, by all means, get your own weapon, and start beating the crap out of him!!!!!! It's time to teach these buggers some lesson of life!!

That aunty has inspired me to retrain my Taekwondon skills... I wanna give a perfect KO roundhouse for once in a lifetime to these good-for-nothing ass****s.

I'm sure you guys wanna do the same thing too to those ass****s.


qzee said...

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Chee Shin, Gan said...

hoi ma!!! u didn't leave me your uRL!!!! i'll link u! fast fast.. gimme ur url!!!:D