Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Official End

To whom it may concern,

This blog shall be permanently moved to http://cheeshin.iblogger.org from now onwards. The author of this blog has found a better domain to continue his blogging activity, and would like to inform all readers regarding it.

The author would like to express his thanks to fellow bloggers, notably Fang Chin, who persuaded to hop on the blogging wagon, and since then he has enjoyed himself sharing his thoughts, rants and experiences through this medium. Not to forget other fellow bloggers as well, who have inspired and motivated the author to update the blog frequently (maybe not frequent enough?). The most important of all would be the readers themselves, without the readers, this blog would be dead no doubt about it.

In conjunction with the blog's 3rd anniversarry (yeah this blog is almost 3 years of age), the author would like to announce how thankful he is to have such great readers and fellow bloggers by his side. At the same time he would like to officiate the new blogsite http://cheeshin.iblogger.org

The reasons for this change are the desire of the author to have his own domain, as well as the flexibility of wordpress to create/modify themes and a much suitable style of blogging that suits my needs. I'm also to gain new knowledge regarding HTML and customization on web structures through wordpress. Fellow readers shall have high expectations on this latest web page, and I hope it won't disappoint everyone.

Please do update the link on my name to this latest website aye?

Once again, thank you all for being a part of my blog circle. I shall see you folks at http://cheeshin.iblogger.org

"A new beginning : In the middle of everything"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Life Taken

I just returned home from my primary school's classmate, Boon Yew's house, whose mum passed away on Thursday. She was a teacher in Hin Hua and taught us Kemahiran Hidup in Standard 4. She was reported to have brain tumour, and was in a coma for a few days in hospital before she passed away. She's not even 50 years old!!

Such shocking event... Especially for my friend Boon Yew, who along with his elder brother, came all the way back from USA. Not to mention he is to face the exam in the next 2 weeks.

May her soul found solace in places unlike the cruel Earth, where violence and hatred are creeping into the society as we speak.

That shows how short our lives can be. So we shouldn't take things for granted, learn to enjoy whilst working hard at the same time. Our lives can only be meaningful if we set our goals and achieve them.

It's good catching up with a few of my friends in Kayu. (Poh Suan, Xi Roa and Hai Liang whilst most of the other fellows either ffk'ed with style or replied with a concrete reason). Had a few laughters and reminiscence of the good old days in primary school. And talked mainly about pretty girls.. and guys, from the girls' point of view of course! XD

So what are we waiting for?? More mamak sessions, computer games, clubbing, as for the girls, shopping!! Get rich, get married, get kids and do all the things that you guys have set in your mind!! Do it before everything's too late!!

Find the meaning of your life!

For me? I'm to study for upcoming finals.. before everything's too late as well!!

Shin reporting in from Klang.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya Horror

To all Muslims around the world, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!

Maaf zahir batin!!

To all non-muslims, please enjoy your holidays safely and wisely! Do visit your Muslim friends and exchange pleasantries!

On the side note during raya night, my family were having dinner in Restoran Angsa Emas, Petaling Garden. As I was busy SMS-ing, I heard an aunty screamed, then I looked up, and saw 2 indians on a motorbike roared away from the restaurant!

They were trying to robbed the aunty's handbag!!!!

Fortunately, they failed!! The valiant aunty had a tug-of-war with the robber over her precious handbag just long enough (probably 1 sec) when she screamed for help. The robbers started to panic and let go of the handbag and made a getaway with his companion on the motorbike! The aunty was unhurt in the end!

Shocked and angered as I watched the incident, yet helpless to see everything happened in just a matter of seconds! Like all boys, I love to imagine myself being the hero of the day by bashing up the robbers from their motorbike as they make their escape! But, it's all just fantasy dreams...

A word of advice to everyone who's reading this: Do not sit nearest to the entrance of the restaurant. That's where the aunty and her family sat, so they are the most exposed to the outside, thus an easy target for those hit-and-run robbers.

If the robbers are overpowering you, please just let your belongings go. Nothing is as precious as your own life, right? But adrenaline would probably prevent you from thinking rationally, please be careful while confronting the robbers.

By any chance the robber is being brought down onto the ground, by all means, get your own weapon, and start beating the crap out of him!!!!!! It's time to teach these buggers some lesson of life!!

That aunty has inspired me to retrain my Taekwondon skills... I wanna give a perfect KO roundhouse for once in a lifetime to these good-for-nothing ass****s.

I'm sure you guys wanna do the same thing too to those ass****s.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My dog... sophie!

Is 11 years old! Which is equivalent to 77 years old human age.

Blardy fat and pampered! Always seeking attention and run away as winner with more food tucked inside her barrel-shaped stomach!

Now she's staring at me with her wide-eyed pose, it's time to feed her dinner.

Babi punya anjing tua!

Bro's Wedding

Finally, everything's done!

After 12 blardy years of pak toh, my brother Chee Tian (KuTian would be used instead throughout this blog) has finally proposed to his blardy long gf (Shok Chen) to be his wife!! With the registration done a year ago, the only thing that's still missing from a wedding procession is the wedding dinner itself!

Which is held one year after the registration (some kinda timing -.-"), precistly, last saturday, 6th october.

The wedding proceedings is kinda blur to me. One thing I wasn't allowed to follow my bro to 'pick' dai sou from her house, which is greeted by the ji mui's (kena main'ed kao kao by them, turut serta jadi victim would be my bro's heng dai). Whatever's done there, I wasn't clear myself. I do know that my bro has to eat loads of peanuts and form "I love you" from the shells.

As he arrived at the house, I was told to take my own sweet time to open dai sou's side car door. Since it's blistering hot, and I'm in my formal wear, it's would be unwise for me to waste everyone's time just to bug her. Lots of friends and relatives from both sides have come and visited, as well witness the 'zam char' (tea offering) session, and of course, I was involved in it!

"Blarder!! LIM TEH!!! 以后自己泡!"

Which reads : Brother! Please drink this tea! The next time you have to make tea yourself!

It was a tiring morning, what with taking care of the house the previous night for KuTian's bachelor night, and now the wedding proceedings early in the morning. It's no surprise I didn't enough pigging sessions!!

And there's still the wedding dinner at night in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam! My sister and I will be the EmCee!!!

What a last minute decision!! Both sis and I weren't impressed with the decision of course! But, since it's their day, no point sabotaging right?

Last minute scripts were prepared prior to the wedding night! And there goes my afternoon nap! T_T

Despite the last minute planning, slight delays and a bit of miscommunication in seat allocation for the guests, the wedding dinner proceeded smoothly. I myself was surprised to remain calm as I speak in front of the ballroom, with 48 tables filled with people! My sister is to speak English whilst I translate it into Mandarin (which I have some difficulty of course and always refer to my 4th Uncle, who knows the terms for certain proceedings such as champaign pouring and cake cutting, as well as bombastic 4 character words aka 成语).

And it's the first time I get to initiate the wine toasting ceremony on stage... :D


The wedding dinner turned out quite well overall. I'm happy for everything that has transpired inside the hall. KuTian and Dai Sou were happy and grateful for having me and sis to become the emcee, which I'm glad. Surprisingly, even relatives and friends from both sides thought that we did a good job as the emcee of the night. Hrrm...last minute work still retains a certain high percentage of efficiency?

I followed the bride and groom around 48 tables for wine toasting. I wasn't allowed to drink much cause I'm driving. So after 48 tables, one of my relatives asked me:

"So how much have you drink? Why your face still not red wan?"
"Actually, this is still my first cup!"
"Hah??? You are kidding me right??"
"haha, nope! I only had 5 sips nia total! The rest all acting nia!"

See, I so nice follow around to 'tahan arak', which in the end I didnt' do myself justice! XD

*Now I can only wish that my bro and dai sou would live happily ever after, and dont' come out with lots of kids, I don't wanna babysit them myself!!!!*

*typo error detected. Credits to ENKI* :D

Many pictures were taken of course during the dinner. But not by my own hands. There are a few hired professional photographers around. So hopefully I can get my hands on it and show everyone here some of the pics alright?

In the end, I did managed to drive back to Serdang safely...

Just to attend a test on Sunday. Stupid right??

And I died in that exam! T_T

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stressed and Strained

Finally, I smell the Internet!!!!

Why do I get a burnt Power Supply Unit and PCI Network Adapter when assignments and projects are running at a high??

After spending a total of RM 71 for a new Power Supply Unit and a USB Network Adapter (all of the PCI slots were kaputed during the thunderstorm, what luck!), I better not encounter another super powerful thunderstorm again!!

About the picture posted recently, if you guys check out the fuse properly, the glass that covered the fuse actually shattered! Normally, when there's lightning, the tungsten inside the fuse would just melt while the glass remains intact. This time though, it's highly suspected that the current is so great that it is able to jump to the other side of the circuit by forming an arceven though the tungsten is melted. It is the arc lightning that caused the glass to shatter.

Scary huh?

Next time do unplug all power plugs and your LAN cable from your computer before you head to bed. You just don't know when the lightning would strike, especially when you are caught sleeping like a log! :D

Gotta hit the books now. 3 tests in a week is not doing justice to me, what with Bro's Wedding dinner on Saturday. It's caught in between two tests on Friday and Sunday.

Great timing -.-"

Shin reporting in from House behind Minlon, Serdang.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Observe the power supply unit's fuse fellow readers.

It's broken!

Heavy rain > thunder storm > flashes of light > big explosion > tripped fusebox

The aftermath is the burnt smell of...

Power supply units and the beloved router modem!!

I sense isolation, and separation of cash from my wallet!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Blister is...

1) A collection of fluid below or between the surface layers of skin. Blisters are commonly the result of burns or continuous rubbing of the skin.

Source: http://reference.howstuffworks.com/blister-encyclopedia.htm

2) Usually occurred when some frenzied fool who forgots his basketball shoes and decided to play barefooted on a rough court which is pre-heated with solar energy for the whole afternoon.

Source: Yours Truly XD

Now I have to walk like a penguin to avoid the blistered toe from the ground. -.-"

On the side note, my housemate Tai Leong has received offers on getting a 250Mb free webhosting page and he's willing to share the information. If interested please click here!

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pushed Beyond Limit

*Ahhhh Chiew!!!*

"Bless you!"

*sniff* Having a bout of flu these days. Or is it someone out there talking behind my back??

Or is it ALOT OF PEOPLE talking behind my back? Cos I just can't keep the flu in check!

Maybe I shouldn't leave this blog too barren. ><

I've managed to stay awake for 15 hours straight throughout the night without sleeping a wink just to finish up the Machine Design Project which is due today! As usual, the great spirit of procrastination is still embedded in yours truly's heart and soul, and it took him great effort just to get his arse off from the bed to sit in front of the computer to actually do work instead of double-clicking on Frozen Throne icon on the desktop.

Now that the Project is completed and submitted earlier this morning, it gives great pleasure to the author of this blog to return to his nest and cuddle under the blanket...

Only to be awaken again to study for quiz tomorrow morning at 8am, the only class of the day.

Tell me, why can't the lecturer move that class to other days instead?

The fasting month has already begun. This means I would spend more money buying food outside Uniten, simply because there's nothing much being sold inside Uniten. Pray that I won't become skinnier after this 1 month.

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Yay!! I've finally hit the 200th post milestone! Although I should have achieved this feat months ago, but the lack of updates due to assignments, projects, unavailability etc... All comes down to one and only reason : LAZY!

As NC mentioned in the chatbox 'teramat "rajin". entries kebelakangan ini satu gambar + 1 atau 2 ayat. Trend baru eh?' Well to answer that, I've just registered myself Mobile Blogging, where one can blog through their mobile phones directly on a picture of interest. The only drawback is that one can only post one picture per entry. Which is why fellow readers see these days that my posts has only one picture per post. That's the indication that I'm blogging through my mobile phone. Pretty cool eh?

As I've went MIA for the past whole week, I think I should let fellow readers know what on earth I'm doing these days that kept me away from this blog.

On Saturday my family and Dai Sou's family attended the Food Testing dinner for the upcoming wedding dinner which is next month in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. The food is surprisingly satisfying despite having lower expectations for the so-called Hotel Food. Few complaints here and there though, but overall it's a pass! Because of this Food Testing, I am unable to attend Mao and FC's farewell dinner. Sad case...

Once I'm back in Serdang, there were so many assignments and projects to attend to!! Kept me busy and occupied most of the time (at night of course XD). With all the stress building up, it's no wonder I'm more prone to join in Warcraft3 games whenever there's a chance!! Oops.. Rahsia terbocor! :p

Then there's this incident where I lost my textbook inside Uniten on Tuesday. It took me 1 day to realize that the book was missing. Asking myself why this morning I'm carrying a textbook out of the house and come home without it seems like the logical explanation to call myself "Gong Cha Cha" this time. -.-"

Fortunately, It turned out that I left the textbook inside the lecturer's room as I visited him to settle the CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) form. It was still on the table as I entered his room. Thus I'm able to claim back my textbook. Phew.. RM 99 saved!!!

I must continue and finish some part of my work first before I can go back Klang peacefully!

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Viva la Passionairre

Basketball brutality introduction. Never play under basket when you are facing those with unusual long nails.

Overzealous leads to reckless acts, thus you end up wounded.

Boh keh tat! >.<

Monday, September 03, 2007


Plz click on image to enlarge it.

Still not brought up in class for a 'friendly' fire.

Time to self study.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Alex Yoong in Uniten

Here to brief us the life in A1 grand prix. Very informative talk.

Too bad his wife didnt turn up XD

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New collection

As i step home from a 1 hour journey on car from serdang, i saw this beauty posing in my brother's room.

Introducing Blackout!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Fellow readers!! A few add-ons have been included into http://huargh-pooit.blogspot.com to provide more information about the author himself! :D

Yours Truly is now ready to take one step further into the world of blogging. Yes he's still sticks to himself and will never involve in controversial discussions especially the politics!

For he understands naught the workings behind the curtains!


I've just finished my exams, and to be honest, I was literally pawned by the exam questions.

3 tests in a row for 3 days, now that ain't good for my beauty sleep. I already have pimples popping out on my forehead!! :(

I can imagine the horrors I would face once my mid term break is over. As I trod reluctantly into the classes, there I would face judgement.

Whether I will fail miserably, or just barely survive the First Test predicament, It's up to the Lecturers themselves to decide. I am sincerely hoping for the latter. My parents are already disappointed when I told them I'm owned by the papers.

Just imagine the 3 lecturers gathering in a mamak stall, congratulating one another for a job well done for taking down students who dont' pay attention in their classes through their test.

My future is in your hands Associate Professors!! I beg thee, I shall pay attention in class! I swear to myself that I won't do anything severe behind your back! ><

Though the voice imitation can never be stopped. It's just too amusing.

I still can't believe that the mid term break starts tomorrow! How time flies!! It won't be long though before the finals loom. :(

Anyone wanna hear Pakistani imitation? Just find me on MSN :p

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Awaited Irish Post (Part 1)

I know this post should have come up at least 2 months ago, which is the exact date when I just came back from Dublin, Ireland. I would say that everyone who has been eager to hear from me what Dublin is all about, have given up on me. I have only myself to blame for that.

In this entry, I'm gonna review what I think about Dublin City, Ireland. Any specific trips would be highlighted here briefly and be posted separately in future. So there will be more posts regarding the trip to Ireland. :)

Welcome to the land of leprechauns - Ireland!

I must once again highlight as I did 2 and half months ago that this trip is not a touring around trip for me. The main purpose of this trip to Dublin is to, along with my mum, help my sister, who got a job in Dublin, settle down and get used to the new environment in a foreign country.

To simplify the matter, my expenses are covered by FAMA loan, and we don't have to spend a single cent on our accomodation (Sis's company PWC provided that for our first month stay). Talk about being lucky! Basically, all of our expenses goes to grocery shopping, souvenir shopping, and touring around. :)

Upon arrival, it was raining at casual pace. Drat! For those who doesn't know why am I making such a fuss, it's a freaking Summer!! According to my sis, she said that in Ireland, it rains 300 days in a year. So we are left with 65 days of pure sunlight.

We were greeted by PWC's man who's in charge of bringing us to the apartment arranged by the company for my sister to stay in. He is rather friendly and helpful, and filled us up with local cultures and places to look for during our stay. It is from there that our dialect is no doubt Asian! One can't speak like them unless you talk to them for like around a month or so, then only you can pick up their slang! Fortunately, he understood our slang so it's not a big deal.

He also mentioned about the weather, stating that...

"The weather here is unpredicatable, just like women!"

He advised us to bring along an umbrella whenever we go out, just in case.

The outside view of the apartment we stayed in.

Well, touring around is not the major spending in this trip though. Most of the time is spent inside the city!

Despite that, there are quite a numerical tourist attraction can be found inside the city! I could highlight a few of these places. (just because I have the pictures!)

River Liffey

The River Liffey is like erm, Sungai Klang, but definitely 1000 times cleaner and more beautiful! It separates the Dublin City into two regions, which are Northern Dublin and Southern Dublin. Northern Dublin is considered the downtown whilst the Southern Dublin is the uptown, where rich people and ambassadors of various countries rule the area! Oddly enough, our apartment is situated in Southern Dublin. Hrmm...

River Liffey is the heart of Dublin City. It connects the two regions with pedestrian bridges for both pedestrians and automobiles. It is common to see people in office suits walking across the bridge every morning, no matter rain or shine.

The Spire

What on earth is that? is my first impression towards the tall metal tube that goes skyward. According to the locals, the main purpose is a giant antenna for telco's. It's not actually a tourist centre, but plunging one metal pole in the middle of the city, and you won't get lost with it as your landmark!

St Stephen's Green Entrance (yeah that's my sis lol)

There are quite a lot of parks in the city. With the buildings insight wherever you look at, it's good to have a look on the greens. St. Stephen's Green is one of the largest park in the city. People would enjoy strolling along the path, some having their meals, and even have picnic on the lawn. Even some would have their afternoon nap on the lawn under the sun even with the amount of people around. I suppose it's a norm for them, especially if the weather's glorious. To them, the sun is a blessing, whereas for us in Malaysia, the less sun we get the better!

During summer, temperature's at average of 16°C, and goes down to 10°C at night without considering any rain. Not the type of summer one would expect aye?

There are other places that one mustn't miss. One of them would be the Guinness Storehouse. Yeap, Guinness is Irish! Which I would blog about it in the next post. There's the Dublin Zoo as well which we didn't visit at all.

With mum around, our breakfast and dinner is served at home. Buying groceries and cooking by ownself is always cheaper than dining out, considering the price one has to pay per meal, not forgetting the conversion rate of RM4.67 for 1 euro dollar as well. Even for the locals, dining out is considered a luxury. It's proven, cos if one dines out, you would tend to eat the most delicious meal available on the menu. That would cost around 8 euros at least. The good news is that it comes in set with side orders and drinks, and the most important aspect, you would be darn full after consuming it.

Ireland has Tesco!!!!!!

Shopping is made easy as we walk around the city for one whole day. Walking is the simplest means of transportation, and that's where you made the most observations. Jervis Street and Grafton Street is the shopping haven for the locals and the tourists as well. It's like Orchard Road in Singapore, where rows of shops are filled with branded shops as well as shopping malls that one wouldn't know it existed at the corner end!

Graffton Street in a rainy afternoon

The food one should look out for while in Ireland is the traditional Irish Stew. Mutton lovers would love this especially as chunks of mutton meat is served in stew garnished with aromatic herbs, served with 2 scoops of mashed potatoes and generous portion of carrots and brocollis (glances at FC ^^) Apart from that, shepherd's pie is a must try in this country! Compared to Secret Recipe's, this one is above of its own class~!

Now I wished I didn't mention them. I'm missing these food~~! T_T

I guess that my post for now is very long. I would cover more about Ireland in the next entry.

See what rain can do to the River Liffey.

Depressing weather eh? That's what we all face in this short 3 weeks' time!

Same applies to One who's facing 3 tests in a row beginning this Wednesday till Friday.

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heroes in Singapore

*Using telepathic mind powers to send instant messages*

Greetings, fellow human beings. I'm now sending an important message by using telephatic powers into your mind so that none of the contents go missing. No, I'm NOT Professor Xavier from X-Men. Nor was your brain hearing things. I'm talking inside your head now, as I speak.

Bangun-lah!! You think you what? Heroes ah??!

Hah! How I wish I could have one of their extraordinary abilities...

Just so you know, Heroes casts is on a World Tour and 4 of them (Ali Larter, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka and Sendhil Ramamurthy) are coming down to Singapore on the 31st August for a meet and greet session with the fans. It would be held at Singapore's newest and largest mall, VivoCity, Centre Court.

In conjunction with this event, Nokia and STAR WORLD are running a regional competition offering a few lucky fans the chance to win Nokia's versatile N95 phone and a flight to Singapore to have ONE-on-ONE session and front seats when the stars appear!

Just imagine Masi Oka comes on stage and greets everyone with his Hiro Nakamura line:


That should be a blast!!

To enter the contest, simply log on to www.startv.com/heroescontest and follow on-screen instructions and answer a few simple questions. This contest runs from 1-19 Aug. Winners will be notified on 24 Aug. So remember the date!

By the way, Channel [V] VJs Joey G, Sarah Tan, Marion Caunter and the latest addition Guest Presenter Nicholas Saputra will be there hosting the event. Games and free gifts are expected wherever they go! For the fans, it's like killing two birds with one stone!!

It would be nice for the Heroes cast to drop by Malaysia as well to celebrate Malaysia's 50th independence together with the locals!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Fillers

For the past 2 weeks, whenever I logged in, I would stare at this empty space, I would think to myself...

What am I gonna blog about this time?

Staring it for more than 5 minute, still nothing comes out. Eventually minutes turn to hours, and hours to days, and days to weeks. Fortunately, not weeks to months.

Cos this is where I came in (finally!! by annoyed readers)

But... It's not gonna be about Dublin, for I am not fully prepared yet! Paiseh!!

It's just gonna be another filler episode, so if you are not interested already...? Just find the X button.

It's about the new system Uniten is implementing now. From now onwards our students ID card is now embedded with a SMARTchip. So now whenever we want to use the computer lab, we have to swipe our ID on the card reader to gain access into the building.

Sounds neat eh? There's every hint of yeng'ness in it!!

Don't you think that most private institutes have already implemented that techonology for quite some time ago? And now only Uniten started to use this technology. Marvelous! And we are quite reputable for producing Engineering students see?

Tak masuk akal langsung!

With the SMARTID, Uniten is now finding every single part of the faculty that has all the reason to put up the card reader, so that the students would carry their ID cards at all times wherever they go. This is a plus point. Usually students don't bother with the ID cards because it doesn't do anything significant except to show that they are Uniten students, and to borrow library books!

Now, Uniten thinks that security inside is sorta poor, so they have to know who's coming into the Uniten territory is their students or not. Thus...

They put the card reader at the main entrance of Uniten.

Brilliant piece of work...

In their minds, the situation would go like this, students drive car in, stop at the main entrance, takes out his/her ID card, swipes at the card reader *tit tit*, the tiang palang would go up, and the students would rev in with 2 bumps greeting simultaneously!

Sounds like a plan? yes?


This plan has one major drawback : it would create a major traffic havoc while every student and lecturer wants to drive into Uniten. Who knows, the queue might lead up to the Silk Highway, which is definitely not good for other motorists. Plus we've all heard how bad the jam is on the Silk Highway every morning, so it would make matters worse!

Till now, the palang tiang is wide open, and security guards are still roaming around like they are used to to check the motorists that's entering Uniten. Seems that they've realised the plan has backfired after all! XD~

After 1 month in Uniten, I've sustained a right wrist injury from basketball, ter'missed' one quiz because it's raining blardy heavily and I can't get out to my car, spotted a few lui's in Uniten (which I didn't approach XD) and the most important of all.. QUITTED DOTA!

See what staying outside campus has done to me! XD~

Shin reporting in from House Behind Minlon, Serdang

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The First 2 Weeks

My 3rd year began 2 weeks ago. I have set sights upon 3 lecturers, which I have a very nerve-wrecking session whenever I enter their classes.

Hailed from Pakistan / Bangladesh / India, whichever the country they are from, they share the same similiar passion within them : To teach us students how to die in their subjects respectively~!!!!

Take Dr. Bashir, the machine design lecturer. He is knowledgable, that is very good. He provides us his own notes. Very good. The only problem is that he lacks the ability to convey his knowledge into erm... sentences. He stutters alot, which is quite irritating in my opinion. A great lecturer hampered by his disability to express his thoughts. Self reading is the only solution to get away from this subject unscathed.


Then the next candidate would be Dr. Shahida Begum. She who taught Materials 2 years ago, are reunited once again in Engineering Measurements. Her command in English is good, but her accent makes it hard for us to catch whatever she's saying. So another subject going down the drain.


The final candidate (and obviously the greatest among all) is none other than Dr. Farrukh Nagi aka Fagi. Modeling & Dynamics System lecturer. Good command in speaking. Brimming with confidence, he begins lecturing us about analysing the springs, dampers loaded onto the mass and how the physics law works on it.

He's teaching the basics. Most students aren't paying attention.
He's beginning to feel dulan.
What the?!!
Yeah when I caught you guys not paying attention, this is when I shall strike!!
It's only the first week!!!

Things got worse after that...

He's drawing a particular diagram, explaining about the importance of the direction the forces are acting on.
He got the direction the other way round.
He didn't realise it. So did we ( we still dunno what he is teaching about )
One student did realise it. He raised his arm.
Sir I think it's the other way round.
Noo Noo you aren't knowledgable enough to understand what I'm doing now!

A few days later...

He redrew the same diagram, this time with the force direction applied to the correct direction!!
Sir, what happened the other day?
Now don't you remember the previous lesson, you should follow and change in accordance!

How to survive in this subject with such sohai lecturer??!

Other subjects are ok. But I smell death coming too soon for this semester. Too soon...


On a side note, housewarming party is as successful as it could be! With all the things well prepared at the last moment, things could not have gotten worse, could it?

Well it did!!

First of all, the amount of people attended exceeded expectation.
With that, more trouble loomed.
Makanan tak cukup.
Minuman - logistic timing tak ngam.
Some people even go for 2-3 rounds (one even dared 7 rounds)
Basically, the food is not enough!!

But still, not many people are complaining, so what the heck! It's fun to have a housewarming. But enough stress conjured within those days...

Tiba masa untuk tidur.

Reporting from home, Klang!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


OMG! I didn't realise that I've abandon this blog for almost a month (2 weeks short nia~~) and I've yet to blog about my trip in Ireland!

Before the Ireland stuff, it's time to let readers (if there's still any left after my lacksture of updating) know what have I been doing for the past 2 weeks after the updates on Dragonforce...

It's better if I just list them out right here instead of elaborating further:

- I'm staying outside of Uniten Campus, along with my housemates Alwin, Tai Soon, Eugene and Tai Leong, we are currently building our hideout in Taman Desa Serdang.

- Streamyx and phone line is still in the process of pasang'ing so do not expect to see us coming online on weekdays... Unless we go to Uniten's Comp Lab to log in!

- I'm currently driving my sis's car to Uniten. Since my sis is currently working in Ireland, why not I use?? But I have to bear the petrol cost and maintenance fees of course.

- Seeing the probability of becoming broke in less than a month, I've decided to help my cousin in his handphone shop on weekends to earn abit of pocket money thus helping to cover some of my expenses as life progresses in Uniten.

- Most important of all, my hols has ended. Time to get serious in studies once more.

Lots of words, no pics.. bosan betul... yadayadayada...

I'm blogging from my bro's comp at home, so I do not have the pics required to post it up.

There will be a House Warming Party this coming Tuesday. With BBQ involved... So excited! Can't wait for that day!! xD

Seriously, I better blog more often... -.-

Monday, June 25, 2007

Singapore Touring and Dragonforce Concert

Immediately after the Redang Trip... I was on another trip, but this time, it was heading down south to the land where kiasu-ism was rumoured to be originated - Singapore!

Staying in my cousin's place, I won't show the pics of his house. Kena respect privacy mah...

However, I should show his little daughter though! Quite an attractive star! xD

isn't she adorable??!

Her name's Grace and she's only 1 year old ++

My sis and I Just have to get a picture with her!!
Hrrm, my bro and tai sou seems eager to have one anytime soon *hint**hint*
After jalan-jalan at Suntec City (which I have no intention to show the pics!!), my cousin Chee Lip has bought us tickets to join Singapore's latest tourist attraction.. Behold!!
Singapore Ducktour!
Built on a war machine that once served in the vietnam wars, this ingenious truck can travel both on land and water!! Though it's never been thought as a future commercial exploitations!!

The largest floating stage in Asia (I think?)

The microphone-shaped building which is actually the place for live stage performances.
Cool design on the building!

Paying homage to Singapore - The lion!

Singapore's future pat toh spot! 36 minutes to complete one revolution according to the tourist guide onboard.

Group photo from left: Chee Lip, Grace, Chee Lip's wife, Dai Sou, Bro, Me and My Sis
with the Duck Boat behind.
There, the duck tour trip has informed me of the latest tourist attraction as well as the latest developments such as the New Financial Area and the famed Casino. The 1 hour ride cost $33 each! hampeh betul...
Of course, the main reason to go all the way down to Singapore is.....
Dragonforce is performing!!! Live from D'Marquee Downtown East!!
They are the ones who started the genre power metal - extremely fast guitar shreddings with melody tunes from both guitarists and keyboardist. Their songs do not varied much, for they include familiar words such as fire and flames, mountains and seas, warriors and fallen.. well you get my point. But each song has its unique way of protraying those words used above! haha! listen to them yourself!
Dragonforce in action!!

Herman and Sam doing what they do best - Twin Blast!

The siao keyboardist Vadim

Ready to rock the crowd!
Songs played included Fury of the Storm, Operation Ground and Pound, Soldiers of Wasteland, My Spirit Will Go On, Through the Fire and the Flames and others which I have not listened to yet!
I even got lucky when the vocalist ZP Theart spotted me at the back of the crowd as he was tossing water bottles to the crowd. Grabbing a water bottle, he judged the distance and threw it perfectly towards my outstretched arm!! A souvenir from DragonforcE!!!! what luck!!! Though the water bottle is a proud product of Carrefour... -.-"

As they finished perform Through the Fire and the Flames, they bid their farewells and walked behind the curtains. Shouts of encore was soon heard in the whole arena, getting louder and louder with each second! Finally they reappeared, welcomed by the fans with a long applause, and they performed their old classic - Valley of the Damned!!! What a great end to the concert!!
The concert lasted for 2 hours, but what a great experience I've had! After leaving the arena, my ears were still buzzing for more than half an hour. We headed back Malaysia after picking up my Sis and dai sou from the apartment.
I'm eager for another Heavy Metal concert! Such passionate atmosphere! It felt so great just to be a part of it!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Belated Pulau Redang Entry

First of all, my apologies for neglecting this little webspace provided, and to the readers out there... (there are a few that's keep bugging me to update! Thx for the motivation!)

There! Enough apologies.. Let's begin where I left off one month ago...

As some of you know, I've been away to Redang with Mao and his gf's friends for 3 days during May. Instead of pointing about how Redang looks like, what happened in that 3 days time.. I should show you fellow readers how Redang looks like! And abit of description of what really happened there...

This pic is taken while the bus stopped at Gambang Timur Rest Area. As you can see there are several other buses assembled here. Yeap.. all heading towarsd the east coast! Who can survive the 8-hour journey to Kuala Terengganu without taking a leak?
OMG!! We are here!! We are here!! We are here!!!!!! No doubt, better than the west sides.
White sandy beaches! Clear blue sky! Splashing of the waves! It's so damn serene!!!

I can't wait for evening to come by so I can snooze on one of these chairs... so tempting~~
There's hammock on the inside though as an alternative...

With the sea breeze, warm sun basking overhead and a book to read (that never lasted 10 pages), it's just too easy to fall asleep!!

From Movie Scenes, commercialised for better profit gains... The Gift Shop!

A lovebite from one of the fish as we go snorkeling in the Marine Park. Useless fish with monoscopic view can't even judge where I'm holding the bread! Definitely not on the palm lah!!! @#$!$@

Beautiful sunrise... Looks like a sunset though.

3rd and final day came, too soon... too soon. We all left Redang half-heartedly... chao tar'ed to the core... it's just too bad... We have to return to our own lifestyle back here...

With 4 hours to go, we decided to explore the China streets! And we stumbled upon a shop that serves good food... as well as tasty colourful healthy drinks!

I am just too indecisive to start on which, so I decided to drink em up together!!!
The aunty who made the drink was so kind, that she gave us discounts from the initial price!

And we left Terengganu~! Heading back towards home... butt got slimmer cos of another 8 hour journey on the road! T_T

And now to introduce the casts in this trip...

Me and Mao, pretending to love the plants! God knows why...

And his gf's friends.. from left: Hong Leng, Peik Chin, Pei Yee, Choy Meng, & Pei Sze


Mana Mao's GF???!!!!!!!!!

She.... is forced to ffk everyone at the last minute after something that is not suppose to happen happened back then. Very unfortunate for her, cos she can't be as chao tar as I am now!

Hope there will be another trip to the island... next one would be Perhentian I hope!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Road to Ireland

Yours Truly is embarking on a journey to the Republic of Ireland to assist his sister to settle down in the land where Guiness rules the beverages instead of sky juice, and English Breakfast to replace the usual Malaysian breakfast...

For 3 weeks I won't be around in Malaysia. Instead I might be able to make friends with the locals, understanding their culture and hoping to get a few pints and get jolly with them. Hopefully I can withstand the alcohol effects without polluting the streets with my undigested dinner. Yuck.

Hopefully, the trip to Singapore and Redang would still be etched in his memory, and please bug him to share a tale or two once he returns from the land far far away in Europe!

Ok.. time to go!! Beg me for those who desires souvenirs! muaahahahahah!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Paint balls

Now I understand how susah our Malayan soldiers have defended for the country, people and Rubber Trees from the Japanese invasion during World War 2.

Scale down the number of soldiers involved on both sides, the amount of ammunition and the size of the battlefield...

Maintain the adrenaline rush in each faction, guerilla warfare action....

Plus a few neutrals known as Marshalls who just seem to know who's been hit and who's not even though they are standing nowhere near the victim at all!

Welcome to the world of Paintball!!

Joining Fang Chin, Mao, Quek and their Nottingham colleagues in this testosterone-driven sport, it sure has proven to be one of the most entertaining moments in my life!

Hearing the CO2 compressed guns release pellets after pellets, while hitting the trees or nothing most of the time seems comforting, having the pellets hitting the barricade right where you are hiding is indeed, nerve wrecking. Mind you, these mini pellets are deadly fast and aren't pleasing on the eyes, as it causes blindness according to the Marshall on duty. I believed him of course!

The familiar commands a la Counterstrike can be heard from both factions. "Cover me!" no doubt is the most used phrase and "Chiong ah!!!" being the most misleading commands in both sides. Resulting unwanted 'deaths' and reducing the number of players on the battlefield in no time. No thanks to Quek (useless teammate ><), who revealed my position with a champion yell "Ah Shin good ah!!" as I made my way towards the flag in "Capture the Flag" scenario, thus drawing fire from the whole opposite faction. With no one prepared to cover my back as I run for cover and I'm visible to the oppositions' pleasing eyes with a striking yellow shirt, I don't stand a chance. Dead meat.

Not surprising, most of the soldiers 'lived on' with a scar so he/she has a grand story to tell to his descendants... (Pic can be found on Fang Chin's blog, malas buat link... sendiri cari!)

It sure is one great sport worth enjoying again, though paying RM 51 for it sure is a pain for the wallet...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Janice Dickinson entertaining the crowd!!

Coach Potatoes!! Here's something for you to look forward from your favourite idiot box, enhanced with a satellite called Astro with Entertainment Package subscribed! Tune into Channel [V] on Saturday, 6:30pm or Sunday, 27th May at 1:30pm! to view special marathon screening of the complete 1st season of “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”
*marathon ---> sit there for like almost 7 hours to watch the whole season in one shot!*

To make you coach potatoes less guilty for sitting through for long periods, Channel [V] is giving you the chance to win fabulous prizes by sending photos of you and your family or friends looking gorgeous and look every bit like a hot model! Take the pictures and email them to http://aa.f582.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=vparty@my.channelv.com. The best party picture wins!

Hurry up!! For the closing date is on 8th June 2007. Better start dressing up, making up, and pose!! And uh, don't forget the cameraman!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mum's Day

Mother is the name for God, on the lips and hearts of all children.

Script found in the movie The Crow, quoted by the late actor Brandon Lee.

Happy Mother's Day to the mums on Earth!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Results are out!!!!

My heart is thumping at irregular pace as I log on to my university's portal, and click on the results tab...


Mechanics of Materials B-
Mechanics of Fluids 1 B-
Fluids Lab B+
Mechanics of Materials B-
Mechanics of Materials lab B
Theory of Machine C+

GPA : 2.67
CGPA : 2.46

*phew* I did pretty well overall except for Theory of Machine, which I feel I could have done better if only I didn't skip so much classes, plus I didn't do much self studying. So I deserve that grade.

I have to buck up for my own future's sake. Time to push my CGPA further up and hopefully it lands me in 2nd Lower class at least. 2nd Upper class is abit too far for me now. Huhu... so much for playign DotA and other comp. games as well.. ><

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Layers Tag

I was tagged by the ever bubbly Caryn (dun kembang so much if you come across this phrase!) XD even though not being tagged by others, this world is just too small to avoid being tagged.

Anyway, an opportunist as I am, this shall fill up the blog whenever I'm facing blogger's block!

The Layers as they put it :

Name : Chee Shin
Birth Date : 20th Jan 1986.
Current Status : in love and being loved
Eye Colour : dark brown
Righty of lefty : right...

My Heritage : i believe i'm a mixed malay, indian, chinese and the list goes on... pure chinese!
My Fears : neglected
My Weaknesses : very high central gravity? my build's too tall and too skinny? xD
My Perfect Pizza : pepperoni pizza, extra cheese and more cheese... and of cos.. more pepperoni.. pass me the tabasco sauce as well! shit hungry ady

My thoughts first waking up : is it late enough to wake up..?
My bedtime : at the moment it's always around 3am...
My most missed memory : primary time.. where the worries are not so worrying as compared to now

Pepsi or Coke : ain't giving a shit
McDonald's or Burger King : can't decide.. both are pretty good
Single or grouped dates : single date...
Adidas or Nike : ain't giving a shit
Tea or Nestea : ain't giving a shit
Chocolate or Vanilla : chocolate!!
Cappuccino or Coffee : ain't giving a shit

Smoke : NOOO~~
Curse : do i look like i do?! no right?? right??
Take a shower : wat nonsense is this...
Have a crush : a crush has turned into a lover... :)
Think you've been in love : i dun think i haven't ?
Go to school : i think i DID
Want to get married : i think i would love that!
Believe in yourself : that's been missing for a very long time...

Drank alcohol : yeah...
Gone to the mall : yeah...
Been on stage : yeah...
Eaten sushi : yeah...
Dyed your hair : nooooo

Played a stripping game : no...
Changed who you were to fit in : i'll let my frens judge on this

To be married : once i'm blardy rich

Best eye colour : dark brown...
Best hair colour : i presume anything except bright striking colours... think of lala... *gasp*
Short hair or long hair : long hair... so i can always play with it XD

A minute ago : singing elmo song! XD
1 Hour ago : watching some stupid show called 'event horizon' with mum.. complete waste of my time cos the show sucks... but it's been a while since i last watched a movie together with mum.
1 month ago : april 9th? celebrating the final exam paper!!!
1 Year ago : probably doing the same thing right now : blogging!

I love : my zhar bo
I feel : weird cos im' doing this tag
I hate : being neglected
I hide : my money somewhere that no one knows..?
I miss : my zhar bo
I need : to kao tim tis tag so i can do something else eg: sleep?

Do if you guys feel like doing again.. cos most ppl on my list have done it!

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Return to Kuantan

Referring back to the previous posts for the past 4 years, without fail in between April - June, there would be a blog entry about the trip to Kuantan.

To live up to my fellow readers expectation, i present to you, yet another post...
MY TRIP TO KUANTAN (version 2007)
Cheh! Why la always Kuantan??
Beh sien meh??
Every year also go nia... go la somewhere else!
Still not dark enough ah? Keep going there...
I would have expect all kinds of rebukes from my friends, but guess they are just ignorant this time around. Everyone just know that, I would end up in Kuantan every year without fail.

Same hotel, same beach, same atmosphere... It's sunny, windy, and still... to my utmost disappointment, no lui's

Ok enough of those nonsense....

The main reason, for me, to go Kuantan is no doubt the Malay food offered over there. It's not just cheap but freaking delicious! If you think that you have tasted a very good Nasi dagang in Selangor, think again! Kuantan is the Nasi Dagang's origin (just like Klang's Bak Kut Teh!) So if you like to give your taste buds a try, Kuantan mari mari mari!! Aside Nasi Dagang, there's Nasi Minyak, Nasi Kerabu (blue colour rice wan!) and of course Murtabak! But my all time favourite would still and always be Nasi Dagang!

Of course, relaxing on the beach is one of the must-do on my list for relaxation. Lay yourself on the beach under a shady coconut tree with a book... Ahhh.. that carefree feeling... What more would you ask for? After a good nap, you will be urged to run along the sands and lunge yourself into the not-so-clean-but-better-than-pantai-morib's-sea!!!!
In the end, you would be tanned, darker than before!! :)

And of course, some night time strolling on the beach with the family...
The night scene (using my camera, flash elek)

I always like the crab's patterns...artistic!

Crab's trails!

The lightning effects are actually the torchlights! :)

The other highlight in this trip is the ongoing fishing competition on the day we checked out our hotel rooms.
Check out the size of the fishing rods!!!
One of them managed to catch a mini shark!! As the action took place too fast, it's impossible to get a picture from it. Plus, the shark is literally mini! So there's no reason for the fisherman to be proud of! ><
And of course, camwhore sessions before we leave the hotel. But I would only post one of it! ^^

Me, Mum, Bro & Dai Sou!
With that, we leave Kuantan half-heartedly, 2kg heavier from the food, and few extra kg's extra load for the car to bear with from fish products and another Malay food called Sata. (How can I miss this??! It's fish paste wrapped in pandan leaves and smoked to perfection! The taste? Lovely!!)
I smell another Kuantan trip in 2008!
Crap! I've internship in that period!!! Nooo~~~~~

Sunday, April 29, 2007

American Idol 6 Fans Alert!

Head over Cineleisure Damansara (Beside the Curve if still unsure...) on 5th May, 2pm onwards to join the crowd and see the contestants showing off their talents in order to stand a chance to watch American Idol Finale LIVE!!!! In Los Angeles man!!!!

Hosted by the ever entertaining Hitz.fm’s JJ & Rudy, the selected contestants must be able to meet the criterias set by the organisers and woo the judges comprised of Brian Vinesh from Hitz.fm, hot DJ Marion C of Channel [V], and Agnes Rozario from Astro. So be sure to play your trump cards properly to impress them!

What the contestants have to do??
- Dress and impersonate like one of the top 12 American Idol finalists!
- Prepare 2 performances (their own choice eg: song, dance, talk, or anything interesting that's related to American Idol 6)
- To those who make it to the top 3, they are required to prepare another performance which incorporates “why they should win”. It can be singing, rapping, or anything
- Finally, they will be tested on their knowledge of American Idol 6.

Some afternoon this is going to be! So start practising everybody! Let that kiasu-ism boil inside you!!!!

Sanjaya impersonation would be interesting on that day should one of them idolizes him even though he's voted off.

So head over Cineleisure and have some fun!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The 2 Weeks of 2 Months

Brief updates to many souls wondering what on earth am I doing in these 2 weeks...

First, there's this half-marathon in The Curve organised by BHP.

9km, around the Curve, damansara residential areas, a glimpse of the NKVE highway, 1-Utama, back to the Curve! Total distance covered is 9km...

9km only what...

9km that has hill tracks, one whole year without jogging since the PJ half-marathon, lack of sleep... Enough said, Im' totally unprepared for this time around. Managed to jog until the halfway line before the machineries in my body malfunction. The whole right leg is strained to the point that I can't even jog. I can't believe it myself, but yeah it's serious. So I walked the remaining of the distance, and judging from the injuries I suffered, I'm surprised that I am able to complete the route in 1 and half hour's time.

The reward for those who manage to finish the track is the same, and fulfilling... A BHP backpack and a certificate of Acknowledgement. Good enough considered that the amount paid to enter this event is neglectible, in exchange of the goodies received of course!!

No pics taken during the whole event, phone's left inside Kar Chun's car for safe-keeping. Which means that I don't get to snap any leng lui photos if i meet one...

But there's alot of them in this event!!!!! -.-"

Suan Le Bah!

Next post would be the Kuantan Trip...

yeah.. again and again eh? wont' be bored with that place? Pics are promised to bombard your connection so be prepared! *I hope*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The 2

It's been 2 weeks...

2 weeks since I last blogged here...

2 weeks since I last had a proper sleep...

2 weeks of writing non-stop on the answer scripts, but never able to finish all the questions in time...

2 weeks of rushing the Theory of Machine project, including the final report, presentation slides and building up the prototype...

Agonized, stressed, exhausted, frustrated, tired, consumed, emfeebled, zombie'ed, tensed...

These are just but a few of the suitable adjectives that best describe what my coursemate and I have gone through...

For the past two weeks...

Apologies to everyone / anyone who's hopeful enough to drop by and see me ramble whenever I blog...

Rejoice now!! For that dreadful 2 weeks have come and gone!!! I'm now a Free man!!!!


*pops champagne and tosses confetti around*

~Shit... I think I've copied my fellow blogger's style!!

2 months of holiday and I shall enjoy it this time! Might find work or maybe I'm just gonna laze around in the house during the hols. So bug me if you guys want! I'm always available! =p

Monday, April 02, 2007


Beautiful night ain't it?

I won't be looking out that often from now onwards.

I won't be spending much time here...

Nor you......

Forsake entertainment! Forsake the bed! Forsake the view that makes you ponder about the time spent in Uniten!

Arise! It's time to seek new allies! Those who would help you instead of forsake you!!

Welcome my stationaries, notes, and of course, the ever faithful Apollo Layer Cake!

Hell has arrived sooner than we thought!

It is the time again when we dig deep into our reserves, cracke our brains as we try to extract whatever we have learnt for the past 3 months and jot them down into a piece of paper.

3 months worth of crap, summarized into one piece of paper. Read that piece of paper and you obtain the whole semester's knowledge.

The Tablet of Destiny... yes... this piece of paper is the deciding piece on whether you would Long Piak in this semester or not.

2 weeks is a long, cruel journey to live through.

Fortunately, we do have some unexpected allies in the form of midnight snack!

Even though it's already 3am, there's still people dining in. Stomach is angry to many people at that time!

Studies aside, there's a Stroller Design Project my coursemates and I are working on!

We did come up with our finalised design (which is not shown here). The interesting one is those we brainstormed together, tinkering with the shapes and sizes...

One of the suggested design is as follows:

Bigfoot Stroller!!!!!!!!
Inferiorate other young parents with this big-ass stroller. Capable of supporting babies up to 20kg plus other items that you would feel like tossing into it!
Ok enough nonsense.
For the past few days I have stayed up with my fellow housemate to do revisions and project. We even went to our friend's place outside Uniten to complete the task together. Staying up till dawn has become a norm.
I hate becoming a Panda. T_T
2 weeks only... 2 weeks only...
A rare sight as we return to our hostel around 5am...

Mau beli kereta??
Good luck to everyone who's taking exams!!!