Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No More Nights, No More Pain - Episode 126

This is just another one of those filler do not expect much from this episode.

I've just awaken from my beautiful slumber which began at 4pm. A blissful 3 and half hours without much interruption is very refreshing. Not even the ever favourite sport basketball can drag me away from my bed this time, nor the urges from my housemates to join the game! Goodness me! I could have taken the 'Best Pig Award' title for this new effort. Don't worry, I shall work hard for it.

I am entering the last 2 weeks of this special semester. Usually when it comes to the end of semester, greater things shall arise in the form of deadline submission, quizzes and of course, the mighty Finals Exams! During this time, I won't be in Klang until the finals is over. Which also means I'm gonna miss my family, friends (bleh.. I sound so dramatic here) back there. Of course, no bah kut teh for 3 weeks is quite a pain to my stomach. Need to seek out other alternative dishes to compensate for that. Hopefully, more chinese food can be found within Uniten area at a better price rate. Or even better, someone bah kut teh cook will come over to Uniten and open a bah kut teh stall! Now that's what I call heaven~~

I've been hooked up to some oldies songs which I've rummaged through my hard disk for quite some time. I can't even imagine that I have John Denver, the Beattles, and the ever famed ABBA!! Yet oldie songs still provide soothing effects compared to what I've been listening to all these while.

Goodness.. it's almost 9... I better take my bath now and then study. Quiz tomorrow... Bah.. stress is starting to creep into my life once again. How many stresses does it take to make one feel old?

Shin reporting Live from Uniten once again.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My humblest apologies, I don't find the show Fragile that good nor impressive enough to scare the hell out of you till you pee in the pants in fright. It's just another plain old POTONG STIM type of horror show that you would be glad to save that money on something else much worthwhile such as MI3. Disappointed... Totally disappointed.

On that Wednesday itself when we watched the movie, Mark, Alwin, Ang, Adelynn and I had our dinner at Dominoe's Pizza. Since Alwin had a Gold card that gives a another large pizza for free with any order of a large pizza. We had a brief discussion, 2 pizzas are too little, 3 is ideal but will get a 1 free pizza, so it shall be 4, which is quite alot... Apart from that, we have only half an hour's time to finish the pizzas before the show begins... Can finish or not??

So we took the gamble, and ordered 4 pizzas altogether!! And whacked them all into our stomachs we did, though it took quite some valiant effort to push the pizzas into our stomach within that period of time. Adelynn managed to bantai 4 slices of pizza, and the rest of the guys have to take in 7 slices each! Quite a major feat for me actually since I've never tried taking in so much in one go in such short time! My mouth ached after the dinner, never chew for so long in my entire life! Had difficulty walking up into the cinema after that. Having such large burden in my stomach... -.-"

While in Uniten, there's an on going basketball 5 on 5 tournament which began on Monday. I've joined the competition along with my usual teammates. So far we've won one and lost one. Tomorrow's game is the deciding one to determine whether we would advance into semi-final or getting eliminated. So best of luck to my team. Heh.

On the bad side of things, the Uniten server administrator thinks it's enough for us students to have full day internet access. So they have pulled the cable and put us back to square one : Online only from 5pm onwards till 7am the next day. Drat, this would make us become obsolete once again!!! And it takes off the reason for me to ponteng class and enjoy surfing the net!!

Alright, enough for now, one whole day's energy is spent needlessly on the basketball court. I seem to be getting darker with each passing day. Fortunately, many thanks to my Lou Po who gave me the aloe vera cream, I no longer suffered from dry skin that peeled off last week!

To the world of tanning once again~ Shin reporting live from UNITEN!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Begin every sentence with the word...

- I got 2 assignments pending till the end of this short semester.

- I got an open book test now for Malaysian Studies and it's due on Tuesday.

- I got a test on Tuesday for Manufacturing Processes.

- I am wickedly broke.

Haih... I guess I shouldn't spend too much in a week's time. 100 bucks per week is considered a pain in the ass right? I should start tracking my own expenses to find out which part of my life has been spending too much, which I hope is not on food supplies!! I am so not gonna spend my money on some cheaper and economical food that doesn't fulfill its purpose : FILL UP MY EMPTY STOMACH!

I should avoid any sunlight for now. The sunburn effects is totally hard to bear for me this time. Maybe I should have just continue to play under the sun instead of hiding in the shades after my high school years. Look what good has it done to me? I can no longer stand the sun as long as before, I've become fairer if compared to last time and yet still darker than most of the people I know. And yet, a day under the sun playing handball till 11am has turned me back to square one : OH LANG KI GOR!

Bah, I rest my case. I shall play under the sun from now onwards! Sun provides Vitamin D after all right? So it's healthy! XD