Monday, October 31, 2005

Genting Trip with Uni Friends

The trip to genting is being defined in one word - RELAXING
If relaxing sounds weird, then you guys should join my trip the next time.

The 8 Siao Langs' (Me, Jun, Alwin, Eugene, Tai Soon, Mark, Adelynn and WenZhen) have decided to pay Uncle Lim's sacred place a visit and make him a few hundred bucks richer and at the same time make us poor souls who have not even entered working era a hundred bucks poorer. Such is the balance achieved, especially when the place you are hanging out is Genting itself.

Enough complaining... let's get over with it and go straight to Genting, the city of entertainment.

By means of great planning and some delays and indecisive moments, not to forget the occasional awkward poses when we wanna decide to do something (u know, make a mini circle and stare at one another, a portable meeting room) we finally left KL Sentral exactly at 1pm. An hour's ride is suffice to send our butts to the colder region. An additional 30 minutes to send our already chilled butts all the way up to Genting Highlands via cable car, that's when our butts get frozen, is considered an understatement! It's cold up there! What a way to relax after all! XD

We checked into Ria Apartment, dispose our luggages inside there, and pondered... Wat to do now? wat else? Relax! card games, napping, watch anime etc... Went to the theme park's entrance to check out any new stuff, and also First World Hotel for any latest features. In the end we've decided not to involve ourselves in Outdoor themepark for the sake of real relaxation. We ended up playing arcades, pool, snooker, bowling and mostly arcade games. One of the highlights of course is a Boxing Simulation, which i played after being kindly persuaded by the young potato Tai Soon. It really detects your movements so you really have to dodge properly from the AI's punches, and you can only punch if there's an indicator. I still remembered one of the indicator is to punch the spot 30 times within 25 secs. So called Rush-Hit, I have to complete every single punches, just to knock the AI down. Very interesting game though, but very tiring!

The second highlight for this trip is that all of us tried Wall Climbing. Fuh yoh, really imagine myself as an X-Games competitor. Being too enthusiastic to try, I am the first to go up. Too bad i couldn't climb all the way up, reached the 3rd tile from the top; I chiong too fast in the beginning but hesitated too long as i reached the incline, which is energy consuming. I can't see the next possible path that I can cling on to, despite that my friends are yelling from down there that I should lift my foot just a few inches to gain that support, which is barely audible. Adelynn was the best among us; she climbed till the 2nd tile from top b4 her lack of energy let her down. Eugene also joined in the elite group and tied with Adelynn, while the rest of us got up to the 3rd tile and fell. -.-" I would try that again some other time. But climb once is enough to strain your arms.

Apart from blowing our money to the arcades and other indoor sports, we also watched Zorro 2. Not doing reviews here, jsut concluding that it's a good show! Our fortune goes mostly to the hungry stomach, estimated almost 80 bucks just to satisfy our 'worms' in our stomach. Blardy bloodsuckers! I found a small shop which sells wan tan mee, nasi lemak kari mee in the morning... and BAH KUT TEH at night!!!!! Seeing such interesting and tempting offer, I proceeded to check out the prices..... RM13 per head! wat? you were saying?? RM13 per head!

babi betul, it's 2 times higher than in Klang! BLARDY ASS BLOODSUCKERS! LUCKY DIDN'T ORDER FIRST. MEMANG BOLEH MUNTAH DARAH! Kanine betul!!

Our relaxing therapy ended on Friday. Which i'm suppose to rush back for my dental appointment. In the end i couldn't make it, so the orthodontist postponed it for me, that is in a week's time. Still get to see me in my lower braces after all.

All in all, a memorable trip not to be forgotten. Unfortunately, no one brought their cameras... which is quite a waste.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


yeah u heard em right! it's merdeka for me!! (and to my fellow Uni - mates too!)

I've screwed both Statics and Materials... hopefully i still pass with some dignity. I did answer all questions... with nonsense of course. so hopefully my lecturers would fall for it, and give me some marks that i don't deserve to gain in the first place, and i'll be on my way to 2nd Semester dramatically~ XD

Had a very great time packing all the stuff back home. Luggages, desktops... even more luggages... fuh yoh... it sure is one of the best ways to build up ur body, instead of using dumbells. And thanks to our hostel's elevator, we can move all our belongings 6 floors down without worrying wat would happen if the elevator is really DOWN! ( I think I can compromise the workers' maintenance and the odour that's coming out from the machines they used... -.-")

After dad took my belongings, I headed to Alwin's house to stay overnight since the whole uni gang is going to genting the following day. The night is indeed long so we meet up with the Genting members ( Adelynn, Tai Soon, Wen Zhen, Mark and Eugene. Yi Jun can't make it to the mamak session though) to discuss the upcoming days' plan and of course some endless chats and bombings here and there.

will blog more bout genting next time.. man it sure is some sorta holiday to have...

i'm gonna miss Uniten for 1 whole month ( evil grins~)

Friday, October 21, 2005


Short for Get Rid Of Stupid Statics..... yes siree, my latest mission is the blardy Statics... which will be taken place on Monday. Considered to my worst subject after the even woeful Calculus, I can't really score it since I don't even understand a single crap from my lecturer.

Had 3 exams down already, so I'm somewhat 60% stress reduced at the moment. Though my tendency to screw my Calculus paper is very very high.. But what the heck, it's over now! I have more pressing matters to attend.

finally get to eat decent chinese meal in the famed Kajang residence. The customers are generally university students. There i saw most of them are from Uniten itself, and a few tables are from other nearby universities. Food there is cheap and comes in large portions, which i enjoyed hungrily with my pals here. Think I could go there more often should everyone else agrees. Pork is hard to get especially when one is placed in pork-free university. -.-"

Gotta stop here for now. Study matters to me!! Counting down the days to my semester break...

Friday, October 14, 2005


The recent lack of updates can only mean one thing to me:

I'm having my finals exam next Monday, as of 17/10/2005, and it will last for 2 weeks. Though I only have 5 days of exams within this period of time.

So all the best to me to score well in this Finals. My carry marks for a few subjects are on the OK side. But Calculus, Statics and Engineering Materials are on the verge of pulling my GPA down. So I need to buck up these 3 subjects in these days.

I'll be going to Genting right after my Finals for 3 days with my Uni friends. Then I'll celebrate my 3 times a year 1-month-long holiday (finally) and I'll get to enjoy home cook food. And never forget the greatest dish found in Klang a.k.a BAH KUT TEH.

Time to study now. Enough buggings on the net.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Down with a Sickness

As I type every single nonsense that I'm gonna type in here for the next 20 minutes or so, I'm badly struck down with a bout of flu and sore throat. Indeed this 2 hit combo is powerful enough to keep me awake for the past half hour, rendering me from my usual slumbers; I'm only 2 hours recharged out of my usual 8 hours daily routine. No thanks to the lack of water consumed, especially after you have Nasi Lemak as dinner.

Now that I'm kept awake, should I start doing my Pro-E assignments to kill time? Or should I just try to get some sleep, hopefully that I do get any of it? Or should i just go to the toilet for every 5 minutes to get rid of the phlegm generating in the throat? I'm currently taking the 3rd option... cause I'm not determined enough to kill time, plus I don't feel well enough to kacau my assignments at the moment.

Hrrm, of all times that I fall sick, why now? Is it because that i should have gone back to Klang instead of staying back here in Uniten? It's not reasonable though. I have assignments pending, and yet I'm not putting enough effort to even begin with! But I don't deserve such treatment!!

I require my fellow friends from Klang to tapau bah kut teh for me... I seriously need backup! XD

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Being lazy...

ahh... another good ol story of me being lazy... care to listen? or am I just too plain lazy to relate to you guys?

Apparently not that awful. My laziness must come to an end, which is why now I'm trying my best to come up with a new entry here.

Went to The Mines with Yi Jun, Tai Leong, Mark, Tai Soon, Alwin, Adelynn and Bowl Girl (Wen Zhen.. sorry! XD) to catch a movie. The initial plan is to watch Into The Blue, which Mark and I have watched on the previous week, but the others wanted to watch Into the Blue instead. So we came up with an alternative, or two : All watch Flightplan, or we separate ourselves by watching both Into the Blue and The Myth (which Tai Soon, Tai Leong and Alwin had watched the latter one, what irony!) So we took the 2nd plan, Mark, Yi Jun and I watched The Myth whilst the others settled for Into the Blue. To be frank, The Myth is worth it to watch despite some critics that it's not that fantastic. But i thought otherwise, maybe because I'm a fan of Jackie Chan so I have prejudice opinion : Jackie Chan's movies are always good. And this one doesn't let me down as well. His veterancy in action movies, plus he's one of the few actors who can really show emotions well, sums up his good acting skills. The movie has a very interesting plot as well, so I do recommend this movie over Into the Blue, which i thought the show is about Jessica Alba... whenever the scene goes, when there's Jessica Alba, it's all about Jessica Alba after all! With predictable plot and limited number of characters, it's not that good compared to The Myth. So... the verdict is

The Myth 1 Into the Blue 0
I've been skipping classes for the past 2 days. What to do, lazy ol me is creeping back. ( for once i didn't push this laziness on lecturer's laziness to teach.. which is not their fault in the first place! ) XD Weather's very good these days... it's freezing cold at night and windy in the morning, not sunny at all during the day. Which makes the day another ideal day for a game of basketball. 100% on sports and games, 0% on knowledge intake. drat... my brain's sure gonna get rusty at this rate. :p
Been eating good ol hot stuff these days.. Tom Yam... Nasi USA... yum yum... and the best part is.. i had ulcer while eating these foods. Call me suiciding, but i'm kinda enjoying it! It's so bad that you say 'ouch' whenever it hurts, and indeed it hurts alot!
exams in another week's time... pray i do well this time!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Random Thoughts

i almost hit another milestone when i realised that i've no updated my blog for about 10 days. Since the name dhambit is still stuck in my head, there's not much stuff to think about except the glorious days when my braces is to be taken out in about 3 weeks time. Meanwhile, i'll take good care of my teeth, including the smart ones aka wisdom teeth.

my brain is playing back to back songs as though it does not need any batteries. Stupid old me shouldn't take so much vegetable to give almost immortal energy for my brain to play songs that i am addicted to such as Dream Theater's As I Am, Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark and Hallowed Be Thy Name, and also included my all time favourite HIM's In Joy and Sorrow. Don't ask me how or why my brain is doing this to me. Probably because i'm feeling sorta bored and it sure takes a few seconds to play these songs, which occasionally occupies my thoughts, thus ignoring anything that's happening around my surroundings.

Saw a NEC phone in Jusco recently. It's NEC e238, a clam shell phone packed with good features, which can be compared and lose slightly to the SE k700, at promotion price of RM599. I think it's a good bargain, judging by its features and not to mention its looks and the PRICE!! Now if only i have enough money......

or would anyone care to buy me one? XD

The dreaded Pro-E Test is coming up this Tuesday. Dang i am so gonna score this one well!

And so i've heard that the Bulan Puasa is approaching this coming Wednesday. I wish all the Muslims around the world to have a good spiritual month, and no BREAKING allowed!! (unless some unforeseen circumstances occur)

Guess i'll end here for now!