Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cameron Highland.. again?!

Yes it is... AGAIN! -.-"

Apart from playing mahjong for like most of the time inside the apartment, we hardly moved around in Cameron due to bad weather conditions... can't even visit the Boh Tea Plantation this time. We are only able to go for a walk right at the Pasar Malam Brinchang before / after the rain. So most of the time is spent inside the apartment, which is obviously too dull and boring.

This time around I'll try and let the pictures do the talking...

What??!! Shin posting pictures???! o.0""
Yes! (especially to Ee Von) I am posting pictures this time in my blog!!

So, what are we waiting for?? Let us begin with......

The scenes:

Apa tu??!

I was shocked myself when I first saw that!! I swore at that moment Fatal Frame is trying to haunt me for real this time... rupa-rupanya it's the reflection of the car's side mirror... -.-"

Wish I could own one of the houses here... so peaceful...

Here in Cameron Highland, everything is slow... nothing to rush about... just taking my own sweet time doing whatever I wanna do... enjoying the scenes and breathing in the fresh air... I like this sorta lifestyle...

But certain people just have to keep things moving a.k.a. my sister!!

Eh cepat ambik gambar, mau hujan lo! kalo aku basah nanti belasah ngko!

Oh well.. sudah biasa dengan diorang!

Siblings are fun to be with despite the ups and downs I've had throughout my whole 20 years...

When the camera falls into the wrong hands... in my case, Sister... the results are either...

Gaya, mutu, keunggulan...



Compared with what both my brother and I did 2 years ago...

It's not that bad lar the previous one right..? right??

This relaxation therapy last for 3 days, which is good enough for me. Despite the mountain sceneries and good environment, as mentioned it is a place for vacation, it still gets the nod ahead of Genting Highlands in my opinion.

Kns, 1 hour to kao tim this post.. =.=

Friday, November 24, 2006

Away for the weekends!

For some reason or another, despite what the weather has done to some of the most vulnerable terrains in Malaysia, my family seems to have a liking to travel around in such harsh conditions.

Plus, given that WE've been there on June THIS year...

We are going Cameron Highlands again!!!!!! -.-"

They just won't feel bored huh... :(

Dah lah sekarang kat sini agak sejuk, masih mau pergi ke tanah yang lebih tinggi untuk keh beng ke?!

So I won't be around till Sunday! Beep me if you guys ter'miss' me! XD

*keh beng = Tahan sejuk!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Casino Royale

"Watashiwa Bond... Jamessie Bond"

Nanti.. Salah bahasa la!

Semalam (Selasa) merupakan hari yang agak istimewa! Sumbangan daripada kawan saya Nadia, aku mendapat complimentary ticket untuk menangkap ejen Dua-biji-Telur-Tujuh punya movie terbaru The Casino Royale!!

Oleh sebab aku mendapat 2 keping ticket, aku pun membawa kawan lama saya dari Hin Hua, Nikki, untuk turut menyertai saya untuk tengok wayang ini! KLCC lah tempat di mana kami menengok wayang tersebut yang penuh dengan aksi! gaya! kereta mewah!! Dan juga tidak ketinggalan ialah pompuan!

Pompuan cantik la of cos!

*beep* ~switches back to English~

I think Daniel Craig has certainly fulfill the high expectations of being the next Bond guy. He certainly has carried his role pretty well. The plot for this movie is somewhat twistier than the previous Bond movies, or maybe abit too much for me though. All in all, it certainly is one of those movies to be watched no matter what, especially if you are a Bond fan.

Upon further inspection on the ticket, there's a contest going on in tonight's Channel [V]'s The Ticket at 8pm. Lucky winners can get a trip for 2 to Sydney to catch this Bond movie, alongside the Bond guy himself Daniel Craig and the rest of the stars!!

So what are you guys contemplating??? Tune in to Channel [V] at 8pm yo! Don't forget!!


Monday, November 20, 2006

1/4 hols gone

My first week of hols ended with a blast! Lots of things happened in this one whole week, which sadly i dun have the initiative to update once the incident took place.

So to all readers, my apologies, I just have to shorten it out this time.

Monday ~

After checking out from my apartment on Saturday, I just realised that I've forgotten to bring back something that is very very important. After calling the Uniten's residential officer, I drove all the way to Uniten just to get that stuff, and come back home, with a huge sigh of relief. Thank goodness I have sis's car to drive. Or else, I'm in one big shit case!

(Hint: I was elected as Treasurer for Uniten's Basketball Club. That's the stuff I left behind, in a safe place of course)

Tuesday - Friday ~

Met up with the whole Uni friends for the Pangkor trip. Began from meeting up in KL sentral, to hanging our asses in 1 Utama, to refilling our stomachs at mamak stall. By the time we depart from PJ, it's 3am.

By the time we arrive in Sitiawan, it's 7.30am! Breakfast was the first thing we sought after! Food is cheap compared to the price here in Klang, and the portion's much bigger as well! We finally left for Pangkor at 3.30pm...

The first night in Pangkor is spently mostly on playing Bridge, and pool! And when it comes to sleeping time... man... UNFORGETABLE NIGHT!!

There's a spot reserved for me, but no blanket... so I guess I can sleep without it. But with the aircond blasting at max power and a standing fan that's blowing directly, I don't stand a chance. So I got out the room and went next door, hoping that they have extra blanket for me, which is, unfortunately not the case!!

Leaving with no choice, I decided to sleep at the lobby's couch.
It was 4am... As the surrounding is quiet, it's dark, it's creepy. All kinds of thoughts can get into your mind instantly... I imagined a banshee, floating aimlessly in the nearby woods. And then, she turned, and saw me!! I closed my eyes tightly, as though an ostrich, hoping that I wasn't being seen. Silly me! How could she not?! And I thought I might be possessed anytime soon.......

Until the resort owner's dogs come to the rescue!!

A friendly Labrador, and another dog of unknown breed, came to where I was, sat there and stayed on guard for me. Astonished and grateful at the same time, I was finally able to get rid off silly thoughts and fell asleep...

Woke up next morning still feeling dead tired. But the snorkeling and kayakking sorta woke me up temporariy... and playing with sea cucumber certainly has alerted me from my subconscious mind!! The gooey body which feels like penis, ejaculates some white sticky liquid if one holds it for quite some time. Ewww... gross...

Left Pangkor Island after being roasted well and proper, and after hanging around in Sitiawan till late at night, we left for another night time journey back to PJ.
Would personally recommend east coast islands for snorkelling... the sea is much clearer
compared to Pangkor Island. And more fishies~~!

And some Malay girls over there even assumed me as one of the Dorm's actor... =.="

On the side note, my comp went Kaboom on Wednesday while I was away in Pangkor. Heavy torrent rains, rumbling thunders, a brilliant flash of light! And there goes my Power Supply Unit. Luckily it's just Power supply Unit.. if not.. habis... have to get new comp ady...

Hrrm.. new comp oso not bad.. mine quite obsolete dy!

Now to spend my hols in a much meaningful way... SLEEP!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Grrr... sei Ke Xin... tag me dunno for wat. Not that I've much time to blog bout this when u tagged me few weeks ago...

But, now that I'm free... so i guess it wont' hurt me to cover back the lost post yo? And something for me to do blog bout as well!!

3 Hobbies
- Basketball
- Futsal
- Sleep

3 Things on my to-do list
- Pack up for Pangkor trip
- Get enough rest for the Pangkor trip
- Just get alot of sleep for this holiday

3 Unique traits
- Leng chai (ngek ngek ngek... shoot me down if u like :p)
- Patient (but I seem to lose it easily than last time ><)
- Straight! XD

3 Favourite drinks
- Milo kosong ais!
- Goodday fresh milk
- choc milkshake

3 Passions
- Idling
- Oogling
- Doodling (actually i have none in particular)

3 Awesome movies
- Last Samurai
- Scary Movie 4 (hehehe)

3 Good Bands

3 Things I am anal about
- My feather pillow
- My comp
- My guitar

3 Random women
- sampat daughter
- sampat kexin
- sampat caryn

3 Bad habits
- lazy
- too playful
- just plain lazy

3 Painful experiences
- lost 'her'
- feels hollow inside, alone
- Wait, I'm too happy-go-lucky for this sorta thing! ><

3 Treasured memories
- Olde trip to Genting with high school friends during the 'kebudak-budakan' time (Form 3)
- When I was with 'her'.
- My life.

3 Goals before 30
- Graduate?
- A good wife with two kids
- Decent income, not into the world of riches.

3 Favourite desserts
- ice cream!
- tesco choc chip cookies washed down with MILK
- peanut butter sandwich washed down with MILK

3 People I tag
- lazy tag ppl la... (see I'm so kind)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Dynamics, my salvation or damnation?

The time is ticking... so ever loudly.
Amidst the silence, nothing goes unnoticed...
A sniffle, a cough that is held back with great effort,
the pen that keeps on rattling on the table,
can be heard throughout the exam hall.

The sign of uneasiness,
it's so obvious and clear.
As I crack my head, struggle for a solution,
Praying this paper would be my last hope, my salvation.

Then the silence is broken,
"Students, your time is up, please stop writing"
A huge sigh of relief follows,
As the papers are collected one by one.
Quick as a flash, the exam hall is emptied,
Where distant laughter can be heard afar.

Alas, how long this feeling of relief shall last??
I may never be cheerful again...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Channel [V] presents...

For those who have been following the reality show Rock Star : Supernova, and have a faint heart for Ryan Star, I have some good news here.

Ryan Star is coming over to Malaysia!!!

That's right! The charming Ryan Star is invited by Channel [V] into Malaysia in conjuction with Astro's 10th year anniversary. A rock musician, he has a rich voice and a good sense of himself within the crazy world of rock and roll. So expect some great performance from a musician who started playing guitar of songs from Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and Nirvana by ear!

The good news is, Channel [V] is organising a big party in Zouk, KL on 16th November! So if you are enthusiastic and ecstatic to join in the fun, tune into to Astro's Channel [V], and you might stand a chance to win yourself an exclusive pass to watch your idol perform LIVE!!!

Here are the details for the party :~

Channel [V] Presents Ryan Star in Malaysia
Date: Thursday, 16th November 2006
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Zouk KL

This event is brought to you by Channel [V] and supported by :~

Zouk KL (Official Venue Sponsor)
Hot (Official Magazine)
Kosmo! (Official Malay Newspaper)
Mix FM (Official English Radio Station)
Era FM (Official Malay Radio Station)

This is a one in a million chance!! Avid fans, what are you waiting for?? Change to Channel [V] now and hope you be among the lucky ones and join in the fun!!!

He WILL rock you!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Exam Post

Short notice.

I (was / am /will be ) having my 2nd year 1st semester Final Exams!

Yes the great period of time where staying up all night has become a daily ritual, while cramming whatever text that's worth slotting into my already limited memory space. Illustrations at this point is a great plus for those people who enjoys "look-through & remember" study style.

Like me.

But minus the remember part, as usual...

So, at this point. I've screwed up Thermodynamics nice and proper, have crapped up alot of non-factual facts out of nowhere for Moral 2 (YEAH I AM STILL TAKING MORAL FOR GOODNESS KNOWS WHY PLZ SOMEONE TELL ME!!) *glares at Ministry of Education*, and recently, just screwed up Circuits Analysis nice and proper once more!!!

So, what's left for the finals? The cursed Dynamics.

Which I've no idea why I've managed to screw this paper. Honestly, it's my core subject. A basic to my future higher level education right?! So if I'm caught screwed up nice and proper in this subject again, then my Mechanical Engineering prospect is going down to zero...

A book has a title 'Dare to Fail'.

But I don't dare, cause we all know the consequences of failing...

And till date, the consequences never fails to encourage me to change for the better. But it just doesn't last long enough for me to keep up the pace. And soon, laziness kicks in again. And the whole process is recycled once more.

Gosh, I wish I could be not as lazy as I am now...