Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Blister is...

1) A collection of fluid below or between the surface layers of skin. Blisters are commonly the result of burns or continuous rubbing of the skin.

Source: http://reference.howstuffworks.com/blister-encyclopedia.htm

2) Usually occurred when some frenzied fool who forgots his basketball shoes and decided to play barefooted on a rough court which is pre-heated with solar energy for the whole afternoon.

Source: Yours Truly XD

Now I have to walk like a penguin to avoid the blistered toe from the ground. -.-"

On the side note, my housemate Tai Leong has received offers on getting a 250Mb free webhosting page and he's willing to share the information. If interested please click here!

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pushed Beyond Limit

*Ahhhh Chiew!!!*

"Bless you!"

*sniff* Having a bout of flu these days. Or is it someone out there talking behind my back??

Or is it ALOT OF PEOPLE talking behind my back? Cos I just can't keep the flu in check!

Maybe I shouldn't leave this blog too barren. ><

I've managed to stay awake for 15 hours straight throughout the night without sleeping a wink just to finish up the Machine Design Project which is due today! As usual, the great spirit of procrastination is still embedded in yours truly's heart and soul, and it took him great effort just to get his arse off from the bed to sit in front of the computer to actually do work instead of double-clicking on Frozen Throne icon on the desktop.

Now that the Project is completed and submitted earlier this morning, it gives great pleasure to the author of this blog to return to his nest and cuddle under the blanket...

Only to be awaken again to study for quiz tomorrow morning at 8am, the only class of the day.

Tell me, why can't the lecturer move that class to other days instead?

The fasting month has already begun. This means I would spend more money buying food outside Uniten, simply because there's nothing much being sold inside Uniten. Pray that I won't become skinnier after this 1 month.

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Yay!! I've finally hit the 200th post milestone! Although I should have achieved this feat months ago, but the lack of updates due to assignments, projects, unavailability etc... All comes down to one and only reason : LAZY!

As NC mentioned in the chatbox 'teramat "rajin". entries kebelakangan ini satu gambar + 1 atau 2 ayat. Trend baru eh?' Well to answer that, I've just registered myself Mobile Blogging, where one can blog through their mobile phones directly on a picture of interest. The only drawback is that one can only post one picture per entry. Which is why fellow readers see these days that my posts has only one picture per post. That's the indication that I'm blogging through my mobile phone. Pretty cool eh?

As I've went MIA for the past whole week, I think I should let fellow readers know what on earth I'm doing these days that kept me away from this blog.

On Saturday my family and Dai Sou's family attended the Food Testing dinner for the upcoming wedding dinner which is next month in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. The food is surprisingly satisfying despite having lower expectations for the so-called Hotel Food. Few complaints here and there though, but overall it's a pass! Because of this Food Testing, I am unable to attend Mao and FC's farewell dinner. Sad case...

Once I'm back in Serdang, there were so many assignments and projects to attend to!! Kept me busy and occupied most of the time (at night of course XD). With all the stress building up, it's no wonder I'm more prone to join in Warcraft3 games whenever there's a chance!! Oops.. Rahsia terbocor! :p

Then there's this incident where I lost my textbook inside Uniten on Tuesday. It took me 1 day to realize that the book was missing. Asking myself why this morning I'm carrying a textbook out of the house and come home without it seems like the logical explanation to call myself "Gong Cha Cha" this time. -.-"

Fortunately, It turned out that I left the textbook inside the lecturer's room as I visited him to settle the CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) form. It was still on the table as I entered his room. Thus I'm able to claim back my textbook. Phew.. RM 99 saved!!!

I must continue and finish some part of my work first before I can go back Klang peacefully!

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Viva la Passionairre

Basketball brutality introduction. Never play under basket when you are facing those with unusual long nails.

Overzealous leads to reckless acts, thus you end up wounded.

Boh keh tat! >.<

Monday, September 03, 2007


Plz click on image to enlarge it.

Still not brought up in class for a 'friendly' fire.

Time to self study.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Alex Yoong in Uniten

Here to brief us the life in A1 grand prix. Very informative talk.

Too bad his wife didnt turn up XD