Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Be The Adult

Sitting down in front of the comp, munching away the bread bought from the sundry shop, he sat there, deep in thought.

Or rather, the look is always deceiving. He's just woke up from an unusual time for slumber, from 10am to 3pm, the body would not sustain him if he forced himself to stay up. So any classes in between this time frame, are conveniently skipped.

"I should have finished my work earlier last night..."
Procrastination.. procrastination.. it's just something that he won't learn, nor take it seriously....

"C'mon.. I'm 21 already, I should take things seriously by now!"

Yeah... I'm 21 years old already this year, and legally. It just happened so quickly. Welcome to the adulthood!

So, as a person who just turned 21, a fresh 'graduate' one can put it, what is he expected of to become?? or act like one??

Lots of love appreciated from friends all around me who sent me wishes on that day itself... making my phone inbox Kaboom~! forced to delete messages to make way for the new ones! *hint hint* I need a new phone ;)

While most of the people wish me to have all my wishes come true, some of them are unique and hilarious in such a way that I'll take a few interesting quotes (just a few) from these messages they sent:

- Do you know that you can start voting? by Hai Liang

- Becoming old makes you worth alot more. You get silver hair, golden teeth, galstones, kencing manis and even darah berkelas tinggi! by Poh Suan

And the best of all..

Hope that you have a best celebration ever! by Nikki

Oh yeah, I had the best celebration ever!!

Thanks to you, Nikki... dear!
Glad to share my life with ya! Lots of love!! =)
*Attempts not to sound too geli'ish!*

My best birthday gift in my entire life? Hell YEAH!!

Bear with the words now!! Pics up for next post!! XD

Monday, January 08, 2007

The girl unveiled

Where's the girl?? Where is she??
She's really gone. Nowhere to be seen anymore. She was there before right?? It's real, isn't it??

Isn't it??

To make things worse...

My chicken wings chao tar liao!!!!!!!!!

Jaga properly, and a good chicken wing thou shalt enjoy!

Consumption of barbequed food is not good for health if one eats too much, and I've found a perfect beverage to wash them away from our precious body, as well as to compliment with the food itself...

Red wine's good for health. Don't believe me? Check out my skin!

Despite undergoing changes from mahogany to dark crimson, I'm still sane and of course.. not mabuk la!

Look, I'm still smiling and facing the cam! Ain't that sane enough?!!

Oh yeah, the wine tasted dry and has a tinge of grape in it! :)
And the girl I've mentioned previously, she wasn't there on that night. She was somewhere else, occupied by her own plans, unable to join in the party.
Darn, I do wish that she was there on that day!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A mysterious girl

First... there's Christmas eve...

In a blink of an eye... it's new year's eve...

Another blink of an eye... hello 2007, goodbye 2006.

Many thanks to friends (old and new alike), I get to fill my stomach with healthy wholesome good food that one can't find in Uniten.

Ahem.. maybe I should excuse the term healthy here... barbeque party is never a healthy issue!!

It was during the New Year's Eve party, in Wei Kiat's house, that I've caught her eye.
Clad in a beautiful black spaghetti top, with black pants that covers her slim legs, she is a mysterious girl, somewhat unnoticed by others.

She gave me a smile. A smile that is capable of melting the whole north pole... Thought it was an illusion, I looked again. There she was, smiling, and beckoning me to come over. Gathering myself, I approached her cautiously, without taking my eyes off her.

As I got close to her, one step away from her, that's when she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her. My heart skipped at her touch. Who is this girl....??

Without another moment, she gave me a kiss!! A long passionate one. Ignoring the gasps and stares of other onlookers, I returned the favour. Blood's pumping in my veins vigorously, it's obvious now to many that I'm now, despite my dark skin, blushing.

Suddenly, the mysterious girl's gone! *poof!* Shocked and bemused, I was holding on to nothing.
How it happened, I have no idea. Illusion?? Dark magic?? A spectre?? It better not be the latter!
But the impression is ever lasting, the last thing I recalled about her...

She tasted dry and had a tinge of grape in it.

To be continued...