Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Life Taken

I just returned home from my primary school's classmate, Boon Yew's house, whose mum passed away on Thursday. She was a teacher in Hin Hua and taught us Kemahiran Hidup in Standard 4. She was reported to have brain tumour, and was in a coma for a few days in hospital before she passed away. She's not even 50 years old!!

Such shocking event... Especially for my friend Boon Yew, who along with his elder brother, came all the way back from USA. Not to mention he is to face the exam in the next 2 weeks.

May her soul found solace in places unlike the cruel Earth, where violence and hatred are creeping into the society as we speak.

That shows how short our lives can be. So we shouldn't take things for granted, learn to enjoy whilst working hard at the same time. Our lives can only be meaningful if we set our goals and achieve them.

It's good catching up with a few of my friends in Kayu. (Poh Suan, Xi Roa and Hai Liang whilst most of the other fellows either ffk'ed with style or replied with a concrete reason). Had a few laughters and reminiscence of the good old days in primary school. And talked mainly about pretty girls.. and guys, from the girls' point of view of course! XD

So what are we waiting for?? More mamak sessions, computer games, clubbing, as for the girls, shopping!! Get rich, get married, get kids and do all the things that you guys have set in your mind!! Do it before everything's too late!!

Find the meaning of your life!

For me? I'm to study for upcoming finals.. before everything's too late as well!!

Shin reporting in from Klang.

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