Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bah Kut Teh bash

It was on Monday afternoon last week. All was peaceful as ever (except the blardy freaking hot weather!) As I got up and did my usual chores, and then.. a phone rang in.

YO! Is your house number 69??

Then, I looked out the window.. and saw 2 cars...

They have arrived...
... to taste Klang's bah kut teh!!

The 4 VIPs(Eyrique, Alwin, Yi Jun and Tai Soon <- Melaka Boy) had planned to come down to Klang in this blistering sunny day to taste the ever famed Klang Bah Kut Teh. So the Klang representitives comprised of Chin Yao, Kok Siang, Beng Siong and I would do the honour of introducing them to the Klang's famed Bah Kut Teh to reward the curious ones.

Trouble is... I don't even know which shop sells the best bah kut teh in Klang!! :(

Indeed, Klang is considered quite a big town in my humble opinion, especially when it comes to bringing them around to a suitable shop that sells good bah kut teh! There are many around in Klang of course. It would be easier if it's in the morning since bah kut teh is eaten in the morning as a norm. But to bring them around for bah kut teh at night...... Well.. you be the judge.

After pondering a few hours on where to eat Klang's bah kut teh, though the time was instead well spent on a nearby cybercafe, and practically got owned by the non-klang players! :( We've decided to bring them to Pandamaran area. Indeed finding bah kut teh stall at night is much tougher, since I don't particularly eat bah kut teh at night, thus have little idea on which stall sells good bah kut teh in the night hours. After much searching, we finally ended up at a bah kut teh stall in front of Pandamaran B school. And yeah... this shop got the nods of approval by all of us, indeed it serves good bah kut teh. Big serving portion and good soup, though the meat is all scrap punya, no proper parts such as chia ba , sueh ki kut, goh hui or kah wan.

Just an additional information for you readers. The main differences between Klang Bah Kut Teh and Outside Klang Bah Kut Teh are... in Klang, one gets a plate of rice and eats with fork and spoon but others such as in KL, you eat with chopstick and served with a bowl of rice. Then, in Klang, you get a claypot with huge chunks of meat which needs to be cut and separated, especially the fat! :p While others, mostly the meat is san zham ba or the 3 layered meat.

The VIPs felt very satisfied with the meal... and at the same time... we celebrated Beng Siong's birthday in that shop itself. The lao ban was kind and generous enough to even give Beng Siong an Angpow. Hrrm.. should be the first time he witnessed an happy event held in his territory kua! :)

A great visit by my Uniten Pals who came all the way from KL! At least I'm well entertained on that day itself! Staying inside the house the whole day is not a good routine!! I should be spending more time going out.. But I need transportation!!

Let's hope I can get a car out of this! *heh*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PJ half marathon

*Popeye Ringtone*

"Hello? "
"HALOO! Sudah bangun belum..??"
"Hrrmm..? Oh shit.. 4.50 liao.. ok ok I get ready now!!"


Waking up at a freaking 4.50am just to get ready and go for a jog?? This is so not me!
But paying 10 bucks to join a Half Marathon and accompanied by the likes of Hong Yang, Fang Chin and Kar Chun.. Then it's a totally different case.

Awaken by Hong Yang only to realise that I'm already 20 minutes late from the time planned to leave the house. The event begins at 6.40am but we don't wanna risk getting ourselves lost and have any delays on the way there. Plus, we have Hong Yang's friend to fetch in Taylor's college and registering ourselves at the counter prior to the event.

The PJ Half Marathon was held in Kelana Jaya Stadium, to mark PJ as a new city in the face of Malaysia! This is the first time I have participated in a marathon race. So I'm beaming with excitement, despite the fact that I only slept for 2 hours, tengok bola la.. wat to do...

For some reason, there's a slight nagging voice inside my head... if i remembered correctly it goes like this :

"For someone who walks 1 km and would start complaining about hot weather and being tired... and now you are going for a 10km jog??! lu siao ah?!"

Indeed, jogging in the morning is way different than what one experiences in the evening. The air is fresher, though it gets more polluted as the morning traffic gets under way. One has to wake up early to jog, so we don't seem to waste the whole morning like I usually do every morning. Since it's some sort of a competition, I get to see people of various age groups who compete in this race. There are seniors at their 50's and yet they ran as though they were in their younger days. And of course the main group comprises of teenagers like us and certainly a few eye-candies *ahem!* who can definitely run. As well as youngsters around 12 years of age who were competing in the shorter distance race.

We managed to finish the freaking 10km route in an hour's time. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't finish in time to receive the certificate of distinction. It was certainly an impossible feat for us, consider that we are not those pro-marathon runners and we hardly even jog as our daily exercise, plus the certs will only be given to the first 50 for the category we've participated. Even so, I do feel proud to be able to finish the course with minimal rest. It seems to me that Livita does help in boosting energy although the taste is abit too medicine-like, as though you are drinking some cough syrup.

After a whole morning of hardwork and energy spending, we rewarded ourselves with a good meal of Bah Kut Teh! There we met Jenni, Quek's loupo. God knows why Quek doesn't want to join us for breakfast... hrrm... And of course... an afternoon course of good sleep~!

A great day well spent.... and for once, it begins in the morning instead of the usual noon! But guess that just happens once in a blue moon!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hols Week 1

The first week of hols is always the outcome of one's lifestyle in upcoming holidays. I sincerely hope mine won't happen that way. At least enrich my life with more unexpected activities that turn me on and get me going. The further I stay away from my bed the better. Unfortunately at the moment it's just not working.

Well, most of the time was spent waking up when the sun rises right above on my head where the shadow is the shortest of all time... Getting married to the comp is not a bad idea cos I'm upholding the responsibility to be a commited husband. Urrghh.. Facing the comp one whole day, taking breaks in between. INILAH COMMITMENT my friends! 100% honesty. Learn from here lovebirds! >.<

Then there's World Cup fever. Everyone's going out to mamak stalls to catch the action on the big screen by means of projector. It's good business to the shops, which obviously brings in more profit than ever before. It's easy for those who suffer lack of customers to rectify the problem : Get a freaking projector. Then you will have customers dropping by, sit down and be part of the football community. Simple yet effective, small investment that brings big returns, now this is great marketing strategy.

Prior to the World Cup, most of my friends (no I wasn't involved) are betting through bookies. With hopes of small investment that brings in big returns, the plan seems to work very well especially for Hong Yang and Co. It all started very well, and things go according to plan.. Until the dreaded match between Ghana and Czech Republic. Being the favourites, everyone sided Czech, since they have convincingly demolished USA in the previous matches, and Ghana seems to be the weaker side as they have lost to Italy. But, fortune favors the bold, indeed Ghana fought bravely, and won deservingly. That promptly put a stop on our betting sessions. It's a good experience though for everyone around, as cries of joy erupt when the supported team emerged triumph after going through thick and thin. Their emotions are well expressed. Priceless.

Await for another episode of mine: PJ half marathon. I'm too tired to tell the tale now. KO first.

Monday, June 12, 2006

In holiday mood

Ahhh... holiday is all I'm thinking now. Best enjoyed if one has just gone through hell during exam. The first thing I thought of as I handed in my very last paper to the invigilator...


Went to Port Dickson immediately after the exam with Uni pals. 15 of us went there for 2 days filled with many enjoyable moments and laughter. From tossing one after another into the "famed crystal clear" seawater to riding on water scooter and even the banana boat. Honestly speaking this is the first time I ride on a banana boat. It was thoroughly enjoying as one speeds away on a banana boat while enjoying the breeze blowing on to your skin which is stressed up by the exam itself, and being tumbled down by the speed boat that is pulling the banana boat as it gave a sudden turn, creating enough inertia to send us away from the boat and into the sea. Unfortunately, things ain't turned out that good in my case. The speedboat was too big and the motor wasn't powerful enough to accelerate the whole boat and of course, with the banana boat itself. As the speedboat swerved, so did the banana boat, but only slightly, which is why the occupants including me still manage to hang on to the banana boat itself. After several tries, the effort was still in vain, until we ourselves decided to jump off at the next swerve. Quite entertaining, but 10 bucks each for one fall is certainly not worth it, as others who got into other banana boat, had 6 falls and yet paid the same price. Blardy bloodsuckers.

As the World Cup has begun, all of us crammed into one room and watch the opening match. Germany vs Costa Rica. I had a bet with Alwin that Germany and Costa Rica would draw, but he insisted on Germany to win the match. So we bet on a Limau Ais. Arrrgghhh.. Germany go score that wonder goal for what!! Now I owe him one limau ais dy~~ >.<

Aside that, we got a huge scare when Alwin's hamster managed to escape out of its own cage right before the check-out time! Fortunately it was found hiding under the bed. No one knew how it managed to climb out of its own cage. A real mystery. Hrrm.

I'll be having a 3 weeks holiday right after the Port Dickson trip. I guess that I'll spend most of my time sitting in front of TV watching most of the matches Live. Hopefully I won't lose another Limau Ais this time! My guess is that Brazil would retain the title again, but I will be on the look out for Italy and Holland. I'm never in favour of the England, despite how they described them as one of the best squads in their history. Bah, look how boring they played against Paraguay. Such disgrace!

I'll give them another Quarter-final booting at the hands of... Argentina! >.<

Friday, June 02, 2006

Religion and me

Yeah... I was suppose to blog this earlier. But laziness has eaten my soul up. Even tempted me to quit blogging... until today!

So let's talk about Da Vinci Code. Shall we?

Please do take note that whatever I put up here next maybe controversial in some perspective, but I do hope that the readers won't take it too seriously while commenting on my personal point of views. Well, the answer is simple, because it's just a person's point of view. I have no intention in putting some radical thoughts, creating some havoc in other people's life. I am just passing through alright?

Ok... let us begin!

The movie Da Vinci Code is a good show in my opinion, and for someone who has not read the book itself! I know I know, I should read first before watching it. But that would leave me a greater expectation from the show you see? For example: Those who've read LOTR books, and when you watch the movie, you would think: Why these parts come out and the book is not written so? Why elves appear in Helm's Deep for aid?? And why Helm's Deep is such a big feat while in the book, it's not a big deal after all. Fortunately, the movie is still great overall. But you will still feel that it can be better with additional details from the book. But that would mean sitting in front of the screen for at least another hour, whilst we've been complaining for sitting out too long even though it's just the first series : The Fellowship of the Ring.

Anyway, back to Da Vinci Code. The movie is good. The mystery is solved by means of using Da Vinci's work of arts and of course a few clues which involves Christianity. It is very interesting to see them working around with the clues found, and in the end solved the mystery as well. And of course, a happy ending for the good guys, and to hell to those who have done the evil deeds.

Speaking of evil deeds, the Silas in this movie is portrayed at doing things at his God's bidding despite breaking some rules already made by men themselves. Self punishment to share the sufferings by Jesus Christ while being nailed on the cross shows a great deal of devotion to God, though somewhat ghastly to me. And yet you go killing other mortals to protect the religion is something hard to accept. Devotion to God is one thing, but killing for the sake of religion, is totally another thing. Of course he is more likely being used by the higher authority, but a man himself should be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Unfortunately he didn't.

I admit that what the Vaticans and the Pope are discouraging the Christians from watching the show for fear that some information in this movie may affect the viewers' faith on Christianity. I myself do not know which fact that is misleading or misused for the movie's purposes, but I suppose that since the movie is being claimed as a fiction altogether, so there's no harm done if one wants to watch the show for enjoyment! Furthermore, to those who already have faith in Christians in the first place, I doubt that their faith will wither no matter how one tries to mislead them. Now, that's the real power of faith!

Until now, I've never let religion to affect my lifestyle. I'm not saying that religion is a bad thing. They teach us to be a better human on earth, resist temptation and have faith on yourself. It is a good discipline to me and I dont' mind learning them if given the chane. But there are certain issues that raises eyebrows when concerned with religion. The best example would be the 9/11 attack. For years Islam and Christians have not got along since the middle ages. Great battles have come and gone, and one of them was The Crusades in Jerusalem. Go read over it for more details. Gruesome killing if you ask me.

Overall, religion is a good thing. They teach you to be a better person on earth. Though there are those who are too radical in their own respective religion until they make public enemies to other people. When we cast aside our differences, what's the most common thing you can find?

We are humans.

So, Do You Kill on God's Command?