Monday, June 25, 2007

Singapore Touring and Dragonforce Concert

Immediately after the Redang Trip... I was on another trip, but this time, it was heading down south to the land where kiasu-ism was rumoured to be originated - Singapore!

Staying in my cousin's place, I won't show the pics of his house. Kena respect privacy mah...

However, I should show his little daughter though! Quite an attractive star! xD

isn't she adorable??!

Her name's Grace and she's only 1 year old ++

My sis and I Just have to get a picture with her!!
Hrrm, my bro and tai sou seems eager to have one anytime soon *hint**hint*
After jalan-jalan at Suntec City (which I have no intention to show the pics!!), my cousin Chee Lip has bought us tickets to join Singapore's latest tourist attraction.. Behold!!
Singapore Ducktour!
Built on a war machine that once served in the vietnam wars, this ingenious truck can travel both on land and water!! Though it's never been thought as a future commercial exploitations!!

The largest floating stage in Asia (I think?)

The microphone-shaped building which is actually the place for live stage performances.
Cool design on the building!

Paying homage to Singapore - The lion!

Singapore's future pat toh spot! 36 minutes to complete one revolution according to the tourist guide onboard.

Group photo from left: Chee Lip, Grace, Chee Lip's wife, Dai Sou, Bro, Me and My Sis
with the Duck Boat behind.
There, the duck tour trip has informed me of the latest tourist attraction as well as the latest developments such as the New Financial Area and the famed Casino. The 1 hour ride cost $33 each! hampeh betul...
Of course, the main reason to go all the way down to Singapore is.....
Dragonforce is performing!!! Live from D'Marquee Downtown East!!
They are the ones who started the genre power metal - extremely fast guitar shreddings with melody tunes from both guitarists and keyboardist. Their songs do not varied much, for they include familiar words such as fire and flames, mountains and seas, warriors and fallen.. well you get my point. But each song has its unique way of protraying those words used above! haha! listen to them yourself!
Dragonforce in action!!

Herman and Sam doing what they do best - Twin Blast!

The siao keyboardist Vadim

Ready to rock the crowd!
Songs played included Fury of the Storm, Operation Ground and Pound, Soldiers of Wasteland, My Spirit Will Go On, Through the Fire and the Flames and others which I have not listened to yet!
I even got lucky when the vocalist ZP Theart spotted me at the back of the crowd as he was tossing water bottles to the crowd. Grabbing a water bottle, he judged the distance and threw it perfectly towards my outstretched arm!! A souvenir from DragonforcE!!!! what luck!!! Though the water bottle is a proud product of Carrefour... -.-"

As they finished perform Through the Fire and the Flames, they bid their farewells and walked behind the curtains. Shouts of encore was soon heard in the whole arena, getting louder and louder with each second! Finally they reappeared, welcomed by the fans with a long applause, and they performed their old classic - Valley of the Damned!!! What a great end to the concert!!
The concert lasted for 2 hours, but what a great experience I've had! After leaving the arena, my ears were still buzzing for more than half an hour. We headed back Malaysia after picking up my Sis and dai sou from the apartment.
I'm eager for another Heavy Metal concert! Such passionate atmosphere! It felt so great just to be a part of it!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Belated Pulau Redang Entry

First of all, my apologies for neglecting this little webspace provided, and to the readers out there... (there are a few that's keep bugging me to update! Thx for the motivation!)

There! Enough apologies.. Let's begin where I left off one month ago...

As some of you know, I've been away to Redang with Mao and his gf's friends for 3 days during May. Instead of pointing about how Redang looks like, what happened in that 3 days time.. I should show you fellow readers how Redang looks like! And abit of description of what really happened there...

This pic is taken while the bus stopped at Gambang Timur Rest Area. As you can see there are several other buses assembled here. Yeap.. all heading towarsd the east coast! Who can survive the 8-hour journey to Kuala Terengganu without taking a leak?
OMG!! We are here!! We are here!! We are here!!!!!! No doubt, better than the west sides.
White sandy beaches! Clear blue sky! Splashing of the waves! It's so damn serene!!!

I can't wait for evening to come by so I can snooze on one of these chairs... so tempting~~
There's hammock on the inside though as an alternative...

With the sea breeze, warm sun basking overhead and a book to read (that never lasted 10 pages), it's just too easy to fall asleep!!

From Movie Scenes, commercialised for better profit gains... The Gift Shop!

A lovebite from one of the fish as we go snorkeling in the Marine Park. Useless fish with monoscopic view can't even judge where I'm holding the bread! Definitely not on the palm lah!!! @#$!$@

Beautiful sunrise... Looks like a sunset though.

3rd and final day came, too soon... too soon. We all left Redang half-heartedly... chao tar'ed to the core... it's just too bad... We have to return to our own lifestyle back here...

With 4 hours to go, we decided to explore the China streets! And we stumbled upon a shop that serves good food... as well as tasty colourful healthy drinks!

I am just too indecisive to start on which, so I decided to drink em up together!!!
The aunty who made the drink was so kind, that she gave us discounts from the initial price!

And we left Terengganu~! Heading back towards home... butt got slimmer cos of another 8 hour journey on the road! T_T

And now to introduce the casts in this trip...

Me and Mao, pretending to love the plants! God knows why...

And his gf's friends.. from left: Hong Leng, Peik Chin, Pei Yee, Choy Meng, & Pei Sze


Mana Mao's GF???!!!!!!!!!

She.... is forced to ffk everyone at the last minute after something that is not suppose to happen happened back then. Very unfortunate for her, cos she can't be as chao tar as I am now!

Hope there will be another trip to the island... next one would be Perhentian I hope!