Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mao : In Person

after much pestering from the 'Real Coconut' and a few encouragements from the subject himself... it's finally my turn to do the things my fellow bloggers had done...

Mao : The Truth Untold

allow me to speak up my mind... fact or fiction.. u guys decide... cos this is who he is... the few reasons why gals... and i mean gals.. u should take note of this fella and consider him as the One u have been looking for...

#1. i know everyone's mentioned this.. but i can't help it too.. it's his tummy size

feel like ordering that sorta cheezy stuff u always wanted to but u are just doubting ur waistline whether it will grow tenfolds after consuming the whole thing? jgn bimbang! with Mao around, u can safely order the dishes u've always desired to taste it... consume it till u are on the worrying spot, and Mao will do the cleaning job for ya! after all, he needs all the stuff to bulk himself up.. so one maintains figure while the others gain more... 1 stone kill 2 birds.. yes? no?

#2. sleeping capability

if you gals can't pamper yourself with lots of sleep for fear of being teased as one of the biggest pigs in the world? or simply because u just don't wanna make yourself feel bad for being overslept? then Mao is the right solution for ya! With his ability to sleep from anytime... to anytime.. at anytime... till the time u desire him to wake up... yesiree... by setting his Body Clock to wake up later than yours... wat more can u ask when u can rightfully sound him for oversleeping. Thus, u rule the sleeping beauty session... u get to sleep more without feeling guilty... bagus kan? plus... if u abuse him for oversleeping.. he will feel the pain cos he's lack of bulk around his body... so he'll have to build himself up to take in all the abuses u can inflict on him.. which is where we refer back to #1.

#3. multi-talented all-rounded man

prob in studies? ask him! prob in RO / DotA / gunbound? tell him! prob in IT stuff? let him know! got bullied by some junk and u are longing to payback? get MAO! he's one of the best nuclear bomb u can ever own... set your payback to level 2... u can expect him to send out bombs after bombs after bombs, leaving the jerk u hated so much totally unnerved, speechless.. and no means of retaliation... yes... he can be this deadly... which is why we aren't sure bout double-crossing him in the first place. Also, he's one of the athletes... well balanced player... set your time for jogging... he will be right beside ya... instil motivation throughout the whole course.. and u can safely overcome the obstacles set within the hills of Taman Rakyat a.k.a. the blardy Steps to the Top.

However, if one of your prob concerns transport / $$ / insomnia......

*nombor yg anda dial tidak ada dalam perkhidamatan kami, terima kasih*

Now... pick up your phone... and start dialing to hotline at 016-6001010 to book a place for Mao the Only One... all thanks to the well paid secretaries who are willingly to provide all the necessary information to the curious ones. (Mao u owe me one meal for spamming my space... drat~)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

a brief update...

sorry ppl... the 'real' update is gonna be postponed yet again... *curses the newly-bought-but-now-disfunctioned D-Link router...* , which unabled me to go online at home without fighting for connection with other family members mainly my SIS!

so now b4 she comes back from her trip to toilet... time to update some stuff for my viewers, though this entry would be very short... cos she's out of the toilet now!

first of all, i just finished my mid term exam... which i think i did sorta badly... but enough to survive the scares... and maybe enough to scrap through the final exams with enough GPA's...
and a few hours of sleep just to get rid of the stress cumulated throughout the week and filled in with DOTA and Ragnarok Online... yeah! Tai Soon has made his comp a dedicated server for both games... all hail the mighty one! the next game would be Diablo 2 i guess? :p

ok.. i have to stop here now... my sis is back from her 'business'... meanwhile i shall enjoy my 1 week break loaded with assignments... *sigh*

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


stressed... tired... lost of appetite.... lack of sleep... endless assignments... upcoming quizzes... incoming exams... homeworks pending... it all sum up to one thing which we all face most of the time...

why depress??! we are not a working adult yet... that's the thing some ppl would hear from their parents if they relate their problems to their parents... then the parents will start rambling bout how hard they have to work to feed the family... managing taxes, bills, and stuff which all involves $$$... that to them is the ultimate stress for them!

and wat bout us? studying will cause stress? extra homework will increase stress? of course they do!! it's just that different people have different definition for the term stress... because as we all know... we all face different levels of stress...

so welcome to my life ppl... my depression mode will be activated once this term is satisfied;
"anything tat disrupts my normal routine lifestyle can be defined right away as stress"

Had calculus exam, which i did kinda badly... and a few assignments pending and requires more than just concentration... the blardy assignments even robbed away my precious sleeping hours... leaving me with extra eye bags and a blank brain to carry around on tuesday, which is... unfortunately my busiest day in the week...

oh blame it on my procrastination.. i should have done that earlier... drat.. this has become my daily nonsense... it will not be embedded inside my head...


damn i wish i were still in secondary school... i regretted being optimist as i walk out of that STAR school gate.... and now... time wont' turn back... as neither of us will ever return to glorify ourselves with the time spent in high school...

Han Zi has to declare himself KO'ed now~

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Letter of Appeal & Reply

Hello Malaysia!
I am a representative from Indonesia to send our deepest apologies for the forest fire which occured in Sumatera over the months. I hereby understand that the lack of fresh air in the western peninsula is deteriorating drastically. News i've received is that Port Klang and Kuala Selangor had hit the Emergency State according to the Air Pollution Index... Schools have to be closed down to avoid any health cases to occur in massive numbers after reports of a few students were suffering from breathing difficulties, asthma and lung problems due to the haze.

Well, none of those is beyond our control... many methods have we tried to undermine such problems to happen in coming future.. but to no avail. Lack of rain during the peak of summer is certainly a cause of trouble. My most sincere apologies.

You think that by cursing the Indonesians for causing such hassle in Malaysia is somewhat the right thing to do? Well look at our people who has worked in your country for such a long time! and you governments halau them back to our country after they have provided adequent services for you! Dont' you feel ashame? Dont' you feel grateful? Do they deserve to be treated this way??! I demand an explanation for these workers!

I do wish that anything above will clarify everything that has happened between the two neighbouring countries. We will settle these issues in the next meeting to avoid further conflicts. Our neighbouring relationships shall not be terminated over petty matters.

Thank you for your time and attention. We will keep on supporting one another.

Yours sincerely,
Secretary of Indon Organization.
Date: 20/7/2005


2 f***kin weeks later...
To: xxxXXXXXxxx@indon.org
From: malaysiaboleh@msia.org
Subject: Re: EAT THIS U MORON!

In respond to the snail mail we received on 12/8/2005... this is all we have to say to you guys:

1. Your concerns over our critically haze-affected places are appreciated somewhat coldly. We all know the reason so let's move on.
2 We shall focus this part later and go to the 3rd paragraph. Well obviously they didn't apply for a work permit so how the heck are we to give them when we caught them working illegally here in Malaysia? It's called tainting the country man, and they caused a part of our citizens to be unemployed... EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!!
3. Ok back to the 2nd paragraph... we do have a suggestion as in ways to keep your forests as healthy as it is and to avoid being caught fire once again. I have heard of a technology called Vibrator... it's powerful enough to cause an epicenter like wat happened during December 2004. So all we need is to place that around Sumatera and trigger it during summer every year. The only drawback.... well that's your blardy problem!

btw, i don't have time to settle such problems with you guys! We are moving on! And we will make sure our money currency will be so strong that can make Rupiah jatuh standard macam tiada bandingannya!


btw, can use a higher technology means of communication? something like emaiL?


p/s : to readers who are from Indonesia / Malaysia.. plz do ignore this post and dont' take it seriously! It's 100% fiction!! and there's no one to relate to even in reality. My most humble apology should this blog entry would harm anyone in watsoever way physically / mentally / emotionally / psychologically blablabla (any adverbs u wanna put in)

phew... now i feel better after such stressful weeks... though exams are coming up soon.. at least now some weights are lifted away from me...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

PC Fair and a new member

the long awaited pc fair is here! this time it's held at KL Convention Center instead of the usual PWTC... frankly speaking PWTC has passed it's prime time... the building itself has begun to show some signs of aging... whilst the brand new KL Convention Center is needless to say... so much better!!

when mentioned bout pc fair... dont' ask me why on earth am i so gian to go there... yes apart from checking out comp stuff and more comp stuff and even more comp stuff... (just conclude that i'm bored for the whole weekends k?) don't wonder yourselves so much, why i have to go there for 3 days also... hey! i'm doing a great job being my friends' tour guide and getting my PC stuffs all by myself!! and of course the money that goes flying is also mine... poor me.

come to pc fair for 3 days ain't a good thing for me... which means i get to be packed in sardin cans for 3 sessions... skinny fellas like me should be exposed to more breathing space to avoid myself becoming thin as paper. The jam-packed traffic flow of humans are greeted with somewhat pasar malam-like salespersons that goes on shouting around like PRINTER!! PRINTER!! or MP3 player!! last unit 512Mb only RM300!! or EmPTY CD's RM 100 for 500 pieces!! wow talk bout heavy pirating machine... 500 cds at one go? this is madness... see how we malaysians are capable of promoting piracy? anyway to stop it? sau pei lah government!

comp parts are one thing to behold, but the better ones still goes to the number of chicks around! i must assume that the Pikom manager has considered holding the pc-fair in Convention Center cause.........

*it's just beside KLCC shopping center... where LENG LUI's ROAM~!!!!
*basically there's better chances to see leng lui's compared to PWTC
*helping public transports to earn more money (KTM - LRT)
*helping KLCC to earn more via car parks (hourly charges <---- babi betul)
*ok it's the leng lui's after all

so with the above reasons i don't see why anyone would object him for this pcfair sessioN?

through this 3 gruelling days i've bought some stuff and learnt some few lessons :
1. got myself a speaker + subwoofer worth RM180 and it's performing nicely thanks to my
housemate aka salesperson for edifier...
2. a D-link 4 port modem worth RM130 for my house after the blardy Aztech router modem
3. Touch'n Go card can be exploited badly if need be.

well... have a good read guys... having exams this sunday... should be studying now.. wait.. test my new buddy first!

*headbangs in sync with the newly bought speakers with 5 inch subwoofers*
"dum dum dum!!"

listening to : Dragonforce - Soldiers of the wasteland

Thursday, August 04, 2005

burden of the night

wat on earth i'm doing here at this time? in case u guys dind't notice that i'm actually blogging at 5 ++ am... yeah... it's true... this is one of those days i have to stay up whole night to settle some darn assignments which of course is due tomorrow! check out the procrastination attitude man! i'll bet no one can procrastinate as bad as i do! so bow before me! *evil laughter*

just finished doing my Multi-view drawing... yeah the ones we learnt during form 5... where drawing plans takes place... though i scored full marks for that sorta questions, this time around however, is a complete different scenario... i'm forced to draw like a robot instead of an artist who sees different things from the norms...

draw draw draw... took me 3 freaking hours to finish it... if there's another assignment like this next time... i think conversion to a dhampir will take place... and sooner into a full grown vampire... hrrrm...

and i shall see not the sun... it burns!! arrgghhhh~~~!!!!

time for some sleep

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

numero uno

i'm one week outdated!! and so do you for those who keep visiting my blog for the glipse of latest updates.. my apologies... uni life has never been this hectic... even though i've said this alot times in my previous blog.. but this is one hell of a week!!

so being the one who always ponders things in mind without really discussing it openly with others... here's something which i've pondered for a long time... and hence the title blog...

number one... uno.... satu... yi... une... yitchi (pardon my spelling... i speak basic japs.. but not spell it)... the first day of everything... 1st of january... the beginning of everything... who woulnd't look forward to see the new day? where everything is reset to the very first number..?

it's oso the first number we all learn when we are in standard 1.. like duh... almost eveyrthing's associated with the number itself... the first fella on the name list to appear in front of teacher's very eyes... the first fella to be called upon whenever attendance is taken... sometimes the first to be called out to solve problems on the board....

or being the 1st in class after obtaining such good grades amongst fellow students? where rating counts in classes? and getting promoted to the best class next year...? we all do know.. the best = No. 1... almost everything refers to this number... value...


so wat's this number 1 actually mean?

the same question that's been bothering me for quite some time. Looking back during my primary years... i'm constantly dreaming of getting the no. 1 spot in my class... there's nothing better than proving my parents that i can be the best among others... but nature has its own ways... I'm not the kind to be the no.1 type of fella... no ownage in class allowed... -.-"

as time passes by, the feeling of topping other students became less meaningful to me...of course i'm happy if i get no 1... but somehow i just no longer feel the urge to be on top... it no longer become a part of my human nature's instinct... where kiasuism rules within the human race (mostly)

I just want to be a moderate fella... with certain achievements that most people are capable of obtaining too... getting fair grades which is enough for me to pursuit my career and avoid myself being branded as JOBLESS...

perhaps i'm being too stressed these days... and i know this is the final year my age indicator will show the front digit 1... and a year and 9 years after that it's all 2 in front... talk bout aging! i'm getting old!!!!! T_T

one day i will get to hear this :

*hello there shin! i would like you to meet my new friend... meet number 2!*

nice... a new buddy to accompany me...